Di Jiu calmed down in the first place, and he knew that he had to figure out a solution within the three-party.

Without using the three interest rates, Di Jiu ruined all the Raw Array Flag after understanding his mistakes, and began to manually condense the god Origin Pill. Whether he has been discovered or not, he will do the final remedy first.

Manual condense God Origin Pill must not be fast, slow, and consistent with the speed of Law great array condense God Origin Pill.

Fortunately, the Law great array is Di Jiu’s own, and the Dao of Alchemy rules that fit into the Law great array are his own.

Now he condense medicinal pill in this way, it will not be a problem. The condense medicinal pill’s Law great array makes Di Jiu very passive, and he is now condense medicinal pill at a constant rate. Whether or not anyone looks at him, he must maintain the speed of the previous great array condense medicinal pill.


“I suspect that this person uses the array disk condense god Origin Pill.” The Vice City of the City of Yong Ting in the City of Wan and the Emperor of the Emperor

Although it is unlikely that this is possible, no one will stand up and refute.

It’s not very likely, because the array disk wants to condense the original Origin Pill, you must integrate the pill refining Dao of Alchemy Dao Principle into the array disk. Don’t say that it’s extremely difficult to incorporate the pill refining’s Dao of Alchemy Dao Principle into the array disk. Even if you can integrate it, you can’t find such an Array Master.

This Array Master not only needs to be proficient in the circuit, but also the founder of Dao of Alchemy.

It is the founder of Dao of Alchemy, not Pill Refining Master. Pill Refining Master only inherits and learns the Dao of Alchemy of senior Pill Master. It is not the Dao of Alchemy created by myself. It is impossible to have its own Dao of Alchemy Dao Principle. Unless this Pill Master has become a true Taorin Pill, this will form its own Dao of Alchemy Dao Principle.

Road Origin Pill Who will come here to participate in Danby? It is estimated that no one can come to visit Origin Pill St. to participate in Danby. As for the Origin Pill Church, it will not be possible to bring their own refined array disk to others to participate in the competition. Which one of the Origin Pill sacs will incorporate their Dao of Alchemy Dao Principle into the array disk and give it to others?

The reason why no one refutes, in fact, Wanhe Huangpu Party 隽舜蠹 叶枷胨 幕 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 选 堑 堑 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝 椋蚝詈 摹

If it is replaced by another sect, the Wanhe Party 庵 庵 埃 埃 埃 埃 庵 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 嵋鸹鸩 榭 榭 榭 榭 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢 冢д umbrella

It is a pity that there is no second person in addition to Di Jiu, an outer sect disciple.

I sent Di Jiu to participate in Da Bi’s An Tu Ning, and I didn’t know where I went.

Many monks are sighing, and this Pill Master, who represents a singer, is also pitiful. Wanhe 饣 隼矗绻芤 隼矗绻芤 隼矗绻芤 隼矗绻芤 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 诘 酉 酉 酉 酉 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩 ど踔粱鸩

However, the Wanhe and the Eighth Party swayed Wei Wei, the smashed Lei 诘 隼捶 隼捶 隼捶 担 担 担 担 担 矗飧隽 矗飧隽 矗飧隽 さな さな さな 跋窬 跋窬 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜 岜

Sure enough, watching the game over the plaza over the sky quickly came a 5 簦 簦 澜绲ず哟蟊戎 澜绲ず哟蟊戎 澜绲ず哟蟊戎 俦ㄑ芤 俦ㄑ芤 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ 谖ㄒ な な 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂Wake up, smash, smash, smash, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow Gena seems to be small!

There was a lingering argument in the crowd, although the situation of Di Jiu condense medicinal pill was a bit strange, which could not be used as a basis for cheating. Dan River has never seen such a thing for so many years.

This is also the person in charge of Yan Zongzong. If the person in charge of Yan Zong is there, it is estimated that this matter has already become a big problem.

A blank array technique screen appeared in front of everyone, and soon there was a lingering Dan River in the blank array technique screen.

Many of the Pill Masters in the Dan River are working hard on the condense God Origin Pill, array techniques screen to see their images are also very vague.

However, the screen on the array technique screen was narrowed down from the Dan River and finally concentrated on a long-haired youth wearing an ordinary monk’s suit.

This youth not only has long hair, but also a beard. At the moment he is concentrating on the condense of the original Origin Pill, his gestures seem to be fixed, pill refining handcuffs are also unchanged. His pill refining technique seems to be different from the ordinary Pill Master. The ordinary Pill Master is a period of time after a bunch of God Origin Pill. His pill refining technique is the continuous god Origin Pill entering the ring, not suddenly increasing, but also Will not suddenly become less.

“There is still such a rigid Pill Art, it is the first time I saw it.” Someone in the crowd has already said it.

Di Jiu’s pill refining is indeed a rigid technique, but no one can deny that this pill refining technique is best suited for this occasion.

“Haha…” is another laughter. “No wonder some people think that this fellow uses the array disk pill refining. If I didn’t see his pill refining method, maybe I thought the fellow was rebuilt with array disk. God of Origin Pill.

“I said, who is so powerful, can there be an array disk that can automatically condense God Origin Pill? That array disk is probably faster than Innate Treasure.”

“Million City City Lord, you are really good eyesight, even if you don’t have to look at it, you know that this person is using array disk pill refining, haha…”

Even if An Tu Ning is not on the scene, after all, there are a few friends. Now I have confirmed that Di Jiu is not an array disk pill refining.

Wan Hecheng 苁 苁 矗 挥 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲 氲

A blue woman in the crowd watched Di Jiu, who was pill refining, and frowned and said, “How familiar is this person?”

“Lan Ru, these people are really boring, trifling some of the origins of the original Pill, just intrigue, it is a shame…” The blue-women are short-skinned red clothed red clothed girls.

The woman named Lan Ru snorted. “I don’t know if you don’t want to talk. Do you think everyone is like you, do you have so many top cultivation resources? Those rogue cultivators don’t say God Origin Pill, even a low grade It is also the best cultivation resources. Don’t be blessed in the blessings and laugh at others.”

Red clothed The girl made a face. “Know, Lan Ru. Let’s go, this kind of Danby really has nothing to look at.”

Lan Ru, who is familiar with the Di Jiu image, didn’t think about it any more, just nodded and said, “Let’s go, we have been delaying a lot of time, and we really can’t stay here.”


Di Jiu, who has been maintaining a uniform speed, pill refining, suddenly had a repression. He was too sensitive to the surrounding Heaven and Earth Law, and then he understood what was going on.

He was monitored by the surveillance team, and as he expected, his uniform means of pill refining was noticed.

Di Jiu originally refining this way for a day or two to stop this way of pill refining, and now the surveillance array appears, he decided to keep this pill refining way to the end.

The only thing that worried him was that he didn’t know if he was being monitored before he withdraws the Law Array Flag. It stands to reason that it should not be monitored. If it is monitored, it will not suddenly appear in the surveillance array.

Fortunately, there is not a few days before the end of Danby. Di Jiu’s pill refining method is tired, but he still insists on living.


The feeling of An Tu Ning is very bad. She was counted in Zongmen. Seeing that Zongmen’s natural resources will be distributed again, this time she Yan Chungu is eating a boring loss. It can be seen that for a long time in the future, Yan Chungu can’t make it.

This thing can’t be counted like this. Two Elders and three Elders are helping Yan Yufeng and Wang Teng. The big Elder is very vague. Only look for Sect Master, even Sect Master seclusion, let Sect Master know. In the big event of Dao Realm Danby, Wang Teng, this man also dared to drag his legs, and in the future, it would definitely not fall.

Just when An Tucheng was ready to go to the Sect Master, her communication bead suddenly sent a message.

Seeing this message, I was stunned, and Yan Zong had already entered the top 100, and their Pill Master was the 46th.

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