This is absolutely impossible? While An Tu Ning is still hesitating, her communication bead rang again, still the same news.

Not only that, but the information also said that because Di Jiu won the first 50, Yan Zong’s rankings rose sharply, and Wan Hejun threw a tribute to the け け 蠡岵 蠡岵 峁揖 峁揖 峁揖 峁揖 峁揖 峁揖 さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さRelieve the 娜 娜 娜 娜 娜 娜 詈笾っ鳎揖琶 詈笾っ鳎揖琶 詈笾っ鳎揖琶 詈笾っ鳎揖琶

An Tu Ning no longer wants to look for Sect Master, turned and quickly rushed out, she must first arrive at the Great Geng Dan River.

Could it be that she had a genius with a genius, Pill Master, who came in, and was accidentally discovered by her?

There is also a million and a round

In order to rush to the Great Geng Dan River as soon as possible, An Tu Ning even drives the flying boat by burning the crystal.


Danby still has the last four days left, even the onlookers have to admire Di Jiu’s resilience. Other monks refining the gods Origin Pill for so long, are languid, and the speed of pill refining is falling. Even the tortoise that has always been the first to roast

The only thing that didn’t diminish was Di Jiu, Di Jiu is still the same speed as before, and the god Origin Pill is refined at a constant speed.

At the moment, Di Jiu has already reached the 32nd place. At the same time, Yan Zong also came to the 71st name.

On the last day of Dao Realm Danhe Dabi, An Tu Ning came to the stadium. At first glance, she saw the ranking of Yan Zongzong, the forty-ninth, entered the top 50, and Di Jiu’s ranked 21st.

Actually it is true, the scalp that is swelled and swelled is a little numb. Dao of Alchemy has never been a singer. Don’t look at Yan’s one is Dao Realm Five Great Sect. In fact, the best place in the Great Geng Dan River is only the 116th. As for the Pill Master personal ranking, it is even behind.

This time, the Great Geng Dan River, Yan Zong actually rushed into the top 100, wrong, is the top fifty. The Pill Master personal ranking is going to be in the top 20.

An Tu Ning never thought that this time was concealed and would be her chance. Wang Teng, this husband, after returning to Zongmen, she will never let this husband better.

“The Angu master of Yan Zong came.” An Tu Ning appeared at the scene of the competition, and the monk saw An Tu Ning.

Wanhe alcoholic meal? 墒前餐磕疵 磕疵 殴蚝 殴蚝 殴蚝 殴蚝 隽朔ū湎蛄 隽朔ū湎蛄 隽朔ū湎蛄 隽朔ū湎蛄

Wanhe Lazy Meal 榉 榉 榉 榉 游 游 游 游 牍 磕 谡饫镏 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣

At the moment, Wanhe 睦锘 矣 矣 矣 氲愠僖 硇 硇 硇 硇 硇 硇 硇 硇 硇

boom! Wanhe 淖槐 磕涑 磕涑 磕涑 磕涑

“An condensed, do you want to spread a sect and my eternal holy city great war?”

An Tu Ning did not continue to chase, her face said coldly, “Yongting Shengdao City is amazing? I am a sect but also does not fear.”

Wan and the sorrowful prayers of the 埃 埃 埃 埃 撬羝鹄 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷 堑揖耪娴淖鞅啄蔷? In the heart of the 谑 谑 っ鞯揖 っ鞯揖 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 谡驹诹 鹗 鹗 鹗 鹗 鹗 鹗

“Angu master, here is Dao Realm Danhe Dabi, please don’t feel free to do it.” An old man stood up and his tone was a little unhappy.

An Tu Ning is also a cup one fist in the other hand. “Wang Deacon, I am because Wan He Meng also has a glutinous roasting and has been ruined by the Thunder. The word filter thieves play easy to smash the 嵯 诩绦 诩绦 诩绦 阏 阏 阏 缺 缺 缺 缺 谠俸 谠俸 谠俸 谠俸 谠俸 谠俸 谠俸 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂 褂Use the savage to celebrate the bones and face!

Wang Deacon can only nod, and the organizer who presides over the game is actually responsible. The person in charge of Yan Zong’s ancestor is absent, because the 10,000-year-old 痪浠 痪浠 痪浠 痪浠 痪浠 痪浠

If Di Jiu cheated, that’s all, now Pill Master Di Jiu does not cheat, and the participants do this, which is equivalent to offending a sect.

An Tu condensed to smash the Wan and the leeks and smashed the ship’s bad yan; the killing of the scorpion and the death of the 饫锒 幕 幕 幕 缇蜕 缇蜕 缇蜕 缇蜕 缇蜕 睦锘 睦锘 睦锘 岷

Now, An Tu Ning asked to remove the monitor screen. Wang Deacon had no reason. He waved his hand and directly removed the monitoring of Di Jiu’s.

This monitoring has been monitored for several days. It is very obvious that Di Jiu has not cheated. Wang Deacon removed the surveillance and no one would say anything.

Although An Tu’s heart is still dissatisfied, she can only do this. Here experts as common as the clouds, Yan Zong is one of Five Great Sect, but not Dao Realm first sect.

Don’t look at her smashing the Wanhe scabbard and the rate of sacred sacrifices.


As soon as the monitoring was removed, Di Jiu felt it again. Feel that Di Jiu is still step by step and will perform well on the last day.

At this time, Di Jiu didn’t even dare to sweep the physical sense. He got 100 million gods, Origin Pill, which is a huge fortune. As for the last few days, Di Jiu didn’t care. The Dan gas over the Great Geng Dan River is obviously thin.

Dao Realm’s Danhe Big Obviously didn’t want to exhaust all the Dan of the Great Geng Dan River, so he set a game time of one month.

After this Danby, he needs to leave a sect. His name has been exposed, and no matter what the Chamber of Commerce is not aware of, he feels that he is not suitable for staying in a family.

Yan Zong may do not fear virtual business, but he is an outer sect disciple, Yan Zong may not pay much attention. Your own life is best in your own hands.

Just as Di Jiu was still planning the cultivating road behind it, a loud voice called, “The time is up, everyone stops condense God Origin Pill, and then leaves Dan River, otherwise the results are invalid.”

No one dared to ignore this sound, Di Jiu was the first time to stop the condense god Origin Pill. He didn’t want such a mechanical condense medicinal pill long ago, he needs to leave here as soon as possible.

About two thousand Pill Masters walked out of the Dan River, and Di Jiu was in the crowd, which was inconspicuous.

Except for Di Jiu, no one dares to take away the ancient origin Pill. Obviously everyone knows that it is a behavior of looking for death.

Di Jiu took away 100 million gods, Origin Pill, and he was not surprised at all. He is in the ninth world and certainly can’t find it.

It turns out that Di Jiu guessed that there was nothing wrong with it. When he monitored the array, he monitored the array without any abnormalities.

Di Jiu handed over the ring with the god Origin Pill in his hand and took it back to his ring, which returned to the big plaza with numerous participating Pill Masters.

Twenty? Di Jiu watched his ranking was stunned. In the personal ranking of Pill Master, he condensed 1.19 million Godin Pill, ranked in the twentieth.

He really didn’t take all the strength to condense God Origin Pill, so he can enter the top twenty?

Not only did his personal ranking rank in the top 20, but even the rank of Yan Zong also came to the forty-ninth.

However, the performance of the forty-eighth is far more than that of Yan Zong, and the ancestors of the ancestors condense the gods of the Principal Pill of 1.19 million. Forty-eighth, the condense god Origin Pill came directly to 180,000. The first god, Wordan Gate, condense’s god, Origin Pill, was more than 10 million and came to 11.3 million.

Di Jiu suck in a cold breath, he immediately saw the personal ranking of the first Pill Master fish 饧 镆桓鋈 湍 甙偻蛏裨ぁ 甙偻蛏裨ぁ 甙偻蛏裨ぁ 甙偻蛏裨ぁ 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥 挥裨ぃ饧一锸钦婊靼2 calls for 裎 裎 っ湃 っ湃 っ湃 肓 肓 肓 肓 肓

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