“Di Jiu, you are very good. Haha, I didn’t think I saw the mistake.” An smudged voice came.

Di Jiu followed the An Tu Ning for many days, and he was the first to see An Tu Ning so pleasing.

“outer sect disciple Di Jiu has seen Angu.” Di Jiu hurryed to give a gift, but he knew that the woman’s temper was not good and she would be furious at any time.

An Tu Ning swayed his hand, “outer sect disciple? That is a thing of the past. From now on you are the core disciple of Yan Zong… So, you first enter me Yanchun Valley to become inner sect disciple, wait for Sect Master After the closure, I recommend you as a core disciple.”

When An Tu Ning said halfway, she knew that she was not qualified to directly make an outer sect disciple a core disciple. Sect Master and other Sect Masters recommended that 90% be a core disciple. She believes that Di Jiu has made such a great contribution to Yan Zongzong and became the core disciple of Yan Zong. It is certainly not a problem.

Di Jiu said quickly, “junior is just an outer sect disciple, if…”

Di Jiu is really a core disciple who does not want to be a sect, or an inner sect disciple. If he wants to be an inner sect disciple, how many years ago he was, and where will he wait until now?

An Tu Ning swayed his hand. “This is what you deserve. You are good and made a great contribution to Zongmen.”

Di Jiu know can’t hesitate at this time, he said again, “Senior, the disciple offended the person and wanted to go out and try it for a while. The disciple has one thing to ask for senior help…”

An Tu Ning laughed again. “You can’t offend the Five Great Sect Sect Master, so you have to offend anyone, don’t worry. I am a core disciple of the sect, and I am afraid of offending people? What do you need me to help? , let’s talk about it.”

“I have a friend who wants to be a disciple of Yan Zong…”

Di Jiu hasn’t finished talking yet. An Tu Ning grabs a jade token and throws it to Di Jiu. “You let him take the jade token and report it to Zongmen. This jade token can make him directly become Zongmen inner sect disciple. ”

“many thanks Senior.” Di Jiu took the jade token and thanked him.

An Tu Ning is very good. He nodded to Di Jiu. “When I am going to attend the Zongmen Conference, you are ready to receive the prize. After you finish the prize, I will go back to the Zongmen with me. I originally wanted you.” First became Yan Chungu’s inner sect disciple, but I decided to wait for the door to go out and let you become the core disciple of Zongmen.”

Before the competition, An Tu Ning never thought about it, she also had the opportunity to participate in the natural resources allocation after the Danhe Dabi, which is really wonderful. When this matter is over, she will be able to make a big splash in Zongmen. Yan Chungu will also get more Zongmen natural resources.

Di Jiu know This kind of thing can’t be rejected now, and it can only be silent.

After An Tu Ning left, Di Jiu found the first latitude. It’s still difficult to be excited. He knows that Di Jiu is very powerful. I didn’t expect Di Jiu pill refining to be so powerful. Here is Dao Realm. Di Jiu is still in the top 20 in the Dao of Alchemy expert.

“Di brother, you are really amazing. I didn’t expect you to be the top Dao of Alchemy division, very powerful, powerful…” Not waiting for Di Jiu to speak, he was excited to say.

Di Jiu smiled. “This is not strictly Dao of Alchemy. This is the battle of condense God Origin Pill. In Dao Realm, many powerful Pill Masters will not participate. So, my results Not really anything.”

Di Jiu is telling the truth, this ratio of the condense god Origin Pill in the Dan River, the really powerful Pill Master will not participate. How precious is Pill Master in Dao Realm? Every one is a touted existence. They will consume their own blood essence, come here to condense God Origin Pill for others? Don’t dream. They want God’s Origin Pill, just help people refine medicinal pill, why bother to come here?

In fact, many of the Pill Masters here came here to represent the Zongmen. They came to Zongmen and had to come. Every time the Pill Master comes to the competition, Zongmen promises a lot of benefits. Only Di Jiu, a Pill Master without human rights, was arrested and used as a strong man.

“That’s also amazing.” Yan Yiwei knows how much Di Jiu is amazing, Di Jiu modestly said that many Dao of Alchemy experts did not come to the competition, this is not wrong. But Di Jiu has just come from Immortal World ascend, a monk who has just been ascend, can get the top 20 in this Danhe ratio, is it amazing?

Di Jiu did not continue to argue. He took out a jade token and handed it to Wei Wei. “Oh, this jade token can be used to make a sect disciple. You choose to be the inner sect disciple of Zongmen. You keep it.”

“Thank you, thank you…” Yan Yiwei took the jade token with excitement. He originally wanted only an outer sect disciple quota. I didn’t expect Di Jiu to help him get an inner sect disciple.

Also, Di Jiu is such a promising Pill Master that Yan Zong is naturally drawn.

“Die brother, I asked, why is it that you only have one person to participate in the competition?” Yi Yiwei knows the status of Yan Zong. Yan Zong’s status, only Di Jiu such an outer sect disciple to participate in, he still does not understand.

Di Jiu took a shot and said, “I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to us. I may not go with you. I should go with Angu. In the future, we will be in the same class.” The door will meet again. Yes, Zhuo Wujia and Mu Zhen are also in the same family, and you will meet them when you arrive.”

“Ah…” 阚 纬 惊讶 惊讶 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄 狄

“Without fallen, I saved her once in my own way.” Di Jiu did not conceal this matter anymore. Mu Song will sooner or later know that a sect will know that he is already a plastics perfection, to be honest, Nani West Blade, he really does not fear. With his current strength, it is indeed not the opponent of Nixi Blade, but Nixi Blade is absolutely afraid to openly open to him.

As for the back, he estimated that Nixi Blade could not catch up with him.

I heard that Mu Wei did not fall, and Di Jiu was even more admired. Although he heard that Di Jiu had killed Mu Zhen by himself, he also knew that it was helpless. Mu Hao can’t live anyway, and Di Jiu kills Mu Hao just to live.

Now that he heard Mu Hao live, he realized that he had always misunderstood Di Jiu.

“Now please get the top 20 Pill Master to receive the award.” Danby plaza raised a huge platform in the middle, flat on stage an old man said.

“Di brother, you have to go to the award.” Yi Yiwei knows that Di Jiu has a lot of things now. He decided that only Di Jiu will be the leader.

Di Jiu is the most powerful monk since he cultivating Dao.

“Good.” Di Jiu was also very excited. He wanted to know what rewards he had for the twentieth. You know, he didn’t know the prize before.

The 20th place is the first to receive the award. Di Jiu has just approached the platform. The old man on the level on stage is loudly said. “This Dao Realm Dan River is more than perfection. The Zongmen Award has been received by various major sect representatives. Now awarded is the top 20 Pill Master… The 20th, Pill Master Di Jiu, who took the stage to receive the award, he won 111,000 pieces of Origin Pill and got to Grand Dao Ridge Insights jade token one.”

The prizes were all in a ring, and Di Jiu took the ring down and felt a little lost. He did not expect to reward this, the 11,000 God Origin Pill, for him is really a dispensable thing, there is a billion of God Original Pill in his ring.

As for the jade token of the Grand Dao Ridge Insights, what is it? He has never heard of it.

But Di Jiu just came down, someone came to him, “Pill Master Di, I have a million high grade Shenjing, and a middle grade artifact pill furnace, exchange your Grand Dao Ridge insights jade token how to ?”

One million high grade Shenjing and a middle grade artifact pill furnace, exchange a jade token?

Di Jiu hasn’t reacted yet, and he hears that he is coldly snorted. “Roll, dare to call my mind to me, I am impatient.”

The monk who wanted to exchange the jade token with Di Jiu was afraid to hang on half a word and quickly quit.

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