Di Jiu didn’t know what rewards him had, but he was rewarded with the look of Ang Ning’s face. After drinking the monk who wanted to buy the jade token on Di Jiu, An Tu Ning took Di Jiu into the flying boat for the first time and returned to Yan Zong.

This time, An Tu Ning did not ignore Di Jiu anymore. Once he was on the flying boat, An Jie Ning called Di Jiu in the past.

Di Jiu know This is An Tu Ning who wants to give him some rewards. It is never too much to reward Di Jiu.

Sure enough, Di Jiu came to the flying boat 3rd layer, and An Tu Ning said slightlyly, “Di Jiu, you made a great contribution to Zongmen this time. After the Sect Master goes out, let you enter the core disciples. A reward, besides that, what else do you want, even though I said.”

Di Jiu said quickly, “The owner of the valley has given me a quota for the inner sect disciple. If I want it again, I will be greedy.”

It’s okay to have a good heart, but you can’t say that you’re going to be honest.

Sure enough, when I heard Di Jiu’s, An Tu Ning was even more happy. No matter what Di Jiu said is true or false, this disciple who knows how to advance and retreat is more in line with her mind.

“The inner sect disciple is a reward. Although you said that the big things I can’t do with the master, but I can still do some things with the little things. Not to mention, I will ask you to help. Busy.” An Tu Ning waved his hand and said.

Di Jiu suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. What can he help to condense? To say that pill refining, he is a kind of plastic road god, I am afraid that An Tu Ning is not in the heart.

The only thing that can make An Tu Ning feel that he can help, is that only the Grand Dao Ridge jade token on him.

Di Jiu sighed, although he didn’t know what the use of this Grand Dao Ridge jade token was, but he also knew he couldn’t keep it. If this is the case, then ask for it.

“Gull, I am still only a low level Dan, but I am very eager to become a top Dao of Alchemy expert in the future. But I have always been a rogue cultivator, this time I hope to get some Divine Spirit Grass.” Di Jiu made a slap in the face and said his request.

An Tu gelled and sank, took out a hand and handed it to Di Jiu, “Di Jiu, this is the medicine picking hand that I Yan Chungu entered into the Medicine Garden of Yan Zong Yan Road. You can go in for three days. ”

“Ah…” Di Jiu took the surprise and took the order to enter the Medicine Garden for three days? How many medicinal ingredients can he not take?

After grabbing the warrant, Di Jiu still asked a little more certainly, “Is the owner of the valley, after entering the Medicine Garden, is it casual?”

An Tu Ning looked at Di Jiu’s expression and knew that Di Jiu had made a mistake. She laughed and said, “You shouldn’t know much about the Medicine Garden. The Medicine Garden was originally the Yandao Mountains. Later, this mountain was divided into a sect. After being circled, it became the birthplace of a variety of spiritual medicine materials.

As long as you can enter the Medicine Garden, you can collect it, but the Medicine Garden is millions of miles away, and it is locked by the recession restriction. The spiritual sense can’t be displayed, and the range of sight is limited. Although there is no danger in it, but in three days, I am afraid that you will not collect much. ”

It turned out to be the case, but even so, Di Jiu also said, “many thanks to the landlord, three days is enough for the junior.”

There is a special Medicine Garden, don’t say three days, even if it is a day, he is satisfied.

“Di Jiu, I have one thing that needs your help.” An Tujing saw Di Jiu withdraw the warrant, which is what he said.

Di Jiu know An Tu Ning is definitely for the Jade token of Grand Dao Ridge. He is still respectful, “Guest please.”

An Tu nodded and nodded. “You have a jade token of Grand Dao Ridge. You don’t have much use. My disciple Pang Yu Yudao is perfect. I always want to go to Grand Dao. I always have no chance… ”

Di Jiu, where he needs to smear all the words, he took out the slightest hesitation and handed out the jade token to An Tucheng. “Despite the desire of the disciple to go to Grand Dao Ridge, since it is Pang Senior Sister Naturally, Pang Senior Sister as the master.”

Anyway, it is all to be taken out, so simply point. Said that he also wants to go, meaning to tell An Tu Ning, this jade token is not useless to him. If you do something good, you have to leave your feelings.

An Tu Ning was very satisfied with the jade token that Di Jiu handed her. She liked Di Jiu, a straightforward character.

After the Grand Dao Ridge jade token withdraw, An Tu Ning once again said, “If you want to go to the Grand Dao Ridge, it is okay. The Grand Dao Ridge’s jade token can be entered by three people. Then you will enter the Grand Dao Ridge with Pang Wei. can……”

Di Jiu has some doubts. Since there are three people to enter, isn’t it the same for Pang Wei to follow him behind the Grand Dao Ridge?

An Tu Ning saw Di Jiu’s mind, she smiled a little. “This Grand Dao Ridge insight jade token is very precious. After entering Grand Dao Ridge, the disciple who got the jade token can find the best fit sentence according to Dao Rhyme aura on the jade token. The place of insights.”

Di Jiu was all over. “The disciple understands that the disciple can only take me to the Grand Dao Ridge as long as Pang Senior Sister, and other disciples don’t care.”

“Okay, you can rest assured. After this time, you will still stay in the outer sect mountain for a while. After the head is out, I will recommend you to the core disciples.” An Tucheng is more satisfied with Di Jiu’s words and deeds. .

The reason why I changed my mind was because she thought that Di Jiu would stay in the outer sect first, and then I could hang it again.

Wang Teng is not only the Peak Lord of Yan Yufeng, but also the Hall Lord of the Zongmen disciple. The disciples of Zongmen are responsible for recruiting him here. Di Jiu is such a genius. Wang Teng actually did not find it. Instead, he lost it in the outer sect mountain to be an outer sect disciple. This is Wang Teng’s dereliction of duty.

And she was able to excavate Di Jiu from the outer sect mountain, showing that her ability is stronger than Wang Teng.


Di Jiu didn’t know the thoughts of An Tu Ning. For him, the outer sect mountain was very good. When he went to Yan Chungu, he was not as good as the outer sect mountain.

A few days later, the flying boat fell on the Hall of Yan. An Tu Ning let Di Jiu go back to the outer sect mountain, she went directly to the Sect Master seclusion place, and waited for a Sect Master to declare.

Di Jiu did not return the message of Zhuo Wujia and Mu Zhen. He simply went to the inner sect disciple hall to ask about the message of Zhuo Wujia and Mu Zhen. After paying a hundred Shen Jing, Di Jiu knew that Zhuo Wujia and Mu Hao were out to do the task.

Even if it becomes a inner sect disciple, it still needs to do the task.

Di Jiu simply returned to the outer sect mountain, and it was not too important to become the core disciple of Yan Zong. For Di Jiu, there are two important things. The first is to go to the Medicine Garden to collect medicines. The second is to go to Grand Dao Ridge with Pang.

Di Jiu has not yet reached the door of his cave mansion, and the spiritual sense sweeps into his cave mansion and is occupied again.

If it is said for the first time, his cave mansion is occupied because he has not returned for a long time, and his call mansion is in a good position. This second occupation is absolutely intentional.

Sure enough, Di Jiu was just close to the cave mansion, a cold voice said, “Yes, it is indeed some kind, killing my disciples and dare to come back.”

Family? Di Jiu immediately thought of it. He secretly sighed in the heart, in fact he hated being involved in this struggle, and he was still involved. At that time, he had a bit of suspicion that he was smothering and killing, not only because he was in a bad mood, but also likely to have a relationship with the Zongmen struggle. Now it seems that he is right.

It’s not that he killed him, but he’s smothered. He also knows that this person knows that he is not killing him, but this fellow has no guts to find An Tu Ning, so he can only come to him Di Jiu that’s all.

This is a cultivating expert, Di Jiu feels some other field’s imposing manner, knowing that he is not afraid of him. However, he is not an idiot. This person knows that he is not killed by him. He dares to stop him here. It means that the fellow is a bit emboldened. The person behind him should at least do not fear.

This is a management of chaos, actually one of Five Great Sect, Di Jiu now only wants to take a sip. Dao Realm really has no major sect. This kind of infighting place is also called Five Great Sect?

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