“I don’t want to kill you.” Di Jiu tranquilly said, he was not worried.

The family must not be crushed and condensed. If it can be crushed and condensed, the condensed flying boat will be besieged when it falls on the plaza. Where can I wait to deal with him now?

While talking, Di Jiu is already building the Raw Array Flag. At best, this fellow is just entering the yoghurt. He is now plasticizing perfection. Even if he does not need to build the Law trapping array, Di Jiu estimates that he does not fear this person.

“Haha…” This martyr smiled, and the open hand grabbed a magical treasure. At the same time, the violent cultivating field of the cultivating field was crushed to Di Jiu. “Is it you kill, you don’t have to distinguish now, and I went to the temple together to distinguish.”

In the distance, several foreigner sect disciples saw the movement here and stood up and watched. The Dao Cultivator of this family was loudly said, “this person killed my disciples, and the unrelated people don’t come out. Otherwise I am not responsible for accidental injuries.”

Hearing the family, several monks who came out to watch again returned to the cave mansion.

An outer sect disciple, where can you still get rid of your family?

“What is your family? Please also please your grandfather.” Di Jiu said with a sneer, he is ready to kill the Dao Cultivator.

After killing this Dao Cultivator, he went to the Divine Spirit Grass Medicine Garden in Zongmen for three days.

If there is no backing of An Tu Ning, he can only go now, killing the family’s breeding road? Don’t even think about it. Now he has the backing of An Tucheng. After he killed the Dao Cultivator, he believes that An Tu Ning will investigate the specific reasons and then fight back.

The Dao Cultivator of this family was arrogant at the door of his cave mansion, and the people he saw were not one. An Tu Ning dare to kill, it means that An Tu will not fear home. Now he is in charge, plus a great success for Zongmen not long ago, An Tu Ning can certainly save him. This can’t be done, and the An Tu will not climb to the position of the owner.

This education Dao Cultivator did not expect Di Jiu to be so hard, he snorted and then said coldly, “You are the most arrogant outer sect disciple I have seen…”

Only his voice has not fallen, Di Jiu’s Heaven Dancing Blade has come over.

This family of Dao Cultivator was almost vomited, not only because Di Jiu did not put the family in the eyes, but also a small outer sect disciple dare to take the initiative to his martial arts, simply act recklessly.

A long sword was sacrificed and rolled up infinite sword glow.

“Boom!” Long sword’s sword glow collided with Di Jiu’s Heaven Dancing Blade, Di Jiu snorted, and the chest was suppressed.

Di Jiu was relieved, and he was worried that he was far from the breeding road. Now it seems that he and the current cultivating ethics are not at all different. On the contrary, his gods seem to condense more than the other.

“Hey!” Seeing that Di Jiu was safe under his own word glow field, the cultivating Dao Cultivator was shocked, and then the long sword was erected, and a vaguely sacred mountain formed.

Di Jiu 岂 can make the other party’s divine ability shape? His Law great array has formed a strangle of the Dao Cultivator, while the Heaven Dancing Blade turns into a faint blade glow slashed towards the Jianshan.

“Twisting Slaughter Array?” Di Jiu Twisting Slaughter Array started, and this family education Dao Cultivator was aware of it. I was shocked. He came here for several days. After checking it many times, he never found any great array. How did this Twisting Slaughter Array suddenly come out?

Soon he realized that the Twisting Slaughter Array was not arranged with a substantial Array Flag, and it seemed to take advantage of a Heaven and Earth Law approach….

How can this be? In the heart of this school, Dao Cultivator suddenly had a shadow. He was prepared to hesitate Di Jiu within a stroke and bring Di Jiu back to his home.

If Di Jiu has this Twisting Slaughter Array, I am afraid that he will not kill Di Jiu until Zongmen Deacon comes over. It’s too long to fight with Di Jiu and it’s no good for him.

Bang bang bang ! The violent murderous aura of Twisting Slaughter Array was bombarded with the field of the Dao Cultivator, and there was a burst of roaring sound.

This area of ​​Dao Cultivator’s field is fragmented, and Di Jiu will miss this opportunity. The Law Splitting Blade has already smashed the Dao Cultivator’s sword mountain divine ability. This monk does not want to drag with Di Jiu for too long, Di Jiu also does not want to drag the stage time with the other party, resolve it in the shortest time possible is the best.

At this moment, Jianshan seems to have lost its bones and bones. There is no more word qi, and it is in the Di Jiu’s field, just like a breeze blowing, turning into slag.

“My Divine Ability Law…” This vision of Dao Cultivator is also good. He first realized that his sword mountain divine ability lost Law. Divine ability lost Law, it is not divine ability.

That is to say, just a Di Jiu that blade actually tore his Divine Ability Law, what is this means?

The family has absolutely miscalculated the strength of Di Jiu’s, and he must tell this to the family as soon as possible.

The next moment, a similar continuous fist mountain was exploded towards his face.

Fist momentum under the condensed fist mountain, gathering like ridges and peak ,furious like great waves !

This is where the Dao Cultivator is still in charge of the Di Jiu’s Great Twisting Slaughter Array, and the long sword in his hand rushes to roll up a god and Di Jiu’s fist mountain. The mountains formed by the Fist Intent are broken, and the sea is broken.

Bang bang bang ! The bursting god once again smashed this place into a flat land. While Di Jiu’s fist mountain was torn by this cultivating Dao Cultivator, Di Jiu’s Twisting Slaughter Array had severely injured the cultivating Dao Cultivator.

Where Di Jiu would miss this opportunity, the Heaven Dancing Blade re-formed into a blade glow to tear down.

Di Jiu’s powerful field killing potential shrouded the cultivating Dao Cultivator, a dead aura swept over. The cultivating Dao Cultivator shouted, “I have already stepped into the second step and received the sect. Reuse, you dare to kill me is An Tu Ning can not keep you…”

“Hey!” A blood arrow spurted out and Di Jiu’s Heaven Dancing Blade split the singer’s Dao Cultivator into two halves.

“The breeding road is just that’s all.” Di Jiu snorted, withdraw a ring, and a fireball transformed the Dao Cultivator of this family into nothingness.

This Wang Ba will come to kill himself, and he wants to press him with the power of his family. This fellow is where this great superiority comes from.

After killing this Dao Cultivator, Di Jiu did not stop at his own cave mansion. He left the outer sect mountain and headed straight to the Medicine Garden.

This kind of sect in the door, as long as the smear is not killed, he is safe and sound. So Di Jiu killed the Dao Cultivator and was shocked.

The sky has fallen, and there is a tall man. He didn’t have a curing communication bead, so there was no way to send a message to An Tu Ning, but Di Jiu didn’t worry, this kind of thing can be done as soon as an investigation.

There are not many people entering the Medicine Garden. Di Jiu came to the Medicine Garden with an smudged hand, and Deacon of the guarding Medicine Garden stared at Di Jiu with surprise.

The entry to the Medicine Garden is not a general thing, even if it is the owner of the condensate, there is only one. If you want to get this kind of warrant again, you must make a great contribution to Zongmen.

What is the origin of Di Jiu, an outer sect disciple actually has the command of Angu?

Di Jiu didn’t care that Deacon, who guarded Medicine Garden, checked his warrants. As long as his warrants were true, he wouldn’t worry about getting in.

Sure enough, the Deacon checked for a while and determined that Di Jiu’s warrant was true. This said to Di Jiu, “You go in and will be automatically sent out in three days.”

“Many thanks.” Di Jiu did not hesitate and quickly rushed into the Zongmen Medicine Garden.


An Tu Ning knows that Sect Master has been out for the past two days, so he has been waiting outside the Sect Master seclusion cave mansion.

Sure enough, she did not wait long, the cave mansion of Sect Master seclusion opened, and a purple long haired man came out.

“Yan Chungu An condensed has seen Sect Master, congratulations Sect Master divine ability on the upper floor.” An Tu Ning saw the man coming out, immediately surprised to go forward and salute.

“Haha…” The purple-haired man laughed. “Angu, you are waiting here, is there something?”

“Congratulations to Sect Master.” Another voice came. After the voice said a congratulation, he hated it. “Sect Master seclusion, during the period of Sect Master seclusion, An Tu Ning colluded with outsiders and arbitrarily killed me and praised a loyal disciple. ”

The purple-haired man’s face sank and frowned and asked, “Wang Peak Lord, Angu is the master of Zong Yanchun Valley, and collusion with outsiders to kill my Sect disciple is not a random matter.”

The monk who rushed over was a golden man. When he heard Sect Master, he was even more excited. “Sect Master, during your seclusion, An Tucheng first killed the outer sect disciple. The reason is just for an unknown identity. I just joined my Sect’s outer sect disciple. Just half an hour before, she brought the sect disciple of Zongmen, and once again, with the help of scorpion venom, I secretly killed the inner sect disciple of my ancestor…”

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