An Tu Ning heard that he was killed and killed, and his heart was shocked. Picking up, but the existence of advanced breeding roads not long ago, Di Jiu should be a plastic Dao Cultivator, how to kill?

The gap between plastic road and cultivating road is not compensated by the strength of the gods. It also involves the understanding of the Grand Dao, as well as the strong sense of physical sense, the level of the field and so on.

Di Jiu is just heaven defying, and it is impossible to kill the cultivating road with plastic realm.

She naturally didn’t know that after Di Jiu was killed, she also lamented that he was watching the cult.

As a Sect Master, Fei Xuan is clearer than anyone else. He is very uncomfortable now, and it is because there are too many factions, which has been suppressed by the remaining major sects.

The reason why he wants to seclusion is because his strength is too low to force a few Elders.

Taking a breath, Fijian’s face returned to calmness. “The Zongmen Conference will be held immediately. All the Elders, Hall Lords, and Peak Peaks will participate.


Di Jiu entered the Divine Spirit Grass Medicine Garden Array Gate and came to the Yandao Mountains to understand why his hand was allowed for three days.

When you come here, the spiritual sense is weaker than the line of sight. And here only the spiritual sense suppresses the great array, and the line of sight isolates the great array. As long as it exceeds five feet, the sight is a vague.

Not only that, but his god is still under pressure.

Di Jiu lamented that this place should not be said to give him three days, even if he is given him thirty days, what can he do?

In other words, in three days, he can only rely on his own speed, where to find where to go.

Di Jiu believes that if he really went there in this way, he would only find some of the lowest level Divine Spirit Grass after three days, and the number would not be too much.

The spiritual sense can’t be used, the gods are suppressed, and even the line of sight is suppressed. It can’t completely make Di Jiu desperate. He also has Dao Eye.

Although Dao Eye is not mainly looking far, but looking at the illusory. But his Dao Eye is also grade 3 Immortal Dao Eye. It is still no problem to see it within ten miles.

In fact, it is the most suitable thing for Di Jiu’s with the help of the five elements, and the five elements were smashed by Di Jiu while in the Di Jiu plastic road. However, Di Jiu didn’t mean to bring back the Five Elements Escaping Technique. Unless it’s a matter of life, Di Jiu doesn’t want to use Five Elements Escaping Technique until he has figured out the problems of Five Elements Escaping Technique.

Di Jiu didn’t even think about finding Divine Spirit Grass, and Shen Yuan was suppressed. He wanted to run quickly in it. There is no problem.

For three days, Di Jiu decided to run for two and a half days and the last half of the day to find Divine Spirit Grass.

Now he is standing in the surrounding position, surrounded by Divine Spirit Grass, the level is not too high, he only rushed into the deepest part of the Yandao Mountains, it is possible to get a better Divine Spirit Grass.

Just running a fragrant time, Di Jiu knew that his choice was right. He is different from other monks, he is cultivating the rules.

The Yandao Mountains are locked by various arrays, but the rules will not change. Di Jiu keeps running and feels the changes around Heaven and Earth Law. He gradually begins Heaven and Earth Law around the clear comprehension.

As Di Jiu became clearer about the surrounding Heaven and Earth Law, he ran faster and faster, and in the end he wouldn’t be half a minute slower than controlling the flying boat. When he got to the back, his speed was similar to Escaping Technique.

In just one day, Di Jiu stopped and he knew that he had already run to the place where the ordinary monks could not come. At this time, without Dao Eye, Di Jiu’s eyes are swept away, surrounded by a variety of Divine Spirit Grass, from grade 1 to grade 4. There are even a few grade 5, grade 6 Divine Spirit Grass.

Di Jiu is excited and the scalp is a bit numb. He is not excited because he has found many Divine Spirit Grass here. These Divine Spirit Grass, while excited by Di Jiu, are not so exciting.

He was excited because his insights went to a new Escaping Technique. His Spiritual Sense Escaping Technique had a big drawback. He couldn’t escape once the spiritual sense was strained by array. At this time, the Five Elements Escaping Technique is more powerful than his Spiritual Sense Escaping Technique.

Before he ran down the day, he continued to integrate into the surrounding Heaven and Earth Law, and then the constant insights how to run faster with the surrounding rules, let him insights to the rules Escaping Technique.

Although Di Jiu only insights into some fur, he also knows how much of this Escaping Technique is heaven defying.

The rule Escaping Technique means that whenever there is a rule, he can escape.

Where is there no rule in this universe? The grand opening of the rule Grand Dao is that heaven and earth are all ruled. If there are no rules, it is because you have not found or understood. The rule Escaping Technique is arguably the first Escaping Technique in the universe.

The rule is that it is the first Grand Dao between heaven and earth.

Even if there are other ways in the universe that are stronger than the rules, Di Jiu definitely does not agree.

Divine Spirit Grass is no more precious than any of the rules Escaping Technique he has learned.

The rules Escaping Technique has come to realize that if you want to be strong in the future, it is only a matter of time. Di Jiu packed up his excitement and turned his attention to Divine Spirit Grass on the ground.

Tianyunzhi, refining Yunteng, violent leaves, Qidraluo; Tianyinlan, single moon leaves, eucalyptus, Buddha Guangzhi…

Di Jiu kept tidying up these Divine Spirit Grass, and he also sighed in his heart, and the humanity of Ang Ning was really big.

Not to mention these and Divine Spirit Grass to grade 3, even grade 4 Divine Spirit Grass is also a lot of flying lotus, purple apricot root, and ruin.

When he goes out from here, where else will he still have no Divine Spirit Grass pill refining?


Yan Zong Sect Hall.

In addition to a very small number of seclusion Elders, all the Elders and Hall Lords, and Peak Peaks, who came here, came here.

Fiji is a Sect Master, and the cultivation base is not the strongest of the cultivation base. The most powerful of the cultivation base is the old Ancestor.

It’s just that Yan Yan doesn’t care about the Zongmen affairs. Apart from Dao Discussion, he usually deduces his Grand Dao in seclusion. Unless the Zongmen is ruined, under normal circumstances, he will not come out.

Fei Xuan sat in the Sect Master position, and several Elders in the watched Hall and the peaks Peak Lord and Hall Lord could not help but sigh.

When it comes to strength, Yan Zong is definitely among the top three in Five Great Sect. However, the faction of Yan Zong is the most of all the sacred doors of Dao Realm. If not, the Sect Master is barely supported, and Yan Zong is a loose sand.

“Now people are here, Angu, you say why you want to kill a disciple of a sect.” In the heart of Fei Xuan, An Tu Ning is naturally more important than that of the family.

The strength of the family is good, but the family is more of a family, and An Tu Ning is only dedicated to the Zongmen. In contrast, he is naturally more inclined to condense. He asked this question, that is, he had to explain to An.

An ect of a cup one fist in the other hand said, “Sect Master, Elders. I am a sect of the outer sect disciple Di Jiu out of the trial, the outer sect disciple occupies the Di Jiu’s cave mansion, I am looking for Di When Jiu’s was discovered, he was forced to bully Di Jiu in the position of Zongmen. As a landlord and one of the heads of Zongmen, I naturally shun this name with the slightest hesitation. disciple.”

Fei Xuan is trying to say that An Tu Ning said it is good. The monk who snatched the side side disciple cave mansion can kill directly with the status of An Tu.

Just not waiting for Fiji to speak, Yan Yufeng’s Peak Lord Wang Teng stood up. “Sect Master, Elders, I want excuse me. As far as I know, when Dao was killed, Dao Realm Danhe Dabie only had ten days to go. At that time, Angu was preparing to represent me to participate in Danao of the Dao Realm Da Geng Dan River. At this critical juncture, Angu had time to find an outer sect disciple. One of the Five Great Sects is one of the Five Great Sects. Is it necessary for Angu to do this? Is it necessary to kick me out of Five Great Sect?”

At the same time, Fei Xuan remembered the Danhe Dabi thing. He looked at the face of An Tu Ning and it was a little poor to look. Whether or not An Tu Ning is justified, Danhe is not a trivial matter. In the first three days of Danhe Dabi, as a responsible person, An Tu Ning also had the heart to find an outer sect disciple, this is dereliction of duty.

At this time, An Tu Ning should gather all the Pill Masters and discuss the means and tactics of condense God Origin Pill.

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