An Tu Ning sneered in the heart, this is her base, Wang Teng estimated that dreams would not have thought that Yan Zong won the top 50.

Sitting in the corner of a long-shoulder man who was not far away from Angu, he showed a sneer. He got the news the day before yesterday, and Yan Zong won an unprecedented good result in this Danhe Dabi. This Wang Teng only knows how to fight in the nest. It is estimated that he never thought that An Tu Ning would get good grades. He even went to inquire about it and didn’t bother to ask.

However, he did not stand up and refute Wang Teng’s words. This Wang Teng colluded with two Elders, who used his power to seek personal gains. The disciples who recruited were not as good as one year. As the Peak Lord of the evangelistic peak, he is the most experienced.

Fei Xuan has just left the customs and does not know the Danby results of Yan Zong. He watched An condensed, and his tone was not very good. “Angu, the internal affairs of Zongmen, everyone can sit down and negotiate. Although I have been behind a Dao of Alchemy, Da Geng Danhe Danby This kind of thing is not only related to the face of Zongmen, but also to Zongmen’s right to speak. You are too sloppy this time.”

He did not need to elaborate on Wang Teng, and he did not know that Yan’s performance would not be too good. Too good, Wang Teng will not speak on this matter.

An Tu Ning stood out with a cup one fist in the other hand. “I am very much in favor of the Sect Master. I think that before the Zongmen benefit, the embarrassment between individuals can be placed behind. But Wang Peak Lord wants me to In this Danby defeat, and then was punished by Zongmen, even during the Danby period, let all the Pill Master of Zongmen leave the Zongmen. I have a total of those Pill Master, I want to participate in Danby, actually I can’t even find a Pill Master. I want excuse me to look at the Peak Master. If everyone is like you, is there a need for me to have a sect?”

The face of Fei Xuan is more and more difficult to look at. If Wang Teng dare to do so, then don’t worry about his Sect Master.

Wang Teng stood up with a sullen look, “Sect Master, Elders and Peak Lord. I am also a Peak Lord of Yan Zong, and I am in charge of the disciples of the entire Zongmen. I am not good at it, I will not do it. This kind of thing came. I have only a total of twenty-three Pill Masters, because the Ningshan Mountain opened seven months ago. This is a big event, my Sect Pill Master can not fall behind, and went to the Yuening Mountain. ……”

It was Fei Xuan who heard this and felt a sigh in my heart.

He naturally knows that this is a Divine Spirit Grass Medicine Garden under the name of Dao Realm Pill Union. Every time the Ningshan Mountain is opened, the Pill Master registered at Pill Union can collect Divine Spirit Grass for one year.

This kind of thing is good for Zongmen, and it is not easy for Fei Xuan to say anything. Moreover, Zongmen Pill Master went to Ningshan Mountain, and it was not instructed by Wang Teng, but decided by himself.

Wang Teng’s words did not finish, he continued. “I am not here to devalue the Angu owner, but the Angu master, as the head of the Great Geng Danhe Danby, should take the initiative to contact these Pill Masters and let them come back. Yes, but nine days before the game, I actually found that there wasn’t a Pill Master back to the Zongmen. So I was in a hurry. I quickly sent a message with Zongmen asking these Pill Masters to come back soon, because Danby is about to start.”

Wang Teng said that he laughed at himself. “This incident was originally responsible for Angu. The Angu master did not have any movements. I can only call these Pill Masters back. Because this time, these Pill Master is back and still has time to participate in Danby.”

It seems that I feel very uncomfortable. Wang Teng’s face is a bit difficult to look at. “I’m angry that I just called all these Pill Masters back. The Angu master even ignored these Pill Masters and left the Zongmen privately. It is said that she brought I went to an outer sect disciple. I guess she was worried that she didn’t go to the competition, so I took the outer sect disciple and reported it, and then came back.”

Listening to Wang Teng said here, not only Fei Xuan, but some of the Peak Lord and Hall Lord who do not understand the truth are somewhat dissatisfied. An Tu Ning took an outer sect disciple to Danby, obviously wanting to perfuse things.

Deeply took a breath, Wang Teng continued, “I didn’t have a squatting lord, and Angu refused to return to Zongmen after a few days. In fact, at that time, Danby was going on, and I became more and more angry. The Lord is obviously taking people to report his name. I am one of the Five Great Sects. If everyone and Angu are like this, do I still have to live in Dao Realm?”

“Angu master, I can’t compare the Pill Master with a sect of Dan as the master, but there are more than 20 Pill Masters. These Pill Masters go to the Ningshan Mountain to collect medicine, why don’t you pass Zongmen called these Pill Masters back. You only need three Pill Masters. You don’t have to call them all back. As long as three Pill Masters come back, you can also go to Dao Realm Danhe.”

Fei Xuan said and sighed, “If you don’t call these Pill Masters back, Wang Peak Lord will call you back. You must bring at least a few Pill Masters to participate. You are called an outer sect disciple. Going to the competition, as Wang’s Peak Lord means, where are you going to be?

An Elder, sitting not far from Fiji, sighed and said, “The Angu master is doing a bad job, not only taking an outer sect disciple to participate, but also killing my Sect disciples. Not long ago,荀 跨 跨 跨 ​​, , , , , , my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my my

An Tu’s heart sank, and her heart suddenly thanked Di Jiu. If it wasn’t for Di Jiu to help her move back to a city, I am afraid that she is not reducing cultivation resources, but she is likely to be unable to sit in the position of Yanchun Valley, and even be confined by the Zongmen.

This Wang Teng was so insidious that she called the Pill Master of Zongmen back before she went to the competition. This clearly shows her inaction.

It can be seen that Wang Teng had already calculated her, because she did not pay attention to Dao Realm Pill Union, but did not think of the thing of Ningshan. She called these Pill Masters back through her own communication bead, but when she went to Yueningshan, she had to be summoned back through Zongmen.

Wang Teng had already calculated it, and she was still unknowingly stepping into the trap. She knows that Wang Teng called Pill Master back, not to let these Pill Masters go to the game with her, but to kill her with a stick today.

“Angu Lord, what do you have to say?” Fei Xuan was disappointed with the watched An Tu Ning, in fact, he was very optimistic, he did not expect to let him down.

An Tu Ning gave a sigh to Sect Master. “Sect Master, I didn’t know about Pill Union, so I forgot about the thing of Ningshan. I passed my personal communication bead and asked my Sect’s Pill Master to come back. The result is one. I didn’t call it back. I know that these Pill Masters have a deep relationship with Wang Teng. I didn’t ask for these Pill Masters. I went to Danhe Dabi to find Zongmen Pill Master and I got a lot of information. Finally, I was Find a pearl of Dao of Alchemy that was left in my family…”

Wang Teng laughed, “Wang Angu said that the outer sect disciple you brought with you? I don’t know how many names lost in the Dao Realm Danby in this Dao Realm Pearl?”

An Tu Ning did not pay attention to Wang Teng, still said to Sect Master, “In fact, it is really clever, I just took the outer sect disciple to participate, my Sect’s Pill Master is back, just did not let me see. Fortunately, I lived up to expectations, and won the forty-eighth of the Dandan River in Zongmen. The outer sect disciple also won the twentieth of his personal ranking…”

“What?” Fiji suddenly stood up, and even some unbelievable watched. As far as he knows, Yan Zong is the best place in the Danby in the Great Geng Dan River. The best place is the 116th. As for personal rankings, it is even more terrible. An Tu Ning suddenly said that Yan Zong won the first fifty, can you not let him be shocked?

Wait, Zongmen won the first 50, the individual got the top 20, that does not mean that Dao Realm mai cultivating, there are several quotas? And there is a quota for Grand Dao Ridge Enlightenment? You must know that before this, the disciples of Yan Zong have never been to Dan.

Wang Teng also stunned, and then he laughed. “Angu, what is the meaning of this joke? Just look it up.”

An Tu Ning said coldly, “Wang Teng, you are right, this kind of investigation will find out what is the meaning of my misinformation?”

Wang Teng’s heart sank, right, this kind of thing that was found in the investigation, did you dare to lie?

Waiting for Fei Xuan to ask, the missionary Peak Lord Xue Yu stood up. He said, “Sect Master, Elders. I can prove that all the Angu’s words are true. A sect of this time Dao Realm Danhe Dabi is indeed the forty-eighth, and I have a Pill Master Di Jiu to get the top 20. I went to Angu to congratulate today, I didn’t expect Angu to go. Wait for the Sect Master to go out.”

“Haha…” Fei Xuan laughed, “Angu Lord, yes. You can find this outer sect disciple for me in such a bad situation. It is really indispensable. Ok, good…”

An Tu Ning once again, “This outer sect disciple has a Dao of Alchemy skill, but was thrown in the outer sect. Even if this, I still want to occupy the cave sect disciple’s cave mansion, I This only killed him in anger. I think the most need to rectify is the Zongmen disciple’s temple. In this way, the disciple recruited by Zongmen is the first generation is not as good as the first generation.

As for the former Peak Lord, Di Jiu was killed in the outer sect mountain. I believe that if you ask someone to investigate, you will know. Di Jiu and Daniel participated in Danby, and I still know him very well. Humility, knowing to advance and retreat, not to cause trouble, the sense of Zongmen is very strong. Even if I made such a big credit for my Sect, I still said that I don’t need any rewards. This kind of disciple, can you kill the same side disciple at will? Besides, Di Jiu, an outer sect disciple, can kill the rise of the martial arts? ”

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