Fei Xuan’s gaze fell on Wang Teng, and he knew the battle between Wang Teng and An Tu Ning more than anyone else. Those Pill Master went to the Ningshan Mountain, and then the time to come back was so clever, just after the smear away, Pill Master came back, thought it was an idiot?

But even if he knew that Wang Teng had dug, he had to take the opportunity to punish An Tu Ning. Wang Teng dug the pit, and the An Tu can’t fill it up, that is incompetent. He will never investigate who is true or not because of this incident.

The problem of Zongmen is definitely not a problem between An Tu Ning and Wang Teng. There are also a few mixed elements, Elder. If he doesn’t handle it well, it will make Zongmen fall into the abyss.

Now An Tu Ning actually pulled back a city. Although he knows that An Tu Ning said that everywhere to find Pill Master has a fake, he will be the same as before, and he will not investigate whether An Tu Ning is true or not. Standing on the side of An Tu.

Fei Xuan didn’t even have to go to the investigation. He also knew that An Tu’s disciple who was looking for the outer sect was going to fill it up. At best, he only told him that Dao Realm Danhe was more than her. These are not important to Fiji, but what is important is that the results of the Dan River game did not disappoint him.

Seeing Sect Master’s gaze, Wang Teng had to stand up and say, “When I heard the words of Angu, I realized that I had to snatch Di Jiu’s cave mansion. I have to investigate immediately. If there is This is indeed what sin deserves.”

Fei Xuan nodded, “Wang Peak Lord said it is good, Angu master made a great contribution to Zongmen this time, let him report to the core disciple. This disciple, staying in the outer sect disciple, is indeed spoiled. “”

Fei Xuan’s tone was gentle and there was no rush. Only he was angry in his own heart. He was the Sect Master of Zongmen, but he is now unable to control the Zongmen.

Wang Teng squinted and said nothing, he could not take action to punish. There are several Elders sitting here, and three of them are in a hurry with Wang Teng. The rest of the big Elder, also attitude vague.

Sitting on the side of the second Elder Qiyu quickly stood up and said, “Sect Master, this Di Jiu’s really made a great contribution to my Sect. But the core disciple of Zongmen, equal to the future inheritance, must not allow an unknown source. The outer sect disciple becomes a core disciple. I suggest waiting for this outer sect disciple to come back and then make a decision.

“Fart fart…” An Tu sighed and shouted. “Di Jiu made such a big contribution to my Sect. Actually, I have to discuss it again. What are you not fart?”

“Good courage…” Qi Yu Li sighed, raising his hand was to shoot An An Ning.

Qi Yu is a mixed expert, An Tu Ning is just a third stage. Only under this palm, there is no resistance at all. Directly bombarded, Zhangkou is a blood spray.

“Hey!” Fei Xuan slaps the coffee table in front of him into a slag, and suddenly stands up and points to the second Elder Qi Yu’s face, “Is it true, do you want to rebel? I am a good singer or a sect.” Sect Master, you Elder actually dared to smash me here.

The powerful killing potential swept out and the entire Sect Hall was under the killing potential of Fiji.

While Fijian was angry, he also knew that some contradictions could not be concealed. Originally, he planned to wait for this incident, discuss it with the big Elder, and then visit the Yanan Master Ancestor. To make the situation of Zongmen clear, please let Master Ancestor stand on his side. It seems that he can only do it in advance.

Even the big Elder, who has always been in a vague attitude, is also abruptly opening his eyes and frowning. “Qi Elder, I have a sect-founding. So far, there is no precedent in the main conference hall. You are not bad. Open this precedent.”

An Tu Ning was as sluggish as the Lord, and she did not expect Qi Yu to be so bold, dare to take the initiative in her main conference hall.

“Sorry, Sect Master, Big Elder, I was really impulsive. It is really difficult for Angu to speak. I have not resisted the fire for a while.” Qi Yu’s anger seems to have disappeared, and she took the initiative to stand up cup one fist in the Other hand apologize.

It seems that he was really just because of the fire, this is the impulsive injury.

In fact, everyone sitting here knows that Qi Yu is also a mixed initial stage. If you say that you haven’t resisted the fire and pneumatic hand, it is a lie. If even this anger can’t be suppressed, Qi Yu can’t cultivating to the realm.

Although Fei Xuan’s face was very ugly, he seemed to endure it. The big Elder next to the watched said, “Clock Elder, Qi Elder is at the main conference hall. This is not a trivial matter. You take him to the Zongmeng prison. Confinement for one year. Qi Elder, can you be convinced?”

The Hall Lord and the Peak Lord in Sect Hall were sighed when they heard the punishment. Sect Master Fei Xuan is not afraid to punish two Elder Qi Yu, but it is only a symbolic confinement in the year of the prison.

For a mixed-monk monk, it was as simple as a blink of an eye when the Zongmeng prison was closed for a year.

Qi Yu did not hesitate to stand up and said, “I didn’t control my temper for a while, Sect Master’s punishment I fully accepted.”

Only the big long clock heard the Sect Master and subconsciously hit a shiver. He looked up and looked at the Sect Master. He quickly stood up and said to the Sect Master, “Clock is cold and lead, Elder, please follow Let me go together.”

He always thought that Finn had no ability to sit on a position of Sect Master. Today, when he heard the words of Fei Xuan, he changed his mind somewhat.

The entire monk’s monks, including the two Elders, may think that the Zongmen’s prison punishment is the slightest. Because every disciple who enters the Zongmeng prison, no matter how many years he has been detained, the cultivation base is not regressive. It can be seen that the prison is not a place for detainees, but a place for secluded cultivation.

But only three people in the whole Yanzhi know that the most terrible place in Zongmen is the Zongmen Prison. Don’t say that Qi Yu only has the strength of the initial stage of the mixed element. Even if Qi Yu is the late stage of the mixed element, he enters the Zongmen Prison and has no chance to come back.

Zongmen Prison is the place to kill the mixed yuan, only Sect Master, his big Elder, and Yan Yan three know. Even if Qi Yu is the second Elder, he will not know this secret thing.

Why Qi Yu started, Zhong Zhong is very clear, it is testing the bottom line of Fei Xuan. As long as there is no big movement in this Fibonacci, then many of the Hall Lord and the Peak Lord will be overhead and even destroyed.

The reason why Zhong Zhonglian has not been Steward is because Sect Master has no strength. He is a big Elder who can only do cannon fodder.

Now that Sect Master is aligned with the murder, he doesn’t mind helping Sect Master. As a result of the worsening of a sect, it is because of the infighting, and Sect Master does not have enough energy to do it.

“Let’s go, Qi Elder.” Zhong Zhong repeated again, squinting out of the main conference hall. He was sneer in his heart, and Qi Yu did test the bottom line of Sect Master, but the cost of this temptation was too great.

When I saw Zhong Zhong cold and took Qi Yu out, Fei Xuan was relieved. What he worried most about was that Zhong Zhong didn’t listen to him and even revealed his purpose. As long as the clock is still cold and still on the side of the sect, he still has some conviction to return the sect. Originally, he didn’t want to take the risk, but Qi Yu untied the lid and let him back.

An Tu’s heart was cold, and she made a great contribution to Zongmen. As a result, she was seriously injured by the rudeness of the second Elder. Sect Master was only a one-time ban on the punishment of Qi Yu.

She stood up, and even the blood at the corner of her mouth didn’t wipe, she said in a cup one fist in the other hand, “Sect Master, I am seriously injured, I want to go back to Yanchun Valley to heal.”

Fei Xuan knew that at this time he could not say anything to An Tu Ning, otherwise everything would be illusory. He can only nod. “You go back to heal, and Elder is also a moment of confusion. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Yes.” After An Tu Ning responded, he turned and left. She was completely disappointed with Yan Zong.


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