(Yes 770) With the help of Establishing Wood, Di Jiu’s injury improved a lot in three days, but Di Jiu did not dare to continue to heal. He is somewhat worried about Ling Xiaoshuang. This hell whirlpool is also swallowed up by the spiritual sense. It is not easy for Ling Xiaoshuang to live after he goes in.

“bang!” Di Jiu was about to enter the Hell whirlpool. His protective array was suddenly slammed, and Di Jiu’s spiritual sense swept out. He was surprised to find that it appeared outside of his protective array.

If it wasn’t for Xiang Bing’s presence here, Di Jiu didn’t really think about her for a while.

Di Jiu opened the protection array, smiled and said, “Congratulations, return to the realm of the chemistry.”

Yu Xiangbing, who recovered to the realm of the chemical road, has recovered most of his appearance. Although it has not been completely restored, Di Jiu can already see that this is a beautiful woman. And her beauty is different from many women, with an indescribable intellectual feeling.

Yu Xiangbing was relaxed after seeing Di Jiu. He said to Di Jiu, “Many thanks Big Brother Di. After I returned to the stage, I was worried about Big Brother Di. I came outside of Moss. After I got here. I realized that Mohs had been wiped out by Big Brother Di.”

Di Jiu shook his head. “I just killed the two joints of Mo’s. Oh, there is also a cultivator. I haven’t done it to say that I have wiped out Mohs.”

Di Jiu speaking in between, I have seen the situation outside, countless cultivators are robbing Mohs, but these have nothing to do with him.

Although it has long been known that Di Jiu should have killed two of Mo’s, I heard Di Jiu say so, Yu Xiangbing is still shocked.

Di Jiu seems to be about the same size as the original Ningcheng, but it is the same terrifying. Ms. is terrifying so she nailed her in the plaza for tens of thousands of years. In the hands of Di Jiu, it only died in just half a day.

She remembered the singer who was killed by Ning Cheng, and her own Sister died because of the death of a stranger who died after a strange song. Moh has always been used to it, whether it is a strange song or a clansman, it is the same.

However, in the vast universe, experts as common as the clouds genius countless, those who owe the debts, after all, are still to be returned.

“Are you coming to me?” Seeing that Xiang Bing was dumbfounded, Di Jiu took the initiative to ask.

Yu Xiangbing came back, she was nodded, “Yes, Big Brother Di, when I came, I heard a message outside. I was worried about Big Brother Di, so I told Big Brother specifically. I I didn’t find Big Brother outside, I guess if Big Brother didn’t leave Moh, it must be in this place.”

“You said.” Di Jiu nodded.

Yu Xiangbing sighed. “I guess Big Brother Di should have something to do with Xuanhuang Tiantian. I am outside Mohs. I heard a message about Xuanhuang Tiantian. I heard that the Taishijie’s joint road expert forcibly blocked the Xuanhuang. Heaven is heaven, and the way they come is not one, seven or eight people. The news I heard is that they seem to be doing a big thing, building a huge altar in the middle of the plaza… …”

Di Jiu hear The face has changed a bit, and this is too savvy.

As a Array Emperor, who is about to step into grade 7, Di Jiu knows exactly what these joints are going to do in the middle of the heavens. This is what Tang Xiatan and Tang Beiwei are worried about. The early-stage expert wants to merge some of the domains around San Dao Realm and San Dao Realm into the Tai Chi boundary. But too early in the world, there is no third step to be able to do this, so they want to pass the blood sacrifice to San Dao Realm.

Just kill all the creatures of St. Dao Realm, and then use the blood to sacrifice the souls and blood essence of these creatures, and wrap a realm through this power. Since it is the life of St. Dao Realm, it includes all the cultivators of St. Dao Realm.

When I saw Di Jiu’s face changed a little, Yu Xiangbing stopped talking. When she wants to come, the general powerful cultivator has little to do with Xuanhuang Tiantian.

It seems that Big Brother Di is really related to Xuan Huang Tiantian.

Di Jiu’s face was gloomy for a while, and this said, “Xiang Junior Sister Bing, I plan to go into the hell whirlpool, and then go to Xuanhuang Tiantiantian. You better leave here now, Moh is killed by me. In fact, the cultivator under the stranger’s road almost escaped, and I did not go after it. It is very dangerous to stay here.”

“I will leave soon, just Big Brother Di. Do you know what the Hell Whirlpool is?” Yu Xiangbing heard Di Jiu going to the Hell Whirlpool and jumped in his heart and asked quickly. Her intention was to discourage Di Jiu from entering the Hell Swirl.

Before she heard that Di Jiu came to the Hell Swirl, she thought that Di Jiu was looking for Hellstone. I didn’t expect Di Jiu to want to enter the Hell Swirl.

When I heard about Xiang Bing, Di Jiu immediately asked, “Xiang Junior Sister Bing, do you know the hell whirlpool?”

Yu Xiangbing is nodded, “Yes, I heard people say that as long as the soul is still there after the death, even if the gods are completely lost, it does not matter. As long as the soul finds the primal chaos magma, it can reshape the fleshly body and then resume the cultivation. Base and strength. The primal chaos magma only exists in one place, that is, the seven rounds. The Hell whirlpool is the domain transmission channel to the seven rounds.”

Di Jiu was amazed at the vortex in front of him. “Xiangor Junior Sister Bing, this vortex is not necessarily accessible to me. You said that a soul can safely pass through here to reach the seven rounds? If it is a soul, you can Going to the seven rounds, the universe does not know how many killed souls want to enter the seven rounds.”

This kind of whirlpool, which is directly swallowed away by the spiritual sense, Di Jiu definitely does not believe in the broken soul or the Origin Spirit can pass. Moreover, there is such a place, is it still there? This is better than the two worlds or better recovery fleshly body Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures.

Yu Xiangbing explained, “The general spirit is not able to enter the Hell whirlpool, but there is a kind of spirit that can go in, that is the soul of cultivating the seven-wheel turn. Let’s not say that there are several people who know the seven rounds, even if they know It’s not cultivating the Seven Miles, and it’s not going to hell. I’m going to say that cultivating the Seven Miles, I can’t necessarily find a Hell Whirlpool entrance that can enter the Seven Rounds.”

Di Jiu said, “So, when the Moss returned to Moh to heal, it is very likely that if you have any problems, you can enter the Hell Whirlpool?”

Yu Xiangbing hesitated for a moment, and then he shook his head. “That is not necessarily. Even if it is a stranger, it does not necessarily know the hell vortex leading to the seven rounds of the land. And the hell vortex can not only have this place, Although there are not many such vortexes, there are some places. Only the existence is rare, and it is difficult to come out after entering, which is rarely known.”

“How do you know that?” Di Jiu doubted watched Yu Xiangbing.

Yu Xiangbing’s eyes were stunned. She said after a moment of silence. “I used to marry a person named Mo Ge. He knew this, and he also cultivated the Seven Miles.”

Di Jiu listened to Xiang Bing who said this person, but he did not care, but asked again, “That is what you said, that the strange song is likely to not die, is it to enter the hell vortex to restore the soul fleshly body?”

Yu Xiangbing shook his head. “He is dead, and it is a god. Everything is in the seven rounds. There is no limit. At least the soul is complete. The seven rounds are to repair the fleshly body and perfect the Grand Dao. Place. Not just a trace of Origin Spirit, you can enter the repair.”

“Well, then I will go in and see, you should go first, I don’t know if I can come up.” Di Jiu hear These explanations, guessing that it is likely to be the soul of many perfect fleshly bodies, decided to go in.

According to Xiang Bing, if there is such a presence, it must be powerful, or it is somewhat capable. If Ling Xiaoshuang does not fall, in the face of so many great powers, I am afraid that it is just an ant.

“Big Brother Di, are you going in?” After explaining the Hell Swirl and the Seven Rounds, Di Jiu had to go in and Yu Xiangbing stopped.

Di Jiu un’ed, “Yes, my friend is trapped inside, I have to go in and see.”

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