Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 940

“Fellow Daoist is going to the Dark Gate Ridge?” Di Jiu just crossed the void plaza of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and a brown man asked cup one fist in the other hand.

Di Jiu, the confused watched man, the fellow Dao Rhyme, is lucrative and aura sausage. The obviously is an old card’s third step expert, even a border presence.

is this man a seal? Di Jiu immediately made his own judgment.

Brown man laughed, “Fellow Daoist guess, I’m a seal, but I’m not from the Ridge Valley, and I don’t know how many years I haven’t been to the gate. The golden message I received was the only one I left to contact my family blood essence, and that was what I left the door that year. If I were to leave now, I wouldn’t have stayed like this.”


seal seems to know what Di Jiu’s heart is thinking, and he says Di Jiu Jiu is right when Di Jiu is finished.

“So you stopped here, trying to kill me before I left?” Di Jiu said, “He doesn’t feel murderous aura on the seal, but he’s stopped here. What else is it?” He had no intercourse with the seal, but instead, he and the family of the Rivern Valley were very revenge.


seal shakes your head, “No, I’m not going to kill you even though my cultivation base level is much higher than you can even squeeze you. Not because I see a lot of openness, but my quest is long gone from this nation. This is why I came here today to stop you, not for the Ridge Valley, but for the symbol I left. Since I left that family with the blood essence message, it should be done. This relates to Grand Dao of cultivating, in addition to my pursuit.”

In fact, the seal said that it was not for the Ridge Valley, and when his quest was no longer a people, Di Jiu had already heard it. At this level, people don’t understand, he understands. But the seal said he had something to do with his cultivation technique, and he really didn’t understand. As to the fact that the power is much stronger than he is, Di Jiu thought he didn’t hear it.

“When I knew what I cultivating wasn’t worth, I everywhere looked for what was right for me, oh, technicnique. After I found cultivation technique, I had the first time since Dao Foundation, and then cultivating the new cultivation technique, which had also been slightly achieved over the years. Now my cultivation base is much worse than I was when I was most popular, but I’m sure I’m much stronger now than I was before, because I cultivating my new cultivation technique.

The stronger I am, the less I feel, the more I feel than I am… ”

Di Jiu conceived it as a sealed cultivation technique had some problem, the more powerful he said was self-confidence, whether it was true or not. According to the seal, the stronger he is, the less confident he is. It’s like a mere blackmail saying that he can be crushed with ease, but he’s not going to do it, and I’m afraid it’s a blasphemy in the heart.

“I don’t know what Fellow Daoist cultivating is like, technique?” Di Jiu can’t stop asking, and he knows that the seal should not be said.

What Di Jiu didn’t think was, “Without the slightest hesitation, I cultivating because Grand Dao, when I met Hugo Dao, goodbye to Grand Dao under the Gang Dao Gang Gang. I’m going to waste Dao Foundation, secluded cultivation for Grand Dao. So far, the total is small accomplishment.”

So here, the seal cup one fist in the other hand for Di Jiu, “When things were clouds, I begged the Fellow Daoist to see that the perpetrators had received the punishment they deserved to release the valley.”

When Di Jiu hears a seal, he knows that the seal is no longer due to the Ridge Valley, nor is it because he seals his home, but because of his own Grand Dao.

Di Jiu secretly sighed, human beings were real, and he had no interest in going to the radar valley at this moment.


seal looks clear comprehension for real Grand Dao, but this way Di Jiu really doesn’t want it.

And then, Di Jiu said, “If that’s it, stop it, and I see it on your side, and I don’t go to the Ridge Valley anymore.”


fact, Di Jiu went to the radar valley not to extinguish the mine valley, but to remove the seal. The seal looks like this, so he’s already not interested.

“Many thanks Fellow Daoist.” The seal is still calm, no surprise, no accident, thanks to Di Jiu, and again said, “Don’t you know Fellow Daoist knows that there’s a Di Jius friend?”

Ask yourself? Di Jiu, once dumbfounded, said, “I’m Di Jiu, what are you looking for?”

“Fellow Daoist is Di Jiu?” The seal is more dumbfounded, and then, “Fellow Daoist Di knows chaos?”

Di Jiu nodded, “I know this place, what?”

He had also intended to go to the chaos community, just to see success in the mountains, which was not the chaos community.


seal says, “I met a far-reaching expert in the chaos community, and his name is Fraud. Fraud says and you’re friends, and I hope I can bring you a message.”

And when you speak of the tyranny, it is not enough to feel in your heart. Thought it was even equal cultivation base, and he was also an ant in the mirror in front of the tyranny. And now he can sit in peace with the tyranny, without a half of a cruelty, because he cultivating because of Grand Dao.

I just didn’t think it was so good to break up with Di Jiu, but it was normal. Di Jiu can easily kill the seal of the family, not too bad to think about it, and it’s hardly surprising that five Elements of the Cosmos expert now has little, Di Jiu, the power of power and disillusionment…

How can it not be possible to think of a sudden stopping here, a broken monk’s attitude towards Di Jius? Who’s the loser? That was the tenth Grand Dao model in the year, just fell down. And why respect Di Jiu’s attitude? Even the next generation like Di Jiu?

No, why did he come back and say to the tyranny, and he said, “Someone killed dozens of expert who sealed his family, sealed the family with the gold he left, and he needed to come back.” He sealed a third step in a seal, and how many could he kill the family? Di Jiu and Di Jiu are familiar, and it should be guessed that this is what Di Jiu did.

The hypocrite guessed that Di Jiu had done it and sent him a letter to Di Jiu, which obviously knew Di Jiu do not fear, and could even crush him lightly.

Think of it here, behind the seal a little cold sweat out. What happens if he starts to do it?

“Fellow Daoist Di, can I ask you something?” The seal didn’t answer Di Jius’s question, but it was just an open question about Di Jiu.

Di Jiu indifferently said, “Just say anything directly, don’t turn around.”

He’s not a leisure, he’s empty and sealed here.

“If I fight Fellow Daoist Di, how many scores do I have?”

The Di Jius area suddenly stretched out, and the strong rule Dao Principle locked the space.

In the area of Di Jius rules, he doesn’t have half nodded, that is, Di Jiu, if he fights with Di Jiu, when he gets out of the Di Jius rule area, I’m afraid Di Jiu’s already heavy injury to him. Not he can crush Di Jiu, but Di Jiu can crush him.


is such a strong second step in the universe, cultivator, which is…

“There was a common situation before that called Cyclone fellow wanted my stuff, and I learned stopped, and how many scores do you think you have for me?” Di Jius sounds kind of cold.

There’s some pale, Chi Yu Yu, that’s the monk of the mountain. How many more weak are there? He thought he could crush Di Jiu, and he quickly complied with Di Jiu. “In the face of Fellow Daoist Di, many thanks to Fellow Daoist Di.