Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 941

Di Jiu did not answer, and he was supposed to be in love. If he doesn’t take care of his men, now this seal will kill him directly.

See Di Jiu didn’t answer, and the seal said again, “Break Fellow Daoist said that your friend was out of the old business and was cut off by that big black face plot against, and now he can’t turn around. He sent someone out to ask for help from you, and the man was just rushing to finish the call, and he jumped out.”

It is true that the style of the hypocrite is broken, and Di Jiu has wrinkled his eyebrows.

He is now in line with the late stage, but he has a feeling in his heart that if he can’t find a way, he won’t say a third step, nor do he ever want to cross into perfection.

Imagine that he has a lot of friends who can really help him, and there are only a few people, except those who have lost their scars in order to save him. As for others, it’s not enough, it’s not Grand Dao, it doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

Whether it’s a friend relationship with the tunnel or his Grand Dao problem, he has to go to the rescue trail.

But when you think of Cao, Di Jiu is guilty. For so many years, Cao, I’m afraid he owes one of the most of the women. Although this deficit is not emotional, it is life and death.


seal saw Di Jiu silent, and again said, “The chaos community has a super good thing, and I’m going back soon after that. It’s also because of the extremely important thing that was found in the chaos community, and it’s not possible to leave for a while, saying, if you’re free, go with us.”

“How did my hotel explode outside the Mountain forbidden land?” Di Jiu solemnly asked.

A dumbfounded, then shake your head, “I don’t know about this.”

He really doesn’t know that all these years he’s been looking for in the chaos community, except for crazy cultivating cause Grand Dao. Di Jiu did something, including the opening of a liquor building outside the mountains of forbidden land, which he had no idea.

Di Jiu nodded, with a quote, said, “If that’s the case, then stop it. When you met the faulty, you told him to come to Hyung Heaven Beyond the Heaven. When I’m not there, let him take care of Hyung Heaven Beyond the Heaven and the Taipei.”

“Yes, Fellow Daoist, I’m sure I’ll bring the word.” The seal, he’ll be right, even after Grand Dao knew his cultivating cause, is worse than a real expert.

There is no doubt that Di Jiu is such an expert, which will not be weaker in the future. And he sealed it just because of a disciple under the Gate of Hokkaido.

“All right.” Di Jiu, just one step out of void Heaven Beyond the Heaven plaza, disappeared in Ha void.

For a man like this, he didn’t kill someone who was already in love with him. Let the envelope be given a letter in the tongue of your command, warning the seal in a expert gesture, and he stays in love today, and don’t think about it while Di Jiu’s not in the wind.

Di Jiu disappeared and sealed it to feel sweaty.

For Di Jius to move, he naturally understands that, even if Di Jiu did not warn him, he would not be brainless to come here to start with the Hyun-hee Heaven Beyond Heaven.

His cause, Grand Dao, is very different than Di Jiu, but it’s better than a lot of different cultivator. In the future, he would be willing to get rid of Transformation Realm, even the taller realm, when the construction door opened?

Di Jiu is very anxious, and his things are really too much. In accordance with his plan, Dao Realm returned the shadow Supreme Ultimate Diagram to the polar to suppress too much destiny. Then go and find Forgotten River and limpid autumn Water and Xiangnu, with his strength now, spend more than a hundred years, and it should be possible to find Immortal World.

Whether or not Forgotten River and limpid autumn water, Xiangnu are found, he must go back to the mountains of forbidden land to see the tracks.

Maybe this side of the universe, it’s only a trace of the tunnel that can understand what’s wrong with his path.

Di Jiu was more anxious to enter the third step, together with the fact that Tip of the iceberg, which was later known from the Broadcasting Service, created the world.

If he hadn’t entered the third step, he would have been on the top of the world. Then don’t say he and Xiuqi, all the cultivator and creatures of the five Elements universe, all of them.

Di Jiu can only take back the shadow Supreme Ultimate te Diagram and look for Forgotten River and limpid autumn Water and Xiangnu, and he must go first to save the tracks. Once the tracks have a three-and-a-half short, then it’s probably over.

Even if he took the sun back to Supreme Ultimate te Diagram, and found Forgotten River and limpid autumn Water and Xiangnu, and even the extreme and unseen Heaven Beyond the Heaven?

Because at that time, everything was built by others. People alone think that five Elements will break the universe, and don’t say they’re all born in the Five Elements universe.

Di Jiu came again at the fastest speed to see the forbidden land, and he had no expectation that Array Gate in forbidden land would be split, and then went straight into Grand Dao.

There has

been little change in Grand Dao, and Di Jiu still realized that cultivator in Grand Dao was much smaller than before, as if he had left, and what happened here.

A colleague Dao Cultivator, who walked to Grand Dao plaza, saw Di Jiu again appearing in Grand Dao plaza, was surprised to get down and leave immediately. Di Jiu such expert, he can’t afford to offend, too.

Don’t wait for him to walk away, Di Jiu stopped in front of him.

“Pan is now seen as Deacon.” This is Dao Cultivator, who bowed down for a week.

Di Jiu in Grand Dao is a reputation Heh, and who dares has a little disrespect for Di Jiu? When Di Jiu was here to kill Step 3 expert, it seems that he’s still here.

Di Jiu said, “Where’s the peak of leaves?”

Pan is being asked by Di Jius about quiver, and say, “Dido, I’m just a subordinate, really don’t know where he is.”

“Where’s that tunnel?” Di Jiu asked again, and then said, “If you don’t know, then you can go back. Of course not, I can’t promise.”

Di Jius, with a strong murderous aura, has been locked up in the field. He’s sure about the peaks and the tracks, Grand Dao should know. The first leaf peak, for the sake of resilience, was not allowed to hide the great war between the two. He had no patience with each and everyone to do his thinking work, and he was now the most direct and effective type of enquiry.

Pan has once again hit a shiver. He’s really sorry. What do you say Grand Dao plaza is all right? It’s not good to keep cave mansion in cultivating, it’s not good, it’s getting into trouble.

“You said, it must be all right now, and it might be all right in the future. You don’t say, it’s okay now.” Di Jius’s talking again.

And that’s a completely flesh to crush Pan’s current heart, and he said, “I really don’t know where to go, and as for senior, he’s locked in the mountains in the foot.”

Di Jiu did not wait for Pan to finish the conversation, which had long disappeared in the direction of the hopeful mountain.

Pan’s stubborn watched Di Jiu goes in the direction of saying, “Visit to the Mountain under the foot? 100,000 years or millions?”

But none of this is his business, and the next moment he left the Grand Dao plaza quickly. He swore that there was nothing special about him, and that he would never leave it again.

Visiting the Mountain in the foot for other cultivator in Grand Dao may not be able to walk forever. But for Di Jiu, it’s only two or three days.

After looking at the foot, clear comprehension, anyone can come to the mountain at the shortest speed with Di Jiu.

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