Ninth Way under the Heavens Chapter 942

When Di Jiu came to the mountains in the foot, he saw the tracks far away, although it seemed like aura was messy, but at least people were fine.

All the tracks were buried in the soil under the knee, and it was estimated what restriction was locked up, and he couldn’t move.

“Di Jiu, you’re coming.” See Di Jiu coming over and the tracks show some joy.

Di Jiu walked in front of the tracks, and his hands were going to fix restriction, and he said in his mouth, “He didn’t think the peak was so vague, and he was not your opponent, but he was obsessed with you.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If you do it, I’m afraid I will soon be torn up by Dao Rhyme.”

Di Jiu was surprised not only by spiritual sense, but also by the fact that Dao Eye was open. Soon Di Jius’s face is hard to look, and the tracks are locked through a Dao Rhyme. If he doesn’t move, thousands of years later, he will not go directly into the depths of the mountain. Because every moment, he was looked down by Dao Rhyme.

Until this moment Di Jiu knew why the tracks were in mud under his knees.

Even if he insights his Grand Dao, cultivating is Grand Dao Law, he can’t save the tracks.

“Where’s the leaf peak?” Di Jiu would love to find the leaf peak and then teach him to stop.


tunnels shake his head, “You can’t find him right now, and your power is not his opponent. The man’s chill is probably the strongest I’ve ever seen, and he’s more powerful than I am, but still more intolerable than he can kill me.

He didn’t kill me, so he wanted to see Dao Rhyme in the mountains, stripping my Grand Dao. The man wasn’t just temperament, he was very clever. You’re going to move him, only to step three. Your Grand Dao Dao Rhyme today is more than ten times stronger than when I saw you. See, you have a new clear comprehension, but you’re afraid you’re still not a leaf peak opponent. The leaf peak has gone to the mountains, and he wants to strip me from Primordial Chaos Dao Principle insights, and then go to the mountains. “

Di Jiu slightly frowned, he hasn’t spoken yet, and the ferry marks say again, “You have to go to the third step, five Elements, where the universe’s good is gone. Look at the mountains is a good place, but I always feel like the mountains have some problems. So, you have to get into the third step, you need to be good…”

Di Jiu sighs, interrupts the tracks and says, “The marks, I’m afraid I can’t get into the third step in the short term, and I think my path is in trouble, and I can’t find it myself. I was going to look for you and ask you where my way is, and I didn’t think you were being peaked by this asshole plot against you.”

“Did you have a problem?” The ferry marks, wrinkling, and then he just said, “I can’t see you running the circulatory cycle, and I looked at your Dao Rhyme aura.”

If that is the case, then obviously wants to look at the Grand Dao traces and cultivation technique of the other party, but Di Jiu believes that the tracks are definitely not such a person. He did not have the slightest hesitation to operate his Grand Dao circulatory cycle while opening the area to allow the tracks to be looked at.

Just a circulatory cycle, the ferry sighs, “Your Grand Dao has gone beyond me, have you found Primordial Chaos Dao Principle?”

Di Jiu stopped running cultivation technique, and no concealment, “Yes, I’ve found one, I’ve come from insights to something, and then I’ve refined my Grand Dao again.”

“You found something you didn’t dream of, fortunate for you, I’m afraid.”

Di Jiu faintly smiled, “I never put my fortune on someone else.”

Nodded, “Good, the first thing you can’t get out of here is one, I’m afraid he can lock you up soon. If you haven’t entered the third step, then you’re afraid you don’t have the right to live under your hands.”

Di Jiu did not contest, and he believed that when the power was too different, what luck was he talking about?


tracks continue to say, “But your path is no longer possible, and when you enter the third step, you may not stand at the same altitude.”

Di Jiu nodded, even if he doesn’t say the tracks, he doesn’t think that own Dao is a good match.

Unclear comprehension 8 Primordial Chaos Dao Principle, who clearly comprehension the ninth Primordial Chaos Dao Principle and clear comprehension.

See Di Jiu nodded, who is unaware that, even if Di Jiu clear comprehension is gone and Ninth Dao Principle, even when Di Jiu Jiu moves into the third step, Di Jiu still has only been killed.

But he can’t tell Di Jiu, whether or not he’s gonna hit Di Jiu, he can’t say that.

“I have seen the traces in your Grand Dao, and the traces in your Grand Dao are related to your sexual condition, and if you don’t repair them, you will never have the chance to enter the third step.” The tracks have not continued, Di Jiu’s entry into the third step is part of the fugitive.

Di Jiu watched the tracks and said, “Please also point the fingerprints.”

Nodded, “You should have had a huge loss, a trace in your heart. So you’re going into the third step, and the first thing to do is to make this deficiency up.”

Di Jiu listened with great seriousness to the torch, and he knew that the next words were of great importance to his future path.

Although Di Jiu was known to enter the third step, he was still fugitive, but as Di Jius friend, he should tell Di Jiu what he knew.

“Outside the five Elements universe, there is one universe domain, the universe domain cultivating paradise, the same as we cultivating, but somewhat different. And then something happened, the universe collapsed, and a lot of expert escaped from that side of the universe. There’s a man in the universe who called Daoist, and he has an Innate Spirit, called back to his head.”


tracks are here, and Di Jiu’s heart is even more alarming. Daoist, how do you know that name so well? It seems to be a Warsaw myth legendary.

“These things I learned later when I fell, the universe was fine. As for how to go to this universe, I’m not very clear. The rumor is that the five Elements universe has a very cold spot, and I don’t know where it is, but this place is called the five Elements Strait.”

Five Elements Strait? Di Jiu, he knows the five Elements Strait. When the Ice Chancellor sent him a jade slip of the ice land for his life, that’s the five Elements Strait.

“You find the five Elements Strait, inspired by this symbol, and you should have some chance to open the void crack on that side of the universe. Just because that side of the universe collapsed, I didn’t know Daoist was there. If Daoist was in, you would have asked for a return to a whisper with humility. Daoist, I didn’t see it, but his strength should not be weaker than I was.” In that case, a note fell directly in front of Di Jius.

Di Jiu answered the symbol, and the tracks continued to say, “If you find a reindeer, you can repair Dao Heart by returning to the head.” With Dao Heart’s repair, remember a little “

Watched Di Jiu, in word, “You must remember that no memory can be kept. When you get back to the dust, you have to erase all your memories.”