Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Car Accident

“You’re not too young!”

“It’s over 30 and you haven’t gotten married, so here’s what’s left for us. It doesn’t sound good, why are you still so stubborn?”

The slightly sharp woman’s voice pierced the darkness and penetrated into the eardrums, also awakening Zhou Jia from his drowsiness.

I slowly opened my eyes, the noon of early autumn sunlight shone on my body through the dark brown window glass, and the warmth made people reluctant to move.

The trees outside are lush, with dappled light and shadow.

The mountain road is rough and the ground is not smooth, and the ups and downs of the bus are more likely to induce sleep.

He had just woken up and his consciousness was still a little blurry, only the rumble of the women two rows apart in front of him kept coming.

“You think I don’t want to get married? Isn’t it because I haven’t found a suitable one?” The voice that sounded again was clear and transparent, showing no signs of aging.

“Didn’t find a suitable one?” The woman’s voice was raised with a bit of resentment:

“Tell me about you, it’s been several years since you graduated, not to mention marriage , have you brought your boyfriend home for your parents to meet? Not suitable, I think you are simply not looking for it.”

“Don’t think Eryi is long-winded, this matter must be taking seriously. .”

“I know, I know.” The young woman’s voice was a little impatient, her body moved, and she turned her face towards the aisle.

Zhou Jia moved his gaze, and from his direction he could see the woman’s profile.

Very delicate, with a bit of baby fat.

Are you over thirty?

I really can’t see it.

The woman obviously did not intend to give up her persuasion: “Your neighbor Xiaoli is the same age as you, and I heard that she is pregnant with her third child.”

“No… …”

“Why not? You’ll know if you go back and see? There’s also Ming Shui, who also went to college and married a daughter-in-law.”

“en. ”

“It’s not easy for your parents to drag you down. They’re not too young now. You can’t let them continue to worry about it. It’s a serious matter to find a partner. What is the meaning of cats and dogs together, they are all beasts.”

“Second aunt, I’m not happy when you say that, cats and dogs are also spiritual!”

“You’re not happy!” The woman straightened her body:

“If it weren’t for those cats and dogs that haunted you all day, you said you couldn’t find someone? ?”

“Because of this, your parents are not less angry.”

“Okay, okay.” The young woman looked helpless and did not want to continue on this. Entanglement:

“Didn’t I already agree to a blind date?”

“Do you call that blind date? You call that perfunctory!” Speaking of this, the woman’s voice became even more urgent:

“Although the old Qian family child is average in appearance, he has a good temper, is tall, and has a good job in a big city. What can you say about yourself?”

“The If you stay there and play with your young lady’s temper, others should get used to you.”

“That can’t be casual, right? Marriage is a major event in a lifetime. Of course, I want to find someone who is pleasing to the eye and has a personality. Suitable, not suitable for me to waste time on him?”

“What is pleasing to the eye? What is suitable character? How can there be 100% suitable? Your mother has such a good temper, so many years? I haven’t quarreled with your father, didn’t they all come together slowly, you have to change your temper first.”

“I change? Do I have to accommodate others? Not my parents!” The young woman’s eyes widened, her face stubborn.

“What is accommodating? The environment of two people’s life is different, and they must have their own habits. Living together will inevitably bump up and down. Isn’t it right to let them all? Don’t let anyone. Or let only one person make concessions, and life will not last.” The woman is obviously experienced in this area, earnest and well-meant advised:

“The second aunt didn’t tell you to do it, yes Let you understand a truth.”

“Your parents are getting older, and you will have a lot of burdens in the future. If you don’t have someone to help you, you will definitely not be able to. Also, if you live with others, you should accept your own. Temperament, this is not called grievance, it is called growing up. You must know that husband and wife are close relatives, even parents can’t compare, since you are willing to come back for a blind date for your parents, it is not normal to change your sex for the sake of your partner.”

“hmph hum…” The young woman curled her lips.

“Don’t believe it.” The woman frowned:

“Think about your grandfather and grandmother, do you think your mother is with your father or with your grandma and grandfather? You Dad is so filial, not because your mother dares to quarrel with your grandma.”

“Although they are all relatives, it is necessary to distinguish which is near and which is far.”

this time , The young woman did not speak, the expression on her side face was a little blank, obviously she had never considered these.

But more, still impatient.

It’s great to be single!

Looking up the window, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

The woman’s words reminded him of “Eight Arrivals” by Li Jilan, a poetess of the Tang Dynasty.

A close relative is a husband and wife!

Husbands and wives are the closest relatives in the world, but they may also be estranged.

As his thoughts turned, he subconsciously took out his phone, and the familiar smiling face lit up on the screen made him purse his lips and curl the corners of his eyes.

Fortunately, I am lucky.

Don’t be pressured into marriage.

Unlocking the screen, a series of WeChat reminders made him rubbing his temples and sighed before clicking the message inside.

“Junior Brother, I don’t understand this question?”

“Where is the information you said?”

“Why can’t I find it?”


Sure enough!

Zhou Jia’s major is classical literature, and he also majors in language and literature. The employment direction is a bit narrow, so he entrusted his fellow senior sister to help him find a job.

He has a very good relationship with Senior Sister, not only in terms of work, but even his current girlfriend, through Senior Sister.

Senior Sister Huang Tingting has a straightforward personality and extensive contacts.

Perhaps when she was born, she focused her skills on making friends. Huang Tingting’s slowness in learning is simply outrageous.

I chose language and literature again.

Zhou Jia has some innate talent in language, and has become Huang Tingting’s official activity searcher and answer.

“The answer is in the video copy the teacher sent last year, you can read it yourself.”

“You need to use a member to check the information, borrow a colleague… Forget it, I will put mine The membership number will be sent to you, check it yourself.”


It didn’t take long for a reply.

“I still don’t understand this question (smiley)”


Zhou Jia replied with a blank expression.

After thinking about it, he finally sent the answer and pointed out the way to solve the problem, hoping that the other party would know how to get the answer.


Thinking about coming to Huang Tingting is too lazy to understand.


The result is as expected. Judging from the time of the reply, the student should have directly skimmed the document and only read the final answer.

Shaking his head, he put away his phone and looked forward. The argument was over, the woman rested on her side, and the young woman was swiping her phone.

Outside the window…


Zhou Jia was taken aback:

β€œWhy is it foggy?”

He passes this mountain road several times a year, and it has never been foggy, and if this mountain road is foggy, it will be very dangerous.

After thinking about it, he moved towards the driver and looked:

“Master, it’s foggy, be careful…”



Before he finished speaking, a loud noise interrupted his voice. At the same time, a huge force came from the side and threw him directly towards the car window.


Zhou Jia only felt a saw a flash, and the next moment a sharp pain came from his left arm, and then his whole body appeared, and his forehead seemed to be broken.

Immediately after.



The window shattered, countless pieces of glass flew in front of my eyes, one after another in the carriage The silhouette is tumbling back and forth like a rag doll in a blender.

In addition, the hideous branches that appeared out of nowhere ripped apart the carriage and penetrated into it.

Hot blood spurted out, along with screams of horror, on the not-so-clean seat.

A sudden change!

Roll over?

Rolling down the mountain?

I’m… dying?

The sudden change made Zhou Jia’s mind blank in the chaos, and even the pain in his body became numb, allowing his body to roll involuntarily back and forth in the carriage. collision.

The frightened and shrill screams in my ears also became less clear, and everything seemed so unreal.

Only the heartbeat of puff and puff, which is extremely fast.

I don’t know how long it took.

Maybe it was just a moment, or it may have been a long time, in short, the carriage stopped rolling over, and Zhou Jia also fell heavily on the seat.

Divine Soul also seems to be returning in this brief moment.

“What… what’s going on?”

Someone stuttered, his voice trembling.

“It must have rolled down the mountain!” Zhou Jia gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain all over his body. With difficulty, he took out his mobile phone from his arms and pressed the emergency number tremblingly:

“Fuck, no signal!”

“Dog, no… there are wolves!”

One wave after another.

Suddenly, a woman’s scream came from the front of the carriage, followed by a loud noise.

Zhou Jia raised his head subconsciously, his vision blurred by the severe pain swept across the mess in the car, and landed on a wolf head full of black hair sticking out from a crack in the car.

The gap is not big, the wolf’s head only swayed wildly, stretched the surrounding iron sheets, and squeezed into the bus little by little.


Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, his breathing stagnated, and his face was as terrified as the rest of the survivors.

“What is this?”

But behind the wolf’s head, what follows is not the body that a wolf should have, but the arms, chest, abdomen and legs like a human being , is a monster with a wolf head human body.

This is…


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