Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 101


Chapter 101 The Rich

β€œDog thief!”


Only then did another gold medal guard from the Bliss Tower appear, with the remaining guards, roaring towards Zhou Jia, who was covered in blood.

He was furious.

This time, whether or not the perpetrator today is taken down, he will be severely punished if so many valuable guests are killed.

It is not impossible to kill with a stick.

However, he is not an impulsive person. Seeing that Liu Donglai, whose strength is almost the same as his own, was killed, he did not make a reckless move, but went back to his residence and put on the divine crocodile armor.

With the armor in his body, even if he is a Grade 9 expert, he is sure to fight.

Matthew, who was born in the sanctuary, refined the Apu sword technique. This is a sword technique passed down from the court of the Ailuin Empire, the largest country in the Feimu world. The formidable power is powerful and exquisite.

The slender and thin sword several feet long, like a ray of light, rushed towards Zhou Jia who was still slashing with an axe in a flash, stabbing his throat.

This sword is not fancy at all, only fast.

It’s getting to the extreme!

Zhou Jia’s heart froze, Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield reacted spontaneously, and the shield in his hand suddenly lifted up, stopping in front of the sword light.


Sparks, lightning flashes.

Matthew staggered, moved, extended his arms, and stabbed again, the rapier slashed in an elegant arc, stabbing from unexpected angles.

As for the anti-shock force of the 2nd layer shield, not only did it fail to make the opponent’s Sword Art out of control, but it was transformed into the rapier to accelerate its stab.

β€œchi chi chi chi  …”

The extreme speed and the agile movement method make his attack like a violent storm, the sword light is like mercury pouring down the ground, connecting into one piece, in an instant In no time, Zhou Jia was completely submerged.


Only sword shadow is seen in the field, no personal identification.

The driving force of the crocodile armor greatly increased Matthew’s speed. The sword technique, which was already fast like electricity, was urged to the extreme, and the sound of breaking the air even caused the air to scream. .

He believed.

Even a Grade 9 expert here is struggling!

This is true too.

Even if Zhou Jia had already provoked violence and his strength was comparable to Grade 9, he could only desperately wave his shield and block back and forth in the face of an attack that was as fast as a shower.


Too fast!

In an instant, there were dozens of stabs.

And the sword in Matthew’s hand is slender and sharp. As long as he stabs it lightly, even if he has Body Refinement, he is afraid that he will not be able to resist it and will be easily penetrated by it.

Zhou Jia didn’t dare to be careless.


The extreme speed also shows that the opponent’s strength is not strong.

As his eyes moved slightly, the source power in Zhou Jia’s body was running in sequence and overflowing with a bang.

Like a mountain!

A heavy mountain-like strength appeared around him, like a huge tortoise shell with no dead ends at 360 degrees, blocked by a shield against the sword light.

“Ding ding… dang dang…”

sparks flying in all directions , like a thorn in a rock, all in vain, Matthew’s offensive can’t help but stagnate .


Shield shock!

Zhou Jia took the opportunity to step forward, and the shield slammed into the void in front of him.


An invisible wave of air rushed forward 180 degrees in an instant, and the earth was thrown away, and everything within a few meters was wiped out. Received a heavy blow.

Different from the 2nd layer shield, the anti-shock force depends on the strength of the attack.

When encountering an expert, the anti-shock will not only have no effect, but will be used by the opponent to make the next attack more violent.

A shield shock is an active attack.

The amount of strength depends on the person who uses it.

The power of Grade 9 burst out in the land of several feet, sweeping across the front, making people unavoidable, and Matthew, who was originally a bad power, couldn’t help but froze for a moment.

Got it!

His heart was beating wildly, the source power in his body was fiercely urged, and the divine crocodile armor on his body also sent feedback, both feet stepped on the ground, and the whole person took advantage of the power to retreat madly.

β€œpa pa!”

At this moment, a dazzling electric light already appeared in his perception, and the surrounding thunder spread and crashed in front of him.

Although it did not fall on the body, the surrounding thunder enveloped the surroundings.

Raging thunder!

The electric light poured into the inside along the gap of the armor, which also made Matthew’s body stiff and his heart cold.


The Thunder Slash!

Wrapped in electric light, Zhou Jia folded his body and slashed, several axe lights flashed, the god crocodile armor had been knocked out by fiercely, and fell heavily to the ground, causing a large amount of mud


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

With his current strength, he was hit from the front, and the attack was still on the joints.

The name of Baojia is really amazing.


He stepped forward, his shield slammed downwards with force, dark energy penetrated into it, Matthew under the helmet corner of the mouth flow blood, the vitality in his eyes go away quietly.

β€œpu! pu!”


The thunder bloomed in the field, and the remaining silhouettes were blasted out instantly.

Without Matthew, all ordinary guards and guards, facing Zhou Jia’s inseparable enemies, were hacked to death on the spot in an instant.

The last person struggled to escape from the gate, rushed into the rain curtain, and was chased behind by Zhou Jia, who chopped off his upper body with an axe.

The Bliss Building that used to be noisy.


quieted down.


The rain is getting worse and worse.

Zhou Jia stood in the torrential rain with an axe, letting the rain wash away the blood on his body, his hair sticking to his back and cheeks, his eyes flashing cold light.

Look back.

The ruined Bliss Tower has been penetrated by the rain, and the pouring rain washed the blood on the ground, but could not wash away some of the filth.

The corpses were rushed together.

Some of the servant women’s scared witless shaking could be heard faintly.


“shua shua!”

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

In the rain screen, many messy The sound came from afar and was getting closer.

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly, and he was about to leave. After a second thought, he walked towards Matthew’s body instead.


When the people nearby arrived after hearing the news, the Bliss Tower had completely collapsed, and only a man in armor with an axe and a shield stood in front of the door, moved towards Dark View.

This person appears to be about to leave with a heavy package on his back.

“My son…”

Punishment Hall Hall Master Cheng Tao’s body trembled, his eyes fixed on a corpse with only the upper body left in the ruins, his steel teeth clenched, Eyes gradually crazy.

He has many adopted sons, but only one biological son.


“I killed you!”


Grade 9 Peak power, bang When it erupted, his whole body was like a cannonball out of the chamber, knocking the dense rain curtain out of the layers of depressions, and slamming into the armored silhouette.

Under the armor, Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes.

No hesitation to inspire violence.


A giant force emerged from his body.

At the same time, the source power penetrated into the crocodile armor, and an unprecedented feeling came to my mind, as if a layer of flesh was suddenly added to the body, the flesh was thick, but it would not make people feel awkward.

Power will be blessed through this layer of skin.

Many qi machines converged on the crocodile armor and fused together, forming a huge and incomparable force.


The ground under his feet exploded, pushing Zhou Jia to leap high, thunder around him shone, wielding an axe blade and slashing fiercely against the silhouette.

The Thunder Slash!

Trust Heaven!


The axe blade and the fleshy palm collided, and a shock wave visible to the naked eye came from the contact point of the two, sweeping all directions in an instant.

The people coming from behind were even difficult to approach, so they were rejected by fiercely.


Cheng Tao was even more angry when he didn’t get the top blow.

The Heisha body, which has been refined for decades, has been pushed to the extreme by him, and the flesh is comparable to a Peak weapon.

Breaking, unloading, stabbing, pushing, pushing…

The palms changed, and a mighty and violent force emerged from his hands, and the rain curtains of the blows exploded again and again, and the raindrops seemed to benefit him. Arrows flew in all directions.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were cold, and the Thunder Axe showed no signs of weakness, chopping, holding, picking, stroking…, the light of the axe flickered, and the Power of Thunder inside was also stimulated.

His whole body seemed to turn into a thunder, flashing wildly in the field.

Ferocious and fierce offensive, facing an expert close to the tenth rank, he did not fall down at all, and even his imposing manner became stronger and stronger, and even pressed his opponent.

“get lost!”


With a muffled sound, Cheng Tao snorted, but involuntarily backed away.

“Get out of the way!”

Zhou Jia roared, his shield danced wildly, and rushed forward.

“Stop him!”

“Come on!”

A group of people swarmed up, the first of which were arrows and auras.

But whether it was an arrow, aura, or a silhouette that was about to be intercepted, all of them collided with the spinning shield and flew out.

Zhou Jia seems to be a fierce beast, ripping apart the interception of the crowd.


People, more and more.

Cheng Tao also came back to his senses and flew to intercept.

Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched, he suddenly pulled the package on his back, took out more than a dozen spirit talismans, moved towards the crowd and threw them out:

“Go to hell!”

flame spell!

Wind Blade!

Piqu Water Snake Charm!

Bone Rot!

In an instant, flames exploded in the crowd, countless wind blades rolled wildly, water snakes were entangled, and some people collapsed to the ground screaming.

These spirit talismans are all high-level goods that Zhou Jia bought at a high price, and each one has the power to severely damage Grade 6 and even Grade 7.

Even Cheng Tao and the others cannot avoid it.


With a grin, Zhou Jia spilled the spirit talisman again.

Disintegration Charm!


thunder talisman!


β€œbang! ”

As the lightning flashed, Cheng Tao’s body froze, and he looked at his chest with an incredible look, where there was an impressive There is an extra point of the sword.

He was careless for a while, plus he simply didn’t think that Zhou Jia would suddenly give up the double-edged axe, and the Life Seizing Sword pierced his heart.

Life Seizing Sword is using the weak to defeat the strong, insidious and sinister moves, coupled with the entanglement of various talisman techniques, this result is not unexpected.

Of course.

The opponent was also uncomfortable. In order to stab out this sword, he was slammed on the treasure armor by his palm.


“Chase the fuck!”

“It’s endless…”

Zhou, gasping for breath Jia kicked him away with one kick, blood choked from his nose and mouth under his helmet, and he didn’t care to fix it, and plunged into the darkness while taking advantage of the chaos.

“Hall Master!”

“Hall Master is dead!”


“Stop him!”

Countless roars rang out in the rainy night, one after another silhouette emerged from the darkness, moved towards the staggering silhouette and chased after it.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were fierce and his body was like lightning.

The many spirit talismans he has accumulated during this time are thrown away like he doesn’t want money.

Along the way, there is no way to throw mines at the house or shoot the guns at the wall, so I rely on the Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield to fight back and rampage.

Go straight to the mine.




The residence of the Fish and Dragon Society.

The Third Elder…


Mrs. Wang’s gloomy face, who is already the leader of the meeting, listened to the reports of the people below.

“Wei deacon is dead, Oka, Ryan, Deacon Wang of Grade 7, Elder Zhao of Grade 8, and Hall Master Cheng of Punishment Hall…”

” They’re all dead too!”

“Waste!” Madam Wang’s beautiful eyes shrank, her pretty face turned hideous, she slammed the seat abruptly, and the whole person was suddenly disappeared in place.


“shua shua!”

Yulongjiu’s movement method, in the entire Huo Family Fort, belongs to the most Peak Lightweight Art Absolute Art.

When it is cast on Mrs. Wang, the whole person is like a white illusory shadow that shuttles through the darkness, and it is nearly ten feet away when it shakes, which is shocking to the world.

The jade foot tapped the ground, and the whole person flew out like a ghost-like.

It seems that it is not far from flying from the ground.

In just a few moments, the chaotic crowd in the distance is already far away.

“Where is…”

Looking at the direction of the crowd running, Mrs. Wang’s beautiful eyes moved slightly:


The mine is a dead end, and it is not even as safe as the outer city. After all, it is empty and there is no hiding place. Once surrounded…


Mrs. Wang raised her eyebrows, her body suddenly folded, she passed the place where everyone was shouting to kill, and went straight to the direction of Hei Lin.


At the mine.

With a series of roars, countless rubble fell, blocking the entrance of the cave and blocking the pursuers, Zhou Jia finally had a chance to rest.

He closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief, not daring to wait any longer, and darted straight to the bottom.

Not long.

He reappeared and had come to the vicinity of the Black Forest.

(End of this chapter)

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