Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 102


Chapter 102 The Darkness



I don’t know When did it start to become smaller, from torrential rain to drizzle.

The distance from the black forest is less than the hundred zhang, Zhou Jia step one stopped, his eyes narrowed under the armor, and he stared at the white shadow in front of him.

Mrs. Wang has a graceful figure and a beautiful face. It is said that she is over forty years old, but her skin is as tender as a teenage girl.

At this time, she was wrapped in a tulle, barefoot and lightly stepping on the grass stems. The whole person seemed to be radiating white light from the inside to the outside, like an elves in the forest, dancing with the wind.

Under the blood moon, it is even more holy.

But Zhou Jia’s heart sank suddenly.

“Two years.”

Mrs. Wang’s beautiful eyes flashed, and she said leisurely:

“From a poor ordinary person, to a slasher Killing the existence of Punishment Hall Hall Master Cheng Tao, I am very curious, what happened to you?”

“The last one who was curious was Wei Zhixing.” Zhou Jia said in a muffled voice:

“Guess what happened to him now?”

“Interesting.” Mrs. Wang pursed her lips and chuckled, her face neither surprised nor angry:

“I thought you would kneel I’m begging for mercy, I didn’t expect you to be a tough mouth, maybe you should give it a try, maybe I’ll let you go.”

“After all, there are not many good thugs.”


Zhou Jia could only laugh at this.

While speaking, his thoughts turned and landed on the Sea of Consciousness.

The apocalypse starlight swirls and subtitles appear.

cultivation base: Mortal Grade 7 combined force (5309/12000)

One hour short.

It’s like years of hard work!

Even if the experience given by killing is not much, as long as enough people are killed and strong enough, the progress is still far beyond taking medicine Cultivation.

Overnight, the Grade 7 that died in Zhou Jia’s hands was no less than ten-twenty, and there were even Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger and Grade 9 experts.

Not to mention the existence of below Grade 7.

In addition to this period of penance, the person who had killed before and Death Knight pushed his cultivation base directly to the middle of Grade 7 in just over a month.

If it kills ominous beast…

I’m afraid it’s already Grade 8!

The strands of source power circulate in the body, and merge with the crocodile armour outside, forming a solid and incomparably huge power.

This brings a certain sense of security to Zhou Jia.

The most important thing is…

Perfection (18/4000)

Facing Madam Wang, he slowly raised the axe in his hand shield.


Seeing this, Mrs. Wang shook her head lightly, showing regret on her face, as if regretting that the other party made a wrong decision.

But the next moment.

A wisp of electric light appeared on the surface of the axe shield.

A violent, fierce and fierce meaning emerged from Zhou Jia, an invisible air wave swept the surroundings, and the lightning became more and more prosperous.

Let’s go!

A silent roar echoes in the void.

“Superior martial arts!” Mrs. Wang’s smile quietly subsided, and her eyes showed surprise:

“realm of perfection…”

” Two years!”

She raised her head, her eyes solemn:

“I’m really curious now, how did you do it.”

In At the same time of strength advanced by leaps and bounds, in just two years, it is unimaginable to turn a superior martial arts cultivation into a superb realm.

And depending on the situation, it is not a general superior martial arts.

Cultivation base can be explained by killing monster and ominous beast.

How to increase martial arts experience?

Confronted with her doubts, Zhou Jia’s answer was a head-to-head thunder axe.



The ground, the dirt burst.

A silhouette wrapped in lightning dashed toward several feet in an instant, appearing in front of Mrs. Wang, and a double-edged axe wrapped in thunder slashed head-on.

Before the axe arrived, the electric light had already spread forward.

When the axe light was still a few inches away from Madam Wang’s cheek and the wire was about to touch her skin, she stepped back slightly.

With this retreat, the attack was avoided.


The howling wind blows the tulle and hair, making Madam Wang more and more beautiful and alluring.

And this short number of inches also made Zhou Jia’s axe come back in vain.


With a muffled sound, the axe light slashed in a chain.

Open and close, violent and ferocious axe, in Zhou Jia’s hands, the weight can be changed at will, even in the place about one chi, it can be full of subtlety.

Axe chain, as fast as a storm.

However with such an offensive, the silhouette in front can still advance and retreat freely, agilely and freely, like Fairy in the wind, dancing lightly and gracefully.

Let the wind and the rain fall without a trace.

It’s like a feather, fluttering with the wind and taking advantage of its strength.

Lightweight Art!

Zhou Jia’s heart was ruthless, not only did he not flinch, but instead aroused a desire to win, the starlight flashed in his mind, and the characteristics of the earth and quiet star were already aroused.


Countless air currents appear in the perception.

Furious, gentle, continuous, powerful…

The axe blade stirs the air, shatters the raindrops, and also causes the air to vibrate, and countless air currents entangle and collide with each other and merge into one.


The double-edged axe trembled lightly, and the axe blade slashed forward along the airflow.

The speed increased suddenly.


Madam Wang’s beautiful eyes twitched, her mouth let out a surprise, and her delicate body stepped back again, but this time it was farther and faster than before.

“pa pa!”


The electric lights flashed in the air, and the two silhouettes flew around like ghost-like, suddenly east Suddenly, he crashed into a big tree.


The giant tree collapsed as if struck by thunder.

Two silhouettes flew out of it, Zhou Jia’s body spun in the air, the light of the axe trembled slightly, and the surrounding airflow was concentrated before the axe blade, leaving the opponent with no wind.


Madam Wang sighed, and finally no longer simply dodging, she stretched out her hand under the veil to meet the attacking axe blade.


Ben Lei Axe was roared, but before Qian Qian Su’s hand, there was a sudden stagnation.

But obviously, Mrs. Wang’s strength is not that great, at least not significantly different from Zhou Jia, who is wearing the armor of a crocodile and provoking violence.

This palm just made the double-edged axe come back in vain.


Zhou Jia waved his hand, and threw out the many spirit talismans left in his body.

In an instant.

In the field, fire snakes spread, water chains flutter, wind blades fly, lightning flashes…

Taking advantage of this respite, Zhou Jia ran away.

He had done his best just now, and the violence was impossible for a long time, and he was still at a disadvantage.

Being surrounded by many spirit talisman packages, Mrs. Wang’s expression remained unchanged, but she just waved her hands lightly.

The tenth-grade source power rolled like a tidal wave, drowning all the incoming spirit talismans in an instant, and the next moment his body swayed, he was already chasing behind Zhou Jia.


With five fingers, the air in front instantly turned into a funnel, moved towards her palm, and the terrifying suction also made Zhou Jia’s body stretch out. stiff.


In the roar, Zhou Jia folded and slashed.

The Thunder Slash!

Listen to the wind!


Coupled with the blessing of the crocodile armor, this axe also made Madam Wang coldly snorted, her face dignified, and a black glow flashed between her eyebrows, which instantly swept her body.

Countless black lines appear on the surface of the skin that is as crystal clear as jade.


With a slap of the palm full of black lines, the double-edged axe was swept away.

Pushing forward with his big hand, Zhou Jia’s breathing was stagnant, and he subconsciously raised his shield in front of him.

Like a mountain!

2nd layer shield against!


The strength of a mountain is in Mrs. Wang’s palm, like a bubble that bursts with a single poke. .

Zhou Jia only felt that the opponent’s palm seemed to have countless undercurrents, and the shield was constantly struck, and the shield was broken in an instant.

The axe blade leaves the body, the shield rises, and the body loses balance.


Mrs. Wang smiled, her figure suddenly approached, and she reached out to grab Zhou Jia’s heart.


A bright light emerged from Zhou Jia’s waist.

Life Seizing Sword!



The extreme speed made the sword qi break through the air, like a poisonous snake stabbing Mrs. Wang’s throat, the murderous intention that had been hidden for a long time finally emerged.

Under the armor, Zhou Jia had a smile in his eyes.

In this case,

He doesn’t believe that the other party can escape!



The figure stopped of Mrs. Wang, who was rushing forward, defied physical common sense and was fixed in mid-air. At the same time, a dark horror illusory shadow emerged from behind her.

The illusory shadow seemed to have a pair of wings, clasped Mrs. Wang’s shoulders with both hands, stopped her, and roared silently in the sky.



Zhou Jia vomited a mouthful of blood as if he had been hit hard, and the starlight in his mind trembled, The sword in his hand also became weak.


A terrifying force emerged from Madam Wang, and she slapped her hand suddenly, and the Life Seizing Sword, which was as sharp as iron, shattered on the spot.

Zhou Jia was also blasted out by fiercely.

Listen to the wind!

In mid-air, his body turned upside down, his feet were gusting, his entire figure was like a cannonball coming out of his chamber, and he moved towards Hei Lin’s place and swooped.

A roll on the road and pick up the double-edged axe.


A shadow appeared behind her, and Mrs. Wang seemed to be a little different.

Her eyes lost their former agility, with dark pupils, aloof and remote, just like Spiritual God overlooking the common people.

“I can’t escape!”

The indifferent and dead voice came out of her mouth, and at the foot of her feet, the whole person appeared in the black forest.

The extreme darkness and eerie atmosphere made her stunned.

Action, can’t help but converge slightly.


In the darkness, an axe flashed.


Madam Wang flicks with the finger, shaking the axe blade, and is about to take a step, when there is another abnormal sound from her side.


“shua shua!”

The cold light flickered, the light and shadow dimmed, and only the sound of the wind sounded.

Not only the axe wind, but also all kinds of noisy sounds, confusing her perception.


After another collision, Madam Wang stopped and raised her right hand, a little surprise finally appeared in her deadly eyes.

“A mortal…”

Although invisible.

But she knew that she was injured and had a crack on her finger.

And those who hurt her are hidden in the dark.

The two stared at each other.

Long time.


Mrs. Wang was lightly snorted, the strange black in her eyes slowly receded, her body swayed, and she took the initiative to withdraw from the range of Hei Lin.


In the darkness, Zhou Jia couldn’t help letting out a long relaxed breath.

There is also a deep-rooted exhaustion that rises in the mind.

What was that just now?

A monster with wings?

Is Mrs. Wang a human?


Ultra Grade?

Suppressing the doubts in his heart, he forced his body to walk towards the depths of the black forest. Now is not the time to think about it, it is better to leave early.





A gust of wind swept through, money Ask Hu’s silhouette appeared next to Mrs. Wang:


“That man has a strange ability, he can see things in the black forest, I am injured, I’m not sure to take him down.” Madam Wang said.

“en?” Qian asked the tiger sideways, his eyes narrowed:

“Are you afraid?”

“Are you afraid of death?”

“en?” p>


He looked at Madam Wang and his voice was indifferent:

“Death and eternal darkness are the authority of my lord, to be able to return to the Land of Death, yes God’s gift, as a Goddess, you should not be afraid.”

“I know.” Mrs. Wang bowed her head and explained:

“But things are not done yet, I can’t Death, the real servant of God has not yet come completely, my body is still useful.”

“I hope you are looking for the overall situation, not because you are afraid of death.” Qian Wenhu turned his head expressionlessly. , looked towards Black Forest, ready to walk.

“Plap la la…”

At this time, a bird landed on Qian Wenhu’s body, and he opened his mouth to say:

“father , younger sister escaped!”


Qian Wenhu’s face sank.

(End of this chapter)

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