Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 103


Chapter 103 Leaving

In the dark room, Qian Wenhu hands behind ones back, looking at the huge and The strange stone carvings show rumination and awe from the heart in their eyes.

He said:

“When did it happen?”

“Not long ago.” Qian Yunfan lowered his head and said in a low voice:

“At that time, the city was chaotic and there was heavy rain. The guard was careless and she escaped.”

“Where is the guard?”

“Already killed.”

“en. โ€

Qian Wenhu nodded, turned around, his burly and sturdy figure was very intimidating, and made Qian Yunfan bow again.

“This time…”

He paused slightly and continued:

“What is she doing?”

“Since I came back, younger sister has been in a daze all day, except to eat, drink, feed the child, do nothing, not even wash or change clothes.” Qian Yunfan said:

“I originally I thought she had given up.”

“Yun’er has always been stubborn, she will never change one thing easily, just like me.” Qian Wenhu chuckled like a loving father:

“So, the thing hasn’t been found yet?”

“No.” Qian Yunfan’s body trembled, and seemed extremely frightened:

“Huo Xunjian’s body fell At the bottom of the cliff, only half of it was left when we found it, and the other half was eaten.”

“Maybe, something has been left.”

“We have searched nine I don’t have a lady’s body either.”

“Ultra Grade…” Qian Wenhu raised his head, his eyes distant:

“You say, is it possible that it is on Yun’er? “

“younger sister?” Qian Yunfan was taken aback:

“How is it possible, that thing is the inheritance of the Huo Family, the younger sister’s surname is Qian.”

“Although Castle Lord Huo didn’t show it, but until now, he is wary of our Huo Family, how could he give the younger sister…”

In the middle of his words, his voice gradually weakened. .

All the places where things may appear have been found. After all the possible places are eliminated, the only impossible becomes possible.


Qian Wenhu waved his hand:

“Bring back your younger sister, or…”

” Bring her body back.”

“Ah!” Qian Yunfan’s face turned pale, and he looked up towards his father:

“She is my younger sister.”

“Life is a passer-by, and the dead are returnees.” Qian Wenhu knelt down in front of the stone sculpture, his eyes were wild:

“Sooner or later all beings will return to the arms of God, there is no need to be afraid, Yun’er It’s just one step ahead of us, let’s go!”

“Go to Feihu, he can help you.”

“…” Qian Yunfan lowered his head and covered his face. The complex expression on the living face:





hillside .

Zhou Jia stopped and turned around.

On the hillside where the Huo Family Fort is located, only vague outlines can be seen.

Hanging in the air for three days, the fiery rays of light are scattered, reflected by the leaves full of water droplets, and the halo in the mountains and forests flickers, like rippling water.


After spitting out one mouthful of impure air, the complex look in Zhou Jia’s eyes gradually faded, and everything turned into a condensed expression:

” I’ll be back!”

With a whisper, he wrapped his back, turned around, and moved towards the opposite direction.


For two years.

Although he rarely leaves the Huo Family Fort, Zhou Jia has not neglected to collect the surrounding situation, and he is very aware of the edge terrain.

Hong Zeyu, in the east.

There are not many safe paths within a hundred miles to the east.

There are fewer that can accommodate the Hundred Men Squad.

One day later.

The mountains are cut off from it.

Behind, there are undulating mountains, densely packed trees put green dress on the mountains, the clouds are filled with mist, and it is difficult to distinguish the true appearance.


The terrain fell suddenly, not a little drop.

In an instant, it suddenly dropped nearly a thousand meters, standing on the cliff and looking down, the cliffs of vertical kilometers were covered with all kinds of vines.

Below, countless hills are connected together.


is the endless barren hills bordering the Cloud Burial Forest.

This is counterintuitive.

The undulating mountains suddenly cut off from them, and the ground level dropped by a thousand kilometers, like two different terrains forcibly spliced together.

But in the Ruins World, this is normal.

The ocean may hang above the plateau, the fire sea may hide in the waters, and even the stars in the sky may appear underground.

The Ruins.

Anything is possible.

In the vicinity, I checked, there is a flat area with obvious footprints.

The vines on the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces can also clearly see the traces of someone pulling, and the traces extend down to the ground below.

Zhou Jia smiled when he touched the sap secreted on the vines.

It’s still fresh.

Indicates that the team has not gone far, and it is very likely that it is not far below.

Two steps back, Zhou Jia pulled the chain behind him.


A paraglider-like thing opened behind him, and after a few steps to run, the whole person moved directly towards the bottom.


The strong wind blew the paraglider, causing him to suddenly stagnate in his downstroke, like a bird, gliding in the direction of the air flow.

The clouds were knocked apart, bringing out wisps of smoke.

“Woo oh…”

The strong wind blows, and a thousand miles of land come into view.


“gu gu!”

All kinds of strange noises came immediately, as if to agree with him.

Zhou Jia’s face turned pale, and he didn’t care to enjoy the thrill of being in the sky, he hurriedly pulled the chain, and moved towards the bottom to accelerate extremely fast.


โ€œFlap la la…โ€

All kinds of birds pounced from the cliff and rushed towards the paraglider.

Among them, there are many alien beasts that can be seen to be extremely ferocious at a glance, and several bird corpses full of carrion, screaming and rushing.

“Damn it!”

Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and swooped down again. The paraglider almost turned into a sharp arrow and moved towards the ground.

It wasn’t until he was 100 meters away from the ground that he yanked the paraglider and plunged into the dead grass below with the abnormal sound of the thickened canvas.


The dirt was flying.

A staggering silhouette ran out of it, and under the attack of a group of strange birds, it did not escape until it hid in a pile of bushes.



A team of hundreds of people appeared at the end of Zhou Jia’s line of sight.

“Name? cultivation base?”

The blond Paul looked at the person coming, his gaze was paused on the crocodile armor, which was full of dirt, but was obviously unusual.

“Zhou Jia.” Zhou Jia said:

“Grade 7 together.”

“Grade 7?” Paul’s eyes moved slightly, and he met his predecessor There was a strong imposing manner on his body, and he couldn’t help showing a smile on his face:

“Welcome to our team.”

“As a rule, Grade 6 and below need to get one Baiyuanshi, but since my friend is Grade 7, I don’t have to, please come here with me.”

The road to Hongzeyu is treacherous.

Grade 6 onwards is a burden for them, and naturally they need to collect Origin Stones, while Grade 7 is a helper and is considered a fellow traveler.

“We are from the Baron Land and belong to the Warren family.”

Paul said as he walked:

“The Warren family is from the Eruin Empire, ancestors Once out of the count, the current patriarch Stu-Warren has a Grade 9 cultivation base.”

“Ms. Becky is also a Grade 9 expert, skilled in various origin arts.”

He stretched out his hand to lead and said:

โ€œApart from this, and Mr. Long Zhongyue from the Huo Family Fort, who is also a Grade 9. There is also a hero Luo Ping Luo from the Tie Yuan faction, Although it is Grade 8, its strength is very difficult to deal with.โ€

โ€œTie Yuan sent Luo Ping?โ€ Zhou Jia paused slightly and lifted his helmet:

โ€œEldest Senior Brother also In the team?”

“What?” Paul paused:

“Mister Zhou is also a member of the Tie Yuan faction?”

“It doesn’t count, I have learned cultivation techniques from Master He for a few days.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I don’t know where Senior Brother Luo is?”

To meet an acquaintance in such an unfamiliar place, he I also feel lucky in my heart that I will not be alone along the way.

โ€œSenior Brother Luo!โ€

โ€œZhou Jia?โ€

Luo Ping was also surprised when he saw Zhou Jia:

“Why do you… also want to go to Hong Zeyu?”

“Huo Family Fortress can’t stay any longer.” Zhou Jia sighed:

“Why did Senior Brother Luo take the risk?”


“Our Tie Yuan faction and Huo Mansion are very close. After the death of the master, we have had a difficult time, plus we have offended the Qian Family before.”

Luo Ping shook his head, Reluctant to talk more, he reached out his hand and cited the girl next to him:

“My daughter Xiuying.”

“Quick, I met you Zhou Uncle.”

“Zhou Uncle is good.”

The girl is fifteen or sixteen years old, very mature, full of youngster’s unique vitality, and her big eyes are piercing, looking back and forth at Zhou Jia.


It’s a strange feeling.

Zhou Jia forced a smile:

“Okay, okay.”

“The armor on you is the crocodile armor, right?” Luo Ping took a step closer , reached out and touched the pattern of the treasure armor, and his eyes showed surprise:

“It’s true!”

“That’s right.” Zhou Jia nodded, thought about it, and said:


“Part of the reason why I was able to leave the Huo Family Fort is because of it.”

“en. “Luo Ping didn’t know what to think, and said with emotion:

“I don’t have enough strength, some things are a scourge in my hand, but with this treasure A, I can be much safer along the way.”

While speaking, there is a voice coming from the back of the team .

Looking at the sound, it was a couple with a baby who wanted to join the team. Paul was stunned and whispered something to persuade.

“Strangle it!”

Looking at the baby, Paul couldn’t bear it, but he still said:

“While he can’t remember anything, strangle him now You will suffer less, otherwise you will not be able to take care of you along the way, it will be a burden.”

“Don’t say anything else.”

He glanced at the woman and said:

“I don’t have enough milk, how do you feed him?”

“You are concerned.” The woman’s voice was hoarse, but with a firmness:

“I don’t I will abandon my child.”

“You…hey…” Paul shook his head, no longer persuading:

“Two people, two hundred Originium, the child is nothing. “

“Yes.” The tall, cloaked man said in a muffled voice, then took out a purse from his body and handed it over.

Zhou Jia brows slightly wrinkle.

For some reason, the child and the woman gave him an inexplicable sense of familiarity.


At this time, a youngster in front of the line, dressed in gorgeous clothes, stood up, loudly said:

“Next, we have to speed up The speed is high, and before the road that the predecessors have stepped on has not been completely covered, let’s take the safety lead and talk about it.”

“In the back, there are still hard days to endure!”

“One last time, now back to Fort Huo Family, there is still a chance, and when you really hit the road, it will be too late to go back.”

“He is the Young Master of the Warrens, Terry. -Warren, with a cultivation base of Grade 7, is also a warrior of the temple itself, and his strength is good.” Luo Ping introduced.

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.

Not long.

The rest of the team hit the road.

In the endless barren hills, the team of hundreds of people is like a line of ants.

In daylight.

There is fatigue and pain in the eyes of everyone, but there is also hope.


Huo Family Fort Vol.


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