Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 104


Chapter 104 Rules

Hundreds of people seem to be many, but they are scattered among the gentle hills On top, from a height, it’s just some unremarkable black spots.

With a lot of people,

will naturally slow down the speed.

Fortunately, those who are willing and strong enough to go to Hongzeyu are not weak.

In the team, Grade 4 accounts for the overwhelming majority, and there are only a few below Grade 4. Just like Grade 7 facing up, they belong to the outliers in the team.

Grade 4 changes blood, and the speed of running at full strength is comparable to that of a horse. If the smooth street has enough endurance, it will not be a problem to travel thousands of miles a day.

The entire group scurried through the barren hills, bringing out billowing dust behind them.

running for one hour, resting for one hour, going out at night, going straight to Hongzeyu along the safe path given by the predecessors.

Between the break, Zhou Jia also visited several Grade 9s in the team.

Stu Warren, an old man in his fifties but with enough Essence, Qi, and Spirit, dressed like a medieval castle gentleman.

Even on a long journey, his hair and nails are still meticulously groomed, and his collar, shoes and hats are neat and tidy.

The deep eyes are cold and solemn, giving people a feeling of being difficult to get close to.

Ms. Becky, a believer in the Goddess of life in the world of Fei Mu, is a graceful woman with a plump figure and a smile on her face.

Praise Goddess is her mantra.

Different from Stu-Warren, Ms. Becky treats people more cordially and treats people equally, regardless of gender, age, or strength.

But this does not seem to come from the heart, but for a long time ‘God’ constraints.

I really need her to kill people, I believe she will never be soft-hearted.

Long Zhongyue was originally an expert hired by the Huo Mansion. After the Huo Mansion was destroyed, he had nowhere to go, so he joined the team and planned to break into Hong Zeyu.

In terms of age.

He’s bigger than Stu Warren, but he doesn’t look much.

This person has a thick skeleton, a lion nose, a wide mouth, a beard face, and a height of nearly two meters. His open a pair of tiger eyes is so amazing that people dare not look directly at him.

The weapon is long halberd, imposing manner mighty.

Three people, three different imposing manners, completely different from Cheng Tao who died at the hands of Zhou Jia.

Cheng Tao’s body has a complex meaning born of being entangled in mundane affairs. It is not straightforward or transparent, which makes people feel twisted.

When he doesn’t show his strength, he is more like a rich man.

Not like a martial arts expert.

These three are different.

They are like beasts lying on the ground. Even if they don’t stick out their fangs, the deterrent force has never faded.


This is the reason for raising people in troubled times.


The bonfire swayed, reflecting Stu Warren’s sculptural expression:

“Our Warren family has count , although it declined later, it has survived for hundreds of years, what can you all rely on?”

“hope to hear the details.” Luo Ping handed over his hands and made a qualified praise at the right time.

“Rules!” Stu-Warren looked towards the crowd with cold eyes:

“In my hometown, there is a saying that is very good: if you leave the rules, you will You will lose your way, and everything in the future will no longer be certain.”

“Therefore, there must be no less rules!”

“martial power can be strong for a while, but it is difficult to persist for a hundred years. , only the constraints of the rules can be exchanged for longevity.”

“Mr. Warren said yes.” Long Zhongyue’s eyebrows seemed to tremble, and he said:

“Please be sure. If you want to get it, you must stop it, and if you want it, you must do it.”

“It seems that there are some truths to Myriad Realms.” Stu-Warren showed a smile on his face, nodded, and his voice followed. Yisu:

“This trip to Hongzeyu is dangerous and unpredictable, not to mention us, even if we are Ultra Grade experts, we may not be sure to get there alive.”

“So… …”

He raised his voice slightly, causing the bonfire to tremble rapidly:

“We, the Warren family, started with the army. Follow the rules of the Lun family.”


Long Zhongyue thought for a moment, then slowly nodded:





After everyone separated, Luo Ping’s face was a little gloomy.

“But what’s the problem?” Seeing his strange expression, Zhou Jia couldn’t help but say:

“There are so many people, it’s not good without rules.”

“Junior Brother doesn’t come out of Huo Family Fort very often, right?” Luo Ping looked sideways.

β€œNot bad.” Zhou Jia nodded.

“The outside is different from Huo Family Fort.” Luo Ping lowered his voice:

“The right to speak, sometimes… no, when overwhelming the majority, it is equivalent to a chance to survive.”

Zhou Jia frowned.

In terms of the experience of surviving outside, he is far inferior to the other party, even out of the novice area, and almost never left the Huo Family Fort.

But Luo Ping’s words are not difficult to understand.

“You mean…”

Zhou Jia glanced back and whispered:

“Not good for us?”

He could see that the team of hundreds of people was actually secretly divided into two forces.

One is from Baron’s leading Warren family, and the other is headed by Long Zhongyue, with different components.

Luo Ping and Zhou Jia belong to second.

The two forces are not compatible with each other.

The conversation just now represents Long Zhongyue’s compromise. He will give up his management rights and leave everything to the Warren family.

“No.” Luo Ping shook his head gently:

“It doesn’t have much effect on us, but on them…”

He stretched out his hand and moved towards the crowd:

“The influence is the greatest.”

Hundreds of people scattered all around to rest, the Warren family gathered together, and Luo Ping was referring to some other people .

Low-quality, weak, people who follow the team.

“The road is not safe, and the danger always needs some people to bear, so the remaining people have a better chance of survival.”

With a sigh, Luo Ping patted Zhou Jia Shoulder:

“Be careful in the next few days, they need to take some people to stand up.”


Three days in the air, extremely hot Flaming.

In the barren hills, the ground is dry and cracked, the ground is like an iron, people can’t help screaming and jumping up after sitting for a while.

“Brother Zhou.”

Hong Shaoxiong approached and spoke in a low voice, his voice track impatient:

“How far is this road?”

“Three or four days.” After all, Zhou Jia has decent strength, and has a good relationship with Luo Ping. He has heard more news than others:

“Don’t be too far away, Although there are still three or four days on the road, there is no danger, and I will pass it with patience, and it is not so safe behind.”

While speaking, he moved towards the crowd.

The gaze was paused on the family of three.

This kind of drought has been going for a few days. During this period, the team has almost no food supplements, and the woman is also eating closely with the child.

I don’t know how she survived, but she didn’t seem anxious.

It can lock the body heat loss…

This is not what Grade 4 exchange blood can do.

“Brother Zhou is right.” A middle-aged man next to him said:

“There are not many safe places like this in the Ruins, the past few days you should be yourself Enjoy happiness, you will know what suffering is in the future.”

“Brother Xu.” Hong Shaoxiong turned his head and asked curiously:

“You often hang out outside, why don’t you tell us about it? First of all, what are the most dangerous things outside, what should you pay attention to?”

Zhou Jia hearing this, couldn’t help but look over.

Xu Tan is over 40 years old and has a Grade 6 cultivation base. Like Stuart Lei and Aaron, he often wanders in the mountains and forests near Huo Family Fort.

Although I don’t go very far, the experience is not comparable to a few people.

Seeing Zhou Jia also showed interest, Xu Qin laughed and straightened his back.

“Among the Ruins Realm, all clans stand in great numbers, but because of the Blood Moon, the mutant corpses are the most numerous, and the threat is also the greatest.”

“Not only true Us.”

He looked into the distance and his voice was a little deep:

“For all living creatures, they are the enemy.”

“I heard that mutant corpses will become stronger according to the number of times they experience blood moon baptism.” Hong Shaoxiong asked:

“Based on Brother Xu’s experience, how long does it take for ordinary mutant corpses to be comparable to Grade 1? Can they keep getting stronger?”

“There is no set number.” Xu Tan shook his head:

“But generally speaking, seven rounds are one change, and blood moons appear irregularly. In about two months, an ordinary corpse is comparable to a Grade 1.”

“These types of corpses are collectively referred to as walking corpses.”

“A year or so, after seventy-seven-forty-four In nine rounds, the walking corpse turned into a zombie, and now it can defeat Grade 3; after more than 20 years, it can defeat Grade 5; after more than 100 years, it can defeat Grade 7.”

β€œMore than two hundred years later, it can be defeated by Grade 7. Zombie, Copper Skin & Iron Bones, tenth grade may not be able to match.”

“Thousand-year zombie, can kill Ultra Grade powerhouse with no difficulty.”

“Millennium?” Hong Shaoxiong shook his head:

“Even if it is a zombie like a fool, it will not be easy to survive a thousand years.”

For him, ten years is an extremely long time. , a hundred years just think about it, a thousand years is too far away.

“No.” Xu Tan lowered his eyebrows:

“You are wrong, a thousand years in our eyes can change dynasties, time moves and the world changes, but in a certain In the eyes of these existences, it is not too long.”


“This is only in theory, zombies will also devour living beings, and even kill their own clan, and truly grow up. It doesn’t take that long.”

“Even more how, given the size of the Ruins World, some places may not have been intruded by other living creatures for 10,000 or even hundreds of thousands of years, and the corpses there will be How strong should it be?”

There was silence in the field.

“Don’t worry so much.” Zhou Jia spoke, softening the atmosphere:

“Grade 7 can sense Yin Qi in advance, and Fei Mu world’s spell can detect evil by detecting zombies, right. For us, the threat may not be that big.”

“Brother Zhou said yes.” Xu Tan nodded:

“Although the mutant corpses have the potential to be terrifying, the good thing is that they generally don’t intrude. As long as we are careful, we will usually be fine.”

“Comparatively, the others are more dangerous.”

“For example…” Hong Shaoxiong’s eyes lit up.

“For example, natural disasters.” Xu Tan sighed lightly:

“If you encounter various natural disasters, don’t say it’s me, even an Ultra Grade powerhouse can survive. It depends on good luck.”

β€œThere are other poisonous miasmas, evil diseases, and all kinds of weird things. We are more familiar with ominous beasts and aliens, but they are actually safer.”


“There are countless dangers in the ruins. The Huo Family Fort is already a rare safe area, but it is also invaded from time to time, not to mention other places.”

“Hey!” Hong Shaoxiong sighed:

“You said that, I have no hope of being able to live in Hong Zeyu.”

“Relax.” Xu Tan chuckled:

“The Old Master of the Warren family is wily old fox. Everyone thought he was gone, but no one expected him to be hiding until now.”

“Before and after the cold moon, several groups of people went to Hong Zeyu. These people are equivalent to exploring the road ahead, and we can just follow.”

“With the journey, our chances of surviving are at least better than before. People are much stronger.”

“That’s true.” Hong Shaoxiong’s eyes lit up.

After all, he is not very old, so he will inevitably worry about gains and losses.

“You guys!”

At this moment, a coldly snorted voice suddenly came:

“I don’t know what it is like to talk in a mess when it’s time to rest. !”

Several members of the Warren family stepped forward, and the man at the head looked at Zhou Jia and Xu Tan for pause, and finally looked towards Hong Shaoxiong.

A finger and a voice:

“You, get me up!”

(End of this chapter)

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