Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 105


Chapter 105 After the Break

“What’s wrong?”

Hong Shaoxiong turned pale when he saw the person coming , with fear in his eyes.

These people are the inspectors arranged by the Warren family to manage the team. The leader is named Taylor, who is responsible for maintaining the order of the team.

As Stu-Warren said, the Warren family has strict rules.

The punishment is also heavy.

It is often tortured with a cane, and the pain of broken bones is also common.

In the past few days, those thorns in the team have been punished a lot.

However, although Hong Shaoxiong is more active because of his young age, his personality is very timid, he dare not speak loudly, and he is also targeted by them.


Taylor frowned:

“Don’t you think it’s disturbing other people’s rest by making a lot of noise during the break?”

“But…” Hong Shaoxiong argued in a low voice:

“I don’t need a loud voice, the wind is so loud here, and my voice is not so loud, how can I disturb others?”

“en?” Taylor’s eyes widened:

“You dare to argue!”

“I tell you, no matter how strong the wind is, some people are not too noisy. But some people take a breath, and it’s also noise in other people’s ears!”

“I say you’re noisy, you’re noisy!”

As he spoke, he shook his arms, thorns in his palms Just pulled out.

Vitex is a special product on the barren hills. Some of them look like bamboos covered with barbs. The fingers are thick and extremely tough.

The barb will tear the flesh off.


Zhou Jia waved his arm lightly, and the thorns flew off.

“It won’t be.”

He smiled lightly and handed over:

“Taylor Knight, we just whispered a few words and dared not disturb others, you If you mind, we’ll pay attention next time.”


Taylor’s face was gloomy, and his eyes gradually became cold:


“Mister Zhou refuses to accept the management of our Warren family? Or do you think you have the ability to go to Hong Zeyu alone?”

“I have already given you face, I didn’t trouble you, don’t give it to you. Face shameless!”


Around, one after another glance.

There are those from the Warren family, as well as Luo Ping and the others, with different eyes, some taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, and some shaking their heads secretly to signal not to be impulsive.

The smile froze on Zhou Jia’s face.

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.”

Hong Shaoxiong grabbed Zhou Jia, stood up in a hurry, moved towards Taylor and the others bent over to salute:

“It’s me No, it’s my fault, it’s because I accidentally spoke a little louder just now, which disturbed others, and a few people punished me.”


Taylor hummed softly, Glancing at Zhou Jia, he waved the Vitex in his hand violently.


It was like a soft whip on the forehead, Hong Shaoxiong was stunned, the whole person staggered back two steps, and then came back to his senses .

He immediately fell to the ground with his head covered, groaning in a low voice, his body trembling again and again.

A streak of blood appeared on the top of his head, a long strand of hair was scraped with barbs along with the scalp, and the torn skin and gaping flesh flowed with blood underneath.


With a wave, Tyler and the others trod.


β€œYoung Master.”

In the middle of the camp, Taylor bowed and said:

β€œAs you ordered , the past few days have picked a few thorns, and also suppressed the arrogance of others, the next road will be much easier.”

“Why choose Zhou Jia?” Terry-Waugh Lun holds a close-fitting saber in his hand, his eyes are solemn, and the secret technique of the church operates in an orderly manner in his body.

The power of Grade 7 Peak turns into a real holy light, covering the surroundings.

Suppressing Long Zhongyue’s forces is what it should be, and it is also planned.

Let’s teach thorns first and establish authority.

Then pick a few of the powerful people to perform surgery, shocking people.


In order to easily dominate the team and make others obediently and honestly obedient, but obviously there are better candidates, why choose Zhou Jia who has always been very honest.

The choice of him was not in Terry Warren’s mind.


Although Young Master’s voice was flat and seemed to be asking casually, Taylor’s body trembled slightly and did not dare to hide the slightest, obediently and honestly said:



“The villain has inquired, that Zhou Jia is Grade 7, but his foundation is shallow. The real cultivation has not been several years, and his strength depends entirely on the treasure armor on his body.”

“Take off. Baojia, it may not be that strong.”


paused, he continued:

“surnamed Zhou’s with such a big one The package, I am afraid there are a lot of good things in it, and the treasure armor is too wasteful on him.”

“If it is on the Young Master, we will be equivalent to an extra Grade 9.”

“en. ”

Terry Warren nodded, his face remained the same, and he didn’t know whether to accept the other party’s rhetoric, but indifferently said:

” I’m just on the road now, don’t worry too much about it, as for Baojia…, a foreign object is not enough, especially on this kind of road.”

β€œThat kind of thing will break.”

“Yes.” Taylor bowed his head and bowed.





Sun and Moon lost radiance, sandstorm all over the sky.

The crowd leaned forward and trudged forward in the wind.

“Be optimistic about the direction!”

“Don’t get lost. Once you get lost in the wind and sand, it will be difficult to come back. Everyone tries their best to get closer to the people around them.”

“Hurry up, get out of this sandstorm area!”

With a loud roar, in the deafening howling wind, Faintly discernable.

Zhou Jia stepped on the ground with both feet. The divine crocodile armor on his body weighed 300 jins, the double-edged axe was over 100 jins, and the fleshy body was thousands of hammers, hundred refinements.

It looks small, but in fact it is capable of overpowering a yak.

Even under such strong winds, he can still walk steadily, and he even has the strength to pull the people around him and scan the surroundings.

I don’t know how long it took.

The sand dissipated.

After several days of trekking, contiguous greenery finally began to appear in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Twenty-seven people are missing.”

After counting the number of people, Paul showed sympathy in his eyes, bowed his head and said a few prayers silently, and trotted to report to Ms. Becky.

In this kind of place, once the connection with the large army is lost, what awaits is undoubtedly deep despair.

“This guy is a good guy.” Xu Tan looked at Paul’s back, shook the sand on his body, and shook his head with a smile:

“It’s rare.”

Zhou Jia nods.

Paul is a believer of Light God, and unlike Ms. Becky, who is flexible in her beliefs, he seems to be really strict with Light God’s teachings.

Being kind, trustworthy, not doing evil, not killing indiscriminately, protecting the weak…

at first, everyone thought he was just pretending, but never thought it was really like this.

There is no Light God in the Ruins Realm. No matter how you believe in Spiritual God and abide by the canon, you will not be able to return to the so-called Divine Domain after death.

It can only be said that people are indeed different.

“It’s a miracle that a person like him can live so long.” Hong Shaoxiong whispered, subconsciously looking around.

Since being punished by Tyler, he has become more timid and even a little too sensitive.


After a short rest, Terry Warren got up and said:

“We will pass a forest ahead, and there is a kind of energy in it. Stinger hummingbird, this thing is very sensitive to sound, so don’t make any noise.”

“Wait a minute, our Warrens will walk ahead to explore the way, and you follow, Be careful, no one cares if something goes wrong.”



“We’ll pay attention.”

Echoes sounded one after another.

“I can’t think of it.” Hong Shaoxiong whispered:

“The people of the Warren family are quite loyal, and if there is danger, then if we follow them, what chance do we have of surviving? It’s not very big.”

hearing this, Xu Tan shook his head gently, his eyes showed disdain.

Zhou Jia pondered and said:

“Wait, let’s try to move forward as much as possible to keep up with the Warren family.”

“Huh?” Hong Shaoxiong was stunned for a moment, then nodded, and did not ask more:


After a while, the team set off.


The bark of bronze, with a hard, ravine-filled tree body, seems to be hiding something; A stretch of fire sea.


The sound of the wind blowing leaves echoed in my ears.

Everyone walked in the forest, stepping on dead branches and fallen leaves, trying their best to reduce their voices, curled up one by one, and moved forward cautiously.

β€œpu chi!”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced back subconsciously.

The fallen leaves accumulate in the forest all the year round, and it is inevitable that they will rot. Therefore, the ground that looks flat is most likely to be a pile of silt below, which is weak.

No matter how careful you are, there are bound to be mistakes.


Not far from the side, the family of three with the child even rushed to the front.

Not only their three people, but a lot of people who originally followed behind, are now quietly approaching the Warren family team, with vigilance in their eyes.

Behind it, there are sparse silhouettes scattered around.

They looked at the Warren family in front of them and walked easily along the footprints that their predecessors had stepped on. They seemed to be safer, but it was only an appearance.

Zhou Jia retracted his gaze, his ears suddenly trembled.

A murmur appeared in the vicinity.


A thumb-sized bird that looks like a bee flew out of the leaves, flapping its wings and fluttering towards the person below.

A hummingbird?

The man’s body was stiff, his forehead was sweating, and he didn’t dare to move at all.


The hummingbird circled around him a few times and didn’t seem to notice anything wrong. He turned around and was about to walk away, but his butt suddenly shook and black lines spewed out. .


The black thread pierced through the clothes and submerged into the skin.


The cry became more and more miserable.

The tail needle, obviously highly poisonous, a Grade 4, was only slightly contaminated, struggling to lose breath in the blink of an eye.


Zhou Jia face changed, and the speed under his feet suddenly increased.

The Warren family in front of them was even more prepared, speeding up and running without a sound.

In the forest.

Innumerable ‘humming’ trembling sounds came, and hummingbirds flew out from the bark, branches, and under the leaves, merging into a vast ocean, following the sound.


Too many!

Densely packed is like an ant colony, and it’s hard to count one hundred thousand or one million.



The stinger needles are like a rush of rain, moving towards the crowd.



“Run, run!”

Zhou Jia’s face was gloomy, With a wave of the arm, Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield firmly wrapped around the body, and countless black lines from lasing returned at a faster speed.

Xu Tan held a pair of knives, danced the shadows of the knives, and rushed through the gaps in the forest.

Hong Shaoxiong was quite quick-witted. He swung his palms and hit the void, causing the nearby energy to whistle and the poisonous thorns to fly aside.

“pu ε‘²ε‘²…”

The hummingbird is not strong, although the speed of the tail needle is fast, but the strength is not large, under the attack of the crowd, the hummingbirds are in pieces from the air fall.


There are so many of them!

And the tail needle is highly poisonous. Zhou Jia saw with his own eyes that a Grade 6 expert was oversighted and was stabbed in the back by a tail needle.

In the blink of an eye, he fell to the ground.

It’s so poisonous, even Grade 9 and 10, I’m afraid I wouldn’t dare to touch it easily.


The flock of birds trembled, instantly causing a gust of wind, and countless tail needles flickered in it, chasing various sounds, each silhouette screaming and wailing bottom out.

And the distance out of the jungle seems to be not a short distance.


Suddenly, an urgent shout came from the direction of the Warren family, and then a red light shot out, heading straight for the crowd behind.


A violent roar, accompanied by hot flames, opened in the rear.


The hummingbirds trembled, they seemed to be able to see their way only by sound, where the sound was loud, they went there, and this time they swooped on the flame, The interception also came to nothing.

“Come on!”

With an urgent shout, everyone rushed forward frantically.

Hong Shaoxiong ran wildly and turned back, his eyes full of horror.

He was going to follow at first, now look…

The person behind is just to attract the attention of hummingbirds and prepare for the person in front to escape, Warren The family simply didn’t plan to take them to escape!

“What are you stunned for?”

Zhou Jia hummed softly, his shield shook lightly, sweeping away a piece of poison needle moved towards Hong Shaoxiong drank lowly:

“Go! ”

(end of this chapter)

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