Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Stone Shell

Out of the woods, everyone escaped, gasping for breath.

Some people looked towards the Warren family’s eyes, which also changed.

In just one hour, dozens of people stayed behind the jungle forever, and most of those who survived were just pure good luck.

On the contrary, it was the Warren family. Because they were prepared in advance, and the people behind attracted the offensive, there was almost no loss.

“We paid and you promised to take us to Hongzeyu. That’s what you did, using some people as bait for you to escape?”

“That’s right!”

“I believe in you, but you want to kill me?”


The noise, at first, came from only one or two people, and gradually attracted more people The resonance grew louder and louder, and eventually turned into a commotion.

“Shut up!”

Terry Warren stood up from the crowd, raised his voice and glared at the crowd:

“We promised to take you there Hong Zeyu, have you ever promised to protect you all along the way? I already said that this journey is bode ill rather than well, don’t you have ears?”

“If you don’t want to go with you, leave now!”

He waved his hand and pointed back:

“get lost! ”

hearing this, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

No one can go to Hongzeyu alone, not even Ultra Grade powerhouse, even more how to get to Hongzeyu map is also in the hands of Warren family.

Leaving the team is courting death!

“That can’t be the case!” Someone said angrily, with a look of dissatisfaction:

“This is using us as a stepping stone to increase our chances of surviving. There is still a long way to go in the future. How can I believe you?”

“I’m still saying that.” Terry Warren’s eyes narrowed:

“If you don’t want to go with you, you can leave at any time.”

“The days to come are still very long. The Warren family is willing to walk with you and support each other, but it also depends on your sincerity.”

“Back off, don’t listen to the jurisdiction, and go their separate ways. For the battle…”

He glanced at everyone, his eyes slightly paused on Zhou Jia and the others, coldly said:

“Why do people like this get us Warren? The trust of the family?”

During the quarrel, patriarch Stu-Warren and Ms. Becky of the Warren family also came over and stood silently behind Terry.

Although they did not speak, their supportive attitude was evident.

The deterrent of a Grade 9 expert is silent but powerful.

Someone looked towards Long Zhongyue.

I hope he gets up and does justice.


Long Zhongyue, Luo Ping, and the others were silent from beginning to end, which also made the anger that ignited in many people’s hearts helplessly suppressed.

The team must have a unified command, so that more people can survive.

The command is clearly in the hands of the Warren family.

And what they’re going to do…

How to make themselves one of those people who can survive, not an abandoned child who can be discarded at will.

Gaining the trust of the Warren family is undoubtedly one way.

“Our six brothers are willing to trust the Warren family!”

In the crowd, six people in fancy clothes stepped out slowly, moved towards Terry Warren with a The etiquette of Fei Mu world allegiance:

β€œIf Master Warren Young asks me, I will spare no effort.”

β€œSo do we.”

A couple came out, rubbed their chests with one hand, and bowed their heads slowly.

Most of the others were silent, but they also showed gestures of acknowledge allegiance.


Terry Warren smiled, then looked towards the people who started the conflict in the crowd:

“For sincerity We welcome those who join the team with our hands, but some people who have ulterior motives and may endanger the team…”

“We are not welcome!”

He slowly pulled out the saber around waist , moved towards three directions in the crowd one after another:

“You three, are you going by yourself? Or do you want me to drive you away?”

The loudest three just now People, their faces suddenly turned pale, and around them, the others quietly retreated slowly.

Abandoned by everyone, it is a foregone conclusion.




The sun is like fire, and it falls on a person as hot and hot.

The extreme high temperature makes people suspect that a piece of meat will be cooked in a short time without heating and lighting.

High temperature,

Let the earth barren.

Even the soil is as dry as sand and gravel. Except for the rolling hills, it is the gravel and gravel that has been turned into crystals by high temperature baking.

When you step on the ground with bare feet, the angular gravel can pierce the soles of your feet.

A moment.

Two silhouettes appeared on the high slope, moved towards all around.

“There are fewer and fewer stone monsters nearby.” Luo Pingping was haggard, his eyes were red, and he said in a muffled voice:

“Because of it, we have already delayed in this neighborhood. After a few days, if we don’t continue on our way, the road in the hands of the Warren family will probably be useless.”

There are also time constraints for the predecessors to travel out.

The world of ruins has changed a lot. Before a month or so, it was still a jungle, and after a month or so, it may turn into a vast ocean, and the experience of the predecessors will not count.

Must be in a hurry.

“The stone shell is still a lot worse.” Zhou Jia looked up at the sky with a slight haze in his eyes:

“The rain clouds on this barren hill can corrode everything, and there is not enough The stone shell blocks the rain, and in case of acid rain, there is nowhere to escape.”

“No way.” Luo Ping squinted his eyes:

“As long as it’s not heavy rain, you should avoid it. It’s not a problem. Yesterday, Master Warren Young suggested that we can’t wait any longer.”

“Wait any longer, the heat, food, maps…, everything is a problem.”

“I see what the Old Master Long thinks, too.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded:

“I hope we are lucky.”

” I heard that.” Luo Ping suddenly grinned and looked sideways:

“You have a nickname called Lucky Star, how can you be bad luck?”

“Just joking. “Zhou Jia shook his head with a smile. The long journey and running around made him look haggard and his hair was a little dry.

The crocodile armor on his body is also full of scratches.

β€œen?” He moved his ears slightly and pointed to the side:

β€œThere is one over there.”


Luo Ping’s voice was silent, and the whole person had been disappeared in place.

Zhou Jia’s movements were obviously much slower. A little under his feet, the 9th layer of the entry realm climbed the stairs, and one step was as fast as one followed along.

Not long.

The two of them one after the other came to the back of a hill somewhere, Luo Ping a long whistle, the whole person rose from the ground, flew six or seven feet high, and then fell heavily, hitting the ground with both fists.



The gravel-filled ground was turbulent, and the naked eye’s visible energy spread underground. , and everything in the several feet around them kicked up.

A large stone weighing several tons was also thrown out.


The stone made a strange sound, and a gray smoke came out of the crack of the stone and moved towards Luo Ping.

Where the smoke passed, the gravel and dust were instantly petrified, and then turned into dust and washed down.

This stone is a living creature.

“Yin and Yang break!”

Luo Ping’s expression froze, his arms crossed, and he suddenly struck the void in front of him.


The terrifying air waves gathered into a straight line, smashed the incoming smoke, and banged on the stone, making the stone monster make a zhi zhi scream. .

β€œpa pa!”


A thunder descended from the sky, and the meandering electric light blasted into the cracks of the stone, with unparalleled strength inside Outburst, burst out of green liquid.


The green liquid fell on the ground, and immediately corroded the ground, but in the blink of an eye, a cave that was inexplicably deep was corroded.

Zhou Jia tossed and turned, avoiding the green liquid, and then paused to get closer.

The two have joined forces many times, and they are quite familiar with each other’s methods.

The strength of this stone monster is not strong, but the outer shell is extremely hard, even if it is a Grade 9 expert, it has to work hard.

Luo Ping took a dagger from his body, stepped forward skillfully, dismembered the stone monster, and took off a heavy stone shell.

“Go back!”

“en. ”


Back at the camp, most people have rested.

Hong Shaoxiong and Xu Tan habitually gathered around Zhou Jia and handed over a skin bag.

“Brother Zhou, drink water.”

Zhou Jia took it and took a sip. The liquid mixed with the smell of grass has a bitter taste, which is not good but enough. Quench your thirst.


It’s a rare find here.

And if there is no accident, in the next period of time, they will be impossible to obtain water, so they will also cherish it.

“Left tomorrow.”

Putting down the bag, Zhou Jia reminded several people:

“You are ready.”


They had expected this for a long time, but hearing this still trembled slightly, and there was worry in his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” The expressions of several people today seemed unusual. Zhou Jia lay on the cold gravel and asked casually:

“Is there something on my mind?”


“Brother Zhou.” Hong Shaoxiong cautiously glanced at the Warren family’s patroller in the distance, and said in a low voice:

“How long can the treasure armor on your body last?”

“Hmm…” Zhou Jia narrowed his eyes, and his heart sank.

The crocodile armor can make the Grade 7 work together to be expert, and in a certain situation, the power of the Grade 9 can be exploded, not only because of the good use of materials.

More importantly, the rune on the armor.

Rune can gather and increase source power, but it will also be damaged due to prolonged use or damage to the armor itself.

Along the way, I have stumbled and stumbled, and there have been many rune failures in the crocodile armor.

The original effect is less than three out of ten.

It’s just because he is not weak in his own right, so in the eyes of others, although the Divine Crocodile Armor looks broken, its utility has not diminished much.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Jia asked.

“Brother Zhou is wearing a treasure armor now. He is no weaker than a Grade 8 expert. He can form a partner with Luo Daxia. He doesn’t need to be with us, and he can avoid being bullied.” Hong Shaoxiong shook his head:

“When the treasure armor fails, Brother Zhou will know why we are unhappy.”

“Heh…” Zhou Jia chuckled:

“What did you guys do today? ?”

“Search for ominous beasts and monsters around, kill them, save meat and water, and prepare for the next long journey.” Xu Tan said:

“We Responsible for searching and killing monsters, and taking turns with the Warren family.”

Here, his eyes changed slightly, as if he was a little unwilling.

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

Xu Tan is different from Hong Shaoxiong. He is an old man who has been outside for many years. He is accustomed to powerhouse is respected and submissive. This time he also showed this expression.

It looks like…

I have suffered a lot of grievances.

“Forget it.”

He closed his eyes and silently practiced the three-element Dharma:

“Leave your mind, it’s time to hit the road tomorrow.”

“Forget it.”



Both should be.

Sea of Consciousness is in the middle, starlight scatters.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 7 Heli (7809/12000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer) , Di Meng Xing (Trait: Violence), Di Mo Xing (Trait: Listening to the Wind)

cultivation technique: 327/800 martial skill

martial skill: 2nd layer Shield Anti-Perfection (1069/2000), Gnar’s Breath Technique Proficiency (230/500), Thunder Axe Perfection (215/4000), Life Seizing Sword Proficiency (359/1000) Three Steps Primer (447/600), Beginning with Tie Yuanshen (39/800), Shield Shock Proficiency (300/1000), Beginning with 9th Layer Climbing Building…

As time goes on, he has mastered more and more martial skills, cultivation base is also getting stronger and stronger in the killing during this period, barely touching the threshold of the late Grade 7.

(End of this chapter)

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