Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 107


Chapter 107 Acid Rain

Thousands of li or so wasteland, no spring, autumn and winter, hot in all seasons, unbearable heat, eye-catching As far as barren, the high temperature even makes people’s vision distorted.

I’m afraid the steel will melt in places like this.

Viewed from a height, the hundreds of people are like unremarkable black spots, connected together, slowly moving in the high temperature.

It’s not that they don’t want to speed up, they want to conserve energy.


Have not walked out of this area, I am afraid that I have lost too much water and died.


The skin on one person’s body couldn’t bear the high temperature burning, it actually made a tiny pop, and a black spot appeared on the fur.

The hard hide, already.

Items such as tulle and cloth are even more difficult to withstand high temperatures and are burned early.

No one dared to dress up in a cool way to show off their figure, and everyone tried their best to wrap themselves up tightly.

In this way, less heat is lost.


A breeze blows.

“It’s comfortable.”

Hong Shaoxiong groaned in a low voice, his voice hoarse:

“It’s finally windy…”

He didn’t say anything. Falling, the expression under the hood suddenly changed, looking towards Zhou Jia and Xu Tan, each of them looked gloomy.

Looking back.

A dark cloud appeared in the sky.

Black clouds, cold winds, and torrential rain, in this high temperature and desolate place, originally meant a rare enjoyment, but this made everyone noisy.


Terry Warren yells, a little panic in his voice:

“Quick, quick!”

The crowd began to accelerate, no longer caring about their physical strength, but the ground like quicksand and the sharp needle-like gravel made it difficult for them to develop their speed.

On the other hand, the black clouds behind them seem to be moving slowly, but they are getting closer and closer to everyone.

“Go east!”

Zhou Jia’s voice was hoarse:

“Go against the wind to escape.”

“Yes. “Luo Ping heard this nod, and changed direction with his daughter Xiuying, while notifying the others in front.


The wind is getting bigger and bigger.


The drizzle began to appear, the raindrops were not large, but when they fell on the ground, billowing smoke immediately appeared, and the rocks and gravel were also visible with naked eyes. The speed slowly dissolves.

Acid rain!

The special Celestial Phenomenon here.

It is said that at first there was a big mountain here, but now it is almost deserted, and the sand and gravel have been ground into sharp edges and corners, because there is acid rain that can corrode everything.

Although the cloud and rain are not in the same direction as the crowd, they are still intertwined at the edge.

“Raise the stone shell!”

At this time, the shell of the stone monster that had been prepared for a long time came into play, and everyone lifted the stone shell and accelerated the charge against the acid rain. .


“Da da…”

The sound of rain, footsteps, and heavy breathing.


A scream came from behind.

Although the stone shell can resist acid rain to a certain extent and withstand corrosion, the drizzle and the blowing from all directions will always be unable to cover it.

Someone accidentally exposed one leg in the rain, and instantly the flesh melted, screaming and falling to the ground, and then the whole person was exposed to the acid rain.

In an instant.

Blood, bones, screams…

“Leave him alone!” Terry Warren yelled:

“Quick, quick, acid rain is coming It’s over.”

Everyone returned to their senses and accelerated their pace.



Paul bowed his head, his voice low:

“Seventeen more! I couldn’t keep up.”

“You can die in this situation. It’s not bad luck or your strength is not strong. It’s a burden.” Taylor glanced at him and said:

“Paul, you are so kind-hearted. I doubt you can go to Hong Zeyu. You should listen to Ms. Becky’s teaching.”


Paul It should be, walk in front of an injured person, recite the mantra, and a holy light will appear in the palm of your hand to help the injured person recover from their injuries.

Although a believer of Light God is not as good at healing as Goddess of life, he has no shortage of diagnosis and treatment methods, and he has been very busy along the way.

Do your best to help the weak. This is God’s teaching of mercy to the world. As believers, you must not turn your back.

As for Taylor’s words.

He clearly wasn’t taking seriously.


Upon seeing this, Taylor shook his head, and no longer persuaded, he moved towards the target:

“Mister Zhou, Sir Warren is looking for You.”

Zhou Jiap> nod.

Since the day when Hong Shaoxiong was punished for standing up, Taylor has never bothered him again. It seems that he has acquiesced in his position.

At least.

That should be the case before the crocodile armor fails.

“I can’t think of it.” Stu Warren smiled and handed a bottle of warm wine:

“The air is mixed here, Mister Zhou can still discern the direction of the wind, innate talent It is comparable to some Legendary bloodlines in Feimu world, and it seems that the road ahead will be much easier.”

“Sir Warren has won the prize.” Zhou Jia took the warm wine and tasted it slowly. The liquid entered the stomach, and a warm feeling immediately appeared in the limbs.

During the day, the heat here is like an oven.

At night, it can make people freeze, and it is a pleasure to have warm wine in the stomach at this time.

“Thanks to Jazz for leading the way, or we wouldn’t be here.”

“Haha…, it should be.”

Compliments to each other After two sentences, Stu-Warren issued a formal invitation:

“Mister Zhou will walk in the front in the next few days, don’t worry about the rest, we will provide food and drinks, you just need to distinguish Wind direction, just avoid the acid rain.”

“en. ”

His voice paused, his eyes fell on the crocodile armor on Zhou Jia:

“ This treasure armor on Mister Zhou seems to have been worn out.”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia sighed with regret:

“Is this divine crocodile armor good? Few places are damaged, and the effectiveness is not as good as before. I am afraid that if you walk through this area, you can only use it as ordinary body protection armor.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Stu-Warren’s face paled. Laughing:

“The Warren family will try to protect Mister Zhou as much as possible.”

Zhou Jia smiled without saying a word, not having much confidence in this.





Zhou Jia suddenly got up, opened his eyes with horror.

An ominous premonition came to mind.

Far away.

The turbulence in the air grew louder.

“What’s the matter?”

The guard of the Warren family next to him heard the sound.


Zhou Jia said urgently:

“Call someone quickly, hurry up, there will be a heavy rain soon!”

“Heavy…heavy rain?” Even in the dark, the pale face of the guard is still clearly visible, his voice trembled, and he hurriedly shouted:

“Get up, get up, the rainstorm is coming It’s over!”






In an instant, the team was in chaos, and everyone was panic-stricken, but in the blink of an eye, they were all dressed up and moved towards the distance to accelerate and run wildly.




In the night sky behind, twisting electric lights appeared above the sky, dull and powerful The sound of thunder, followed closely from behind reverberates over a thousand miles.



A gust of wind blew up and the sky was filled with gravel.

At this time, everyone can see that the situation is not good, everyone takes out their milking energy and moves towards running away.


Different from the drizzle that I encountered before, the acid rain in the gust of wind in the rear was linked together, but in an instant, it became a roar and began to sweep everything. .



“No.” Terry Warren looked gloomy:

“The wind and rain are coming too fast, there is no escape, find a way to avoid the rain.”

Heaven and Earth Might is far from being able to withstand human power. Even Grade 7 and even Grade 9 are not as fast as the gust of wind behind them, so it is obvious that they cannot escape.

“Team!” Taylor yelled:

“Find a place to shelter from the rain.”

The crowd was in chaos, and the surrounding area was deserted. Barren didn’t say, The feet are also full of gravel, where to shelter from the rain?

“There is a hill in front!”

At this time, one person pointed finger towards the distance:

“Come over!”

“We Just don’t go.” Stu Warren glanced at the distant hill, and then thought for a while, shook his head and gave the order.


The stone shells were lifted up by the Warren family, overlapping each other without leaving a gap, forming a huge stone shell in the open space. top cover.

People, hide below.

“Stone shells can resist acid rain, but they also have limits. What if the rain is too heavy?” Terry Warren looked worried:



“Let it be fate.” Stu-Warren’s expression was indifferent:

“You don’t have to worry too much, even if the stone shell is corroded, with me and Ms. Becky, it can be protected. You will be fine.”

“You are the bloodline of the Warren family, I will protect you no matter what, it is my responsibility as a father.”

Rare, his tone Showing kindness.


Terry Warren bowed his head.


The other side.

More people rushed to the top of the hill.

It is said to be a hill, but it is actually a slightly raised slope.

By the corrosion of acid rain, the existence that can not be corroded is naturally extremely hard.


The weapon in one’s hand was bounced high.

A solid stone can survive a Grade 5 force without any damage.

“I’m coming.”

One person stepped forward and tapped with a staff in hand:


” Fossil art!”

The aura flashed, the stone finally cracked, turned into a little rubble, crash-bang fell down, and a shallow depression appeared.



Progress is too slow.

“Lean on the mountain and make a slope with a stone shell, enough to cover us.” Someone suggested:

“What do you guys think?”

Some people are digging wildly in the ground, preparing to dig a hole in the ground, and then put the stone shell on it to protect themselves from the wind and rain.

The most.

It turned out to be stealing the stone shell from other people’s hands. For many people, one more stone shell means one more chance of life and can cover more places.

For a while, there were screams of fighting and screams.

Crisis is approaching, and everyone is doing everything they can to find a way to survive.


rumbling sound, deafening.

Torrential rain.

Pour down.

The rain curtain was so dense that people could not see what was happening in the distance, only the screams of one after another could be heard in the rain.

The rainstorm was like note, and everyone gritted their teeth and insisted.

I don’t know how long it took.

Zhou Jia, who was hiding in a hollow of a mountain rock, slowly got up. The stone shell in his hand was only a thin layer, but a heavy feeling came to his heart.


He looked down.

As expected, the god crocodile armor has completely lost its rune effect, and the effect of reducing the load has also disappeared, and hundreds of kilograms of heavy armor have fallen on the body.

Looking around, it was bleak.

There are those who bury themselves in the ground, but don’t want the acid rain to soak through the gravel and pour into the dug caves, corroding the people inside into bones.

Some of the stone shells were too thin and were worn away by the acid rain, and the husband and wife turned into bones that supported each other.

Some people fought each other to fight for a hiding place. Before the acid rain came, they died at the hands of others, and the stone shell was taken away.


means skeleton doesn’t exist.

Far away.

The roof of the Warren family also had holes and many people died.

The surviving people gathered together slowly and looked at each other, their eyes mostly dull, and the confusion after the fear.

Zhou Jia took a look around.

Xu Tan did not appear among the survivors. The old oily who had been out all year round was not able to escape the acid rain, but Hong Shaoxiong survived.

“Let’s go!”

Stu-Warren said:

“There’s still a long way to go.”

(this chapter end)

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