Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 108


Chapter 108 Fighting monsters

The trait of holding soldiers can increase the speed of the weapon’s martial skill perception, but it does not affect its own martial arts, so the three Yuanzhengfa is progressing slowly.


Luo Ping, as Master He direct disciple, can also be regarded as the true core of Tie Yuan School today, and has a deep enough understanding of this method.

Zhou Jia is partnered with him, and it is inevitable to ask for advice.

As they come and go, the two gradually become familiar with each other. In their spare time, they will sit and chat together and exchange their opinions on martial arts.

“Between Heaven and Earth, there is the essence of the sun and the moon above, the weight of the thick earth below, and the air of the underworld, which is called the three elements, and I will cite Essence, Qi, and Spirit to it. Convergence, exhaling Heaven and Earth qi, strengthening one’s own body, is the Cultivation method.”

Under the night, the bonfire swayed, Luo Ping whispered:

“Master will pass on your three yuan. Fa-rectification, there is no hidden secrets, but some of the key points are not fully explained, and the progress may be a little slow.”


He laughed and continued:


“What really drives the progress is the secret medicine that you want to cooperate with the Three-Yuan Dharma Dharma, but the pharmacy is a sect inheritance, but it cannot be handed over to you.”

“If it is in the Huo Family Fort, It’s okay to sell you some secret medicine, but there’s no way to refine it outside.”

Zhou Jia was helpless.

Luo Ping’s attitude is very firm, even if the Disciple of the Tie Yuan faction is running out, he is still unwilling to leak the secret medicine.

It is about the perception of cultivation technique, which is taught carefully.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhou Jia shook his head and didn’t look into this further:

“Senior Brother Luo’s injury is still not healed?”

“This is New injury.” Luo Ping frowned at this and subconsciously touched his shoulder:

“That thing is very vengeful, I thought it had gone far in the past few days, but unexpectedly followed up again, I accidentally got hurt .”

“Invisible monster.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“I’ve never seen one.”

“Me too.” Luo Ping shrugged:

“According to Ms. Becky’s analysis, the monster’s shell should be able to simulate the surrounding illusion, so it looks invisible.”

“It may also be a different material that can reflect All kinds of light, make it disappear in people’s sight.”

“I suspect…”

He looked solemn and said:

“Then Things have high wisdom.”

“Have wisdom?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“If you have wisdom, wouldn’t it be possible to use source power to communicate?”

“That’s not true.” Luo Ping shook his head:

“Although some beings have wisdom and even have their own language, they cannot communicate. The most common ones are various orcs.”

“They are fundamentally different from us.”

Said, pointing to his head.

source power involves the origin of living creatures, no one knows what the origin is, but it must be related to ‘consciousness’ and even ‘soul’.

Communication is possible only if the frequency of ‘consciousness’ is not much different.

“so that’s how it is.” Zhou Jia nods.

He really doesn’t know about it, but in the novice area, those wolf-headed monsters can smelt armor, but can’t communicate.

It should be like this.

Speaking of which, he has only been in the market for two years, and he spends most of the time in Cultivation, and he does not understand some common sense.


Seeing that the flames were fading, Luo Ping added a handful of dry wood to the bonfire, saying with a bitter smile:

“I also often Wandering outside the Huo Family Fort, hunting all kinds of aliens to increase the cultivation base, I thought that although this trip was dangerous, I didn’t need to worry too much.”

“But now, it’s more than a crisis, it’s just nine deaths and still alive!”

Zhou Jia was silent.

Along the way, they will encounter dangers almost every day, some of which are unavoidable even for Ultra Grade.

Such as acid rain on barren hills and hurricane rotten bones, to a large extent depends on good luck.

Various ominous beasts, aliens, zombies…

It is relatively safe.

But even in a relatively safe existence, as a Grade 8 Peak expert Luo Ping, he was often injured and nearly died many times.

The dangers of the outside world are far beyond expectations.

See how, even the Ultra Grade expert in the Huo Family Fort will not go out if it is not necessary, this world contains too many dangers.


With a sigh, the two fell silent.

The matter has come to this point, no matter how dangerous it is, it can only continue to go on.




A low shrub with various footprints.

Xixisuosuo sounded from time to time.

Zhou Jia cautiously walked among the five, chasing the imprints, and stopped when approaching a hillside.

“In front.”

Zhou Jia’s ears trembled slightly, and when he found the target, he waved immediately:

“Hao Jing, force them out of the nest Come out.”


Among the five, a short and stocky man took two steps forward, took out a strange whistle from his body, and blew it on his lips. .


The sharp sound was only a bit harsh to the ears of a few people, but it was an unbearable noise in the ears of some beings.

Just a short while.

The earth trembled slightly, and several people subconsciously tightened their bodies.


The dust was flying, and a group of ominous beasts swooped in sight.

The ominous beast is shaped like a wild boar, has tusks, is nearly zhang tall, and weighs more than ten tons. It roars and charges, causing the ground to tremble.

“I’m coming!”

Hong Shaoxiong’s eyes lit up, rubbed his palms, and waved forward suddenly.


Hundreds of cold glows as thin as a hairspring emerged from between his sleeves, and in just a flash, they appeared in front of a crowd of ominous beasts as hoods fall.

“pu 呲呲…”

The cold glow is slender and not fatal, but it will swim along the bloodstream and destroy internal organs until the ominous beast is completely dead.

This is Hong Shaoxiong’s housekeeping skill, relying on it, it is now Grade 6.


Toke, the only ‘Mage’ among the five, recited the words, holding a staff and pointing forward.

In an instant, countless thorny plants appeared on the ground, covering a distance of ten zhang or so, and blocking the front of the group of beasts.

Others are armed with knives and ready to fight.



Under the interception of cold glow and thorns, the ominous beast screamed again and again, but the huge size , obviously will not end so easily.

In the roar, it has already rushed to the front.


Zhou Jia’s chest and abdomen rose and fell, his eyes suddenly opened, a thread of electric light appeared around himself, the ground under his feet shook lightly, and the whole person was suddenly disappeared in place.

Appears again, in front of the ominous beast.

The raised shield collided fiercely with the head on top of the ominous beast.

A huge explosion!


Ominous beast’s head was sunken, his neck was twisted, his huge body flew against the trend, and the screams in his mouth lost their vitality before they could be exported.

At the same time, a burst of energy emerged from the corpse and submerged into Zhou Jia’s body.


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, the ground under his feet cracked open, and his figure had already rushed into the ominous beast group, and the flashing electric shield swept left and right.

His figure is not obvious, but his strength is terrifying.

The huge ominous beast can open stele and split stone, but when it collides with the shield, it staggers and loses balance on the spot.

Head-on collision.

The ominous beast head can be blasted directly by shields.

The twin-edged axe flashing with lightning swung immediately, slashing out the ominous beasts one after another, and all the ominous beasts screamed again and again for a while.

“Brother Zhou, fierce!”

Hong Shaoxiong’s eyes were wide open, and he roared excitedly. At the same time, he turned his hands, and two machetes appeared in his palms, along with the others. rush on.

With Zhou Jia at the front resisting the ominous beast’s charge, breaking their balance, the four were equivalent to picking up bargains at the back.

This is such a good thing, you can’t miss it.


A one-horned ominous beast was knocked flying by Zhou Jia with a shield shock. He was about to swing his axe to make up for it when a screeching sound suddenly sounded in his ear. body shape can not help but a meal.




The scream comes from a sharp arrow, the arrow Swipe shatter void, plunge straight into the neck of the ominous beast, then explode on the spot, killing the ominous beast.

“It’s your time to be vigilant, now it’s our turn.”

Taylor’s silhouette appeared in the back, and with a wave of his hand, several people around him had rushed over and quickly harvested The ominous beast has been wounded for life.

Zhou Jia frowned and slashed the ominous beast to death with a little hesitation on his face.

What a coincidence?

“Brother Zhou.”

Hong Shaoxiong, who is beside him, doesn’t change. When Taylor showed up, he took the time to kill the ominous beast and stopped:


“It’s time, let’s go back.”

“That’s right.” Hao Jing scratched his head and smiled hehe said:

“Follow Brother Zhou, go out The inspection has also become a beautiful messenger, and it seems that our good days are coming.”


The other people’s faces are also normal, and Tyler and the others beat them up. Greeted, with a warm attitude, without the slightest anger of being robbed.

Zhou Jia shook his head and put away his axe and shield.

Maybe it’s a coincidence.


Because of the damage to the crocodile armor, Zhou Jia, who only has Grade 7 cultivation base, no longer continued to partner with Luo Ping, and instead took Hong Shaoxiong and several others to patrol around the team.

He did not refuse this.

Although partnering with Luo Ping, it is possible to hunt down a stronger existence, but it also means more danger.

It is relatively safe to patrol near the team.

Of course.

It’s only relative.

In the market world.

There is never absolute security.

When resting, Zhou Jia put his hands behind his head and asked casually:

“This kind of thing happened often before?”

“What? What?” Hong Shaoxiong was stunned for a moment, then his expression became a little unnatural, and he said with a smile:

“It’s okay, Brother Zhou, just get used to it. After all, we have to rely on them a lot, aren’t we? Besides…it doesn’t matter much.”

Zhou Jia glanced at him and said nothing.

He finally knew why Xu Tan’s expression was so ugly.



The hard ground seemed to have come to life suddenly, and suddenly began to shake violently, and the earthen- colored alien beasts dashed with lightning.

The appearance of the alien beast is somewhat like the praying mantis in Zhou Jia’s memory, but it is huge in size, and can bring out afterimages by waving its forelimbs, and its lethality is amazing.

With one negligence, Hao Jing, who had joined the team soon after, was pierced through his chest and flew out.

“Be careful!”

Several people have long been accustomed to the death of their companions. Seeing this, they just mourned silently in their hearts, but they did not hesitate in the movement of their hands.

Like a mountain!

Zhou Jia raised his shield with one hand, bowed slightly, his energy surging around him, as if a mountain was wrapping him tightly, and a dozen alien beasts that came over stopped their steps.


At a point under his feet, the 9th layer broke out as he climbed the stairs.

2nd layer shield against!

Raging all the way, relying on Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield to defend the surrounding area, Zhou Jia, who was rushing like a huge ball, was blown away by any incoming attack.

Rush into the core of the herd, his flesh trembled, violently provoked.

Shield shock!

The shield slams the ground.


Around several feet, the earth trembled, invisible air waves swept the surrounding, and a dozen alien beasts in the vicinity lost their balance and were caught by high Gao Zhen flew off the ground.

Other beasts zhi zhi screamed and charged, and Zhou Jia was seen slashing the ground with an axe in one hand.

The Thunder Slash!

source power stimulates the inner Power of Thunder in the double-edged axe, Perfection Realm’s Thunder Axe can fully display its power, and the electric light is like a spider web moving towards it and spreading around.

Wherever I pass, thunder is in full bloom.




A group of alien beasts were either dizzy and eyes blurred by the shock, or they were electrocuted on the spot.


“pu pu!”

Zhou Jia turned, and the double-edged axe of more than 100 pounds turned into a tornado in his hand , A head of alien beast was involved in it, and it was instantly smashed into pieces.

Whether it’s a hard shell or a caustic goo, it’s all impossible to withstand a single blow before the lightning-blazing blade.

In just a short time, nearly twenty alien beasts were killed on the spot by him.


Among the beasts, a leader who was obviously a circle bigger than the other beasts rushed towards Lightning, as if he wanted to avenge the dead clansman.

However, facing Zhou Jia, it is obviously not an opponent. After several head-to-head collisions, half of his body was slammed into the ground, and his mouth screamed again and again.


Turning the double-edged axe in his hand, he slashed a small scoundrel, and was about to step forward to deal with this strange beast leader, Zhou Jia’s footsteps Suddenly.


A sharp arrow came from behind and hit the ground in front of him.


The sharp arrow exploded, and the billowing flames assaults the senses.

Zhou Jia brows frowned, waved the shield in his hand lightly, sweeping the flames aside, put away the shield at the same time, stretched out his fingers, and grabbed the collar of a person who rushed past in the billowing smoke.

He turned sideways, brows frowned, and looked at the other party:

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” The other party raised his eyebrows:

“Of course it’s killing monsters, what are you doing? Now is the time for our Warren family to kill monsters.”

“Killing monsters?” Zhou Jia looked thoughtfully in front of him. The alien beast, who was seriously injured, glanced at the other party again, and only then realized nodded, said:

“Are you robbing my monster?”

“Huh…” The other party Laughing:

“What is looting monsters?”

“It’s time for us to hunt, your time has already come, look at other people, you can’t tell good from bad!”

The last sentence is already a threat to the soundtrack.

“That’s it!” Zhou Jia nodded, snapped his cervical vertebra, and threw it at the beast:

“Then you are free.”

( end)

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