Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 109


Chapter 109 Invisibility


The sharp forelimbs of alien beasts pierce through leather armor wrapped The belly, the limbs with blood sticking out from the back, held high in the air.


The mournful scream caught everyone’s attention.

β€œpu chi!”

The alien beast opened its jaws full of jagged mouths, and with a sudden bite, swallowed the head of the screaming person, leaving only the headless corpse swaying on its forelimbs .

At the torn neck, the internal and external pressures were out of balance, and blood spurted out.

The hot blood fell on the outer shell of the alien beast, causing it to scream in excitement, waving its forelimbs to shred the corpse, and gnawing on the ground.


“What are you doing?”

“I killed you…”

For a time, everyone Discolored.

Some people roared sadly, while others rushed to where Zhou Jia was.


The whistling wind swept the sand and gravel on the ground, turning it into a small tornado, and with the rapid dancing of the rapier, it rolled straight to the silhouette.

Searle fury sword technique!

Zhou Jia squinted and swung his shield sideways.

Shield shock!

The terrifying giant force turned into a substantial air wave, and it crashed down. The man who came running was groaned and fell directly to the ground.

One roared and ran, holding the giant sword high, and before it could be split, he was kicked in the chest and groaned and flew out.


Taylor growled, eyes wide open, and his figure flashed.

Sanctuary Three Steps!

He stepped on his feet, his whole figure seemed to be sliding against the ground, his body swayed slightly, and three afterimages instantly appeared in the field.

Compared to Zhou Jia’s entry-level three-body move, Taylor clearly has a footwork essence.

The machete in his hand like a full moon slashed against the wind, and three arc-shaped wind blades ripped through the air and slashed down with a shrill scream.

“Li! ”

The blade trembled slightly, and the wind was amazing.

Zhou Jia repelled the two with one shield and one kick, and before he could rest, he ushered in a fierce attack from the other side.

The three silhouettes are hard to tell if they are real or fake. The three wind blades are almost like real ones, but the fake ones are fake.

Stomping feet, swinging arms, the axe blade smashes into the air.

The double-edged axe of more than 100 jins packs a huge force and strikes forward brazenly, like a galloping freight car, impact centralize in one point.


Arc sputtering.

The axe blade and the machete collided, Taylor’s face turned pale, his body instantly retreated several feet, the machete in his palm trembled slightly, and his wrist was numb.

“What are you doing?”

“Brother Zhou!”

Until this time, the others came back to his senses and rushed to the front.

Hong Shaoxiong and the others looked worried, while those who accompanied Taylor were furious, their eyes fixed on Zhou Jia, and they were covered in murderous aura.

Taylor’s face turned red and white, gritted his teeth and suppressed the surging blood in his body, and said angrily:

“surnamed Zhou, you dare to kill our Warren family?”

“Which eye did you see that I killed someone?” Zhou Jia’s face was calm:

“Whose hands are people who died, I can’t see myself?”

“There are dangers everywhere in the Ruins Realm. In the face of so many ferocious beasts, it’s normal for people to die. Why? If other people die, you can’t die?”

“Shut up!” Taylor yelled:

“If it wasn’t for you, why would Kirk die?”

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s the noise?”

At the time of the quarrel, the team behind had also arrived, and with the roar, the two groups of people who had started to stir one after another suppressed the restlessness in their hearts.

Terry Warren, Luo Ping and the others approached, cleaned up the beasts, and asked about the situation.

Of course.

The rhetoric of the two sides is naturally different.

“You killed our people?” Terry Warren looked gloomy, a pair of arrogant eagle eyes with a deep chill, fell on Zhou Jia:

“Okay. Brave!”

“This is a misunderstanding.” Luo Ping stepped forward and smoothed the field:

“How can you not encounter danger when you go out for inspection, maybe you just saw it wrong Now, I believe Junior Brother Zhou will never kill people indiscriminately.”

“Misunderstanding?” Terry Warren coldly snorted:

“One person can be wrong, so many people Is everyone wrong? Mister Luo, we can’t have harbor ulterior motives in our team.”

“What do you want to do?” Luo Ping complexion turned cold:

” Are you going to drive out Junior Brother Zhou?”

When the two of them worked together, he did not miss Zhou Jia’s affection and supported each other a lot. Hearing this couldn’t help surging with anger, his eyes were sharp:

“We promised to follow the rules of the Warren family along the way, but it’s not what you say, because a misunderstanding will drive out Junior Brother Zhou…”

“Really I thought Luo could not be bullied!”

“You…” Terry Warren’s eyes changed.

“Young Master.” Tyler stepped forward, pulled Terry Warren’s sleeve, and whispered:

“Forget it, let him stay in the team temporarily. , I have a way to get him to leave obediently, no, it’s cheaper for him to leave.”

Speaking, he clenched his steel teeth and his eyes were cold glow.

Terry Warren’s eyes flashed, and it took a long time for him to coldly snorted, looking towards Zhou Jia:

“Give Mister Luo a face today, but don’t blame me for not reminding you, if Don’t blame me for being rude!”

“Your Excellency is so troublesome.” Zhou Jia squinted his eyes, and his killing intent fluctuated:

“I’m saving.”



Luo Ping handed a piece of meat roasted by his daughter and patted Zhou Jia on the shoulder:

“Relax, some things are inevitable, don’t take it seriously.”

“Thank you.” Zhou Jia took the barbecue, paused, and said again:

“What happened just now, Thank you.”


“I know.” Luo Ping waved his hand and interrupted him:

“The Warren family did it. It is indeed a bit too much, but people are under the eaves and have to bow their heads, so we’d better keep a low profile.”

Zhou Jia smiled nodded and did not argue about it:

” Senior Brother said yes.”

Luo Ping looked at the appearance, five big and three rough, but in fact he was very careful, otherwise it would be impossible for him to take care of his daughter so well.

Of course, he has also heard about the actions of the Warren family.

It’s just a matter of no concern to oneself, which has been ignored.

But things in the world are uncertain, no matter how low-key you are, it is inevitable that you will not run into trouble, just like when Zhou Jia was in Huo Family Fort.

Luoping’s family was low-key enough, but they had to venture to Hongzeyu.

So say.

Being low-key sometimes doesn’t work.

“It tastes good.” After tearing off a piece of barbecue and tasting it, Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but praise.

“Of course!” Luo Ping laughed:

“My daughter learned the ability to roast meat from her mother, but this time she came out and didn’t bring anything else, the barbecue seasoning. But everything is ready.”

“Unexpectedly, Senior Brother is better than this…” Zhou Jia said, his voice suddenly stopped:

“Be careful!”

At the same time Arm slams, threw away shield.


In the empty space behind Luo Ping, there was a sudden scream, and a transparent thorn suddenly pierced the back of his neck. .


A shield, fiercely smashed on the spikes, also caused many ripples in the void like water, revealing the silhouette.

The silhouette is shaped like a lizard, with spikes at the top of its long tail, lying on the ground on all fours, with a transparent body shell, waving its long tail violently.

“Come again!”

Luo Ping escaped the catastrophe, and couldn’t help being both shocked and angry. fall.

The lizard is agile in shape, with its limbs shrinking and swaying, it is several feet, and its body is transparent, and its naked eyes are almost indistinguishable when it is not moving.

A few flickerings and it is about to disappear from perception.

That’s it.


The electric light fell from the sky, landed on the ground, and then expanded in all directions, the thunder burst into full bloom, covering the surrounding several feet.

Raging thunder!

The lizard can be invisible, fast and powerful, but it is not immune to lightning.

Its skin is not transparent, but a strange blood red, and its limbs and claws are like blades, flashing cold glow.

The eyes have no lids and are eerily white.


Luo Ping growled, his arms turned black glow, and he slammed into the ground.



Several feet of land all sank.

The lizard alien beast in it even spread its limbs, and countless blood and water spurted out of the body, and it was directly smashed into a pool of meat patties.

“Phew… call…”

Standing in the depression, Luo Ping’s chest and abdomen trembled rapidly, and it took a long time for him to breathe slowly, looking up:

” Junior Brother, I owe you my life!”

“You’re welcome.” Zhou Jia looked towards the lizard alien:

“This thing is the invisible monster that Senior Brother said?”

“Yes.” Luo Ping nodded, and shook his head again:

“This one is relatively small, and its strength is not too strong, the one I encountered is much bigger, but Fortunately, the little ones came today.”

“They have a strong sense of revenge, Junior Brother should be more careful in the future.”

“en.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful, I walked over and checked the corpse of the alien beast, and shaved some powder and put it on my body.




Night fell.

The bonfire fades away.

Zhou Jia leaned against a low tree trunk with his hands crossed, his eyes flickering slightly in the dark night.

Not far away, Hong Shaoxiong and Tok looked over from time to time, opened their mouths to speak, shook their heads and turned around, moved towards other directions.

“Hong Shaoxiong!”

Taylor’s voice sounded:

“Come here.”

“Yes, yes.” Hong Shaoxiong hurriedly nodded, and trotted towards the direction of the voice:

“We are hungry, you go find some dry wood nearby, roast the red meat you cut yesterday, wait a minute. Let’s come and eat.”

“Okay, okay.” Hong Shaoxiong nodded:

“I’ll do it now.”

“en.” Taylor noodles With a smile, he stretched out his hand to patted Hong Shaoxiong’s head, like he was playing with a captive pet. Said with a smile:

“Be careful.”

“Understood.” Hong Shaoxiong lowered his head, Loud should be.

Tokker clenched his staff tightly, glanced at Zhou Jia with an expressionless face, and moved towards the direction where Taylor and the others were leaning to make room.


Often surrounded by Zhou Jia, several people who knew each other quietly distanced themselves from him.

The invisible barrier separates people’s hearts.

These days.

Taylor did not attack Zhou Jia, but arranged for Hong Shaoxiong and the others to do a few more patrols, do laundry and cook, and reprimand them from time to time.

Others already know how to choose.


It just happens naturally.

Long time.

Hong Shaoxiong, who had not practiced well for several days and nights, walked to the bonfire and lay on the ground with a tired face.

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly and he was ready to walk.

β€œshua… ”

Hong Shaoxiong looked like a frightened rabbit, looking towards Zhou Jia with horror in his eyes, subconsciously moved towards walking away from him, looking for a place to rest.

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

Sweeping around, all kinds of eyes come into view one after another.

Pity, contempt, funny, play, sarcasm, indifference…

Everyone has their own position.


With a chuckle, Zhou Jia shook his head speechlessly.


After thinking for a while, he walked towards the couple holding the child, stopped in front of the woman, looked at each other, and asked slowly, “Do you have a map to Hongzeyu on your body?”

“…” The woman raised her head, her ordinary appearance had beautiful eyes that looked like stars.

She looked at Zhou Jia and whispered: “No, and it’s useless.”

“The other world’s fragments fall all the time in the virtual world, and the terrain is constantly changing. , after three or five years, only the direction can still play a role, the environment has long been the blue sea turned into mulberry fields.”


β€œthe past few days, How was surnamed Zhou?”

Taylor squinted, looking towards the silhouette in the distance through the darkness.

“What else can I do?” One person said with a smile:

“I have to do everything myself, no one pays attention to him, I can’t find anyone to talk to, I’m afraid it is I’ve been mad.”

“But, head.” Someone said:

“We can’t really do anything about him if we continue like this, and at best isolate him, or tomorrow Arrange a few more patrols for him and let him die outside.”

“Not bad!”

“That’s it!”

“Don’t Urgent.” Tyler licked the corner of his mouth:

“Isn’t he very good at fighting, doesn’t he think we stole his blame, I’ll let him see, even if we stole his blame, he will What can be done?”

“When everyone is on our side, no matter what he does, it’s wrong.”



He coldly smiled and looked towards a silhouette curled up and sleeping soundly in the distance:

“Tell that Hong Shaoxiong to continue to follow Surnamed Zhou’s patrol, and the two of you didn’t notice it. Is it fun to turn heads?”



“Yes, yes, it’s your brilliant.”

(End of this chapter)

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