Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Ruins

The palace has long since fallen into disrepair.

The grass is overgrown, the walls are broken, and the wind blows, making it desolate.

The dome was disappeared, the walls collapsed and the corners were broken and woven, and the solemnity of the past can only be vaguely seen from the ruins.

The palace occupies a small area, about dozens of squares.

There should be a divide elephant inside, but there are countless stones scattered, but there is a stone tablet standing in the center intact.

The stone tablet is two feet thick, three feet wide, and about as high as one person, with countless tadpole-like characters on it.

This is a ruin.

I don’t know what it was used for.


The two stepped into the palace cautiously, the abnormal noise under their feet made them bow their heads, and what they saw made their hearts chill.


The corpse!

Broken clothes!

The rotten armor!

naked eye It can be seen that the ashes turned from bones covered the entire great hall, even half a foot deep. I don’t know how many living creatures were buried.

The rag was swaying in the ruins, and the wind could tear it to pieces with a slight force, apparently losing its toughness under the years of devastation.

“What is this place?” Chen Hui turned pale, and subconsciously lowered her voice.

“Who knows?” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Why don’t we quit first?”

This place is weird, and the pile of bones is even more eerie Horrible, not to mention Chen Hui, even he was a big man who was also frightened.


Chen Hui had no opinion, and the two stepped back cautiously.

In a few moments.

The two of them stood in a corner of the palace with gloomy faces.

They tried to leave, but the weird fog not only blocked the view, but also allowed people to return unconsciously.

In other words…

“I can’t get out!”

Chen Hui sat on the ground with a look of decadence:

” Forget it, at least there aren’t those monsters here, don’t worry about being killed, you can’t get out if you can’t get out.”

She looked very openly. For her who had changed, it was nothing.

“hmph!” Zhou Jia hummed, his face ugly:

“Guess, how did the corpses and ashes here come from?”

“How did you get here?” Chen Hui asked subconsciously, then her eyes shrank, and she said in a trembling voice:

“Isn’t it possible that…was trapped here?”

Zhou Jia did not He was silent, but his attitude had already answered.

“What should I do then?” Chen Hui suddenly stood up, gritted her teeth, turned and ran towards the mist behind:

“I’ll try again!”

Zhou Jia opened his mouth and shook his head gently.

I don’t know how many dead bones here, and the ashes can be piled up to half a foot so terrifying, the number of living things that died in this great hall can be imagined.

So many living creatures could not escape, how could they?

Sure enough.

Chen Hui reappeared at the door of the hall, her face was pale, her eyes were tearful, her body was trembling, and she collapsed to the ground weakly.

“I don’t want to die!”

“I…I don’t want to die yet…”

“wu wu…parents…wu wu… …”

She is in her twenties, just out of college, full of hope for her future life, and death should have been far, far away from her.


After a sudden change, I finally couldn’t bear it anymore. The string in my heart was completely broken.

“I don’t want to either.” Zhou Jia squatted on the ground, his eyes were also a little blank, and he was not in the mood to comfort the other party. He was equally uncomfortable.

Long time.

Zhou Jia took a deep breath, calmed down, and started to organize his things.

In addition to spoΓ­ls of war such as axes and iron frames, as a pathfinder, he also had several bottles of water, biscuits and food on him.

In addition to the one he brought, there were also ones found from the bodies of Xiao Li and several others.

I put the things on the ground and deducted it silently. Even if I save money, these will only be enough for the two of them for three days.

After three days,

Can only resist!


With a sigh, Zhou Jia got up and tried to see if he could get out.

The results are as expected.

Back in great hall again.

After crying, Chen Hui was exhausted and fell asleep. Zhou Jia was not sleepy for the time being, so he simply searched in the great hall.

The dome of the great hall is not there, the four walls collapse on both sides, and the remaining two sides are incomplete, with some strange frescoes on them.

The style of the frescoes is different from the various traditions on Earth, probably depicting a kind of ceremony offering sacrifices to the sky.

There are all kinds of bizarre beasts on it, some like Earth legendary existence, and more ones that Zhou Jia has never heard of.

There are many things in the ruins.

The shape and size of the bones have nothing common with each other, obviously not from the same species, the weapons are mostly decayed, but relatively intact.

Some weird rocks.

Compared to the flesh, these things are more able to withstand the passage of time.

The best preserved is the hardwood shield.

I don’t know if it’s due to the material or the time is too short. Except for the loose part of the inner grip, the rest is almost intact.


Among the many ashes, a cloth bag caught Zhou Jia’s attention.

Pulling the cloth bag out of the ashes, a familiar pattern came into view:

β€œNanyun University?”

This university is far from where he works. The place is not far away, among which the Department of Literature is the most famous, especially the study of ancient prose and language.

Look at this cloth bag, it looks like a product from more than ten years ago, and it is still very strong.

Opening it up, there is a leather journal, a pen without ink, several coins and a university professor’s badge.


“Song Changchang…”

The pages of the diary book have been glued together, and the handwriting on it is also very vague. Recognition, but it still made Zhou Jia a little excited.

This shows that people have come here as early as ten years ago.

If you can get out, maybe you can find them.


Looking back at the fog that covered the entire great hall, Zhou Jia’s complexion changed, and he finally sighed helplessly.

The Professor Song obviously couldn’t escape either.


Zhou Jia cautiously opened the diary, which described what happened to Professor Song and his party after they fell into this world.

The experience is similar.

They all met the wolf head monster, and then came to this palace in a daze.

The difference is that Professor Song has a lot of food on his body, and he persisted here for a long time, but in the end he could not change the ending.

In desperation, with only a few days left in his life, Professor Song became interested in the stone tablet in the field, thinking about deciphering the meaning of the text on it.

As a text research student, Zhou Jia was also interested.

I can’t get out anyway, so I might as well find something to do.

The text on the stone tablet is very different from what I have seen on Earth. There are one hundred and eight large and small texts similar to tadpoles.

Each text is different in detail.

Professor Song’s diary put forward several ideas, among which astrological phenomena have the greatest probability, which Zhou Jia also agrees with.

But the exact word is unknown.

The meaning to be expressed is even more unclear.

The second day.

Chen Hui didn’t eat or drink, she sat blankly in the corner of the great hall, and when she woke up, she moved towards the fog outside and ran away, trying again and again.

Every time, it ended in failure.

She was crying, sobbing, and frantic.

The third day.

Chen Hui was much more honest, her expression was a little dull, looking towards the few water and biscuits left in front of her, her eyes were full of despair.

During the period, Zhou Jia also tried.

It seems that he has given up now, holding an old notebook in his hand, making constant gestures among the ashes, looking a little confused.

Only by being immersed in it can he forget the fear of death.


Professor Song was the same.


While she was thinking about it, Chen Hui’s voice sounded behind her.

Zhou Jia recovered, turned his head and blushed, closed his eyes hastily, and even stepped back:

“What are you doing?”

He saw something he shouldn’t have seen.

It’s nice, but it’s against his will.

“It’s nothing.” Chen Hui’s voice was cold:

“I’m still a virgin. p> “You’re crazy!” Zhou Jia angrily said:

“You have a boyfriend, and I also have a girlfriend, so quickly put on your clothes, in case you catch a cold, there is no medicine for you here.”

“Cold?” Chen Hui sneered:

“It’s already this time, and I’m still afraid of catching a cold?”

After finishing speaking, moved towards Zhou Jia He rushed over, like a very hungry she-wolf, frantically tearing off the clothes on Zhou Jia’s body.

“You don’t think about Dai Lei, she lost her body a long time ago, I… I never let Cheng Qi touch it, and now I’m taking advantage of you.”

“All You’re going to die, come…”

“You’re crazy!”

Zhou Jia suddenly pushed her away and retreated to the corner of the great hall, turning her back and clenching her tightly. The diary in his hand has a complicated expression:

“You calm down first, maybe… maybe we can escape.”

His heart was beating wildly and his blood was surging.

The urge to turn around made his body tremble, his consciousness fluttering like a fog, and he couldn’t fall to the ground suddenly.


It’s nothing…isn’t it?

I’m going to die anyway…

The rear.

Chen Hui’s body was stiff, her hands stretched forward motionless, her expression was shy and annoyed, and Yin Teeth clenched her eyes in disbelief.

Finally, he spoke bitterly:

“Beasts are not as good!”

(End of this chapter)

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