Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 110


Chapter 110 Conflict

Dark brown scales, almost identical to the ground, indistinguishable, palm-size scales The lower muscles have terrifying power, and they meander the body between contractions.

One after another, long snakes spit out poisonous letters, si si sounded, and the group of snakes traveled, as if the ground was moving.

Zhou Jia and several people stood where the snakes passed, with different expressions on their faces.

Snakes, getting closer.


A poisonous snake that was nearly zhang long shot out, spewing venom from its mouth, and even opened its mouth wide and moved towards Zhou Jia.

When the venom comes into contact with the air, it instantly turns into a yellow mist that spreads out.

Like a mountain!


The Strength Transformation Qi of source power outside the body can actually be dressed by poisonous smoke, which is beyond his expectations.

At this time.

The poisonous snake is approaching.


Ripple visible with naked eyes appeared in front of him. Although the poisonous snake with the strength of Grade 4 was astonishing, it was also shocked and flew out.

But it’s more than one.

And companions!


“shua shua!”

More poisonous snakes swarmed up and instantly drowned Zhou Jia.


The energy exploded, and countless poisonous snakes were shaken and flew out. Zhou Jia source power was wrapped, the shield axe flew, and the poisonous snakes that approached were cut off by him one after another. kill.




His movements were abrupt, Eyebrows slightly raised.

The prey that should have belonged to him had already been divided up by Hong Shaoxiong and several others, and even the injured were stabbed to death by flying needles.


Behind, a group of Warrens raised their voices:

“It’s our turn.”


Tokk should be, bowing and stepping back.

Hong Shaoxiong glanced at Zhou Jia, opened his mouth, and lowered his head.


“When I was in middle school, although my academic performance was good, I was not very good at dealing with others, and the school environment was not good, so I was often bullied. “

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged in front of the bonfire and told Luo Xiuying, who had a rare treasure face, about her previous story:

“For example, let me have one when cleaning. People cleaned the toilets, which is the hut you said, washed their clothes, isolated me from my classmates, and took away the pocket money my parents gave me.”

“I was very angry at the time, but later I found out, This is called bullying.”

“Ah!” Luo Xiuying’s eyes flashed:

“Then what did you do?”

“It’s easy.” Zhou Jia chuckled:

“Tell the teacher that, in our place, good study is the magic weapon to win, and good students are all good students.”


He sighed, and the tape sighed with emotion:

“Although our school is poor, we have good teachers.”

“Is that so…” Luo Xiuying nodded:


“It’s similar to me. If I was bullied by my classmates at the book club, tell my father, and my father will be angry with me.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia touched Her head, her eyes were thoughtful:

“But when you grow up, you will understand that there is no teacher in society, and sometimes your father can’t help you, and you have to rely on yourself.”


“Injustice can happen anytime.”

“So if you don’t want to be bullied in the future, you must work hard.”

“en !” Luo Xiuying’s face tightened:

“I’ve been working hard, and it’s almost Grade 5 now.”

“Haha…” Zhou Jia laughed and said again:


“Actually, in our place, there is another option when you grow up, called lying flat. As long as you choose to lie flat, no one can bully you.”

“What is lying flat? ?”

This magical method aroused Luo Xiuying’s curiosity.

“Lie down, it’s useless here.”

Zhou Jia shook his head and stood up slowly:

“It’s my turn to inspect.”

“So fast?” Luo Xiuying pouted:

“They are just bullying people!”


“Da Da…”

The rapid sound of hoofs knocked on people’s hearts.

The existence of a group of horse-like creatures in life, turned into corpses wandering in the vicinity after death, plundering all the creatures around.

Gunma ran, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

Zhou Jia squinted his eyes slightly and looked straight ahead

Hong Shaoxiong, Tuoke and the others saw him motionless and couldn’t help but say:

“Brother Zhou, You haven’t shot yet?”

“No hurry.”

Zhou Jia’s voice was calm, watching the horses approaching calmly.

These horses are nearly zhang tall and have a wide skeleton. Even after death, they still run fast, and they can travel thousands of miles a day when they are alive.

With such a size and impact, it is comparable to a truck coming fast, and a few people are blocking the way of the truck.

His attitude made others anxious.

You are not in a hurry, but we are!

Hong Shaoxiong’s eyes flickered as he looked at the group of horses that appeared to be attacking.

As the distance approached, fear appeared in the eyes of several people.

But Zhou Jia.

Still still.


The dull sound from the belly reverberated in the air.

A corpse of a horse with rotting flesh and trembling hoofs flew into the air, its head leaned forward, and it flew towards Zhou Jia’s fiercely and bumped into it.

Extreme speed, powerful strength, so that the surrounding air is repelled.

A leap is several feet.

One foot!

Three feet!

One foot!

The huge horse corpse wrapped in Corpse Qi was even more powerful in front of Zhou Jia, who was less than two meters tall.


It was like rippling water, echoing with a muffled sound.

A shield appeared suddenly in front of the horse’s head.

When a man and a horse collided, one charged at an accelerated rate, with a huge body, and the other stood casually and swung a shield with one hand.

Zhou Jia’s long hair flying upwards, his eyes are like a deep ancient well, and his eyes are full of waves, and his relatively thin body is completely motionless under the collision.

On the contrary, it was a horse corpse, its head was violently shattered on the spot, and the corpse was shaken and flew out.

2nd layer shield against!


The Gunma charged like a violent wave, and Zhou Jia was solid as a rock, letting the wave rush, I stood still.

Others are far less capable.

The most crispy Tok only held on for a moment, then he was drowned by the horses with a scream, his body was trampled by the horses, and his flesh was blurred in an instant.

“If you don’t have strength, you can’t be a horse boy.”

Zhou Jia shook his head lightly, jumped up high, and faced the galloping horses, bucking the trend, double-edged The lightning on the axe is getting brighter.

The essence stone can gather the Power of Thunder and integrate into the axe shield by itself. The same is true.

However, Power of Thunder is not a consumable that can be used indefinitely.

After three clicks, it needs to be ‘charged’ again.

But every time it is used, the power is extremely amazing. Even Luo Ping of Grade 8 Peak is amazing after seeing it.

Raging thunder!

The Thunder Slash!


The dazzling lightning broke out in the middle of the herd, the winding thunder covered the surrounding several feet, and the extremely firm and fierce lightning swept through everything in an instant.

Corpse Qi, dissipating in the lightning.

A horse corpse, turned into fly ash.




cultivation base: Ordinary Grade 7 Heli (10686/12000)

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed. As he killed more and more aliens, his cultivation base also increased faster and faster, and now it is approaching Grade 8.

If it’s Advanced Grade 8…


lightly snorted, he dashes forward again.



Taylor’s eyes flickered, and they moved towards and swooped below.

Especially where Zhou Jia is, the corpse of the horse with its head and body seriously injured, in their eyes, is equivalent to each Shiquan Dabu pill.

These days, they have relied on others to attract the offensive, and they have picked up leaks and grabbed monsters in the back, and several people have been promoted to Grade 6 and Grade 7 one after another.

As for Zhou Jia, they didn’t deliberately target him.

It’s the same for everyone, but some people are willing to accept it but don’t dare to resist, while some people are thorny and naturally have to be eliminated.

“pa pa!”


Zhou Jia rushed forward, invincible all the way, until he encountered two horses with cavalry on his back. Death Knight stopped.

Knight holds about one zhang long gun, his legs lightly tucked into his horse’s belly.


The horse corpse screamed and rushed forward.

The place about one chi, from the quietest to the fast, is not abrupt at all, and the long spear in Knight’s hand is even more stabbed forward, breaking through the air.


Zhou Jia’s body trembled slightly, and he retreated for the first time.

However, he stabilized his body in an instant, dashed against the ground, and stabbed the double-edged axe with a scythe, knocking the Knight down with the roar of the horse corpse.

One person, two horses and two Knights were in a fight, and it was inextricable for a while.

But it’s obvious.

Zhou Jia appeared to be relatively relaxed and at ease, and in a short while he had scarred Knight and horse corpses all over his body, and his strength was obviously diminished.

“It’s our turn!”

Taylor shouted at the right time:

“You step back!”

while speaking, has been greeted The others rushed towards Zhou Jia.

These two Death Knights are obviously high-grade monsters. If they can be killed by him, their cultivation base and strength will certainly be greatly increased.

“Are you sure?”

Zhou Jia moved his hand for a while and looked towards several people.

“What the hell!” One person roared:

“If you don’t want to die, hurry back, we’ll take over here.”


Zhou Jia chuckled lightly, did not continue to entangle, folded his body and stepped back.

next moment.

Taylor contacts Death Knight.


“How come?”


One after another, hanging in the long above spear.




“surnamed Zhou, stand up for me!”

Terry Warren rushed in angrily, with his long sword drawn from his waist, pointed finger towards the sitting silhouette:

“How did you kill Tyler?”

“Fan You can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t speak indiscriminately.” Zhou Jia’s face sank, and he stood up slowly:

“Terry Warren, you are the Young Master of the Warren family, your status is precious, what you said Every word is responsible.”

“Taylor’s strength is not good, and he died under Death Knight’s long spear. This incident is obvious to all. What does it have to do with someone in my week?”


“Fart!” Terry Warren looked angry:

“Taylor has always acted cautiously, never taking risks easily, those two Death Knights are so strong, he will never rush up .”

“It must be you who killed him because he thought he was okay!”

“Speak with evidence.” Zhou Jia’s eyes were low:

“There is no basis and no evidence, how can you talk nonsense?”

“You…” Terry Warren’s face turned blue and white, he suddenly roared, and charged with his sword.

Taylor said it was his servant, but in fact the two grew up together and were as close as brothers.

All clues point to Zhou Jia, how could he not be angry.

“What are you doing?”

“Young Master, don’t do it!”

“Mister Zhou, stop it, stop it!”

The two bumped into each other, but just after they fought, they were separated by the crowd. Luo Ping also got up and stood in the middle and separated from left and right.

“Terry.” He looked directly at Terry Warren:

“A lot of people can testify to what happened today, Tyler’s death, it’s clear, you We know the pain right now.”

“But that’s not an excuse to vent your anger.”

“…” Terry Warren’s eyes widened, tight The long sword in the handshake, stared at Zhou Jia, before muttering for a long time:

“surnamed Zhou, I won’t let you go!”

“You Are you threatening me?” Zhou Jia squinted and his voice was cold:


“I’ll wait.”

“hmph!” Li-Warren coldly snorted, threw off the others, and swept back.

Zhou Jia watched the other person’s back gradually move away, quietly crushed a porcelain bottle in his hand, and the powder inside was long gone.

“You…” Luo Ping looked back and sighed helplessly:

“Be careful in the future, the Warren family has a Grade 9, a digital Grade 8, and a Grade 7 and a Grade 8. 6, there are two-three hundred people.”

“If you can’t provoke it, just endure it.”

As for Zhou Jia, he can only persuade him like this.

“I know.”

Zhou Jia smiled lightly:

“Senior Brother, don’t worry, I don’t like to cause trouble.”

(End of this chapter)

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