Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 112


Chapter 112 World Fragments

The atmosphere in the field with swords drawn and bows bent was interrupted by a sentence.

Everyone moved towards the direction that the man pointed, and then they were all stunned, with astonished expressions in their eyes, no exception.

Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched, his body subconsciously tightened, and he held his breath, a scene he would never forget for the rest of his life.

In the sky, the dark clouds roll.

A pair of wings, hundreds of miles long, protruded from the clouds, gently flapping.



As the wings fluttered, hurricanes rose from the sky one after another, countless trees, rocks and rocks. Involved in it, a deafening roar roared.

As far as the eye can see, a doomsday scene.

“Then… what is that?”

Someone muttered to himself with a stunned expression, and the soundtrack was horrified.

No one knows the answer.

Next moment, the wind has swept through, and hundreds of people are like boats caught in a stormy sea, involuntarily flying off the ground.

“Be careful!”

Long Zhongyue roared in the sky, and the source power on his body exploded, like countless chains, digging deep into the ground to hold him firmly.

Others did their best, struggling to keep their bodies in the wind.


Some people haven’t recovered for a while, the whole person is swept by the wind and slammed into the rock behind, the extreme speed directly makes him burst into death on the spot .


It was lifted high, and I don’t know where it was thrown.

In an instant.

As if the end had come, Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Everyone is involuntarily caught in the wind, doing Final Struggle. As for the conflict between the Warren family and Zhou Jia, no one can care.

Few are able to hold their bodies in the wind.

There were countless green plants around Ms. Becky, which bound her to the ground, and the green plants spread rapidly, resisting the howling wind.

Stu-Warren’s body was full ofdivine light, his feet fell into the rocks, and his whole body swayed with the wind.

In addition.

Luo Ping and several Grade 8s are also struggling desperately, and depending on the situation, they may be swept up into the sky at any time.

It’s Zhou Jia.

Listening to the innate talent of the wind, the muscles all over my body trembled, and the force changed with the incoming wind.

The most surprising thing was undoubtedly the unremarkable woman in the crowd.

She hugged her child and curled her body up. Under the strong wind, she looked more stable than several Grade 9 experts.


The violent roar seems to have caused heavenly thunder.

As the several dozen li long wings were fanned again, the air burst, and countless waves of terror visible to naked eyes rushed to the ground.

A mountain as high as several hundred meters couldn’t stand it under such power, it shattered violently on the spot, and countless rubble rushed into the sky.

Zhou Jia looked at this scene with despair in his eyes.

He couldn’t even see what the existence in the dark cloud looked like. The other party might just hurry along and flap his wings at will.

But for them…

It was a disaster!


What does it have to do with you?

Weak, not even worthy of survival.


The earth cracked, and countless dirt and gravel rose up into the sky.

A group of people screamed and got up from the ground.

At this moment.

Whether you are a Grade 9 expert or a Martial Artist with three Grade 4s, whether you are ambitious or a grassroots, there is no difference.

Long Zhongyue, Stu-Warren, Ms. Becky…

Zhou Jia, the woman with the child,

all involuntarily off the ground From the start, dancing wildly in the hurricane, Heaven and Earth turning upside down for a while, with only the whistling wind in my ears, and I can’t see anything.


β€œshua shua!”

Zhou Jia inspires violence and listens to the wind, but it has no effect at all, only the whistling of the wind.

All he knew was that he was being swept by the hurricane in a certain direction, and that the surrounding circumstances had changed before it became clear.


This kind of speed, even the body that inspires violence, is a dull pain.

No matter what is in front of you, as long as you hit it, the result will not be different at all. Without exception, it is all a mess.


After all, there is still no escape.

Sure enough, the Ruins World is the end of all living beings.

Zhou Jia smiled bitterly in his heart, perhaps because he had seen too much life and death, but he didn’t panic much when he was dying, but just desperately opened his eyes, wanting to take a last look at this world.

Otherwise, I’m really unwilling.

The next moment.


Time and space, like a sudden freeze.

The wind stagnated, the dark clouds stopped, and all sorts of things settled in mid-air, including silhouettes, beasts, and some odd-shaped monsters.

Below is a lake, which is equally stagnant.

What happened?


Just as Zhou Jia was stunned, the void around him was like the lid of a boiling pot, and strands of white mist emerged from it.

The white fog is increasing.

Indistinctly, a hazy urban illusory shadow appeared in the fog.

The city has high-rise buildings that stand in great numbers, the roads are criss-crossed, and the familiar and unfamiliar scenes also make Zhou Jia’s breath stagnate.

He had never seen such a scene, but had heard it from his mouth.

A new world fragment is about to appear in the Ruins World!



Time is back to normal.

There was a sudden squeak behind him.

Zhou Jia returned to his senses and saw a terrifying giant bird covered in rotten flesh suddenly retracting its wings and disappearing into the sky as a stream of light.

The flying posture seems to be a little panic?

This kind of existence is even afraid?

At the same time, some alien beasts and monsters with strong breath were also bounced out of the fog.

It seems that their existence does not conform to certain rules, or that they are cut off by some existence and thus expelled.


It is to rush to the high-rise buildings that stand in great numbers below.

Not good!

Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly in mid-air, and he didn’t have time to think about it. Dimo Xing’s listening to the wind quality was fully stimulated, and he suddenly folded in mid-air, stepping on the wind to forcefully twist his body.

9th layer Climb the stairs!


“shua shua!”

Even though he has tried his best, the speed has slowed down a lot, but his silhouette is still fierce Dive into a floor of a building.


Zhou Jia groaned in his mouth, raised his shield in his hand, curled up behind him, and rammed all the way, smashing through more than a dozen walls.

Finally, it smashed through the third floor before hitting a corner of the house.


The smoke and dust were everywhere, the silhouette inside was bleeding from the corner of the mouth, and she almost collapsed to the ground on the spot.




I don’t know how long it has been.

“cough cough!”

Zhou Jia struggled to get up from the rubble, subconsciously took out a bag from his arms, his already pale face sank.

In the kit, the phone has been completely broken.

Only a few loose parts remain.


With a sigh, Zhou Jia shook his head helplessly, put away the kit and touched his waist, the feeling of his fingers touching something hard made him feel slightly better Some.


The source crystal is still there.

The key is…

In that case, I actually survived!

Standing up, looking around, a wisp of doubt appeared in his eyes.

Dust desks, artistic crystal chandeliers, thick dust on the ground, and a dead lobby.

The sound of the howling wind came from the broken window, wu wu sounded.

A rotten smell pervades the surroundings.

This appears to be an office building, but apparently it hasn’t been used in a long time.

Looking at the environment inside the house, people here must be in a hurry when they leave, all kinds of things are piled up in a mess, and they haven’t been dealt with, and I don’t know what happened to them at that time.


Zhou Jia was taken aback by the large characters on the wall.

As a top student majoring in language and writing, he is very sure that there is no this on the wall among the many words on Earth.

Thinking about it, he accelerated and walked to a desk, flipping through the papers, nameplates and other objects with written words on it.

The tadpole-like characters have something in common with the big characters on the wall.

This is obviously a unified script, and it appears in every aspect of life, not just a random scribble by someone.


“This is not Earth!”

For a while, Zhou Jia didn’t know how to express his complicated feelings.


To admire or regret.

I am glad that I was not killed in my hometown, but I regret not being able to see the old man.


“What’s going on in this world?”

“Where are all the people?”


Somewhere on top of a building.


A tiger with a lower body and a human being on its upper body fell heavily from the heights, stomping on the ground with four feet, bursting out with tremendous force, and directly flattening the top floor.


In the smoke and dust, two figures slowly walked out.

One stood with his hands behind his back, the other half-tiger and half-human.

They stand on the top of the city, glance around, the whole city is desolate, and countless green plants climb between the high-rise buildings, like ruins that have been ruined for many years.

“It seems that this world didn’t last to the end.” Qian Yunfan said lightly, as if he was accustomed to this kind of scene:

“Even if there are still living creatures, I’m afraid There’s not much left.”

“The world fragment.” The half-human, half-tiger voice was loud, and the big eyes of copper bells fell on some existence in the shadow below:

“The person you’re looking for is probably dead.”

“No.” Qian Yunfan shook his head:

“I can sense my younger sister’s breath, but Brother Feihu, how many of your people are still alive?”

“Not much.” Feihu tilted his head, his eyes were cold:

“But killing a woman with a child, It’s more than enough, don’t forget what you promised.”

“Of course.” Qian Yunfan lowered his head, as if he didn’t dare to look directly at the other party:

“God, he will definitely take care of you. .”


Somewhere in ruins.

A huge pit came into view

Qian Xiaoyun hugged her child and knelt down in the middle of the pit, her body trembled, and it took a long time to regain her calm, her eyes looked sad towards One person beside him.


The man was tall and accompanied by Qian Xiaoyun all the way. When the cloak was taken off, it was a woman with a large skeleton:

“I can’t do it anymore.”

The woman opened her mouth, and the blood was rolling in her throat:

“Quick…go away, wait for the fragments of the world to merge into…the ruins, go to Big Brother Yan, He…he has been waiting for you in Hong Zeyu.”

“Xiao Cui.” Qian Xiaoyun’s thin lips trembled, and beautiful eyes filled with tears.

There was a rustling sound in her ears. She had to force her body to stand up. Finally, she glanced at Xiao Cui, who was swallowing her breath. She staggered and ran towards the heights.


On a long street.


This street should be extremely prosperous. The facades on both sides of the street are spacious and bright, the road is enough for eight horses to run side by side, and the broken signboard shows the luxury of the past.


It’s dead silence here, with several hundred li car-like mechanical creations blocking the road, and the ground is covered with weeds.

A group of dozens of people appeared on the long street.

One of them glanced around and put down an odd utensil in his hand.

“The black iron didn’t come in, it’s a mortal shard, but it’s not certain that this world won’t give birth to an Ultra Grade powerhouse.”

“Of course, don’t worry too much. “

“Even if there are, it is estimated that there are only one or two. The point of avoidance is that since we are lucky enough to come in, let’s see if we can get some benefits here.”

“Not bad.” In the crowd, a fatty tapped his hands:

“Ultra Grade Elementium is most likely to be born in this kind of place. If there is a living creature, it can be sold for a good price, no matter what Whether it’s the military or the Great Influence, they’re happy to bid.”

(End of this chapter)

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