Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 113


Chapter 113 Newcomers

This is a new world.

Not Earth, nor Feimu world, nor Dalin Dynasty.

The technology in this world is extremely developed, but the path seems to be different from Earth, at least the development of the power system is completely different.

Crystal pipes, flowing with some unknown liquid, are connected to different machines.


A water dispenser?


Zhou Jia walked slowly in each room, some things could be guessed for what they were used for, while others were confusing.


On the wall, a group photo made him stop.

The group photo was hung diagonally on the wall, on the verge of collapse, a dozen men and women dressed in cool clothes were smiling brightly, as if they were on a beach vacation.

I don’t know whether it’s the photographic technique or the deterioration of the material, but the skin of the people in the photo is fair and dazzling like a transparent crystal.


reflective halos.

The appearance is very in line with the aesthetics of the overwhelming majority Earth people, the men are handsome and the women are graceful, but some are too thin.

Touching the scratches on the coffee table, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

This should be an office building, each layer has many office areas, and the mess along the way seems to explain something.

Broken doors, walls full of scratches, bloodstains that have long since dried up…

The people here must have encountered some sudden crisis, so they fled in a hurry, not even without It was too late to clean up, but there was no body.


Zhou Jia squinted.

There are no bodies, which is not good news.



A series of abnormal noises came from outside, which also caused his eyes to move slightly, and he stepped to Crash. window side.

On the streets full of weeds, some ‘cars’ were placed in a mess, street lamps and railings fell to the ground, and various broken glass and clods were piled up.

A desolate apocalyptic scene.

At the end of the street, three silhouettes are running fast.

They are like apes, and they can leap several meters in a single leap.


“shua shua!”

Behind them, a head of ragged, shriveled, slender walking corpses roared Chasing the three of them.

The walking corpse’s movement method remains the same, and it rampages all the way. The cars and street lights are knocked away by them, and its strength is comparable to that of a Grade 3.

All the way to swoosh, roar again and again.

The faces of the three people in front were pale, and they saw the walking corpses getting closer and closer. One of them snorted and waved his arm suddenly.


Several steel bars on the ground jumped up suddenly, like sharp arrows, stabbing the walking corpses from behind.

The other person’s eyes flickered, he pointed back, and drank in a low voice:


In an instant.

Those walking corpses seemed to be suddenly crushed by heavy objects, their speed dropped suddenly, and they watched as steel bars pierced their heads.

There are too many walking dead.

Although the method of manipulating the steel bars in the air is magical, it is not very powerful. Only two walking corpses were pierced through their heads and died.

Plunged into other places, it was unaffected by the ‘living’ walking dead, figure stopped rushing again.

After some resistance, the distance between each other not only did not widen, but it was getting closer.

“Get up!”

The person running at the front abruptly stopped, turned around, clenched his teeth, and raised his hands suddenly.


The ground drums abruptly, and a wall appears in the middle of the road in the blink of an eye.


The man shouted again, pressed his hands down, and the glass, wall, and door panel on the verge of collapse immediately crash-banged down.

For a while, it also blocked the charge of the corpses.

By the window, Zhou Jia shook his head slightly.

These people’s methods are quite mysterious, and they can telekinesis in the air, but their strength is too weak to change the ending of being caught up.


When the thoughts turned, the ‘wall’ that had just been erected was smashed by the walking corpses, and two of the walking corpses were also approaching.



The movement method of the three people flickered, leaping several meters, not daring to collide with the walking dead, and waving their hands Manipulating all kinds of things moved towards Walking Corpse Skulls.

Fortunately, their movement method is agile. Even if they step on the wall, they can barely stabilize their figure.

But failure is a matter of time.

“White Page, you go first.” The tallest man shouted:

“My sister and I stopped them.”

“No! “The petite woman gritted her teeth:

“Let’s go together!”

“You…” The man was furious, but he was chased back and forth to dodge, there was no time at all voice.


With a scream, the other woman couldn’t dodge and was caught up by a walking corpse. Although she was not bitten in the throat, she was also swept away.

He slammed into the roof of a car.

The roof was sunken, and she struggled to get up for a while.


The corpses howled and swooped up.

“Bai Ling!”

“elder sister!”

The other two roared loudly, but they were helpless, they could only watch the corpses coming Completely drown the woman.

His eyes were full of despair.


β€œpu pu!”

At this moment, a few steel bars broke through the air, and the extreme speed made the air scream , running through the heads of several walking corpses one after another.

The strength is so great that it penetrates the head and pierces the ground.

The walking corpses beside the woman fell to the ground before they could even react.


A black shadow fell from the sky, the height of ten zhang or so did not slow down in the slightest, and the weight of hundreds of pounds slammed into the middle of the street.


The ground shook.

The two walking corpses were trampled underfoot by the silhouette, and their bodies and heads were shattered on the spot.

Zhou Jia, wearing heavy armor, glanced at the three people behind him, and his figure suddenly rushed forward, a trace of electric light appeared around him, and the double-edged axe spun out.

The Thunder Axe!



The impact of thousands of pounds, coupled with the extreme speed, can easily sweep away cars .

The walking corpses that rushed over were like rag dolls torn apart at will in front of Zhou Jia. With a gentle swing of the axe blade, several heads flew up to the sky.

The shield flipped flexibly in his hands, waving his arms, and several walking corpses were like cannons popping out of their chambers, moving towards the walls on both sides.


One by one, their heads shattered and died.

But in the blink of an eye, the dozens of walking corpses that came after him had been swept away by him.


Ming Yao, Bai Ling, and Bai Ye supported each other, looked at the ‘people’ approaching with surprise, and were curious about each other’s origins.

It must be a Peak expert who can kill so many mutant corpses so easily.

But as far as they know, the Peak experts in the fourth district of Star City do not seem to like wearing heavy armor.


How did you do that kind of punch-to-meat, close-to-close fight just now?

How can an ordinary person have such a powerful force that it can even crush a mutated corpse, like a rampaging tank.

With such heavy armor, wouldn’t it be able to digest spiritual power?

“Friend…friend.” Ming Yao swallowed saliva and said , said:

“many thanks for your help.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nodded and was also looking at the three of them.

It seems that there is no problem with the photo above, people in this world are indeed very white, and their skin can even reflect halos in sunlight.

It’s like a layer of crystal, it’s really beautiful.

It’s not just skins.

The facial features and appearance are also good, I don’t know if the three people I encountered are beyond average, or if the others are the same.

“What’s going on with this world?”



“What you said we Why can you understand?”

The three of them were stunned at the same time, the other party’s words were obviously not in Star Alliance language, but they could understand, and what is our this world?

Isn’t he from this world?

“Now is not the time to talk.” Zhou Jia glanced back, countless tiny tremors, moving towards this side.


The fight just now alarmed some existences hidden in this city.


Since he came to this world fragment, a sense of crisis has always been in his heart, making Zhou Jia not dare to be careless.

Although he looked relaxed just now, no one could guarantee that there would be no existence that could threaten him.

Immediately asked:

“Do you have a place to hide?”

“This…” Ming Yao’s eyes flickered, and then nodded:


“You come with me.”

The two sisters Bai Ling and Bai Ye looked at each other with some worry in their eyes, but Still nodded, the three of them accelerated in front of them.

Not long.

The four came to a dilapidated high-rise building.

Ming Yao took out a hidden ladder from the ruins and took the lead to climb upstairs.

Zhou Jia looked at the slender footsteps, shook his head helplessly, jumped up, jumped several feet, and directly climbed the wall.

The three of them looked at the silhouette, who was wearing hundreds of kilograms of heavy armor and still maneuverable, and their eyes couldn’t help showing surprise again.

This guy is weird.


It’s also strong!

Up to the middle floor, the three put away the ladder and brought Zhou Jia to a room.

Opening the door, there is actually a door inside. After opening it again, there is a vault with more than ten square meters.

The thick metal plate and complicated opening method are indeed suitable as a surviving base for the apocalypse.

“This… friend.”

Ming Yao opened his mouth and said:

“This is our temporary residence, if you don’t dislike it, then Rest here first.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nodded, watching the other party open the door of the vault, a simple but warm residence came into view.

Temporary accommodation.

The real hiding place must be somewhere else.

This also works fine.

Although I saved them myself, there seems to be something wrong with this world. They don’t trust themselves, as it should be by rights.

“I don’t know…what’s your name?”

“My name is Zhou Jia.”

Zhou Jia said:

” I know what you want to ask, I am not from your world, you will get used to it, but what happened here?”

“Not from our world?”

“What do you mean by people who are not in our world?”

“How did you come here?”

“Why do we understand what you say, why do you understand what we say? ?”


For a time, the three of them were stunned, and then various inquiries followed.

Zhou Jia frowned and was about to explain something casually, but something in his sight made him stunned for a moment:

“Original stone?”

“What did you say? Is it the Star Stone?” Bai Ye followed his gaze, reached out and picked up an ornament on the table, touched a spar on it, and said:

“You call it Originium? “

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia glanced around the room, and his heart skipped a beat again:

“You here…”

“Original stones are common?”

As far as I can see, there are many Originium stones in this room, and they are all used as decorations to embellish some utensils.

You must know that although the source stone is beautiful, even the former owner of the Huo Family Fort, Huo Fu, would not be so extravagant to use it as a decoration.

“It’s not too common.” Ming Yao shook his head:

“This thing is a product from Yaocheng. Because of its good shape, it’s sold everywhere. Now we know what’s in it. The energy can increase our strength.”

Said, looking at Zhou Jia.

He was obviously telling him, don’t try to hide it from them, they also know the role of Originium.


Zhou Jia nodded, it seems that there is an Originium stone mine there, but it is probably not in this world fragment, so don’t think too much:


“You know it can increase your strength, why not use it?”

It’s too wasteful to use it as a decoration even though you know it’s a good thing.

“It’s too slow.” Bai Ling said:

“It’s much faster to kill mutant corpses, but it’s too dangerous, so I need many thanks for your help, we Only survived.”

Zhou Jia was dumbfounded.


In the novice zone, newcomers can kill mutant corpses much faster than refining Originium, and the cultivation base grows much faster.

But this is for a few of them, and for him, the experience gained from killing Grade 3 zombies is almost negligible.

Only valid for Grade 4 and above.

It was the same when Gao Libing and the others were dismissive of werewolves.

“Actually, it’s also useful.” Bai Ling, who had a mild temperament, saw Zhou Jia’s complexion changing back and forth, and said softly:

“Some star crystals contain a lot of energy, if you absorb it , it’s still good.”

“Star Crystal? Origin Crystal?” Zhou Jia’s breath stagnated:

“Where are you, Origin Crystal?”

A source crystal contains energy that is comparable to a Grade 9 or a tenth-grade ominous beast. Although it takes time to refine, it is more expensive.

In his spare time, he relied on the energy of refining the source crystal to increase the cultivation base. Now there are only two left in his hand, which are extremely precious.

“We don’t have it here.” Bai Ling shook his head:

“But there may be shop counters in Gold Jade Huang and Ming Yufang in Star City. When I married Ming Yao I also bought one and used it later.”

“Gold Jade? Mingyufang?” Zhou Jia squinted:

“Is it a jewelry business?”

“That’s right.” Ming Yao intervened, persuading:

“Brother Zhou, where the star crystal is, there are often many mutant corpses. It’s too dangerous, you must be careful. Don’t be impulsive.”

“en.” Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

There are a lot of source crystals in this world shard!

(End of this chapter)

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