Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 114


Chapter 114 Four Districts

Ephemeris 1674, Blood Moon Appear.

In just one day, the entire world has changed drastically.

Countless wild beasts have evolved into terrifying cannibal monsters, old and debilitated Human Races have become strong as an ox, bloodthirsty, corpses in the cemetery burst out of coffins and turned into walking corpses .

The star clansman, standing on top of the world, is reduced to food.

One year later.

The once prosperous world was completely destroyed, the resistance of the alliance crumbled under the rays of blood moons, and the last team failed.

At the same time, the supernatural power that once could be inspired by very few people has become everyone’s instinct, but this does not change anything.

Compared with countless walking corpses and alien beasts.


too few!

Also too weak!

Another seven years.

The star city is almost in ruins.

The survivors hide in hidden corners and struggle to survive.

They divided their divisions, formed alliances with each other, and agreed that each surviving base was the spark of star clansman revival, holding hope in despair.

Three years later.

A white fog suddenly appeared in the star city and fell into the ruins.

Southern District.



One after another silhouette was thrown out one after another, and under the angry gazes of everyone, A group of Shi Shiran came to the Southern District leader Baidi Twins.

“I can’t think of it.”

The man in front was wearing Baoguang soft armor, with hands behind ones back, and under the gaze of hundreds of people, his face doesn’t change, and he was still looking at a man in the mood A woman:

“It turned out to be a pair of Twins owned by the White Emperor.”

“No wonder!”

He nodded, said:


“Twins have a sympathetic breath, and Divine Soul can coexist. The progress of two people’s cultivation is naturally much faster than that of one person.”

“Who are you?” White Dragon’s eyes Profound, as if the vortex is turning, looking towards the coming person.

The other party is young, he looks less than 20 years old, with black hair, dark eyes, yellow skin and star clansman completely different, and his aura is extremely strange.

Under the induction of the secret technique of the mind, it seems that the person standing in front of him is not a person, but a flame wrapped in rich baleful aura.

There is a feeling like a needle stick, which makes him not dare to forget it easily.

White Dragon’s eyes narrowed and he spoke again:

“Who are you?”

“What?” The other party raised his eyebrows:

“As the owner of the Southern District, you haven’t met a few outsiders yet, and the efficiency is too low. I regret choosing to cooperate with you.”

Shaking his head, he said calmly. :

“Ji Yao, the son of the commander of the Chixiao Army.”

“The Chixiao Army?” Bai Feng’s voice was light:

“You are outsiders. ?”

She seems to know some recent changes in Star City, but she doesn’t quite understand it.

“Not bad.” Ji Yao nodded:

“Your world has already been influenced by the Ruins World, and it won’t take long for you to fully integrate into the Ruins World. What are your plans after that? ”

The White Emperor Twins looked at each other in blank dismay, and the others were even more confused.


Ji Yao was speechless, with a wave of his hand, a fatty beside him was thrown out by him:

“Star clansman has Cultivation Divine Soul secret technique’s innate talent, you should be able to read other people’s memories, just look at his and you’ll understand.”

“Less… Young Master.” Fatty fell to his knees, his face pale:


“Young Master, spare your life!”

Bai Feng’s face was also unbearable. They did have a way to check other people’s memories, but the method was brutal, and they were foolish enough to die.

Therefore, it has never been easy to perform.

“Shut up!” Ji Yao’s face sank:

“You should have died if you didn’t catch up with the Ye Family caravan, if it wasn’t for your usefulness, I would have Throw you out to feed the corpse.”

White Dragon took a step forward with a cold face, flicks with the finger, a stream of light disappeared between fatty’s eyebrows, and the spiritual chains were forcibly connected together.

Since the other party doesn’t care, why should he be polite.

In an instant.

Many scattered memory fragments came to mind one after another. As a bloodline-connected Bai Ling, he also sensed some news.

The expressions of the two could not help but change.

The world of ruins!

Hong Zeyu!

Chixiao Army!


For a long time.

White Dragon said hoarsely:

“Ji… Young Master, how do you want to cooperate?”

He bowed his head slightly, showing that Sincerely.

Everyone in the southern district was stunned. They didn’t know what was going on, but they could see that the attitude of the white emperor and twins of aloof and remote changed drastically.

“Haha…” Ji Yaolang laughed:

“The so-called a wise man submits to circumstances, the danger of the ruins is far beyond your imagination, joining the Chixiao Army is the only way A wise choice.”

“Master Ji Young.” Bai Feng said in a deep voice:

“We are willing to cooperate with you, but we will never accept the enslavement of the Chixiao Army!”

“en?” Ji Yao smiled and restrained:

“weak are prey to the strong, the rules of the world have always been like this, after the world merges, you think you have No choice.”

“Master Ji Young.” White Dragon said:

“What we mean is, we are willing to cooperate with Ji Family, not Chi Xiaojun.”


“Oh!” Ji Yao raised her eyebrows, her eyes changed back and forth, and then her face smiled again:

“Actually, slavery is only for lower-class people, with the strength and status of the two , it’s not impossible to cooperate with my Ji Family.”

“If it goes further, it will be better!”

“Go further?” Quietly flashed joy.

“Not bad!” Ji Yao hands behind ones back and walks slowly:

“You are still newcomers, and you have never had an orthodox method in Culture, so I hope that during this time Lay the foundation of Ultra Grade, and hope to be Ultra Grade in the future.”

β€œOnly by achieving Ultra Grade can you truly be qualified to negotiate with my Ji Family!”

β€œWhy?” Bai Feng Eyes full of doubts:

“Why did Master Ji Young help us like this?”

“Help you?” Ji Yao laughed and showed his domineering:

” There are thousands of StarClan people, all of them have the innate talent of Cultivation ‘spell’, how can they be a strong force, the Akasaka Army wants it, so does the Ji Family, why can’t I?”

“The two of you, if you want to get it, you must give it first. You don’t understand this, right?”

He didn’t seem to be afraid of the other party’s dissent at all.

The twin eyes of the White Emperor twinkled.


White Dragon one-knee kneels, Bai Feng smiled and he moved towards Ji Yao and leaned over.

They already know Ji Yao’s identity, and they also understand that relying on each other is the best choice at present, both for them and Xing Clansman.


Ji Yao squinted, moved towards a big man behind him and looked:

“Go to other districts, what’s the situation?”




Vault Base.

Ming Yao and the Bai Family sisters sat cross-legged and exchanged glances cautiously.

The white page opened its mouth, but no sound came out. Instead, the sound waves formed beams, which split into two strands and quietly disappeared into the other two ears:

“Sister, brother-in-law, what are you doing? Look?”

“He saved us.” Bai Ling said, and also sound transmission:

“Should be a good person.”

In the end times, The danger is not only the walking dead, rare beast, but also the human heart. Compared with the previous two, the human heart is more complicated.

You can’t guard against it.

They can live to the present, and naturally they will not trust others with no difficulty.

“Not bad.” Ming Yao nodded:

“Anyway, he saved our lives, and with Zhou Jia’s strength, we are not opponents if he wants to harm us. “

Said, looking at the silhouette sitting cross-legged and eyes closed.

The other party seems to be resting, breathing steadily, but there is an inexplicable sharpness on his body, which makes people afraid to approach.

“I’m not talking about this.” Bai Ye shook his head:

“I’m talking about the Ruins World, what do you think is true or false?”

“Ruins World…”

The two fell silent.

“He has no reason to lie to us.” Paused, Bai Ling said in a crisp voice:

“And we did see it, that strange mist wrapped the star city, and then, otherwise, , where did he come from?”

The three of them had seen Zhou Jia’s appearance, which was completely different from them.

It’s not just looks.

The way to deal with the walking dead, the words to say, are all different.

“Let’s rest.” Ming Yao sighed softly:

“Since there is more than one outsider, there must be news from the East District, when the time comes and ask, naturally It’s clear.”

“The Ruins World…”

“It’s not necessarily bad news for the Ruins World instead of living like this.”

“en. “white page nodded:

“You guys go to bed first, wait for a change.”




Zhou Jia squeezed the source crystal in his hand, and the three-element orthodoxy was running in his body, and strands of source power poured out from the source crystal and submerged into his body.

The cultivation base is also increasing slowly and continuously.

Since this world fragment has a lot of Originium, and even Origin Crystal, then he naturally doesn’t need to save, just refining.

No more, find another chance to search.

The people in this world are weak, but they are born with the ability to sense source power, somewhat like the ‘Mage’ in Fei Mu world.


They really fit the way of the ‘Mage’.

Compared with the inheritance of Fei Mu world, this world calls this ability mind power, and there is almost no systematic technique of cultivation.

No wonder.

The three of them are not used to resorting to Originium Cultivation.

There is no suitable method, just holding the source stone, it is very rare to be able to refine source power.

Just like Zhou Jia.

With and without the three-dimensional corrective method, with the help of Yuanjing cultivation, the progress is also the difference between Heaven and Earth.

In the body, source power operates in an orderly manner.

In my mind, the mood of Ben Lei fluctuated.

The Martial Arts Concept speaking of which is magical, but in his opinion, it is the fit with a martial skill. The stronger the artistic conception, the deeper the fit.

With the corresponding martial skill, the source power is running and the fleshy body is more suitable, and the formidable power is naturally stronger.

Until the martial skill Perfection, every move is integrated into the body.

And the Great Perfection.

It means that a martial skill is completely understood, not only understands everything, but also integrates with other methods according to one’s own needs, and is no longer limited by the original cultivation technique.

In order to increase the power of the learned martial skill.

Every expert who can cultivate the martial arts to the Dzogchen realm belongs to the top expert in establishing the sect in the Dalin Dynasty.

The characteristic of the soldier is that as long as Zhou Jia cultivates, the experience will be improved, and the perception will also increase. There is almost no bottleneck, and it can go all the way to the Great Perfection Realm.

That’s the time of the Thunder Axe.

Just holding a double-edged axe, the moves come to mind, and the mood of running the thunder fluctuates, and the martial skill experience will naturally increase.


The Power of Thunder inside the double-edged axe also surged.

Anytime, anywhere, you can cut out the axe of spare no effort!

As for the rest of the house.

Although the three of them spoke very carefully, but with the blessing of listening wind innate talent, even if the voices were bunched up, Zhou Jia could hear them clearly.

The four districts of Star City.

Star Emperor in Eastern Region, Black Emperor in Western Region, White Emperor in Southern Region, Mad King in Northern Region.

Among them, the East District is the place where the three people go most often, and it is also the place where material exchanges are most frequent among the four districts.

The next day.

The blood moon is in the sky.

β€œWhenever a blood moon appears, the walking corpses will stay in place, and as long as they are not alerted at this time, there is no danger.”

White page explanation Dao:

“So, the blood moon is the safest time, and it’s also the time when we go out to find food.”

“Although some people say that the appearance of the blood moon has caused the world to enter the end of the world, but I think the blood moon is to protect us and suppress the walking corpses.”

“Thanks to the blood moon, Let us have a relatively safe time when we are desperate.”

Zhou Jia was dumbfounded.

If you let her know the truth about the blood moon, I don’t know what to think.


In the dilapidated high-rise building.

Luo Ping stared at a shadow in the distance, his eyes filled with evil, and his killing intent was like reality.

Luo Xiuying was pale and fell behind him. Paul, who had a broken arm, recited the Light God mantra and was treating other people’s injuries.

“I can’t think of it.” One person raised his head and murmured:

“When we get to this kind of place, the transparent monster still doesn’t give up. With it hidden in the dark, we are even more dangerous. ”

(end of this chapter)

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