Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 115


Chapter 115 Good People

The blood moon hangs in the air.

The entire city appears to be covered in a blood-red veil.

Everything in sight is eerie and sinister, and the shadows cast by high-rise buildings sway slightly in the wind, making it more and more infiltrating.

Four silhouettes, quietly passing through the buildings, moved towards the most prosperous commercial street nearby.

“Xia Shopping Mall is a chain shopping mall invested and built by Yaocheng Tianjia. There are several places in Xingcheng, and this one we went to is one of them.”

Ming Yao is the oldest, He is also most familiar with the environment of Star City, and said in a low voice:

“Because it is close to the University City, the first floor is the lobby and bookstore, and the second floor is the supermarket and jewelry store that sells things.”


“Gold Jade Huang and Ming Yufang have all opened branches here, as well as other lesser-known jewelers.”

“en.” Zhou Jia silently nodded.

The blood moon first appeared at night, and the entire world was in chaos overnight, and gold and silver jewelry lost their valuable properties.


is the most valuable thing.

In the end times, no one will snatch jewels.

So most likely, there are Originium and Originium in the jewelry store.

He said in a low voice:

“Be careful, you will follow me later. When you arrive at the supermarket, you can collect food. I will go to the jewelry store by myself.”

“Yes.” Ming Yao and the two women looked at each other:

“Mister Zhou be careful.”

‘Look. ‘Bai Ye raised his eyebrows, and secretly sounded transmission:

‘I’ll just say that Zhou Jia is a good person. ‘

‘Not bad. ‘Bai Ling also echoed nodded.

The other party is willing to take the initiative to take risks and protect the weak. In the eyes of the two women, this is a real warm man, and naturally a good person.

I don’t know.

Zhou Jia just didn’t want trouble, the three of them would only be a drag in his eyes.

Walking on broken glass and stubborn weeds growing in the cracks of the ground, a group of four came to a dilapidated shopping mall.

“It’s here.” Ming Yao tightened his body and whispered:

“There are many walking corpses around here, especially near the Star Stone, Mister Zhou must be careful, If it doesn’t work, let’s withdraw.”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:


Step down a little, cast the 9th layer climbing step, source power Wandering on his legs, quietly exerting his strength, he lifted his body and floated lightly on the second-floor windowsill.

The posture is graceful and elegant, and the landing is silent.

The other three were amazed and climbed up cautiously.

Commercial building.

The lobby on the first floor is five or six meters high.

The entry point.

It’s a mess, the supermarket has been turned over many times, and there are only bare shelves and collapsed wooden boards.

Fortunately, there seems to be something in there.

But it’s pitch black, and there’s more of a screeching voice, making people afraid to go deeper.

Zhou Jia seemed to regard the darkness as nothing, and strode forward, but there was no sound under his feet, and the place where he landed was an open space.

Listening to the innate talent reflected by the wind, everything around you, obvious at a glance.

“Let’s go!”

Ming Yao calmed down and followed with her two daughters.

After walking for a while, the four of them went deeper and deeper, and the gloomy aura permeated the surroundings, and the lack of five fingers even made them panic.

Even with ready night vision goggles, it can’t be weakened.


“Over there.” Zhou Jia stopped, stretched out his hand and pointed to the side:

“There is a warehouse there, and there are some things, you go and look inside, I will look inside. Look.”

Ming Yao tried his best, but with the help of night vision goggles, he could only see a vague illusory shadow of the portal, and couldn’t see the real situation.

Want to open his mouth, Zhou Jia has already walked in.


“Let’s go!”

With a wave of hands, the three moved towards the so-called ‘warehouse’ line.

Not long.

“Really…there is something!”

The small warehouse hidden in the compartment is filled with all kinds of materials, most of which are rotten, but there are also cans and other things.

The three of them trembled with excitement, desperately suppressing the excitement in their hearts, and hurriedly took out the bag behind them and began to put things in it.


Picking up a bottle of wine, Ming Yao’s eyes lit up and his throat rolled subconsciously.

This is the pre-apocalyptic star city’s cream of the crop wine. A bottle can cover the wages of both parents for a month, and he has never tasted it.

Even in the East End, it’s hard currency.

“Take the food first.” Bai Ling patted his hand and whispered:

“Take the tobacco and alcohol last.”

Although tobacco and alcohol cannot Block hunger, but the nobles in the fourth district are still very interested in them, and they can also be exchanged for things.

The other side.

Zhou Jia has gone deep inside the mall.

Guanghua’s floor tiles are covered with dust, the hanging crystal lamps are hanging on the ground, and the exquisite paintings on the walls have faded, but the former prosperity can be vaguely explained.

Daxiang Jewelry!

Stopping in a jewelry store, Zhou Jia stepped in, and before he got close, a strong source power aura appeared in his perception.

In the shattered glass counter, some Originium cut into various shapes are arranged in various shapes.

It’s a dozen or so.

“Good place!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, not in a hurry to collect the origin stone, but took out an animal horn from his arms and moved towards the safe inside go.

The horns come from ominous beasts hunted on the road.

The horn blade is so sharp that his shield has several dents.


The hard safe, unable to withstand a single blow in front of the sharp beast horns, was instantly slashed with a crack, and more intense aura gushed out.

Source Crystal!

Three source crystals!


Zhou Jia took a deep breath, grasped Yuanjing, and turned a blind eye to the cards, banknotes and the like.

Three source crystals are equivalent to three thousand source stones.

In the Huo Family Fort, the three thousand source stones are already wealthy families.

And this.

It’s just a branch of an obscure jewelry store. How many jewelry stores and Origin Crystals should there be in the entire Star City?

Thinking about it makes one’s blood boil.

Not to mention Grade 8, there are so many source crystals, even if it is cultivation to Grade 9, tenth grade, and even Ultra Grade expert, I am afraid it is more than enough!

Suppressing his excitement, he turned and walked to other stores.

With the Origin Crystal, the Origin Stone is already disdainful to take, and taking it will also take up space.

The first one is off to a good start.

The next few jewelry stores also have their own harvests. The biggest harvest is undoubtedly Mingyufang. There are twelve source crystals in the safe.

It was Gold Jade Huang, who seemed to have been raided, and there was nothing in it.


Standing in Gold Jade Huang’s store, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

He already has twenty-four Origin Crystals on his body, enough for cultivation for a long time, but he always feels like he has missed something.


With a slight movement in his eyes, he stepped into the store.

Push the door and open the room where the finance clerk should be.


The walking corpse, who was vomiting the breath of the blood moon from the sky, moved for a while, then turned his head slowly, his hideous face was full of terror.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, he strode forward, and slapped him out.


The huge force of thousands of pounds directly caused the head of the walking corpse to explode on the spot, and the filthy blood and water spurted out of the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and other orifices.

There is more than one walking dead in the house.

The other heads turned around when they heard the movement and rushed towards them with a roar.

β€œpa pa!”

The electric light shone, Zhou Jia seemed to teleport, appearing next to several walking corpses one after another, kicking them out one by one.

The soles of his feet exerted force, the source power was like a hammer, and the force of thousands of pounds slammed into the chest of the walking corpse, bursting at one point, directly shattering the body.

The existence of Grade 2 and Grade 3, in front of him, has long been unable to withstand a single blow.

After cleaning up the walking corpse, rummaging through the room, picking up a few accounts that should be in his mind, Zhou Jia Shi Shiran walked out the door.

The next moment.


A deafening shriek came from not far away.

The glass shattered instantly, cracks appeared on the ground, and countless tables, chairs and benches burst open, and Zhou Jia couldn’t help but back up.

A pair of scarlet blood eyes came into view.


The supermarket.

The three Ming Yao quickly reloaded the supplies.

“Don’t touch canned fish, canned meat, compressed food, and canned fruit. If it is not sealed properly for such a long time, it will be bad.”

The key is that canned fruit does not stop hungry and dead.

“Tobacco and wine are packaged separately. Although we don’t need these things, we can exchange them for food in the East District. They are all hard currency.”

“Mechanical watches can be taken, and there are also People will accept it.”

Since the end of the world, complex and sophisticated electronic instruments have been unusable due to unknown influences. On the contrary, simple mechanical watches can still be used, and are very popular with some people.

“If I knew it earlier, I would have taken a bigger bag.” White Page muttered while loading things, and even complaining was filled with happiness.

Great harvest!

With what happened today, I’m afraid I won’t have to worry about it in the next few months.

“I’ll see if there’s anything nearby that can hold things.” Ming Yao was even more reluctant to take these things, stood up and searched around.


Suddenly, a scream came from inside the mall. Even though it was far away, the doors and windows were still shaking, and the glass oh la la shattered.

The three of them were even more dizzy, gritted their teeth and insisted.


Ming Yao raised his head stiffly, looked at the two women, his steel teeth clenched:

“Red-eyed zombie!”



In the city, in addition to ordinary walking corpses, there are two terrifying existences, one is the red-eyed zombie, which can emit terrifying sound waves.

At close range, it can shatter people on the spot.

This kind of existence is not only terrifying in strength, but its voice has the ability to summon other walking corpses, and can summon countless walking corpses at any time.

At the moment, the three of them couldn’t care about anything else, Ming Yao picked up the package and rushed out.

The two women hesitated for a while, but immediately followed.

In the apocalypse, life and death are only for a moment. This time is not the time to worry about other people. It is important whether you can survive or not.


The three of them ran desperately, clenching their teeth.



A loud noise made their hearts tremble.

The next moment.

A black-skinned, red-eyed corpse flew out from the interior of the mall, smashing hard on a wall, directly smashing a human-shaped depression.

A gray shadow followed closely from behind, grabbed the zombie’s head, and slammed toward the ground.

Ferocious and brutal.


A hole was smashed out of the hard marble floor, and the red-eyed zombie’s neck was even more twisted and deformed, and the body was almost separated.

The three people’s hearts were beating wildly, and they subconsciously stopped.

Zhou Jia got up, flattened his zombie head with one foot, and slowly moved towards the threesome:

“It seems that you have already packed up, let’s go, this thing The sound of the corpse seems to attract walking corpses, and if you don’t leave, it will be too late.”

“Ah!” p>

“Yes, yes, hurry up, hurry up!”

“I also want to see the surviving base of this world when I go to the East District.” Zhou Jia said.


The four of them went downstairs and stayed away from the mall before the walking corpses gathered behind them. The Fang Family siblings leaned against the wall and tried their best to breathe.

“It’s very dangerous!”

“I can’t believe that I could meet a red-eyed zombie, thanks to Mister Zhou.”

“This time it was a bumper harvest. , With these things, we will not worry about it for the next few months, but, the wine bottle is broken…” Came back to his senses.

“Let’s go!”

“There is still a chance after the things are gone.”

Zhou Jia gave the three of them time to recover and wait until they stabilized Stop God, the four talents are on the road again.

Good guy!

Kill zombies, save people,

Don’t covet things.

This Mister Zhou is indeed a good person!

White pages in the heart secretly evaluate.




“Ming Yao.”

At the end of the alley, several hands The star clansman of the machete stopped in front of the four.

One of them had a scar on his face, and his eyes were golden. His gaze passed over a few people and landed on the bulging package behind Ming Yao.

In his eyes, a flash of greed flashed.

“It looks like you have good luck this time, and you have gained a lot?”

“Scar.” Ming Yao narrowed his eyes:

“You What do you want to do?”

They were planning to use the Ten Thousand East Survivor Base, but they were stopped by these people before they could go far, and the other party’s past behavior made him inwardly shouted badly.

“Don’t do anything.” Knife Scar spread out both hands, as it should be by rights:

“You seem to have forgotten that this is the site of our eldest sister Miao, from We have taken something here, should we leave something behind?”

“Miao white jade!” The name seems to have an invisible threat to the three Ming Yao, hearing this body subconsciously tense Tight:

“Things are in the shopping mall, whoever has the ability to get them, these are found by our own ability, don’t you want to snatch them?”

“Hey Scar lowered his head and sighed, his face turned fierce and murderous intention in the next moment:

“Don’t be ashamed, since we met with several brothers today, don’t even think about taking things away , quickly put it down for me.”


He opened his eyes, and several thumb-sized steel bars around his body were already suspended, stabbing until the four of them:

“Things stay, people die!”

“So…” Zhou Jia, who had been watching the changes without saying a word, glanced at a few people, finally spoke, and moved towards his side The white page looked at the white page:

“These people who came out suddenly are here to snatch something?”

“Uh…” The white page opened his mouth and his face was stern. A wry smile:

“It’s true, but…”

Before she finished speaking, her heart skipped a beat.

A flash of lightning flashed.

Although it is short-lived, it seems to be imprinted in the heart, making people unforgettable.

β€œpu! “

With the flashing of electric light, five heads flew up at the same time, and five bloody water sprayed from the neck, and the scars in front of several people swayed and fell to the ground.

“Let’s go! “

Putting away the double-edged axe, Zhou Jia’s voice was as calm as ever.

The three of them were tongue-tied, and came back to his senses after a while.

The people killed by Mister Zhou are bad people, they want to rob us, and death cannot wipe out the crimes, they deserve it!

Mister Zhou is a good person!

The white page was nodded, and he kept up with his steps, only to find that Zhou Jia’s ears were trembling, he suddenly accelerated, and moved towards the road ahead.

After a while.

Long On the street, a group of walking corpses are besieging and killing a few people dressed in weird clothes.

The three of them haven’t figured out what to do, Zhou Jia has already rushed over, a few flickers, and they land on the field. In front of people.

Mister Zhou went to save people again?

With a white eye and Ru Mu, he is really a good person.



“Keller. “

Under the armor, Zhou Jia’s voice was cold:

“Meet again, where is Stu Warren?” “

“It’s you, Zhou Jia!” “Kaile is a Grade 8 expert of the Warren family, and he survived this time. He was stunned when he saw Zhou Jia, then grinned: “You came just in time, although I don’t know what Jazz is now.” Where, but kill you, I believe he will be very happy to know. “

“What? “Zhou Jia said:

“You are not with him. “

Said, shaking his head slightly:

“It’s a pity. “

“Don’t be sorry. Kayle’s eyes sank:

“I’ll take your head to see Jazz.” “

“Really? “Zhou Jia hummed lightly, and his body dashed suddenly.


Smashing Thunder!


The dazzling thunder is blooming in the sky.


Bai Ye fiercely covered his mouth and looked at Zhou Jia in disbelief as he chopped vegetables and melons, He chopped those people to death on the spot, and the armor was covered with blood.

My heart suddenly shivered.

Mister Zhou…

It won’t be murder Go crazy!

(End of this chapter)

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