Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 116


A First Look at Chapter 116

Somewhere in the Building.

Once Star City Bank.

The fat Ye Tian patted a walking corpse to death, looked at the group of corpses coming from all directions, frowned and asked:

“How long will it take? “

“Young Master.” The guard frowned and said anxiously:

“I don’t know what material this thing is made of, and neither spells nor martial skills can cause too much damage.” It is estimated that it will take some time.”

“Forget it.” Ye Tian sighed:

“Since Yuanjing is not a rare treasure in this world, it will not be in the bank’s treasury. How many, bring the account book.”

“Let’s go!”


The guard was relaxed, and quickly stopped what he was doing, entirely The group took advantage of the fact that the group of corpses had not yet fully charged, and rushed outward like a sharp arrow.

The people who came this time were all experts, and they went on a rampage all the way, and they fled away in a short time.

Although Ye Tian is fat, his identity is inconceivable. The strength of Grade 9, I am afraid that even the tenth-rank expert is not as fast as him.

β€œYoung Master.”

On the roof, the Ye Family caravan gathered again.

The steward Ye Bo surrendered:

“From the information we collected, there are still more than 10,000 star clansman surviving in this city, and there are four bases, each with a leader.”

“Interesting.” Ye Tian’s body is round and his eyes are slit, hearing this said with a smile:

“It seems that the people of this world fragment have become accustomed to the apocalypse, so also Well, what’s the situation in the four districts?”

“The Eastern District Star Emperor is a free-spirited person, easy to make friends, and the Eastern District is also the most frequent base for material exchanges in the four districts.” Ye Bo replied:

β€œWestern Region Heidi, who has a strong desire to control, even the people closest to him are given secret techniques by him, and he is dead set on him.”

β€œSouthern Region White The two emperors have a high prestige.”

“The mad king in the northern district should be the most powerful leader of the four districts. Because of his obsession with Cultivation, the whole person has become crazy, difficult to get close to, and the most dangerous.”

“Hmm…” Ye Tian rested his chin in his hand, his face thoughtful:

“From Ye Bo’s point of view, how strong are they?”

” Don’t be weak, Grade 8.” Ye Bo’s face became solemn, and he said:

“If you can stand out from tens of millions of people, all of these people are well-known figures. It is expected to be Ultra Grade.”

“The combination of the Mad King and the White Emperor is very likely to have the power of the tenth grade.”

Tenth grade!

It is the pinnacle of mortal order.

Of course, there is a big gap between rank 10 and rank 10. Even if the Mad King has the strength of rank 10, Ye Tian and the others are not afraid.

But the Mad King is more than one of them, and they also represent a faction.

Fighting alone…

There are not so many rules in the last days.

“The madman is impossible to cooperate.” Ye Tian pondered, and ruled out one person first:

“People like the Hei Di are also unreliable. If they turn their face, it would mean that the gutter has planted a boat; Xingdi is suitable for making friends, but not for cooperation.”


“The White Emperor Twins in the Southern District!”

With the White Emperor Twins Cooperate, use their power to collect source crystals, and when the world merges, the star clansman can become a big help for the Ye Family.

This is Ye Tiantian’s plan, it can be described as one move, two gains.

“Young Master!” Just as he was about to make a decision, one person hurried up to the top of the building, gasping for breath:

“Ji… Ji Family’s people appeared in the southern district. .”

“What?” Ye Tian’s face changed, with annoyance in his eyes, and a little panic:

“Ji Yao also came in?”

“Young Master.” Ye Bo also looked solemn, said solemnly:

“The people from the Ji Family appear in the southern district, I am afraid that they have already reached a cooperation with the White Emperor twins, we can’t show up again, otherwise… …”

“It will be very dangerous!”

Ye Family and Ji Family, on the surface they are peaceful, but in the dark they are blade light and sword shadows.

“Huh…” Ye Tian let out a long sigh and sneered suddenly:

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Star clansman can’t get it, Yuanjing, Ultra Grade Origin Quality can also be purchased, I have just taken the account book of the jewelry store, and checked where they buy from.”

“There should be a Origin Crystal wholesale point in this city.”

“As long as we get a large number of source crystals, we will be worth it!”

I can hear that his voice is unwilling, but helpless.

After all.

He was a step too late.

Moreover, he is only the Second Young Master of Ye Family’s partial house, but Ji Yao is the heir to the position of Ji Family patriarch, and the gap between the two is too great.




Eastern Survivor Base.

This was originally an underground playground. Later, the end of the world came. With the constant improvement of Xingdi Wuhen and others, it gradually became a base.

all around The steel plate is several times thick and can withstand cannon strikes.

In addition to the hidden place, you need to pass a passage of up to 100 meters in and out, even if it is a walking corpse, it can resist.

It’s a fortress!

Inside the base.

The original playground has been converted into hundreds of houses, and the central cross street and plaza are enough for thousands of people to live here.

Of course.

Only if the supplies can keep up.


“Ruins World!”

“Hong Zeyu.”




After multiple verifications, the four people just entered the base, and many chaotic sounds entered the eardrums.

In the eye.

Not only star clansman, but also other strange people of all kinds.

There are giants with a height of nearly ten feet, strange people with strange skins carrying bows and arrows, and wizards wearing cloaks and holding staffs.


In addition to Zhou Jia, other people who entered the World Fragment during this time also came to the Eastern Survival Base through various methods.

But the strange thing is that he has never seen the person here.

There is an even more eccentric atmosphere that pervades the base.

For the Ruins.

It seems that the star clansman should already know.

Faced with the sudden foreign world, many people are at a loss, not knowing what to do next, but also thinking about the future.


The Myriad Realms are the doomsday, but for them, it won’t be too bad after all.

Some people even look happy.

With the help of Ming Yao, Zhou Jia first exchanged a bottle of wine for a seven-day residency in a room in the base, and temporarily gained his identity.


He paused slightly, a silhouette in his sight made him look contemplative, and then moved towards Ming Yao and the three said:

“You guys go to work first, I have something to look at, and I will meet you later.”

“Alright.” Ming Yao was busy exchanging the supplies in his hand for urgently needed things, and did not ask him to go. where nodded should be.

In a few moments.

Zhou Jia slammed a door.

“Miss Qian.”

Looking at the black clothed woman sitting in the house, he nodded:

“Meet again.”

“Brother Zhou.” The woman raised her head with a slightly stiff expression:

“You’re here too.”

Qian Xiaoyun.

Although she concealed her true appearance in some way, the child in her arms could not be fake, and she did not hide it from Zhou Jia.

speaking of which.

This was the first time the two had a private conversation after leaving the Huo Family Fort, so there was no risk of their identity being revealed.

As he hugged the child, Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes showed misery, and his voice trembled:

“My throat is broken.”

Zhou Jia was silent.

The other party said, of course, the baby.

Along the way, in order to prevent the traces from being exposed, Qian Xiaoyun forcibly stopped the child’s crying many times.

Child of Huo Family.

It was supposed to be Heaven’s Chosen Child, loved by his parents, but the reality is that he has been tortured since he was not born, and now he has lost his voice and has become mute.

The world changes, always unexpected.

Maybe high position and great wealth are really destined by God.

“There will be a way.” Zhou Jia’s eyes drooped slightly:

“spell and martial arts are mysterious, Hong Zeyu and Ultra Grade expert should be able to cure, as long as If you survive, you will have a chance.”

“Oh…” Qian Xiaoyun smiled bitterly, reaching out and gently stroking the baby’s cheek:

“Brother Zhou said yes.”

“His name is Huo Zhen, the name given by Xun Jian.”

“Good name.” Zhou Jia praised, and then he didn’t know what to say.

He is not good at words, and now facing a sad woman, he can’t even say words of consolation, even more how.

“Brother Zhou is here to ask about Hong Zeyu, right?” Qian Xiaoyun seemed to be able to see through his mind, coaxing the child who was writhing in his arms, pondering:

“You should have guessed, we have already arrived at Hong Zeyu.”

“It’s actually true.” Zhou Jia smiled wryly.

The various voices outside just now made him guess, but he couldn’t believe it until the other party gave a positive answer.

From Huo Family Fort to Hongzeyu, the journey is long and dangerous, and it would take them another year and a half to get there.

I never thought about it.

Being slapped by that terrifying giant bird like this, he really came to the vicinity of Hong Zeyu.

this can be considered a blessing in disguise.

He sighed lightly at the moment:

“I just said, why are there so many strangers outside? It turns out that they are all from Hong Zeyu… locals.”

“I don’t know much about Hong Zeyu.” Qian Xiaoyun thought about it and said:

“Generally speaking, the creatures in Hongzeyu are divided into different races and different worlds. There are six major areas, and there are military guards outside.”

“Army!” Zhou Jia’s eyes brightened.

In his impression, the army is a symbol of safety. If there is an army guarding outside, doesn’t it mean that it is safe inside.

“Not bad.” Qian Xiaoyun didn’t know what he thought, and continued:

“The military is the biggest force in Hong Zeyu, and there are subdivisions inside, I don’t know about that. Clearly, I only know that they are domineering.”

“Domineering.” Zhou Jia frowned:

“How do you do it?”

“Every once in a while, All parties need to provide the military with various materials, source stones, and population, otherwise they will let the monster in and wreak havoc.” Qian Xiaoyun’s expression was indifferent, as if he was used to it:

“In addition, in order to maintain the They have their own status, support all kinds of rogues and bandits, and have their own agents in the six major regions, and even the replacement of the regional masters requires their consent.”

β€œEven so, they have Intercepting monsters outside is also lacking in interest, and I often hear that some places are attacked by monsters.”

“…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth:

“Can this be tolerated?”

“Why can’t you bear it?” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head:

“In this world, strength is the truth. Whoever has the most fist will listen to whoever has the strongest fist. The military is the strongest, and others won’t listen. Listen too!”

“Although the military does not have the ability to clear monsters, it has never lacked the courage to raise a gun.”

Zhou Jia was speechless, and he was already right in his heart. The military here has completely lost their favor:

“Then, apart from the military, what other forces are there in Hongze Yuyu?”

“Brother Zhou’s martial arts should come from the Dalin Dynasty. “Qian Xiaoyun said:

“The people of the Dalin Dynasty have an exclusive area in Hongzeyu, the Imperial Court In name only, to form an alliance against the major martial arts sectors of the last days.”

“It’s called the Xuantian Alliance, and all people from the Dalin Dynasty can join.”

“With Brother Zhou’s cultivation base and strength, he should be able to worship under the Xuantian Alliance, so he will have a family and a career. The foundation.”

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful:

“Does Miss Qian know anything about Xuantian League?”

“I have a friend, Xuantian People from the alliance.” Speaking of this friend, Qian Xiaoyun’s expression flashed a little unnatural.

paused, then said:

“All Great Influences are actually the same. They rely on scavenging the materials and source stones below to increase their strength, so as to resist the dangers they may encounter in the future.”

“The military raids the six major regions, the six major regions squeeze the forces below, and the forces below take advantage of the ordinary person, and the ordinary person does everything possible to save his life.”

“Layer upon layer Looting, squeezing…”

She didn’t say much, and her tone was even more insipid, but Zhou Jia had already seen a society that was weak are prey to the strong and chaotic.

“It turns out…” Zhou Jia’s eyes were complicated and he sighed softly:

“Hong Zeyu is not a pure land.”

“This world, what is there? Pure land.” Qian Xiaoyun sneered:

“The blood moon is hanging in the air, and there are ominous beasts and monsters everywhere. This is a world where monsters eat people and people eat people. Everyone is trying to strengthen themselves. Increase the chance of survival.”

“The weak deserve to be bullied!”

She clenched her silver teeth, her eyes were full of hatred, but there was something palpitating in her tone. of despair.

Zhou Jia was a little startled.

This kind of chaotic society actually has a reason for its existence.

Just like, in case of facing the terrifying giant bird they encountered on the road, the so-called resistance is just to die faster, no matter how big the force is, it is useless.

It’s better to loot as much as you can than to do it well.


Only possible to survive.

(End of this chapter)

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