Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 117


Chapter 117 Black Emperor

Ordinary Grade 7 Joint Force (11936/12000)

Open your eyes, Zhou Jia had a smile on his face, with anticipation in his eyes.


Grade 8 is coming!

Once you advance to Grade 8 and incite violence again, even if there is no God Crocodile Armor, his strength can be comparable to that of the tenth grade, even if it is not a powerhouse in the tenth grade.

But that’s also the tenth grade.

The existence of the top of the mortal rank.

In this world fragment, except for the Ultra Grade monster that I don’t know if there is, the tenth grade is the expert of cream of the crop.

Speaking of which, the Sea of Consciousness light curtain dropped by Apocalypse seems to be a bit tasteless. It is useless except to show the progress, but it is extraordinary to quantify the cultivation base.

Too many people lose their initiative because they don’t know the progress of their cultivation base.

Zhou Jia will not.

He can see his progress all the time.

As of now, he is very clear that as long as he devotes himself to cultivation, he can be promoted to Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger expert in a few days, and he will never be worried because he cannot see the progress of cultivation base. Frustrated.

Open the door.

Compared to a few days ago, the flow of people in the base is much lower.

There are more booths on the square, and the materials on the booths are far more abundant than before, which once amazed the three Ming Yao.

The mainstream of trading has changed from food to source stone and source crystal.

The appearance of outsiders changed everything in the base in just a few days, and the locals were a little uncomfortable.

“Brother Zhou.” One raised his hand and greeted:

“Look if I have anything you can use here?”

” Brother Ge.” Zhou Jia tilted his head and said with a smile:

“You went out again?”

“No.” Ge Dahai shrugged.

The other party is Zhou Jia’s neighbor, who calls himself Rogue surrounded by Hongze’s Foreign Domain.

This time, I happened to be wandering in the vicinity, and I was involved in the debris of this world.

Cultivation base, when there is Grade 7.

He pointed to the various objects on the booth:

β€œBrother Zhou is not interested?”

β€œIt’s too much money.” Zhou Jia shook his head.

“Is Brother Zhou interested in going out for a walk?” Ge Dahai’s eyes flashed and he sent an invitation:

“I know a place, originally the Golden Street in Star City, it must be inside There are a lot of good things, and maybe there will be source crystals.”

“How about you and I join forces?”

“What you get will be divided equally!”

“Don’t!” Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“I’m not very strong, recently I just want to stay obediently and honestly.”

“Brother Zhou is too modest.” Ge Dahai chuckled , but no longer advised.

Here, people are very wary, as it should be by rights, but it is indeed rare for the source crystals and source stones outside to remain unmoved.

This world Fragments are dangerous though.


also hides the richness and wealth!

Ge Dahai didn’t believe that the other party could endure it all the time.


Zhou Jia step one stopped and looked towards the stall owner in front of him:

“Miss Qian also came out to set up the stall?”

“No way, I have to earn some milk powder money.” Qian Xiaoyun teased the child with one hand, and sorted out the books on the booth with the other:

“Brother Zhou really doesn’t plan to go out for a walk?”

“There is no such plan for the time being.” Zhou Jia shook his head.

He’s going out, so he has to wait until Grade 8 is achieved.

“Not yet, but there will be in the future.” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes moved slightly and said:

“There are many Originium stones and Origin Crystals in this world fragment. It’s common. Everyone else has gone out to collect it. If you don’t go, you’ll miss it.”

β€œThe so-called workman must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do a good job. I have here the most detailed map of Star City so far. All the locations of shopping malls and jewelry stores, do you want a copy?”

Said, handing over a book.

“Heh…” Zhou Jia chuckled and crouched down in front of the booth:

“Miss Qian is quite good at doing business, but since you have such things in your hands, why? Why don’t you go out to collect some by yourself?”

“Just kidding.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head:

“I’m a weak woman, and I’m still carrying a child. Isn’t it courting death when I go out?”

She looked around and pointed out:

“There are many experts who came in this time, as far as I know, there are several Grade 9, and they also Each has many companions.”

“You and I fight alone, but they are only prey in the eyes of others.”

In this kind of place, the danger is not only from the walking dead , monster, others also covet Originium and Origin Crystal, if there is an opportunity, they will definitely start.


Grade 9?

Zhou Jia opened his mouth:

“Can there be a ten-grade expert?”

If it’s only Grade 9, he’s not afraid.

Although I don’t know what Qian Xiaoyun’s strength is, it should be Grade 8 and above. If it is only Grade 9, it is not too dangerous.


Qian Xiaoyun lowered his head, tidying up the booth:

“But not much, at least Ye Family and Ji Family must have ten products. , there should also be ten grades in Rogue, but you don’t want to encounter them, right?”

“That’s true.” Zhou Jia nodded, picking up the booklet:

“How to sell it? “

“You and I have life-saving grace.” Qian Xiaoyun raised his head with a sincere expression:

“If you sell others twenty Origin Stones, you can give ten.”

“…” Zhou Jia opened his mouth and was speechless:

“I seem to hear that you sold ten Originium Stones to another person just now?”

“Really?” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes were blank:

“You must have heard it wrong.”

“… Reaching out to touch the Originium, it seems that my life saving benefactor is not very useful.

“Get out of the way!”

“Get out of the way!”


Just then, A group of people came from the exit and swarmed inward, forcing the stalls on both sides to retreat.

“The people of Heidi in the Western Region!”

“How did they come here?”

“I heard that they came to discuss cooperation with Xingdi. .”

“What can we do with him, this guy is a control freak, pervert, not much better than the Mad King…”


A lot of whispering voices, quietly in my ears.

“Before the red moon appeared, Heidi was an expert in mind power. He secretly controlled several consortiums in Star City with Hypnosis Technique. He was very good.” Qian Xiaoyun said in a low voice:


“When the end is coming, he even manipulates other people to help him hunt walking dead. His strength is advanced by leaps and bounds, and this person has a strong desire to control.”

“He wants to Looking for someone to work with, it seems that Ji Family is pressing hard.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed, looked thoughtful.

After a few days, all kinds of news were flying all over the sky, which gave him a lot of understanding of the current situation in Star City.

The Ji Family with a military background has reached a cooperation with the White Emperor Twins in the Southern District, and intends to unify the four districts and gather all the star clansman.

Because of Ji Family’s relationship, no one dares to play the plan of star clansman again.

So other people, including Ye Family, are looking for Originium and Originium in the city, which is what Rogue often does.

Of course.

There are all kinds of fighting in secret.

Sometimes someone walked the lucky dog excrement, found a bunch of Originium in a warehouse, and just started getting the news of being killed.

There are also two Rogues fighting each other because of a jewelry store.


Dangerous everywhere.

“The Mad King in the North District is dead!” A message made Zhou Jia’s ears tremble, subconsciously arousing Tingfeng’s innate talent, and moved towards an extension somewhere.

“What? How did you die?” Someone exclaimed in a low voice.

“The White Emperor and the Twins asked him to acknowledge allegiance, but the Mad King naturally did not agree, and then the location of the base in the North District was exposed to the gaze of the walking corpses.”

“Three-headed zombie With dozens of red-eyed zombies and an unknown number of ordinary walking corpses, they broke through the base in the northern area and killed the mad king…”

White-eyed zombies are the king of walking corpses.

Zhou Jia has never seen them before. It is said that they already have some spiritual wisdom and their strength is terrifying. Even the four kings may not be opponents.

It is reported that Star City originally had more than four bases, and the collapse of other bases was more or less related to the white eye zombie.

Whether it is the market world or this world.

The most powerful person is never the person, but the monster.

“How could this happen?”

“Bai Di dared to break the rules and the location of the bases in the four districts could not be revealed. This was an agreement reached back then, otherwise we will all be punished!”

“The present is not what it used to be. Now that Xingcheng has fallen into the Ruins Realm, the original agreement is a bit of a shit, but the White Emperor has done so much this time, that he even forced the Black Emperor to take the initiative to discuss cooperation.”

Zhou Jia’s eyes moved and fell to the middle of the crowd.

The expression changes slightly.

Different from the handsome man and beautiful women common in star clansman, Heidi is not only ugly, but also very fat.

He is more than two meters tall, his limbs are hypertrophy, his body is quivering with soft flesh, and his weight is afraid to weigh a thousand pounds.

The facial features on his face were squeezed into slits by the fat. If you didn’t look closely, you could hardly tell them apart, but although he was called Heidi, his skin was very white.

The extreme obesity made it difficult for him to move. He had to rely on the support of a few people beside him all the way, and he had to take a few breaths with every step he took.

It’s hard to believe that this Big Fatty is actually the famous black emperor.

But on him, there is an extremely terrifying surge of source power.

Grade 9?

Ten products?

“Does Hei Di have many daughters?”

Behind Hei Di, there are more than a dozen young girls. .

“No.” Qian Xiaoyun was disgusted and disgusted, and whispered:

“This guy has quirks and likes young girls. He controlled it with a mind secret technique.”

“There is a daughter.”

She raised her head and gestured in a certain direction:

“His daughter inherited His personality, likes all kinds of men, Brother Zhou seems to have aroused her curiosity.”

Zhou Jia looked sideways, and saw a freshly dressed, tall and slender woman who looked like she was raising her eyebrows. , examining the heavy armor on his body.


β€œI’m going back to my room first.”




Undercurrents are surging in the four districts, and the outside world is also uneasy.

A jewelry store somewhere.

The two stood in the rubble, facing each other in the air.

“Abel, we haven’t seen each other for five or six years, haven’t we?” One has a beard, dressed in elegant costumes, and the saber around waist can be seen beautifully:

“We haven’t seen each other for several years. , your cultivation base has grown again.”

“Each each other.” Abel was stout and unremarkable, leaning on a long cane in his hand, with a faint smile:

“Brother Xiao is not bad. I’m afraid that the Heart Enlightenment Technique has already been cultivated to the Perfection Realm, right?”

“The stuff is inside.” Brother Xiao smiled without answering, saying:

“You sell me a face, and when you return to Wenshui City, this Xiao will be greeted as a couch.”

“This is a batch of Origin Crystals.” Abel sighed softly:


“With it, I can get Ultra Grade from the sanctuary, and maybe I can be promoted to the priesthood. How can I miss this opportunity again?”

“Then… …” Brother Xiao’s sword trembled lightly:

“You and I gesture?”


Abel stretched out his hand, between the two of them The atmosphere is instant.


Somewhere in ruins.

A white-haired old man wearing a jade crown is walking slowly. Around him, steel bars the size of a thumb are suspended silently.


“shua shua!”

Seemingly aware of something, the old man’s eyes moved slightly, and a few steel bars flashed out. , directly penetrated the thick wall, and fixed several walking corpses on the ground.

“You two, go kill them.”


Behind the old man, the two young girls hurried over with joy on their faces , control the steel bar to penetrate the head of the walking corpse to obtain energy.

β€œThe newcomer, blessed by Heaven and Earth…”

Feeling the growth of the inner Qi of the two female bodies, the old man could not help but sigh with emotion:

β€œGrade 4 Killing Grade 1 and Grade 2 actually has energy, and there are still a lot of them, and the income from killing the same level is almost ten times more.”

“Your luck is really good.”

“Master.” Among the two girls, one girl turned around and said with a smile:

“Our good luck is because we met you.”

“Heh…” The old man shook his head:

“Let’s shoot flattery less, your star clansman’s innate talent fits the old man’s method, and the aptitude of both of you is a well-known figure.”

“Not so. , I won’t choose you either.”

“Yes, yes.” The two women nodded with a smile:

“many thanks master.”

” Let’s go!” The old man stepped forward:

“Continue to find prey, the teacher will help you achieve Grade 6 in the novice stage, if possible, it is better to become Grade 7.”

“Master.” A woman turned her head:

“Is it difficult to be promoted to Grade 7? I think our strength has improved very quickly. It has only been a few days, and it is almost Grade 5.”

“Grade 5 and later, it will be difficult.” The old man explained:

“Grade 6 is up, it is a step up from Grade 1, but your good luck met me , if you can advance to Grade 7 this time, with your age, you may not be able to hope for Ultra Grade in the future.”

“But you have to promise me.”

“Wait out. In the end, there must be someone to marry my child and take care of him for the rest of my life, I can’t do it anymore, the only thing I’m worried about is that child.”

Speaking, his voice sank.

The two women looked at each other and nodded their heads:

“Master, rest assured, we will never forget your life-saving grace. After we go out, our sisters will marry Junior together. Brother, we have always been a family.”

“Okay, okay.” The old man was relieved and nodded.


The yard.

Ye Tian led people to surround the warehouse.

In the dark warehouse, there was a faint sound of heavy breathing.

“Young Master Ye.” One gritted his teeth and growled:

“Really want either the fish dies or the net splits?”

“either the fish dies or the net splits?” Ye Tian coldly snorted:

“You guys deserve it too!”

“Hand over your things, this Ye can give you a way to survive, otherwise…, don’t worry about my Ye Family doing everything.”

“You really think it’s settled. Us?” Someone shouted:

“You can’t beg for the benefit of attracting corpses.”

“It seems that you are not giving up when you see the coffin.” Ye Tian shook his head. :

“Uncle Ye, let’s do it!”


Uncle Ye should move towards the warehouse, following his Approaching, a terrifying aura slowly emerged from him.



β€œTenth Grade! Heavenly Astral Body!”

Desperate screams, in the warehouse reverberate.


In the room.

Zhou Jia put away the cultivation technique.

Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger (3/18000)

(End of this chapter)

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