Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 118


Chapter 118 Bliss

Grade 8, Dragon-Tiger Realm!

The word Dragon-Tiger is obviously the name of the Dalin Dynasty.

The cultivators of other worlds may call this realm differently, but the meaning is definitely different routes to the same destination.

Before Grade 8, the emphasis was different on strengthening the body, nourishing the spirit and nourishing the essence, but they all laid a solid foundation on the original fleshy body.

The Dragon-Tiger environment is different.

This realm increases its heritage, and its source power fundamentally changes itself.

If one reaches Grade 7, it is the process of a person growing up gradually, like a cub becoming a tiger, then Grade 8 is a tiger changing into a dragon.

Change, completely different.

This is a fundamental evolution, and it can even be said that Grade 8 and before Grade 8 are no longer the same species.

This is also a slow and continuous process.


One mouthful of impure air, breath like an arrow, pierced straight into the wall.

The hard wall made of reinforced concrete was knocked into a shallow pit by this breath, which shows its great strength.

Zhou Jia raised his arms slightly, holding his fingers empty.


With a loud noise, the air seemed to burst.

β€œThe joint force of Grade 7, every action can gather the strength of the whole body, and Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger, it is to make the fleshy body evolve from the root.”

“As a human being, stand shoulder to shoulder with ominous beast!”

His eyes flashed, and the star of the Sea of Consciousness lit up.



The terrifying force erupted from the bone marrow, blood, and muscles, and the flesh rose along with it, and the iron bed frame under the body was even more exhausted. collapse.

Zhou Jia stepped on the ground with both feet. Although he did not exert any strength, he realized that his strength had increased.

More than double the increase!

“Even if Tie Yuan’s realm is low, just relying on this Fleshly Body Power, Senior Brother Luo Great Accomplishment’s hard body training, I am afraid that the ability to fight is not as good as myself.”

Of course .

Tie Yuan’s body is not only capable of resisting blows, but also has many skills to exert strength.

β€œdong dong!”

The sudden knock on the door made Zhou Jia stop trying and open the door. It was an unfamiliar face.

“Friend.” The visitor pointed to the door not far away, said with a smile:

“I’m Li Yingqiong from the room over there, do you know me?”

“Is something wrong?” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent, and the cold helmet made the other party’s expression stiff, and he scratched his head in embarrassment.

“That’s right.” After calming down, Li Yingqiong said:

“My friends also know that Star City has been in chaos recently, and the base is not very safe, so I thought about contacting a few friends. Let’s get together.”

“In case of danger, there is also a helper.”

“If you go out for treasure hunting and hunting, you can also have helpers. After all, there are many people and great power .”

“No need.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I don’t have this interest.”



After eating a cold shoulder, Li Yingqiong’s expression changed slightly, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and coldly snorted walked to another room.

“Dong Dong…”


A female voice came from the room.

“My friend, I’m Li Yingqiong from the neighborhood. I want to invite friends out for a get-together, and help each other out. The girl brings a child…”

“No interest!”

Before he could finish speaking, a cold refusal sounded from the room.

Not even the door was opened.


Shaking his head, Li Yingqiong didn’t show any signs of discouragement, and knocked on Ge Dahai’s door again.

“Brother Ge, I would like to meet a few friends. Albert has also joined. Let’s help each other, so it will be more convenient in the future.”

“Albert.” Ge The sea’s eyes moved slightly.

He doesn’t have a good relationship with Albert, but he did go out together to investigate the surrounding situation and had several exchanges with Li Yingqiong.


“Not far!” Li Yingqiong smiled and stretched out his hand to quote:

“Brother Ge has made the right decision, Today, the fragmentation of the world is still unclear. There are various players fighting each other. We are not strong enough alone. How can we fight against them?”

“United is the general trend.”

“en “Ge Dahai has an indifferent expression on this:

“Outside the base?”

“Near the base.” Li Yingqiong lowered his voice:

“You too I know that Ji Family cooperates with Bai Di, and the East District base is likely to be targeted, and no one can guarantee safety if they continue to stay.”

“Outside, advance and retreat freely.”

“Yes. Is it?” Ge Dahai said on his lips, and his eyes were already vigilant.

He is also a Rogue who is out all year round, so how can he trust others with no difficulty, but he is not afraid of boldness of execution stems from superb skill.

As long as the distance is not far away, he is sure that he can withdraw at any time.

It’s not that far.

“Brother Ge!”


Near the base, in front of a dilapidated house, the tall Albert raised his palm high , smiled and greeted:

“I knew Brother Ge would definitely come.”

“Oh…” Ge Dahai shook his head:

” It’s really inconvenient to be singlehanded.”

“Come in.” Albert gestured:

“I’m introducing you to two friends, both of whom are acquaintances.”

Saying that, he closed the door.

Ge Hai’s eyes moved slightly, as if he noticed something and stopped:

“Forget it, I’m still…”



With a few muffled noises, the field fell silent.


One of them vomited violently:

“Almost let this guy escape.”

“Thanks to the Lord Let’s take action.”

The door opened, a tall, cool-clothed woman had her feet high in the sky, Shi Shiran came to the unconscious Ge Dahai.

This woman is Miao Chi, the daughter of the Black Emperor.

With the appearance of this woman, other people in the field lowered their heads one after another, some with frenzied eyes, and some with anger mixed with helplessness.

“Grade 7.”

Stroking Ge Dahai’s body like a lover, Miao Niao said with regret:

“Unfortunately, the chains of my heart can no longer be If you enslave other people, this guy doesn’t deserve a place, just give him medicine.”

As the daughter of the Black Emperor, before the end of the world, she relied on Hypnosis Technique to control many dignitaries in Star City. The rich second generation is not even worthy of her shoes.

After the end of the world, it is even more control over the life and death of others, playing with the lives of others in applause.

The aloof and remote temperament developed for a long time makes her very different from others.

In madness, there is arrogance.

It seems that everyone is like a pawn in her eyes.

Even outsiders, some who despise the existence of local people, fell at her feet one by one for some reason, and they were slaves and servants and dared not resist.

“Yes.” Li Yingqiong respectfully stepped forward, took out a bottle of potion from her body, and poured it into Ge Hai’s mouth.

“Even a Grade 9 expert can’t bear the effect of Bliss Water. Once you become addicted, you can only continue to take the medicine. There is no other way.” A star clansman appeared behind Miao Chi and said:


“The Lord has this treasure in his body, and he has magic tricks. Who can’t control it, and what are outsiders? What’s there to be afraid of?”

“It’s not like you have to kneel down obediently. Falling in front of you?”

“Yeah.” Miao Niao shook the hair between her forehead lightly and smiled madly:

“The twins of the White Emperor actually succumbed to the surname Ji. If I let the person named Ji Yao kneel down in front of me, what would it look like.”

“I’m excited when I think about it.”

She His face was flushed, his eyes were bright and intelligent, his delicate body trembled with excitement, and then he looked towards the others with a satisfied expression:

“Only bring out this one?”

“Lord.” Li Yingqiong heart startled and hurriedly explained:

“Others are very careful, some have already started to form gangs, I have shot too frequently in the past few days, if I continue, I will If it’s not good, it may ruin your major event.”

“But if you take Ge Dahai, you can bring a few more people over as him.”

“Then That’s it.” Miao Niao waved her hand with a casual look on her face:

“It is better to be short than to overuse, and there are many waters of bliss.”






Just advanced to Grade 8, Zhou Jia needs time to stabilize the realm and increase the cultivation base, so naturally he does not want to waste time on trivial matters.

Li Yingqiong’s invitation was instantly forgotten by him.


In order to live a good life in Hongzeyu, spending is essential.

This time, for the advanced Grade 8, you might as well turn around in this world shard to collect some Originium Stones and Origin Crystals.

I want to come to his strength, just be careful, so as not to be too dangerous.

Life first!

Increase the cultivation base Next!

Collect the source crystal at the end!

With the decision, Zhou Jia took out a source crystal and sank into Cultivation again.

until a message arrives.

A large number of source crystals appeared in Star City, and everyone was shocked for a while, and he couldn’t help but go out to take a look.


Southern District.

Ji Yao looked at the news presented by her subordinates, her complexion became more and more serious.

“Original Crystal!”

He gritted his teeth and whispered angrily:

“Until now, you all remembered to tell me, this world fragment There is a source crystal market, there are a lot of source crystals in it, and they are being scrambled by others?”

“Young Master.” > “It’s your order. Before solving the fourth district, don’t care about other things for the time being.”

“Waste!” Ji Yao roared, with a big wave of his hand, he slammed the person below with his several feet into the air. Flying out:

“What I say is what I say, I will let you all die, don’t you want to die too, this is not a few dozens of source crystals.”

” It’s…”

“It’s a source crystal comparable to a source mine!”


He roared and strode into the field Walk back and forth.

He knows that there are many source crystals in this world fragment, but relatively speaking, the star clansman with Cultivation ‘spell’ is worth far more than source crystals.

But what he didn’t expect was that the Hongpo Wholesale Market on the edge of the city actually had a huge amount of source crystals hidden.

When Ji Family people know the news, it has been breached, and many people have benefited from it, but they have no share of Ji Family.

Ji Yao is not only angry because of the source crystal.

But as long as he cared a little, a large part of these source crystals would most likely be his, and it would be even more infuriating to miss it.

“Young Master don’t need to be angry.” A big man said in a deep voice:

“There are two wholesale jewelry markets in Star City, with Rogue’s greed, they will never let go of that one. We still have a chance.”

“You mean…” Ji Yao paused.

“That’s right.” Dahan nodded:

“Using that jewelry wholesale market as bait to take down Rogue and eat the source crystal they started, the military often does things like this. “

“But you forgot a question.” Ji Yao stared at him and said:


“Even if there is a white We are afraid that we don’t have such a big appetite for the help of the Emperor and Gemini, even more how and people from Ye Family making trouble.”

There are not many Ji Family people who entered the world fragment this time, although there are many good players.

But it is not easy for Rogue to make a living in Hongze Foreign Domain, and some people may not sell Ji Family’s face.

“Add the staff from the Eastern and Western Regions, that’s enough.”

“The Star Emperor has long been willing to cooperate. ”

(end of this chapter)

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