Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Hypnosis

A loud noise caused the corpse to surge.

In this prosperous city, tens of millions of people once lived here. Today, there are only more than 10,000 survivors. It is conceivable how many people have become corpses.

The corpses were dispatched, The earth shook and the mountain quivered, not to mention Grade 8 and Grade 9, even if the Ultra Grade expert came, I was afraid they would flee.

Somewhere on top of a building.

A red-clothed woman stood with her sword in her arms, her face was cold, and she glanced at everyone in the arena. Her voice was like the cold wind of the twelfth lunar winter:

“Leave the things.”

“People, get out!”

“Song Xuan, you temptress!” Someone in the crowd roared:

“Do you really think we’re afraid of you?”

“Although you are strong, there is only one person. There are more than a dozen of us. Even if you are Grade 9, you may not be our opponent!”

“Yes.”One person Agreed:

“This is not the Slaughter Heaven Pavilion of the Xuantian Alliance. You just told us to put things down. Do you really think you are an Ultra Grade expert?”

“Don’t be afraid of her, It’s only Grade 9, there are so many of us, it’s not impossible for the tenth grade to fight!”

Everyone shouted, but each one’s eyes flashed and their bodies swayed, obviously not as confident as they said.

“I count three.” The red clothed woman lowered her eyebrows:



The Blood Sword swung across the sky, with several feet in the blink of an eye, the two heads were already flying upwards, and rolled down the building with a face full of unwillingness and terror.

There are no two, three words have not yet landed, red clothed woman has already shot.

A shot is a killer move.

The fierce sword qi was piercingly cold, the blade trembled lightly, and the chilling meaning permeated the audience.



“Fight with her!”

The crowd roared again and again, and everyone We all know that this woman is addicted to murder, even killing her husband child. Once she does it, she will never show mercy, only spare no effort.

There are many Grade 7 and Grade 8 experts in the crowd, and the strength is not weak.

But under the woman’s blood-red long sword, they fell one by one. Even a Grade 8 expert couldn’t hold on to a few moves.


With the last man’s cheek cut in half by a sharp sword, all resistance was over.

“Who told you that I’m Grade 9?”

Slowly putting away the long sword, the red clothed woman glanced at the corpses in the field with a blank face, and searched, only Take the source crystal from the ground.

There are so many Originiums that they don’t even look at them.


Zhou Jia hid in a corner of the floor, watching the fight below, motionless.

Long time.

Under the siege of the corpse group, the few people below gradually lost their support, and eventually they were covered by the corpse group, and their blood was drained and turned into mummified corpses.



The corpses roared and lingered in the field, eventually following other The sound of the place ran past.

The ground was a mess, except for the mummified corpse, there were several packages scattered around.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, and the 9th layer climbed the stairs to perform, with a weight of hundreds of pounds, lightly and quietly fell from a height of more than ten meters.

He walked to the package and was about to reach out to pick it up, but his movements abruptly froze in place.

An inexplicable air force came from the air, making his heart sink, as if a heavy mountain was pressing his back.

“It’s a pity!”

One sighed softly:

“The six brothers in Muddy Waters are also considered to be heroes of the generation. He died here.”

The speaker walked out of the shadow of the alleyway, with emotion on his face:

“I met them once, how should I help deal with the funeral? Yes.”

Zhou Jia looked at the person who came.

He has a beard on the other side, looks about forty years old, is dressed in elegant costumes, has a beautiful long sword hanging from his waist, and has a free and easy temperament.

“Muddy waters, six brothers?” Looking at the blond hair and blue eyes on the ground, who were mummified but still recognizable, Zhou Jia said coldly:

“Have you recognized the wrong person?”

“No.” The other party looked righteous and shook his head:

“I have been with them for many years, although these people are from other places, their nicknames are from the Dalin Dynasty. Give it.”

“…” Zhou Jia was silent:

“You are believing or not?”

“Of course I believe it. “The person came with a smile:

“Youngster, everyone has a day to leave, so if an old friend is killed, as a friend must help deal with the funeral.”

” You won’t stop me, will you?”

Zhou Jia was speechless, and had to admire the other party’s thick-skinned, bullshit brother, who couldn’t even match the number of people.

“The hero is benevolent and righteous.” He sighed and raised his shield and axe:

“But by coincidence, I’m also friends with these guys, so you can’t let you take anything away. “

“It’s such a coincidence?” The visitor was stunned for a moment, and then said:

“A friend’s friend is a friend. Wouldn’t it hurt to fight and kill, you only have Grade 8, Or don’t start with the old man.”

“en?” Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly:

“Good eyesight!”

He was pregnant The Breath Restraining Technique itself has not exerted any force, and it is the first time someone has seen through the cultivation base at a glance.

The other party is not simple!

As expected of Hong Zeyu, if you meet someone casually, you will find mystery.

“Old man Xiao Moran, although he has no hope of Ultra Grade, he has achieved the perfection of tenth grade.” Xiao Moran shook his sleeves and breathed:

“Little Brother, let’s go. , I don’t want to kill in vain!”

Tenth Grade?

It’s really a top ten!

Zhou Jia’s heart skipped a beat, looked up and down the other side again, and suddenly said:

“Is your body hurt?”

“en?” Xiao Moran His face sank:

“youngster, won’t shed tears they see their own coffins, you…”

His voice moved slightly, looking towards the shadow not far away :

“The one over there, let’s come out together!”

The shadows shook, Qian Xiaoyun walked out slowly with his long sword in hand, glanced at Zhou Jia, and then his eyes fell again On Xiao Moran’s body.

“Grade 9.”

Xiao Moran seems to have the ability to see through other people’s cultivation base, seeing this nodded:

“You two are not weak, it’s a pity… …”


Before the sound fell, the wind had arrived.

The long sword around his waist was unsheathed, as if a cold light swept across the void, and in just a flash, the sword light appeared in front of Zhou Jia.


The shield appears out of thin air and stops in the middle.


Xiao Moran drank lowly, and the sword light bloomed along with it, like a pear flower falling to the ground, thousands of petals burst into flames, and instantly enveloped the audience.

Flying flower sword art!

Sword Art is magnificent, but the invisible murderous intention is hidden in it.

As a tenth-rank, facing a Grade 8, Xiao Moran suddenly sneak attack not to mention, he was still spare no effort and didn’t give up at all.

Although there is suspicion of shameless, he deserves to live so long.



Faced with a spare no effort tenth grade, Zhou Jia immediately provoked violence, and the shield spun wildly in his hands, as if closed.

At the same time, the double-edged axe came out, and the violent axe light with dazzling thunder burst into bloom in the flying flowers, wreaking havoc on the spot.

2nd layer shield against!

The Thunder Axe!

“Ding ding…Dangdang…”


The two figures staggered instantly.

Qian Xiaoyun’s beautiful eyes flickered, and his body was suddenly disappeared in place. An invisible sword qi swept across the void and across several feet.


Xiao Moran retreated furiously, and only stopped after retreating 100 meters.

He looked down at the cracks in the clothes at his waist, his eyes flashed, a trace of blood suddenly overflowed from the corners of his mouth, and his expression also showed a sad expression:

“Youngster, don’t talk about martial arts, two. Individuals joined forces to bully me, an old man.”


“Good shield, good strength, good Sword Art.”

Whispered praise After saying a word, he put away the long sword:

“Since you are also friends of the six brothers of Muddy Waters, you can’t handle the funeral, old man … leave first.”

As he said that, he watched the two of them retreat, and after a few flashes, they were disappeared.

When the other party was far away, Zhou Jia turned sideways and looked towards Qian Xiaoyun. After thinking about it, he threw the smallest package on the ground.

“many thanks.”

“This is thanks!”

Qian Xiaoyun took it, looked at the package in his hand, and then read it again Looking at several packages on the ground, there seemed to be some reluctance in his eyes.

“Forget it.”

Shaking her head, she turned to leave, the child can’t be away for a long time, or she won’t be relieved.

“Lightweight Art.” Seeing that the movement method of the two was faster than the other, Zhou Jia couldn’t help rubbing his eyebrows:

“This is a shortcoming.”





The Survivor Base.

As soon as Zhou Jia came back, he noticed something was wrong in the atmosphere.

The star clansman wandering around the base looked towards the outsiders with conflicting eyes, and even many people were malicious and did not hide it at all.


It looks like I can’t stay here anymore.

“Brother Zhou.”

A silhouette appeared in front of the door, blocking Zhou Jia from closing the door, and his eyes fell on the packages behind Zhou Jia:

“I didn’t show up very often in the past few days. It seems that Brother Zhou is out.”

“Brother Ge.” Zhou Jia’s voice was indifferent:


“Brother Zhou should have seen it too, isn’t the atmosphere in the base not right?” After not seeing it for a few days, Ge Dahai had bloodshot eyes and a haggard expression, and even his breath was strange. decadent.

He pursed his lips, as if he was habitually chewing something, and continued:

“I heard the news that Ji Family has reached a cooperation agreement with star clansman, In the future, we outsiders will no longer be welcome at the base.”

“Not being able to enter the base means that we need to find a place to live outside, and we may face the hope of walking dead all the time.”


“This is not the worst.”

“We will not have access to news in the future, and the Ji Family will most likely use the power of the star clansman to deal with us.”


“It will be very inconvenient to be alone in the future.”

Under the helmet, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.


The other party is telling the truth, this situation is very likely to occur, and it is extremely bad for loner.

“I have reached a consensus with a few friends.” Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Ge Dahai continued:

“After we leave the base, we can share information, if anyone is in trouble. You can also pay to hire other people to help.”

“We also have a star clansman as an internal coordinator to keep abreast of the trends in the four districts.”

“Brother Zhou!”

He looked directly at Zhou Jia, his eyes glowing:

“We might as well join together, or have someone to take care of.”

“…” Zhou Jia thought for a while, then lightly Shaking his head lightly:

“Forget it.”

“Brother Ge is kind enough to take it, but next time I get used to being alone, I won’t participate.”

Saying that, we are about to close the door.


Ge Dahai was stunned, he stretched out his hand to stop him, but was forcibly locked out of the door.

Standing in front of the door and thinking for a moment, he shook his head helplessly and walked out.


“dong dong!”

There was a knock on the door.

Zhou Jia frowned and opened the door to a gap.

A woman stood outside the door.

The woman is tall and beautiful, and her dress is full of temptation. Her red lips are slightly pursed, and her beautiful eyes are charming.

This woman Zhou Jia has seen, Heidi’s daughter, often wanders among men.

It seems to be called Miao Chi?


The woman opened her mouth, the aroma was fragrant, and her voice was even more charming in the bones, making people numb like an electric shock:

“Ge Dahai asked me to invite you over there, can you show me your face?”

The fragrance drifted into the nose through the helmet.

Zhou Jia felt his heart skip a beat, his blood surged up in his body, and the person in front of him seemed to be more attractive, with a faint shadow of the person in his mind.

The other party’s words reverberated in his mind, making him look dazed, subconsciously nodding, and he nodded:

“Okay!” tone barely fell. She shrank suddenly, the stars of Sea of Consciousness flickered, and a cold current emerged from the eyebrows, straight into the tail vertebra, and instantly cleared away the strangeness on the body.

A confusing spell?


The scent is also not normal, is it some kind of medicine?

“That’s good.” Seeing Zhou Jia’s agreement, Miao Chi’s eyes flashed with disdain, Xiu Cheng’s neck was slightly raised, and the soundtrack said proudly:

“Come with me. “

Said, turning around and striding.

She is lithe and graceful, and her walking posture is also extremely charming, with a fragrance that makes people unconsciously chasing her back.


Zhou Jia looked thoughtful and immediately followed.

(End of this chapter)

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