Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Apocalypse

The palace ruins are different from the outside world. The distinction between day and night is very unclear. The two sleep when they are sleepy, and eat when they are hungry. Things are getting less and less.

Zhou Jia lay on the stone platform, turned back and forth, thinking about it.

He turned his head from time to time, looking towards Chen Hui, who was sleeping with his back to him

The white flowers he saw not long ago made his blood surge, although it was indecent, But it is human nature, and it is inevitable to be impulsive.

“Don’t you regret it?”

Chen Hui’s muffled voice sounded:

“I’m not a casual person, chance Once I miss it, I won’t come back, I have a boyfriend, and you have a girlfriend.”

I don’t know if it was an illusion, Zhou Jia felt that her voice was sarcastic, annoyed, and somewhat resentful, Hearing this couldn’t help showing embarrassment:

“I didn’t mean that.”

“Has the things on the stone tablet been untied?” Chen Hui changed the subject bluntly.

“Not yet.” When he mentioned this, Zhou Jia was shocked:

“Professor Song deduced it according to the ancients’ idea of offering sacrifices to the heavens, but I don’t feel right. It should be something else.”

“From the stone paintings here, the ‘master’ of great hall is not as full of adoration for ‘heaven’ as the ancients in our place.”

“It should be something more simple…”

This is not because Zhou Jia is more accomplished in writing than Professor Song, but after more than ten years of development, the literature industry is more advanced than before. prosperous a lot.

Documents that were once strictly forbidden to be circulated are now freely viewable in the museum.

So in terms of knowledge,

Zhou Jia is really wider than Professor Song.

Coupled with the original deductions on the notebook, the guesses of each text, Zhou Jia has seen more under the high house, and the guesses may be closer to the truth.

Speaking of the speculation in his heart, he was a little excited, and he said a few more words, and his voice stopped abruptly.

She stood up and looked at Chen Hui, but the other party was already asleep.

She was asleep, with a gentle temperament, like a begonia sleeping in spring, the undetectable fluff on her face was accompanied by a slight trembling of breathing.

There is also a milky fragrance, which floats quietly.

As for the figure…

Just now I can see it all, it’s extremely hot!

Zhou Jia couldn’t help but stare.

paused, came back to his senses, turned his back and suppressed the ups and downs in his heart.

“Father, mother, I’m going to die…”

In a daze, Chen Hui muttered to herself in her sleep:

“I don’t want to die, But if must die, don’t make me suffer too much, it’s better to fall asleep and never wake up again.”

“No pain, no pain, best.”

“Zhou Jia…”


Zhou Jia turned around, subconsciously connected, seeing that she was still asleep, he couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

“I’m dead, you can eat my meat, it can last a few more days, but I must eat it after I’m dead, I’m afraid of the pain.”


Zhou Jia was speechless.

I don’t know what she dreamed about, she really said everything.

Unable to fall asleep left and right, he simply rolled over and sat up, picked up the diary, put it in front of the stone tablet, and deduced the text information on it again.

All words are used to record and describe something, and there are traces to follow.


The older the text, the easier it is to guess its meaning.

Because the initial words are only in the form of images, without too complicated changes, each word points to a specific thing.

Of course, there are exceptions.

The text on the stone tablet is shaped like a tadpole, there are one hundred and eight, and each one has nothing common with each other, which should point to one hundred and eight things.

β€œA word for offering sacrifices to heaven?”

β€œno! ”

β€œDescribe something?”

β€œNeither right. !”

“A story to tell?”


“What the hell is that?”

Zhou Jia brows tightly frowns, scratching his head and scratching his cheeks, standing up and pacing from time to time, even dismantling pages of notebooks and laying them flat on the ground.

One day, two days…

I don’t know how long it took.

Chen Hui had given up struggling long ago. She lay on her back, looked up at the sky, her eyes were dull, and her breathing was faintly discernable.

As for Zhou Jia.

He seemed to be in a state of madness. The ashes in the huge palace were covered with words he had drawn and sheets of paper spread out.

Every time he thinks of something, he will call twice, or reach out and change the words on the ground.

“That’s it…”

“No, no!”

“What the hell…”

Insane He didn’t allow anyone to touch the words on the ground, and his red eyes made Chen Hui scared from the bottom of his heart.


“I’m going to die!”

Chen Hui opened her mouth, but couldn’t make a sound, she only felt her body getting more and more Weak until the consciousness falls into a blur.

‘It turns out that death doesn’t hurt…’

in the field.

Zhou Jia with dishevelled hair stands in front of the stone tablet, his body is motionless, his eyes are dead, and he just stares at the text on it.

Long time.

His body swayed slightly, and there seemed to be a light in his eyes.

“No…not a eulogy, not a description, or even it’s simply not a sentence…”

“It’s just two words!”

” Two words!”

Zhou Jia’s voice was hoarse, the hair on the top of his head was scattered, his facial hair was messy, his skin was dry, but his eyes became brighter and brighter.

“This is just two words!”




Zhou Jia shook his head, and after thinking for a while, his voice became extremely strange, like singing, shouting, and calmly narrating something.

Reissue two mysterious bytes.




The void trembled and the earth turned upside down.

As if the stars are falling and all things return to ruins, an unknown terror suddenly appeared in my heart, and it has not disappeared for a long time.


A touch of starlight appeared in the silence.

The mighty voice that has been sealed since ancient times began to reverberate in unknown places.

β€œCrape Myrtle Apocalypse…the stars are scattered…Heavenly Star and Earthly Fiend…the number of days in the week…, Myriad Realms sink…Nine Nether changes…”

In the great hall .

Zhou Jia’s body is stiff and motionless.

It’s not just Zhou Jia.

At this moment, time and space seem to freeze.


The stone tablet in the field shattered quietly, turned into fly ash in an instant, and scattered everywhere.

And the weird fog that had been surrounding the great hall all along disappeared, revealing the stone path and jungle outside.

A starlight emerged from the ashes of the stone tablet, spun in the air, and immediately turned into a stream of light, submerging into the still-moving Zhou Jia’s mind.



Zhou Jia snapped back to his senses and looked around:

β€œWhat happened just now What?”

He only knew that he had read the inferred stone tablet text, and then his consciousness suddenly went black, and it was only then that he regained his senses.

In front of me, the stone tablet was already not in.

Not only the stone tablet, but the great hall has also been disappeared. If there were no bones under his feet, he would have thought that what happened these days was just a dream.

As far as the eye can see, it is not the persistent fog, but the jungle.

The rustling sound of the wind blowing the leaves is clear.

“Come out… come out?”

Zhou Jia was stunned, then showed ecstasy:

“Come out, we came out, Chen Hui, we It’s out!”


Looking back, the unconscious Chen Hui was not the reason for his surprise, but something in his mind that made Zhou Jia Stupefied for it.

Close your eyes.

The vision is dark, and the aura emerges.

A hazy star that cannot be described in words is suspended in his consciousness, the stars are scattered in the starlight, and unknown changes have taken place, and finally turned into a series of subtitles that he can understand.

Zhou Jia.

Mortal Grade third rank: internal strength.

Origin Star: None

Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia clenched his hands for a while.

Immediately, a pure and powerful sense of power rises in the mind.

This power is two to three times stronger than before!

It even gave Zhou Jia the illusion that he could smash rocks with one punch!


Maybe…it’s not an illusion!

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly clenched his fist and moved towards the blue stone beside him.

(End of this chapter)

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