Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Revenge

Out of the base.

What comes into view are high-rise buildings covered with vines.

The overwhelming majority of high-rise buildings, under the impact of the corpse tide over the years, have already collapsed and tilted, but some low-rise buildings have survived.

Walking through the messy first floor, the two of them came to a room on the second floor one after the other.

There were already several people waiting in the room.

Li Yingqiong.


Ge Dahai…

I’m not familiar, but they’re all faces I’ve seen in the base.

Except Li Yingqiong, the others were all vying for a white bottle, which opened and exuded a faint strange smell.

“Brother Zhou!”

Seeing Zhou Jia, Ge Hai’s eyes lit up:

“You’re here.”

Saying that, he grabbed the white bottle from other people’s hands, and hurriedly said:

“Come on, come and try this, it’s a good thing, I don’t usually have it at all, only when I have one more friend. It will be divided.”

“You try it first, and give me some leftovers.”

He looked at Zhou Jia with a dazed expression, while the other people’s eyes flickered. Under Li Yingqiong’s gesture, he slowly gathered around.

Zhou Jia bowed his head.

White bottle A light blue liquid can be seen in the narrow mouth of the bottle.

The liquid ripples due to the shaking of Ge Dahai’s wrist, as if the stars in the sky are hidden in it, which makes people unable to help but indulge in it.

The smell is weird, definitely not good, but it evokes a deep desire in one’s body, making Zhou Jia involuntarily dry his throat, eager to taste something or two.

Concentrated, he looked towards the field.

Everyone seemed to be approaching enthusiastically, but in fact, they had secretly blocked the door to retreat, but except for Li Yingqiong, everyone else’s eyes were more on the white bottle in front of them.

Their eyes are wild, their throats are rolling, and they can’t wait to taste it.


Zhou Jia made a final attempt:

“Let me think about it again?”

“What else are you thinking about?” Ge Dahai frowned and said:

“As of now, Brother Zhou still can’t see the situation clearly, one man is short and others are strong, and if there is Miss Miao Niao, we will act in the future. It’s much more convenient, and since we’ve already come, don’t think about it so much.”

Other people were nodded, and the distance was getting closer, forming an oppression.

“It’s okay!”

Zhou Jia sighed and glanced at the crowd, his eyes finally fell on Miaoqiao:

“So…, your Everyone is here?”

“That’s right.” Miaochao tapped his hands and smiled hehe said:

“I will be my own person from now on, openly and honestly, friends may wish to take it off. Armor, let us also see your true face.”

There was curiosity in her eyes, and her voice was still full of charm.

So many years.

The ultimate enjoyment makes things less and less interesting for her. There is one rare thing, which is naturally worth looking forward to. I hope it will be a surprise.

If it’s a strong and handsome guy…

That’s very good!

Looking at the body shape, it should not be bad, but I don’t know what it looks like?

Miao Qiu’s eyes lit up, she subconsciously clamped her slender legs, and her red lips became more and more charming.

“Not bad.” Ge Dahai nodded:

“speaking of which, we haven’t seen Brother Zhou’s true face.”

“…” Zhou Jia slightly hesitated:


When the voice fell, he stretched out his big hand, and the steel glove suddenly clasped a beautiful head in the eyes of everyone’s astonishment.

The sudden explosion, speed to the pinnacle, and Miao Niao, who has been in a high position and was guarded by all the stars cup themselves around the moon, obviously did not expect that someone would be immune to her hypnosis.

Before he could react, the head was held.

“What are you doing?”


Everyone was shocked, all kinds of source power fluctuated and approached rapidly.

Zhou Jia remained silent.


Five fingers clenched.


Blood and brains took off.

Miao Chi, who was smiling just now, the black emperor’s pearl in the palm and heaven’s spoiled daughter, has become a headless corpse.

The headless, blood-stained body wobbled and fell to the ground.

The field was quiet.

The eyes of everyone in the house were frightened and angry, and more of a panic, not the fear of being killed, but the absence of that blissful water.

Without Bliss Water, life is worse for them!

β€œyou dare!”


β€œKill him!”

The roar is not here There was a sound in the big room, and then the axe light jumped, and the two silhouettes that rushed over were divided into two instantly.

Inspiring violence, Grade 8’s Zhou Jia has ten grades of strength.

Guardian Technique – Eight-armed Demon Ape!

Albert approached with a roar, his arms shook, the source power was substantial around him, turned into a fist shadow in the sky, moved towards the shield and fell.


Ge Hai’s eyes shrank, his body turned abruptly, his identity was strange and fast, and a cold glow with a naked eye that was indistinguishable flashed out.

The people present were all experts carefully selected by Hei Di for his daughter. After a brief panic, they all showed their amazing strength.

Most of them have the strength of Grade 7.

Never mind…


Faced with Albert, who incarnates the eight-armed ape, Zhou Jia just waved his shield with great power. Just knock him out.

In mid-air, all skeletons are broken.

With a low roar, the violent axe light was like a tornado, raging wildly in the room, one after another silhouette was involved in it, dismembered in the blink of an eye, and flesh and blood flew.

Everyone is shrouded in axe light.

Ge Dahai and Li Yingqiong are not weak, but under this violent axe light, they are like ships caught in a tornado, on the verge of collapse.


Covers the room.


The only Grade 8 expert in the field roared and collided head-on.

Zhou Jia leaned forward, raised his shield horizontally, exerted force under his feet, and rushed forward frantically against the opponent when he killed one person at will.


The wall was smashed through by two people.


A human-shaped hole appeared one after another in layers of reinforced concrete.

Up to a dozen walls.


Zhou Jia fell from a height against the person and smashed into the ground with a huge force, and a huge depression appeared in the middle of the dilapidated street.

In the center of the depression, is the silhouette that has been turned into puree.



The mutated crow wandered and screamed from house to house.

Zhou Jia got up, his irritable killing intent gradually subsided, put away his shield and axe expressionlessly, searched the corpse, got up and jumped up, following the hole he just hit back to his original room .

The room was littered with stumps.

The four walls are covered with blood, all kinds of broken corpses, internal organs, chaos and disorder, and a person in the corner is trembling and shrinking.

With spare no effort, his strength is comparable to that of a tenth-grade expert.

Looking at the entire fragmented world, except for the few people standing in Peak, the others, in front of him, are nothing but clay chickens and pottery dogs.

“Li Yingqiong?”

Looking at each other, Zhou Jia slowly crouched down, his voice neither too fast nor too slow, but with some doubts:

“You seem…, a little different from just now?”

“Heh…” Li Yingqiong’s chest was sunken, her breath was faintly discernable, hearing this squeezed out a wry smile on her blood-stained face:

“Ha…” p>

“Hei Di has a kind of spiritual secret technique that can enslave others, plus some medicines specially developed by this world’s technology, so he can control so many people.”

“His daughter , naturally also got the true inheritance.”

“But this method obviously has limitations, after the death of the caster, the effect will become weaker and weaker, until I regain consciousness.”

He could hear the deep regret and horror in his voice.

More helpless.

During this period of time, he seemed to have had a nightmare. In the dream, he was being fooled by the woman at will, and he actually enjoyed it.

Working hard to please the woman.


The nightmare is finally over.

But his life is also on the verge of disappearing.

β€œso that’s how it is.” Zhou Jia understood.

Star clansman seems to have a unique innate talent for spiritual secret technique, wonderful hypnosis, and even he almost got hit.

If Sea of Consciousness is not active, even if you resist the confusion, it will be greatly affected.

“I don’t understand.” He said slowly:

“At the base, Zhou should be considered unremarkable, but you have repeatedly invited me. It seems that you are deliberately targeting me. ?”

In addition to Li Yingqiong and Ge Dahai, there was another person who sent an invitation halfway through.


Even Miao Niao, the daughter of the Hei Emperor, surrendered herself to appear in person.

Zhou Jia has always been adhering to the unobtrusive style, but the other party seems to be too deliberate.

Li Yingqiong was silent for a while, before nodding:

“Someone is looking for a tin can named Zhou Jia. If someone sends it over, that person is willing to pay a high price. .”

“Even if she is the daughter of the Hei Emperor, she is also moved by it.”

Now that he has passed away, naturally there is no need to keep secrets, even more how he does not Reasons to keep it a secret.

“Oh!” Under the armor, Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows:

“Is someone looking for me?”

As for who, I can guess.

“Where is that person?”

Li Yingqiong raised her head, her eyes gradually dimmed, and she raised her hand to open her mouth:






The former slum of Star City.

The residential buildings with dozens of floors are connected together here. Living in it, there is no sunlight all the year round, and the living environment is extremely harsh.

The end is coming.

Countless people turned into walking corpses.

The slums are populated by a large number of people, and they are also a gathering place for the walking dead.


Few people would choose such a place to hide unless they had no other choice.


Clear footsteps came from the darkness.

Luo Ping protected his daughter and Paul, and stepped back step by step, until he retreated to the window, behind him was the extreme drop of up to 100 meters.

Even if you are a rank 10 expert, if you fall from this height, don’t die also seriously injured.

“Master Luo, we meet again.”

In the darkness, a silhouette gradually emerged, and even Stu Warren in a classic suit, hair, and collar were clean. Step closer:

“I never imagined that you would choose to hide here.”

He glanced around, shook his head slowly, with regret in his eyes:

“As you are, it shouldn’t be like this.”

“Stu Warren.” Luo Ping squinted and stared at each other:

“You What do you want to do?”

“Nothing.” Stu-Warren stopped at the end of the shadow, his cheeks changing back and forth in the light and shadow of light and dark:

“Does Master Luo know, Where is your Junior Brother Zhou now?”

“I don’t know.” Luo Ping shook his head:

“It was a mess at the time, and it was a fluke to find the little girl, where is Zhou Jia , Luo didn’t know.”

“If the sergeant was looking for him, he was in the wrong place.”

“Really?” Stu Warren bowed his head, Soundtrack Regret:

“That’s a pity.”

Said, waving lightly.

In the dark.

One after another silhouette walked out from behind him, and they were all from the Warren family. They held swords and slowly moved towards Luoping approaching.

“Sir.” Paul turned pale:

“Master Terry Young’s death is not necessarily related to Mister Zhou, and even if it is, it is not about Mister Luo, right? “

“Hmm…” Stu-Warren groaned and said:

“His Junior Brother killed my child, I’m killing Zhou Jia now The Senior Brother, seems to be in line with the Dalin Dynasty’s tit-for-tat statement.”

“Dr. Luo, do you think so?”

(end of this chapter)

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