Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Bright

“Sir, is this really going to be the case?”

Luo Ping took a deep breath and saw each other remain unmoved, immediately stepped forward, a condensed meaning like a mountain emerged on itself.


source power trembles between flesh, bones, and internal organs.

If there is a substantial amount of energy permeating through the body, Sisi will cover the surrounding, and eventually become a real existence, firmly guarding one side.

“Inner strength!” Stu Warren’s eyes flashed:

“It turns out that Luo Daxia is already Grade 9.”

Before Grade 9, source Power only acts on the inside, and after Grade 9 has internal energy, it begins to affect the outside, which can stimulate the internal energy to protect the body.

Both, at a glance.

“I’m lucky to be promoted.” Luo Ping said in a deep voice:

“Sir, although you are many and powerful, Luo is not to be trifled with, and there are even more walking corpses here. Lair, are you sure you want to do it?”

“Dragon Luo has already achieved Grade 9 at a young age, and the future is promising.” Stu Warren’s audio tape praised:

“I’m not as good as You are old and weak, although you have the strength of your family to draw on, up to now, you are only one step ahead of you.”

Said, stepping forward.

An aura of Perfection’s self-sufficiency and no impediment emerged from him, the long sword in his hand trembled, and there was an air of arrogance.

Ten products!

The top of the world!

Stuart Warren’s body has already begun to decline. Even if he achieves tenth grade, it is already the limit, but tenth grade is tenth grade.

Luo Ping’s complexion sank.

Since leaving the Huo Family Fort, I have been traveling all the way. Although there are many dangers and dangers, it can indeed make people’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds.

As long as you are willing to fight for your life and survive, you will not be weak.

You can advance to Grade 9 yourself, others may go further.

And as the patriarch of the Warren family, Stu Warren was already a Grade 9 expert many years ago, and the difference may just be an opportunity.

Grade 9 and 10th Grade, and the rest of the Warren family…

The heart sank almost to the bottom.

However, Luo Ping, after all, has been fighting for a long time, since he lost one’s head out of fear, the pressure has caused him to clear his mind and concentrate.

Tie Yuan’s body spare no effort, a layer of metallic luster emerges from the surface of his body.


Stu-Warren showed disdain for Luo Ping’s plan.

put up a desperate struggle!

He is too old, even if a 10th-grade Perfection can lock fines and solids, he can’t raise any more children. Terry Warren is the future of the Warren family.

Terry’s death means that the death of the Warren family is a foregone conclusion.

This was an unbearable blow for Stu Warren.

The family is about to perish, so he has nothing to fear, even his faith is shaken, perhaps only death is the destination.

This hopeless world…

There is no room for hope.

Why not,

melt in the dark?

With his thoughts turning, Stu Warren raised his long sword, thousands hammers, hundred refinements of the Ravens sword technique to allow his posture to adjust itself to perfection.

“My heart is bright!”

The slogan that once made him overwhelmed by emotions seems to have become weak, but the strength of the tenth-grade Perfection is real.

The blade trembled slightly, and just as he was about to start, a sense of crisis suddenly emerged behind him.


The long sword is reversed, and the sword curtain is heavy.


I don’t know when.

A thread of electric light appeared on the wall, the high temperature melted the concrete, the wall was sunken, and the steel bars were broken and shattered.

Time seems to stand still in this brief moment.

A double-edged axe wrapped in thunder pierced the wall behind Stu-Warren, dashing through the flying steel sand.

The instant explosion and extreme speed made the air thicker, and also caused ripples like layers of water waves around the silhouette of the person who came.



The violent rumbling sound exploded in the field.

The walls collapsed and shattered violently, the thunder bloomed in the dark, and the gravel and steel bars flew around like galloping arrows.

Several people around Stu-Warren were directly swept away by the air wave, but it was himself who was firmly locked by the axe light.


The white crow is the Divine Bird of Feimu world, known as the son of light, born from the biggest source of light in the sky, and its cry has the power to awaken everything .


The sound is harsh and treacherous, like a call from the depths of hell, just the sound makes people sink.

This also shows that Stu Warren has completely turned his back on the light, and the white crow sword technique in his hand has also become a dark Reaper.


Lightning collided with the sword curtain.

The violent roar sounded again, and the hunting wind swayed back and forth in the space of more than 100 square meters, and one silhouette also flew out.


Stu-Warren opened his mouth suddenly, blood spurting out, and his wrists trembled slightly.

He stared at Zhou Jia, his steel teeth clenched, hatred in his eyes, and he couldn’t believe it:

“It’s you!”

“Not bad.” Zhou Jia, who was wearing armor, stepped out of the ruins, glanced around the audience, and fell on Luo Ping’s body:

“Senior Brother Luo, we meet again.”

“Junior Brother?” Luo Ping looked a little dumbfounded.

The blow just now was made by Zhou Jia?

Although it was a sneak attack, it was also a fact that one blow wounded Stu Warren, who had tenth-rank strength. How could he do it?

“Two to one.”

Facing the surprise in the eyes of the two, Zhou Jia did not explain, but just looked towards Stu-Warren:

β€œ I heard that Sir, you are looking for me, don’t bother, Zhou came over by himself, but it seems that the Warren family is really going to die out today.”

“Unexpected.” Stu Warren’s eyes Shrink:

“No wonder, no wonder you dared to ask me one-on-one duel, so you have such ability. It seems that my son is indeed your fault.”

” And Tyler’s trash…”

“It’s not a loss!”

“nonsense.” Zhou Jia coldly snorted, with the axe and shield mentioned, his body twirled, and he was angry After sweeping away the army, he rushed towards the opponent:

“Senior Brother, let’s do it together!”

“Stop him!” Stu Warren’s eyes flashed, and he subconsciously took a step back.



Several Warren family guards pounced.

Zhou Jia only has Luo Ping and Stu Warren in his eyes, it seems that others are not worth mentioning.

But in fact, the Warren family’s guards are definitely not weak. One of them is Grade 8, three are Grade 7, and two are Grade 6.

It’s just such a force, and it’s no longer weak in this fragmented world.

And they are very good at the joint technique of attacking. Even if a few people are besieged, even if they are experts of the tenth grade, if they are careless, they may fall over.

No blade!

Arthur’s Nine Rifle!

Blade light is like electricity, and there are many shadows of guns. Several people rushed from all directions, attacking from front and back. The attack was like a wave, one layer after another seamlessly connected together.

Even Zhou Jia, who had inspired violence, had to stop in the face of such offensives.


Luo Ping’s eyes flashed behind him, he suddenly raised his fists high, slammed the ground, and the terrifying energy turned into waves, rushing along the ground in all directions.

The shocks and fluctuations were not large, but they exploded at the feet of several people.

The violent shock also made several people rush to the offensive instantly uncoordinated, and weak spots that should not have appeared appeared one by one.

Let’s go!

Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, and arcs appeared around him.

The interlaced floors, the oscillating ground, the rushing silhouette, the splashing sand and gravel all mix with the pervasive murderous intention.

The dazzling electric light suddenly appeared in the chaos.

Compared to the others, this sudden burst of electric light was far faster than the others. It just flashed past the two of them.


The head flew high and blood splattered.

2nd layer shield against!


Several auras came back, and returned to the same path at a faster speed. Before the only mage raised his staff, his whole body was shattered. .

Faced with the tacit cooperation of Zhou Jia, Luo Ping, and the entire group of the Warren family, they have little power to fight back.

Stu-Warren’s face sank, and he suddenly pursed his lips and screamed.


The strange cry only made Zhou Jia puzzled, but Luo Ping’s complexion greatly changed, he turned around suddenly, moved towards his daughter and Paul.


A transparent silhouette appeared behind the window, and with a flick of the naked eye’s indiscernible long tail, the two people by the window were tightly bound. .

“zhi zhi…”

In the strange cry, the transparent monster actually showed his true face, his blood-red eyes looked at Luo Ping provocatively, and pulled the two towards the building. Jump up.

The monster’s limbs are tightly attached to the outer wall of the high-rise building, and it climbs as if walking on the ground outside.

This transparent monster has been in ambush all the time in the vicinity.


There seems to be some kind of collaboration with Stu-Warren.


Luo Ping roared, and he didn’t care about Zhou Jia at the moment, he jumped up, cast Gecko Walking on Wall Art, moved towards monster and chased after him.

For a while.

It was quiet in the house.

Zhou Jia stopped what he was doing, glanced at the two guards who were already terrified, and said:

“It seems that the duel you and I agreed to at the beginning should come. After all, it will come.”

“Not bad!”

Stu-Warren took a deep breath, stood proudly, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth gently, and made some adjustments. The wrinkled shirt, once again restored the jazz style of the past.

He shook his long sword and his voice was solemn:

“The descendant of the bloodline of Austin-Warren of the Eruin Empire, the son of Ben-Warren, Stu-Warren, to you Invite to a duel!”

“ceremony.” Zhou Jia nodded, dashing with his axe:

“But it’s not necessary, I don’t like it here.”


Three days high.

A rare beast with blood-red skin climbed to the top of the 200-meter ruins, swung its tail section, and moved towards the silhouette that was swimming fast below.

This person, killed ‘her’ child.


Let it go all the way here.

“zhi zhi…”

The sharp cry seemed to vent the anger in my heart.

rare beast looked at Luo Ping who was getting closer and closer, with a ferocious smile on his weird face, and then stared at the other party’s terrified eyes.

Flick the long tail.


two figures, thrown out by fiercely.

When the other party kills its child, it will kill the other party’s child first to take revenge!

Sunlight, ruins, breezes, silhouettes, and fluttering clothes make a poignant picture.


Luo Xiuying screamed.

This place is more than a hundred meters away from the ground, there is nothing on both sides, and there is no place to borrow any strength, not to mention her, even if her father falls, she will surely die.

At a distance of more than ten meters from the rare beast, Luo Ping’s body froze, and his mind went blank. Only the silhouette of his daughter fell a little in the air.

Despair left him cold.

Paul was already injured, looking down at the abandoned car the size of a matchbox, his heart was filled with sadness and his eyes were tightly closed.

“My heart is bright!”


He turned around suddenly, hugging Luo Xiuying with both hands, the dive light in his eyes jumped, Like a fire burning, his voice is solemn and solemn:

“God loves the world…”

“My heart is bright!”


With both hands, she used all her strength to throw Luo Xiuying towards the ruins of the building.


falling toward the ground at a faster rate.

“Paul Uncle!”

Luo Xiuying screamed, subconsciously reaching out, but only caught empty space.


Luo Ping clenched his teeth tightly, his body suddenly swooped down, his wrist flicked, and a chain extended out and wrapped around Luo Xiuying’s waist.


The monster hides its silhouette again, its sharp tail piercing the air, and with a strange howl, it pierces his heart.

(End of this chapter)

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