Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Inheritance


The Thunder Axe!

The black armor, the double-edged axe wrapped in electric light, and the dancing silhouette are swift and violent, forming a rhythmic picture.





Zhou Jia shouted in a sullen voice, his body like a straight electric light, rushing forward with a bang, and his mighty power made the onlookers watch The two of them subconsciously trembled.

Experts compete in a split second.

If Stu Warren was in a trance, he might have fallen under the double-edged axe, but fortunately, he has been fighting for a long time and remains unmoved.

β€œWhite Crow sword techniqueβ€”β€”Cross Slash!”

The cross sword light is sharp and sharp, far less intense than the thunder, but it shows the invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable agility, Never discouraged tenacious.

The sword light compressed to the extreme is even more sharp.


In the strange collision sound, the axe light suddenly shattered, and the sword light became more and more prosperous, and even moved towards the man in armor and forcibly pressed it.

As a Baron, Stuart Warren has seen Divine Splendor firsthand.

sword intent, get blessing.

The white crow sword technique is even more of a secret from the church, with a high rank. Even many Paladins who have been transferred are still practicing diligently.

On the other hand, Zhou Jia, although the Thunder Axe is strong, is not a Great Perfection.

And relying on the strength increased by violence, it cannot be integrated into the axe flawlessly, and the two are at a disadvantage.


The 2nd layer shield is reversed!

Zhou Jia’s body leaned forward, his muscles bulging, even his armor seemed to tremble slightly, and his shield was fiercely threw away from behind.

Looks like resistance, more like hits.


The sword light shattered, and Stu Warren also retreated violently.

“How could that be?” He was stunned and his eyes were incredulous:

“Your strength…”

“This is impossible!”

Even though he only has Grade 8, his strength is greater than his own tenth grade?

Even if he is old and frail, and he has just been promoted to the tenth grade, he is considered to be the weakest among the tenth grade, but there is no reason for his opponent to be so strong.

Although I have seen it just now, it happened suddenly and was sneak attacked. In fact, Stu-Warren doesn’t think Zhou Jia is strong.


It was obviously beyond his expectations.


Faced with the opponent’s puzzlement, Zhou Jia just hummed in his heart, and his body dashed again.

The old horse goes to the trough!

The dashing silhouette rolled up a thunderbolt that flew across the sky, and the intent to run for thunder surged on the double-edged axe, slashing at the opponent with a low roar.



Stu Warren, who was injured and vented out of courage, turned pale, and his body again Retreat.

Behind him, a solid wall.

The wall was supposed to block the retreat, but in front of this gentleman-dressed silhouette, it was like a piece of paper, shattering the shoulders.


The two of them one after the other, pierced through the wall, the exposed steel bars swayed in the wind, and the two silhouettes rolled and retreated backwards.



Walls pierced with a bang, mud flying, rebar splashing, and the dust raised also made the Stu Warren’s vision is greatly affected.

The situation is in jeopardy in the blink of an eye.

“Fast speed!”


“Beast power!”

“Extraordinary vision!”

“Rotten bones!”


Spirit talismans flew out from the waist, turning into auras, some lasing Zhou Jia, Some fell on him and merged into the body.

The aura that lased out was bounced off by the shield without exception.

The spirit talisman that is blessed on oneself will not be affected.

For a while.

Speed, strength, perception, all blessed.


The axe light dashed forward, suddenly stagnant.

Stu Warren holds a sword in one hand, his eyes are deep and unfathomable, his clothes flutter in the strong wind, and the sword light is like a peacock spreading out.

β€œding ding dong dong  …”

The violent axe light showed a downward trend in front of the sword light that suddenly unfolded.

White crow sword technique!

sword qi whistled like a wild dragon.

It was originally just a formidable power aftermath sword wind, but under the control of the white crow sword technique, it turned into a slaughtering weapon and swept around wildly.

The sword wind swept across, the wall instantly pierced, and the force was comparable to a powerful bullet.

Stu Warren, holding a sword in one hand, seemed to be attacking at the same time.

However, Sword Art, which was originally holy and bright, and symbolized hope, was in his hands at this time, but it was sinister and terrifying.

Even that Jian Xiao turned from high-spirited fighting spirit to low-pitched and cold.

Zhou Jia’s eyes contracted, his shield swung, blocking attacks from all directions, and the source power in his body continued to pour into the double-edged axe.


The Thunder Slash!

The double-edged axe suddenly lit up.

The dazzling lightning bloomed in the field, the land of several feet was covered with electric light, the steel melted instantly, and the walls shattered violently.

sword qi, also annihilated.

Three times a day erupts the power of the essence stone. Although there are many restrictions, the power is terrifying.

With just one blow, Stu Warren could no longer maintain his gentlemanly demeanor, and the original injuries came together, making his breath suddenly become extremely decadent.


Zhou Jia drank lowly, dashing wildly, his double-edged axe holding the thunder, approaching a blast.


Facing the incoming axe blade, Stu Warren smiled mysteriously, and rubbed his thumb lightly at the center of the hilt of the long sword in his hand. .

Holy light!

Bright and prosperous.

Extreme light and dark make no difference, both will blind people.

While bathing in holy light, Stu Warren’s injuries were also temporarily suppressed. He strode diagonally under his feet and swept across the silhouette with a sword.

The line of sight is instantly blank, and everyone will inevitably panic.

People, like that.

ominous beast is no exception.

Even zombies are affected by holy light.

As a caster, he will not be affected. This move, as the trump card’s hole card, has helped him turn defeat into victory many times in the face of danger.

this time , the same is no exception.

Reining in his breath, the long sword in his palm stabbed silently, while the opponent’s eyes were confused, and his movements were obviously sluggish.

The next moment.

Zhou Jia’s speed increased sharply.


Stu-Warren’s body froze, a bloodstain appeared between his eyebrows, and it was not interrupted until his neck.


“How could it be?”

He didn’t understand until his death, how his own movement method was seen through, But if one move is inadvertent, the whole game will be lost, and there is no room for luck.




The headless corpse lay flat on the ground.

Even though one important part is missing, this body still has a strange allure, looking up or some kind of… beauty.

Hei Di sat on the soft slump, and the fat all over his body trembled slightly with the rapid breathing.


“Who did it!”

Because the fleshy body is too fat, it drags down the internal organs, even if he has exhausted All the while, the sound is still not loud.

But as the voice came out, a real anger swept through the audience.


A silent roar echoed in everyone’s consciousness.

The fourth layer building is also on the verge of falling.

In the small room, it was more like a gust of wind raging, and several star clansman, who were not very strong, had their eyes white and fainted directly to the ground.

Other people, too, are shiver coldly, and the panic in their hearts is hard to contain.

From Ji Family, Grade 9 escort Ji Yuan as the negotiator, couldn’t help his heart beating wildly, his muscles trembling all over.

Ten products!

This guy’s spirit strength is so terrifying?

Associating some of the unseen information found, Ji Yuan lowered his head subconsciously, suppressing the fear in his eyes.

Different from the White Emperor Twins and the others, the title of the Black Emperor, which existed long before the end, represented the Sovereign in the darkness of Star City.

This spiritual master, relying on his innate talent in mind power, hypnotically controlled many officials and wealthy businessmen in this city.

Become an emperor in the darkness not just in name only, but also in reality.

In order to maintain his position, his methods are cruel and terrifying.

After the apocalypse, killing the walking corpses with the power of the controlled person is even more advanced by leaps and bounds.

Until you can’t advance, just give up.


Having obtained the mysterious technique bestowed by Ji Yao, he is so strong that he is afraid that he has already reached the top ranks among the top ten experts.

The star city of tens of millions of people can stand in Peak, which is naturally extraordinary.

The mental abilities of the White Emperor and the twins are combined into one, the Mad King is a psychopath, the Star Emperor’s luck is against the sky, and the Black Emperor has deep accumulation.

Each of these people is expected to receive Ultra Grade.

It’s no wonder that Young Master will try his best to recruit them. As for Hei Di’s ‘hobby’, some people in the Red Cloud Army have even more crazy hobbies, so what’s the point of liking *girls.

This is a crazy world.


One person fell to the ground, tremblingly said:

“Miss likes to play with people from outside recently, a few days ago She also took in a few servants, maybe her… death, it has something to do with it.”

“Peng!” It exploded, and red and white splashed around.


Hei Di’s small eyes flickered in the flesh, and hatred and madness burned in it:

“Take this time of Miao Qiao. Everyone who came into contact with me, check it out for me, I want to know who the hell is… who killed her!”

The terrifying spirit strength whistled in the field.

The walls silently cracked, the glass shattered violently on the spot, and several people who fainted on the ground had blood gushing from their mouths and noses, their bodies kept twitching, and they lost their vitality in an instant.


The response was full of fear and panic.




The sound of the middle floor, of course Agitated the corpse.

Countless mutated corpses emerged from the darkness, looking for the sound and the breath of the living, moving towards the upstairs, and a group of corpses rushed for a while.

More one after another horror atmosphere, mixed in it.

Red-eyed zombie!

Rolled eyes zombie!

This is a group of corpses that even a tenth-level expert should fear.

Zhou Jia, carrying a heavy package, followed the trail of Luo Ping along the traces outside the building, and finally stopped at a corner of the ruins.

blood-reeking qi spreads all around.

“Senior Brother!”

Zhou Jia’s eyes sank, inwardly shouted in his heart, and approached.

In the ruins, Luo Ping leaned against a broken wall, his face was pale, the blood in his heart was almost drained, his eyes were empty, and his consciousness seemed to be blurred.

Beside him, Luo Xiuying had passed out.


Hearing the sound, his body trembled slightly, the rays of light reunited in his eyes, and when he saw the person coming, his eyes suddenly filled with fanatical hope:

“Quick, Xiuying!”

“She’s fine.” Zhou Jia touched Luo Xiuying’s pulse, but there was no joy in his voice:

“Senior Brother, you …”

He hesitated, sighing silently.

Luo Ping’s heart was injured and it was impossible for him to survive.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Luo Ping didn’t care about his own situation, he just muttered, then grabbed Zhou Jia’s arm:

“Junior Brother!”

“Xiuying she…”

He opened his mouth with a complicated expression, but he didn’t know what to say.

Zhou Jia naturally knows what he is going to say, but in this world, taking care of a person is not easy, especially his relatively withdrawn personality.

Luo Ping, he knows it.

“Junior brother.” His eyes flashed, as if he had made a decision, he suddenly reached out and pushed Zhou Jia.

This push was not strong and fast, so Zhou Jia didn’t dodge.

The next moment.

A warm current emerges from the chest, and it runs rapidly along the trajectory of the three-dimensional rectification, and the speed is getting faster and faster, rushing endlessly.

Zhou Jia was taken aback for a moment, and there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes.

Seems to have guessed something.

“Junior Brother.” Luo Ping pressed one hand on Zhou Jia’s chest, opened the mouth and said:

“I I know that you want to get the inheritance and secret medicine of the Tie Yuan School, the things are on me, and when I die, you can take it as much as you want.”

“There are not only the secret medicine of the Three-Yuan Dharma in it, but also iron. Primordial body, Thunder Palm, the secret medicine and medicine ingredient seeds that go with it…”


He opened his mouth, blood gushing from his throat, Struggling to continue speaking:

“I ignite my source power with secret technique to help you Cultivation Trinity Dharma, which can save years of work, hope…hope…”

Luo Ping’s body was trembling and his breath was a little weak, but the hand on Zhou Jia’s chest never relaxed, and his eyes were even more pleading.

The source power in his body burns wildly, turning it into a driving force to help Cultivation.

In Sea of Consciousness.

The Apocalypse star flashes.

Familiar with the three-element Dharma (417/800)





Three-element Dharma Mastery (365/1600)


In a short period of time, Zhou Jia’s three-element rectification progress has been pushed from the proficiency stage to the master stage, although the cultivation base has not increased much.

However, at the mastery stage of the three-element Dharma, it means that at the same time, his explosive power can be increased by at least 30%.

Long lasting, it will improve.

If he fights with Stu Warren again now, he can easily win if he doesn’t need so many contingency measures and just brute force.

Looking at Luo Ping, Zhou Jia opened his mouth and finally sighed helplessly:

“Senior Brother, don’t worry, as long as I’m still alive, I will definitely bring Xiuying to Hong Zeyu safely, Tie. Yuan School’s cultivation technique  … Will leave it to her too. “


Luo Ping is sure to die, and Zhou Jia can take away what he has, whether he agrees or not, and he doesn’t give much benefit.


Luo Ping also understands this truth.

If she insists on not giving it, the things will not fall into the hands of her daughter.

And Xiuying is not strong enough, most likely will not be able to walk out alive This world fragment.

It is better to trust Zhou Jia instead.

This is not a plot against.

Just give it a try.

hearing this, Luo Ping’s eyes loosened, and a mouthful of blood poured out:

“Thank you…”

(End of this chapter)

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