Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Discovery of the Origin Star


Zhou Jia carried on his back, Luo Xiuying Tears in his eyes, sobbing softly.

Different from other people, although Luo Xiuying lives in this dangerous world, Luo Ping’s existence gave her a stable childhood

It can even be regarded as happiness.

Even if she left the Huo Family Fort, Luo Xiuying was taken care of very safely along the way, and she hardly encountered any danger.

But in this world, isolation from danger is not necessarily a good thing.


Luo Ping’s death was more than a heavy blow to her.

The days ahead will be even more difficult.

“I found it!”

Zhou Jia’s ears trembled slightly, his body jumped down from a height, and he was in mid-air and connected to the wall, taking the opportunity to slash to the shadow below with an axe in his hand.

Electrical light dances, shining on one side.

“zhi zhi…”

With the strange cry, the transparent monster hidden here struggled to get up and fled to a darker place.

Luo Ping’s last counterattack before his death also severely damaged the monster, otherwise it would have been impossible for Luo Ping to escape with his daughter.

โ€œWant to run away?โ€

Zhou Jia hummed lightly, and swooped in lightning flashes.

Lightweight Art movement method is not his specialty, but short-range bursts are not weak, and monster is seriously injured and slow to move.

As for stealth…

It’s just being restrained by listening.

The silhouette is approaching, and the fierce and violent axe light suddenly blooms.

Even the monster’s invisible innate talent showed abnormality under the axe light, and ripples like rippling water appeared on its skin surface.


Seeing that he couldn’t dodge in time, the monster reacted to arouse the ferocity in the bloodline.

The long tail flicked, the tail needles shot wildly, and the steel claws on the limbs were even three feet in front of him, slashing out a lot of light and shadow, stirring endlessly.


The monster’s resistance is not subtle.

Although he doesn’t know the martial skill, his fighting instinct makes every attack the strongest lethal force with the smallest force.


No matter how good the technique is, it is useless in the face of overwhelming advantage.

A muffled sound.

The monster was blasted out directly, the long tail was cut into two pieces by the axe blade, and the scarlet’s tail roared into the wall.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained the same, his eyes were cold and deep, he stepped closer, and the double-edged axe set off a violent thunder, drowning the monster again.


This time, the ground shook.

Around about one zhang, until it sags down several inches, the hard marble floor has countless tiny cracks.

It was like a rammer with dozens of tons, and it fell heavily.

The transparent monster in the center was directly hit by the body, the limbs were paralyzed, the invisibility was invalid, and the blood-red body was revealed.

It has been seriously injured and has added new injuries, and its body is on the verge of collapse, and its life is not long.

Looking at the dying monster lying on the ground, Zhou Jia put down Luo Xiuying on his back and handed her a long sword, nodded motioned:

“Come on!”

Luo Xiuying’s feet softened, she took the long sword and held it tightly, her eyes fixed on the monster, the hatred in her eyes was real.

The monster vomited mucus, and seemed to know that he was doomed, but there was not much fear in his eyes, he just looked at Luo Xiuying quietly.

It doesn’t think it’s doing anything wrong.

Luo Ping killed its child, it avenged as it should be by rights.

No one is more noble than anyone else!

“You killed my father…”

Luo Xiuying trembled, moved towards the monster on the ground and swung the long sword.



The long sword from Stu Warren’s hand is sharp as iron, monster The skin is tough and the flesh is rough, but it can’t help but chop.

In the blink of an eye, he fell in a pool of blood.

Luo Xiuying seemed to be in a state of madness, her eyes were red, and her hands kept chopping, even if the body was chopped into flesh.


Zhou Jia’s ears trembled slightly, and reached out to stop her movement:

“Go quickly, it will be too late if you don’t go.”

The corpse is approaching.

These things are the overlords of Star City. If they fall into it, no one can survive.





I donโ€™t know when, the sky is falling drizzle.

The drizzle also covered the whole city with a veil.


“shua shua!”

A bloated silhouette travels through the ruins of the building.

On closer inspection, the silhouette was wearing armor, with a person behind her back, and a thick wrap around her waist, which made her look very bloated.

behind it.

The corpses were surging like a tide.

Three of them were over two meters tall, hairless all over their bodies, and zombies with pale eyes roared and chased after them.

Rolled eyes zombie!

The Star City originally had more than four districts, there were other bases for survivors.

However, the base was destroyed one after another, and the base was captured by a group of corpses. If you follow the reasons, most of them are related to the white-eyed zombie.

This zombie, which is comparable to a tenth-grade expert, has a terrifying spiritual power due to the star clansman.


A loud noise sounded behind him, Zhou Jia’s body tightened, the ground under his feet cracked, and the whole person moved towards the side and flew out.

The next moment.

The visible sound waves of naked eyes are mixed with terrifying thought power, like a cannonball coming out of the chamber, directly ploughing a ravine about tens of meters long on the ground.

Several layers of walls were knocked down by them.



Roaring again and again, Zhou Jia is also trying his best to dodge.

Fortunately, although the white eye zombie’s attack power is amazing, the speed is not too fast, and the distance between the group of corpses and him is getting bigger and bigger.



Under the armor, Zhou Jia’s expression was agitated, ecstatic, and uncontrollable.

Sea of Consciousness.

The Apocalypse star flashes.

Discover the Origin Star!

Discover the Origin Star!


This fragmented world actually has a source star!

The figure folded at the moment, moved towards the direction of Apocalypse’s induction.

Being proficient in the ternary method of equal order, Zhou Jia can carry source power much faster than before, and the movement method also has a bonus.

Not close yet.

A series of noises came from afar.

Farther away, there was the sound of corpses surging, which also made his footsteps stagnate.


If you keep moving forward, you can indeed meet the source star, but you will also be caught in the front and back of the corpse group, and you may die.


The Origin Star is moving.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, he folded his body and moved towards an alley beside him.


End of the alley.

“fuck off! โ€

With a loud roar , two figures were fiercely smashed and flew out, and several half-tiger half-human creatures roared and swept past.

Zhou Jia just happened to be rushing ahead of them.

“get lost!”

Facing the silhouette standing in front of him, half-tiger and half-human did not hesitate at all. With a wave of his arm, the long halberd that weighed more than 100 jin disappeared. whistling.

The long halberd has enough about one zhang, can’t be considered Divine Weapon, but the weight is amazing.

The half-tiger half-human creature is even more energetic, waving a long halberd that weighs more than 100 pounds, just like playing with a light straw.

With just one swing, the wind rips through the ground.

If it falls on someone, the armored Grade 5 expert will be seriously injured on the spot.

How domineering!

They are all running for their lives under the swarms of corpses.


coldly snorted, Zhou Jia folded his body and swung a double-edged axe in midair.

His double-edged axe is also a heavy weapon, weighing more than 100 jins, no less than a long halberd, and the slashing of the Furious Thunder Axe is even more swift and violent.

The splitting power is tens of thousands of pounds.

The thunder light flashed and the long halberd shattered on the spot.

The double-edged axe drove straight in, directly slashing into the half-tiger half-human leader, bursting with strength, and the body weighing several hundred pounds shattered on the spot.

โ€œyou dare!โ€

The other tigerkin beside him opened his eyes wide, roaring and slashing the long knife in his hand.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were cold, and he approached sideways. The shield burst out in about one chi, and a shock wave visible to naked eyes slammed into tigerkin.

Shield shock!


The giant force made the air vibrate, and tigerkin’s flesh was twisted and sunken, and the huge body smashed and flew towards the ruins of the building.

After hitting the ground hard, it stirred up dust.

And that tigerkin,

it’s dead and can’t die.

Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, and he turned to look at the source star in the perception center. Before he could see clearly, an extreme oppression had already fallen.

The wind howled, The earth shook and the mountain quivered.


Got it!


Before he had time to think about it, he opened his eyes, and a giant force emerged from his body, and his entire body grew bigger in an instant. Following the induction in his heart, he violently raised the shield in his hand.

The terrifying giant force, the ultimate explosion, made his block move, setting off a roaring wind.


A force like a mountain suddenly fell.

The strong wind roared, and even overwhelmed the strong wind that raised the shield, and even the ground beneath his feet showed cracks first.

Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly, and the warning signs were repeated.

Like a mountain!

2nd layer shield against!

The method of defense, spare no effort.


It was as strong as a mountain and instantly shattered.

The 2nd layer shield only lasted for a moment, and then it shattered with a bang, the electric light overflowed, the shield was pressed down, and the foot suddenly sank.


Like a meteor falling from the sky, a crater with a diameter of about one zhang suddenly appeared on the ground.

Zhou Jia stands in the center of the pit, with a facial expression grave under the armor, holding a shield and an axe in the other, looking at the silhouette not far away.

The eyes are solemn.


The lower body has the limbs of a tiger, but the upper body of a human is in the head position.

About one zhang’s body was covered with strange patterns, a giant sword about two meters long was held by tigerkin, and his eyes stared at Zhou Jia coldly.

Different from the previous two tigerkins.

This person’s body is obviously much bigger, and the weight alone is afraid of being a thousand pounds.

And the vast rushing blood and overflowing terrifying energy all show that this person’s cultivation base, Grade 9, has a solid foundation.

Grade 9?

Zhou Jia’s eyes twitched.

Even a 10th-rank Stu Warren can’t break his shield with spare no effort.

And this Grade 9 tigerkin can smash mountains of energy and 2nd layer shields one after another with his sword. How terrifying is his power?

Be aware.

He inspired violence.

Even though the violence has not been fully aroused due to time constraints, the opponent’s strength must be far greater than that of Stu Warren.

Even if it is placed in the tenth grade expert, I am afraid it belongs to the powerhouse.

The key is…

The Origin Star is on it!

โ€œHuman Race?โ€

Compared to Zhou Jia’s surprise, Feihu was equally incomprehensible.

He is naturally powerful, and can even crush his fellow clan, not to mention the weak Human Race, but the cultivation base of the person in front of him seems to be only Grade 8.

Can you stop yourself from dying with a sword?

Although a bit reluctant.

But his own sword really failed to hurt the opponent.

This person is probably hiding some secrets.


lightly snorted, Feihu suppressed the distracting thoughts in his heart, no matter what secrets you have, if you dare to shoot at your own clan, you are dead end.


He opened his mouth wide and exhaled like thunder.

The four feet slammed under him, and the ground cracked with a bang. The short distance of about one zhang was only one step for it, but it pushed the speed to the extreme.

Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank, the double-edged axe behind him jumped up suddenly, the dazzling lightning exploded, and the slashing thunder of spare no effort slammed out.

The giant sword and the double-edged axe collided in the air.


The loud noise shook all directions, the walls on both sides collapsed, and the ground beneath my feet sank suddenly.

Flying Tiger’s body swayed, the giant sword was leaned back, and his arms trembled slightly.

While Zhou Jia took a few steps back, his eyes were full of surprise, he lowered his head and looked towards the axe and shield in his hand. There were cracks in the shield and a gap in the double-edged axe.

This is of course not just the reason for the opposite tigerkin.

And these days of continuous fighting, especially when facing Stu Warren, the axe and shield in his hand have been damaged.

But these.

Far less than the two swords of tigerkin on the opposite side.


Flying Tiger’s eyes widened and he roared loudly:

“Come again!”


Before he finished speaking, a roar sounded from not far away, and the sound waves swept in beams.

Rolled eyes zombie!

The complexion greatly changed for one person and one tiger. At the moment, I don’t care about other things, and I dodge and retreat into the distance.

(End of this chapter)

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