Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 124


Chapter 124 Inventory



Getting bigger and bigger.

Dark clouds cover the sky, and the star city is dark everywhere.

Unknown grass and vines climbed the tall buildings, the broken glass was buried in thick dust, and the once neat tables, chairs and benches were slumped.

Abandoned canteen somewhere.

In the corner, a silhouette curled up, crying softly.

Zhou Jia doesn’t know how to comfort people. His experience is that he will cry when he is sad, and when he has enough crying, time can heal everything.

If even that didn’t work, there was nothing he could do.

All in all, don’t care.

Sweeping the dust off the ground, he removed the wraps from his body.

Today’s encounter is extremely dangerous.

But plentiful harvest.

As the head of the Warren family, Stu – Warren naturally has good things on her body.

The long sword in his hand is a sharp weapon that cuts iron like mud. In terms of quality, it must be much higher than a double-edged axe.

After all the previous collision, the long sword was unscathed, but the double-edged axe was cracked.

This is also as it should be by rights.

How can his accumulation of just two years be compared to the accumulation of hundreds of years in a family, but unfortunately it is not a soft sword, otherwise it can be matched with Life Seizing Sword.

Zhou Jia holds a sword in one hand, his eyes flashing.

This sword weighs 167 catties, is four feet and one inch long, and the blade is three feet and four minutes long.

There is a fish scale pattern on the handshake, which fits the palm of the hand. There is also an unremarkable jade stone inlaid in the center, which can be moved to stimulate the inner rune.

Holy light!

This is undoubtedly a sword.

But at first glance, it doesn’t look like a Divine Weapon, and it’s not conspicuous.

The sword wind whistled with the hand waving.

Even if Zhou Jia’s Sword Art is not a brilliant, you can still feel that the sword’s horizontal slashing and reverse slashing are all satisfying, just like the extension of the arm.

If it falls in the hands of a sword dao expert, it can increase the power of the number into power.

In addition to this sword, more than 20 spirit talismans, more than 30 source crystals, a few source stones, and some gems and materials were also found from the Stu-Warren entire group.

Things are bulging in packages.

After finishing, he took out a small cloth bag from his body. The cloth bag had body temperature, and the blue cloth was stained with a layer of dry blood.

This item is from Luoping.


With a sigh, Zhou Jia opened the cloth bag.

There are not many things in it, only a wooden box with a delicate shape and a roll of cloth.

The cloth is not big, but as thin as cicada wing, it can be several feet wide when unfolded, and many things are recorded densely packed in Dalin Dynasty characters.

If there is no accident, it is the inheritance of Tieyuan School.

Three-element Dharma!

Iron body!

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Apocalypse and more…

As for the wooden box.

Inside are some frozen seeds, which should be the medicine ingredients needed for the secret medicine.

It has to be said that Luo Ping or Master He prepared very carefully, but the changes they encountered were definitely beyond their expectations.

Shaking the cloth, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

This thing is not worth much if you put it outside. After all, cultivation techniques and refining secret medicines require a lot of time, and you can’t disturb them in the middle.

And the outside world.

There are dangers everywhere, and cultivation techniques are far less convenient than killing ominous beasts, monsters, and zombies.

But in places like Huo Family Fort and Hong Zeyu.

This thing is a treasure. It can be used as a family heirloom and the basis of a lineage. Even if it changes hands, it can be sold for a good price.

After all, the outside world is too dangerous and overwhelming majority people would rather have a slow cultivation base than risk their lives in an unknown future.


Both ears trembled, Zhou Jia suddenly tilted his head and drank:

β€œCome out!”

Window , two silhouettes trembled slightly, cautiously coming out of the shadows.

“Star clansman?”

When he saw who was coming, Zhou Jia brows slightly wrinkle, his vigilance relaxed, and these two people did not make him feel dangerous.



There are two stars, a man and a woman, clansman. The man is guarding the front with a steel pipe in his hand, and the woman is holding a less than 10-year-old baby in her arms.

This baby, he knew.


The silhouette flashed, and the star clansman only saw a flash, the silhouette that was squatting in the distance just now, has appeared in front of them.


lose one’s head out of fear, the two of them subconsciously retreat.

The woman only felt that her hand was loosened, and the child in her arms had been taken away.


The woman heart startled, subconsciously reaching out and exclaiming:


β€œen?” Zhou Jia hugged the child, fluttered back, and frowned at the same time, looking towards the two of them:

“Where did you get this child?”


It is Qian Xiaoyun’s son Huo Zhen.

This child’s throat is broken, and even if it is snatched away, it will only open its mouth si si, but cannot cry.

“Pu Tong!”

The woman knelt directly on the ground with tears in her eyes:

“Sir, please don’t hurt this child, his mother is us life saving benefactor, let’s help her temporarily… help her take care of the child.”

“The child is innocent!”

The man was also nodded, his eyes full of pleading, Although they were afraid of the man in armor before them, they did not intend to abandon the baby.


Zhou Jia’s eyes moved slightly and slowly nodded:

“Don’t worry, I know this child’s mother, if she really entrusts her For you, of course nothing will happen, if not…”

His eyes froze.

No matter when, it is difficult to accept a shot at a child.

The two looked at each other with fear on their faces, but they also knew that they were not opponents, so they could only come in nodded, obediently and honestly.

In a few moments.

One silhouette pierced through the rain screen and appeared in the cafeteria hall.

When she saw Zhou Jia in the field, her expression couldn’t help changing. Seeing the child in the opponent’s hand, she subconsciously tightened her body and her eyes were cold light.

“Miss Qian.”

Zhou Jia’s voice was calm, and handed the child to the StarClan woman beside him:

“It seems to be a misunderstanding.”


“Brother Zhou…” Qian Xiaoyun’s voice was hoarse and exhausted. Seeing this, he slowly nodded, and his tensed body also loosened:

“many thanks.”

Although she didn’t know what just happened, she could guess a thing or two.

Zhou Jia obviously has no malice towards his child.

On the contrary.

The child is still being maintained.




A man and a woman approached with their child in their arms, and also took the opportunity to avoid Zhou Jia’s real eyes.

“It’s fine.” Qian Xiaoyun’s voice was relaxed:

“He’s my friend.”

“Sit down!”

” Take a break first.”

She relaxed and looked tired.




It rains like a waterfall.

Dozens of silhouettes stand on the long street, let the rain wash away, motionless, like sculptures.

Qian Yunfan and Feihu stood in the middle, holding something in their hands and looking down at something.

In a few moments.


Qian Yunfan raised his head, relieved:

“The eastern district has begun to drive people out, and everyone from outside has been expelled from the star clansman. The Survivor Base, my younger sister finally showed up, so I can wait.”

“Can you lock the location?” Feihu said in a muffled voice:

“do it quickly , I’m not in the mood to wait any longer.”

“What?” Qian Yunfan tilted his head:

“Are your clansman casualties again?”

“I reminded you that this is not near the Huo Family Fort. There are many experts above Grade 7. Don’t rush to do it beforehand.”

“Enough!” Feihu opened his eyes:

“Enough!” p>

“If it weren’t for you, why would we come to this ghost place?”

“It’s my fault.” Qian Yunfan shook his head, speechless, and stretched out his hand and pointed forward:


“They are right in front.”

“Then do it!” Feihu waved his hand:

“Let’s go!”

The crowd Hearing the sound, in addition to the people brought by Qian Yunfan, there were more than ten tigerkins who were no less than Grade 6 in the mix.

The Flying Tiger took a deep breath, pulled out a giant sword that weighed 418 pounds, pointed finger towards the distance.

Standing on the east with four hooves, dashing through the rain curtain.

After running forward for a moment, his figure suddenly stagnates.

“What’s the matter?”

Qian Yunfan turned his head, puzzled.

“You guys go first.” Feihu raised his mouth and waved his big hand lightly:

“I met a friend to catch up.”

” Then hurry up.” Qian Yunfan nodded, not much to persuade.

He is a Grade 9 expert himself, and his strength is no weaker than Qian Xiaoyun. In addition, there are so many experts in the field, and he can also be surrounded by rank 10.

One more flying tiger, but it can end faster.

It’s missing.

Not bad either.




In the cafeteria.

Several people were separated by more than ten meters, divided into two sides of the ruins, and rested under the countless holes and rain.

“Ms. Qian.”

Zhou Jia packed up the things around him, thought about it, and asked:

“In your opinion, there are still How long will it take to fully integrate with the Ruins World?”

“It should be soon.” Qian Xiaoyun stopped teasing the child and looked up.

“It’s fast?” Zhou Jia was taken aback:


Doesn’t it mean that the bigger the place, the slower the integration speed will be? ?

It took two months for those who came in from the Panshan Highway to integrate into the Ruins Realm. How long has it been here?

“The world where the star clansman is located bordered the ruins as early as more than ten years ago, or at that time, it had already begun to blend.”

As the daughter of the Qian Family , Huo Family Fort Castle Lord’s daughter-in-law, and has traveled far, Qian Xiaoyun obviously knows more about the ruins than Zhou Jia:

“Now this fragment just falls into the ruins one step earlier, completely It won’t take long to blend in.”

Zhou Jia’s heart was beating wildly, but he suddenly thought of one thing:

“But all the worlds will perceive the existence of the Ruins World in advance. , this world has mutation first, and then falls down?”

“Not bad.” Qian Xiaoyun nodded:

“Actually, because of the chaos in the Ruins World and the influence of the Blood Moon , the overwhelming majority world has not completely integrated into the Ruins, and there are no living creatures.”

“In this case, it will start with some small fragments.”

“Only Certain technologies are developed to a certain extent in order to resist mutation, such as the martial arts expert of the Dalin Dynasty, the mages of the Fei Mu world, etc…”

“The technology developed by the star clansman is also one of them. However, their technology is more affected by the blood moon, and many precision instruments are difficult to use, which is why they have fallen to this point.”

Under the armor, Zhou Jia’s face turned pale.

Earth has already had fragments falling into the ruins, doesn’t that mean…

In the near future, the blood moon will also appear over Earth, and the cities of Earth will also become What does Star City look like today?



What he will meet in the future may not be the familiar friends and relatives, but the world in ruins.

Parents, girlfriends, relatives…

How are they doing now?

For a while, Zhou Jia couldn’t help but his eyes were dazed, and his mind was full of distractions.

“But these are not things we need to worry about.” Qian Xiaoyun didn’t know what Zhou Jia was thinking, and continued to open the mouth and said:

“Now the discipline of the Chixiao Army. The demon has reached an agreement with District Four, and the next step must be to compress the space for us outsiders.”

“And outside…”

She stretched out her hand and pointed out, Dao:

“The Scarlet Sky Army may have surrounded Star City. When the two worlds merge and the army enters, all the source crystals and star clansman will be occupied by them.”

“We The only chance is to escape before they surround this place!”

“Of course, you can also try your luck. There is a high probability that the National People’s Congress will become the slave of the Chixiao Army.”

Zhou Jia returned to his senses, his eyes flashed, and he looked thoughtful.

In a few moments.

He raised his head and pulled Luo Xiuying with a dull face:

“It’s inevitable that my hands and feet will numb after staying in one place for a long time. We should change the place.”

After speaking, he glanced at Qian Xiaoyun and the others:

“Miss Qian, do you want to leave?”

“This…” Qian Xiaoyun looked puzzled, Shaking his head gently:

“No need, let’s go when the rain stops.”

“Whatever.” Zhou Jia’s voice was calm, and Luo Xiuying, who was still stunned, was carried on his back. , moved towards walking in the dark, disappeared in an instant.

“Huh…” Watching the two leave, Qian Xiaoyun shook his head and chuckled:

“This person is strange.”

“However, it should be a A good person.”


Seems to be thinking of something to be happy, she browses frowned, and the movements of her hands follow:

” Let’s go!”

She picked up the child and stood up suddenly:

“Let’s go too!”

“Benevolence.” A man and a woman were behind her. StarClan was stunned for a moment:

“Are you going out at this time?”

They were fine, but child couldn’t stand it.

Huo Zhen is already weak and weak, and he is also a baby.


Qian Xiaoyun insisted on shaking his head:


The sound fell, the rain curtain outside In the middle of the room, there were already faint footsteps, and now the face changed:




Zhou Jia gently put Luo Xiuying down.

Looking at the sad-looking girl, he brows frowned, hesitant:

“I have something to do, I want to go out, it’s not convenient to take you…”


“…” Luo Xiuying raised her head, her bewildered eyes gathered a little aura, she looked at Zhou Jia, she graciously nodded:

“Luo Uncle, be careful, I can take care of myself.”

“…” p>

“You don’t move.” Zhou Jia relaxed, as long as he can talk:

“I put my things here first, and I’ll be back when I go.”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked towards Rain Curtain.

In perception, the location of the source star.

(End of this chapter)

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