Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 125


Chapter 125 Earth Hero: Dragon-Tiger Mysterious Fetus

Heavy rain,

swaying with the wind.


The raindrops hit the ground, shattering and smashing, accompanied by the sound of the wind.

The Flying Tiger stands in the rain, its soft hair clings to the flesh, revealing the explosive and sporty muscle lines underneath.

The strong and powerful limbs stand firmly on the ground, the upper body is upright, the open a pair of tiger eyes are piercing, the imposing manner is as calm as a mountain, and the breath is as deep as an abyss.

He has a square face, short hair like thorns on the top of his head, showing rebelliousness, and his body armor reflects cold light in the rippling water.

There seems to be no human emotion in his eyes.

Looking directly into the darkness of the rain screen, the corners of Feihu’s mouth were raised, and his voice was cold:

“Unexpectedly, I have always shot and killed the prey, and one day, there will be people who dare to Don’t take the initiative to come and die!”



In the rain curtain, an armored silhouette stepped closer.

The puddles rippled under his feet, the pitch-black armor shone with cold light, the axe and shield swayed, and seemed to have a unique rhythm, it was Zhou Jia.

“It’s you?”

Feihu’s eyes narrowed, his eyes filled with anger:

“The person who killed me still dared to stand in front of me. Show up?”

“There’s a lot of nonsense.” Zhou Jia hummed softly:

“If you want to kill me, just do it!”


The applause sounded like muffled thunder.

The ground beneath Feihu’s feet exploded, stones splashed, raindrops rolled wildly, and the rain curtain in front of him shattered, causing layers of ripples.

The two people are separated by ten zhang or so, and the distance is not too far.

But before the flying tiger giant sword came out, the sky collapsed and the meaning of ferocious and violent fell from the sky, firmly locking Zhou Jia’s every move.


The giant sword swayed through layers of water.

The heavy sword of more than 400 pounds, driven by the extreme speed, broke through the heavy rain curtain, and fell diagonally downward like a thunder.

Flying Tiger’s Sword Art doesn’t have too many tricks, only the three characters of fast, accurate, and ruthless. Although it is simple, it is the martial skill of thousands hammers, hundred refinements passed down from generation to generation.

Under the armor, Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed.

Different from the hasty fights before, this time the two faced each other head-to-head, and the opponent’s power was unmistakable, which also surprised him.

The sword qi swept through, and the breath was stagnant.


The chest rises and falls, Zhou Jia’s body shakes, his muscles bulge suddenly, and the whole person seems to be a size bigger at this moment.


A terrifying giant force emerged from within the body, and along with the swing of the arm, the shield flashing with the slightest electric light had already hit the heavy sword.


The sword and the shield collided, and the naked eye could see the shock wave emerging from the contact point, sweeping across all directions in an instant, and countless raindrops flew like sharp arrows.

Zhou Jia stepped back, turned sideways, his arm exploded with great force, and the double-edged axe crossed an arc in the air, with a dazzling lightning, moved towards Feihu’s upper body and chopped off.

Under their feet, the hard slate was like tofu, and with a random trip, it was twisted and deformed, and even shattered on the spot.


The Flying Tiger Hengjian blocked, and the blade shook slightly, causing Zhou Jia to step back again.

Even though violence has been provoked, the tigerkin still has the upper hand when it comes to power.

This is not only the difference between the cultivation realm, but also the difference between Innate Physique. Zhou Jia’s fleshy body cannot be compared to the other side even if it has been forged.

The flying tiger is about one zhang long, more than two meters tall, and weighs more than a thousand catties.

In addition to the armor on his body, the heavy sword in his hand is more than 400 catties, and the total weight is almost 2,000 catties. It is comparable to the body of steel. How can the body of a mortal be compared?


The flying tiger roared up to the sky, the giant sword danced wildly, the heavy sword curtain almost overwhelmed the heavy rain, moved towards the silhouette in front of him and slammed down.


“dong dong!”

Zhou Jia, with his axe and shield in hand, defended as if closed.

Not to mention his strength, under Perfection Realm’s 2nd layer shield, even the rain curtain was isolated, but under the opponent’s giant strikes, he still had to retreat again and again.

The two kept colliding, and the ground exploded one after another.

In the blink of an eye.

The long street is like being ploughed by nails and harrows, covered with ravines.

Zhou Jia’s body tensed, jade talisman flickered one after another at his waist, and aura surged.

“Extreme speed!”

“Beast power!”


In an instant, his body was light, and his flesh seemed to be There is an extra layer of defense, and an invisible force is added to the shield and axe.

Although spirit talisman is good, his strength is actually not that big. Fortunately, he has been able to compete with his opponents.



“Rotten bones!”



Many negative spells have been moved towards Flying Tiger Cover one after another.


“It’s like juggling!”

Facing the approaching spell, Feihu looked disgusted, swung the giant sword in his hand, and said Roaring again and again, the source power in the body surged, and the aura was shattered on the spot.

This guy…

Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed.

Simple source power can shatter spell, how deep should the accumulation of source power be?

The Tieyuan faction’s three-dimensional rectification has paid great attention to the accumulation of source power, and it is known to be majestic and heavy, but not to mention Grade 9, I am afraid that it is not as good as the other party.

More than deep.

And a lot of stamina!

It’s obvious that the moves are extremely explosive, and it stands to reason that even Feihu’s fleshy body should not be able to withstand it.

But unfortunately.

He slashed wildly, regardless of his physical strength, but it continued without any signs of decline, as if he would never get tired.



Thinking turned, the double-edged axe in Zhou Jia’s hand was getting brighter and brighter, and a thread of electric light appeared on the axe’s blade, and it was on and off in the rain.

This weather.

The power of Power of Thunder will increase a lot.




“younger sister.”

Just jumped out of the back window, money Xiaoyun just stepped one stopped, looking gloomy, looking towards the silhouette in front.

Qian Yunfan walked out of the darkness and sighed softly:

“Give me the child, take out the things, go back with me, for the sake of the family. Come on, I believe daddy will let you go.”


Qian Xiaoyun coldly snorted:

“He’s not my dad, he’s already Crazy!”

“Crazy?” Qian Yunfan raised his head, his eyes empty:

“This is a crazy world, maybe it’s abnormal like you. “

“All things will perish in the end, and all living beings will perish. Only my lord, dive might not fall, younger sister, we walk right.”

“It seems that …” Qian Xiaoyun handed the child to the StarClan woman behind him, shaking his long sword lightly:

“You’re crazy too.”

“persist in your own wrong doings. “Qian Yunfan shook his head:

“It seems that we will eventually kill our siblings.”

“Don’t worry!”

He looked at Qian Xiaoyun , said in a positive tone:

“Even if this is Hong Zeyu, after you die, I will still bring your body back, which is also considered as siblings.”

“Big It’s not necessary.” Qian Xiaoyun sneered, the long sword in his hand trembled, and the sword was flashed lightly, piercing a silhouette who was approaching sneakily behind him:

“I still want to live a good life, with Huo Zhen, Go down!”

“Huo…really?” Qian Yunfan’s eyes narrowed, the little warmth left in his eyes was completely disappeared, and he waved lightly with one hand:


“Kill her!”

The sound fell.

Dark shadows came from all directions. Before anyone arrived, all kinds of arrows and streamers had already moved towards Qian Xiaoyun.

“Go upstairs!”

Qian Xiaoyun drank lowly, the cold light of the sword in his palm flickered like snowflakes, slashing off the attacking attack, protecting the people behind him and retreating upwards.

“Heh…” Qian Yunfan shook his head:

“You can’t escape.”


Luo Xiuying curled up, shiver coldly, her ears were getting closer and closer to roars, growls, and violent shaking.

A moment.


A piercing and loud cry came from below.

The sound was like a moan, it was clearly from a dead thing, but it had the charm of a living thing.

“How come?”

Qian Yunfan’s terrified cry sounded:

“Your surname is Qian, why…”

Before the shouting ended, it turned into an angry growl:

“Come on!”

“Come on, kill her!”

“Come on!” She’s smashed to pieces!”

The roar was as always, but it seemed to be more fearful than before.




The Thunder Slash!

The dazzling lightning erupted in the air.

Several feet of land was covered with electric light, the raindrops were stagnant, conducting thunder and lightning, which also increased the power of the Thunder Axe by a few chips.

Rao is a flying tiger with firm skin and rough flesh, amazing endurance, and his body can’t help but stiffen.

Twin tail cut!

Angrily sweeping thousands of troops!


Zhou Jia took advantage of the momentum to approach, leaping high, the double-edged axe wrapped in enormous force, with a dull roar, and slashed towards the flying tiger.


“pu chi!”

Amidst the loud noise, the flying tiger’s body of more than 1,000 pounds rose into the air, and several huge bangs rang out. Fierce cracks appeared on his body.

Blood, flowing.

Fortunately, the timely dodge made him miss the key point, but the wound was still terrifying, and blood was flowing from it.


roaring heaven shaking, earth shattering.

The injured Flying Tiger movement method was not decadent, but became more and more crazy, his eyes were scarlet, and the heavy sword slammed down towards Zhou Jia like a door, and the fury became more and more violent.



Two entangled silhouettes crashed into a building, in front of the terrifying giant force, The walls and concrete pillars in the building are almost impossible to withstand a single blow.

Just a moment.

As the wall shattered, two silhouettes rushed out from the other side of the building.

And the buildings that lost many load-bearing places were also on the verge of collapse, and soon collapsed with a bang, stirring up dust in the torrential rain.


A pillar that the two of them hugged was swept away by the giant sword.


A wall shattered in a flash of electric light.


Floor penetration.

The two who fought against each other were like irresponsible demolition teams, fighting and rampaging all the way.


The collision again, Zhou Jia only felt his strength vent, his body couldn’t help staggering back, and a sense of fatigue came to his heart.

Got it!

The violence can hardly last.



Flying Tiger also shook his body, spit a mouthful of blood.

He wasn’t feeling well either. Several ferocious wounds on his body were bleeding and consuming physical strength under Zhou Jia’s deliberate delay.



coldly snorted, Feihu gritted his teeth and growled:

“Boy, you can’t do it anymore. Isn’t it?”

His essence is terrifying and unbelievable, and it stands to reason that even with this body type, he should not be able to survive.

But Feihu is not only not dead, but alive and well.

Being alive and kicking, even frantically erupting, Zhou Jia’s violence time was almost exhausted.


Exhaling a long breath, Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed and he rushed forward again.

The Thunder Slash!

Raging Thunder!

With only one Power of Thunder left, it erupted again.


At this time, Feihu took precautions, the heavy sword swept out, and the giant force directly smashed into the gap of the double-edged axe, and the strength of both sides collided head-on. Together.


A cracking sound appeared in his ear, which also made Zhou Jia’s heart tremble.

Got it!


Lightning emerges.

Feihu’s body froze, but the terrifying essence in his body was also rapidly pressing down the stagnant muscles, allowing his body to quickly regain its vitality.

“Shield shock!”

Zhou Jia shouted, and the cracked shield slammed out.


Another thunder appeared.

Accompanying it.

It was the shield, and it shattered with a bang.

The remaining thunders in the axe and shield also exploded under his push, and Feihu’s body was completely fixed in place.


The sword light flashed.

Life Seizing Sword!


The sword light rises from a dark and low place. The light is not big, but it has the meaning of very ruthless, which makes people feel cold when they see it.

Ultimate move, emerge!

Flying Tiger’s eyes narrowed, watching the sword light pierce his throat.



Get moving!

The silent roar and the frantic beating of the two hearts made Feihu suddenly twist his neck at the last moment and hold the blade with his big hand.

“pu chi!”

The long sword pierced through the palm of the hand, and continued to slash the neck, but did not kill him with a single blow.

Flying Tiger is ecstatic, and he wants to kill his opponent with a wave of his arm.

In front of me,

suddenly lit up.

Holy light!

The extreme brightness caused his pupils to subconsciously shrink and expand, leaving his field of vision completely white, and nothing in his perception.

The next moment.


A sudden pain in the heart of the human body, his body swayed, struggling to look down.


Only a silhouette can be seen wielding a mutilated axe, slashing across her waist, a kind of relief from everything comes to her mind.

The line of sight also rolled over.

“Pu pass!”

The upper half of his body fell heavily to the ground.

Zhou Jia stood on the spot, trembling all over, and there was even blood oozing from the surface of his flesh.

This is the explosion of blood vessels caused by violence beyond the limit.



For a moment, desperately for breath.

He struggled to get close to Feihu’s corpse, and a star with a naked eye floated out from the corpse, following the inspiration of Apocalypse, it folded in the sky and submerged into the Sea of Consciousness.

The next moment.


An unprecedented energy surged into the fleshy body.


Zhou Jia raised his head and growled, the veins on his neck were bulging. Rebuilding, the pain is unbearable.


The Sea of Consciousness light curtain flickers wildly.


It is the change of the source star.

Origin Star: Earth Hero (Trait: Dragon-Tiger )

Dragon-Tiger Mysterious Embryo, gain Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and build the foundation of the avenue.

(End of this chapter)

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