Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Cooperation

Even though there have been several experiences of the source star entering the body, such massive source power scours The body is also an experience that Zhou Jia has never had before.

Cells, reorganized under the flush of energy.

Fascia skin and flesh, reworked.

Blood, internal organs, skeleton…, Heaven and Earth turning upside down are also changing.

In the pain, there is a new life.


is following a perfect path that fits the ‘human’ creature, and evolves continuously until the so-called mysterious embryo is cast.

I don’t know how long it took.

Zhou Jia’s erratic consciousness finally returned, and a sense of fulfillment first came to his mind.


The fleshy body is stronger than ever!

It seems that when violence is provoked all the time, just the shaking of the muscles can make the approaching raindrops fly out like sharp arrows.

Not the same as provoking violence.

At this time, he was in a normal state, not squeezing the potential of the fleshy body, everything seemed relaxed, and there was no tired feeling from the depths of the body.

followed closely from behind is vitality.

Unprecedented vitality!

Like a newborn baby, the fleshy body is full of vigor and vitality, and it seems that no matter how cathartic it is, it will not feel tired.

Without verification, Zhou Jia already knows that he can cast Thunder Axe with spare no effort, and he can insist on one hour without rest.

This was something I didn’t even dare to think about before.

Even inciting violence can be much longer.

Blood is like mercury!

The pith is like frost!

Bone like jade!

The skin, flesh and fascia are forged with a thousand hammers!

The internal organs contract, pushing the blood to a constant flow.

fleshy body perfect and without blemish!

cultivation base: mortal grade Grade 8 Dragon-Tiger (16850/18000)

A earth male star, the inner energy is actually directly his cultivation base from the beginning Enter Grade 8 and push to the point of approaching Grade 9.

and change.

Not just a cultivation base.

Earth Star: Dragon-Tiger.

When the idea touches the stars of Sea of Consciousness, some insights naturally come to mind.

Dragon-Tiger mysterious tire, gain Essence, Qi, and Spirit, build the foundation of the road.

The quality of this Origin Star is to greatly increase his Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and it is not a one-time process, but a continuous process.

The source star is inseparable and will be with you all your life.

After that.

Whether it is Cultivation cultivation technique or martial skill, Dixiongxing will play a role, and it will increase to a certain extent on the original basis.

It’s equivalent to , an amplifier!

Even if Zhou Jia’s perception is not high and cultivation is slow, with this characteristic, the effect can be directly comparable to that of a genius from an ordinary person.

And Dragon-Tiger’s fetus means that his innate talent will get better and better over time.


The foundation of the road is built.

“Pu up!”

“Pu up!”

The heart beats vigorously.

Zhou Jia lightly grasped his five fingers, and only then did he realize that he seemed to be quite high, and his entire body had grown a whole circle.

Fortunately, the crocodile armor is exquisitely designed, and there are retractable devices made to adapt to different people, so there is no such thing as breaking the armor.

But even so.

The armor still gives him a little compactness.


There is also a limit to stretching, and his body is already approaching this limit.

Concentrating, Zhou Jia secretly estimated his current strength.

Cultivation base, Grade 8 Peak!

But the real strength, I am afraid, has reached the level of Grade 9 Peak, and this is only a normal state, if violence is provoked…

I don’t know how many ten grades of cream of the crop are. powerful?

“As long as you don’t fall into the siege of corpses, there should be no opponents in this fragmented world…”


Thinking of some rumors, Zhou Jia shook his head gently:

“Don’t be careless, you have trump cards, others may not have them. The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength, and there is only one life.”

suppressing the ups and downs, He looked down at his feet.

Shards of double-edged axes and shields come into view.

Under the torrential rain, the debris tumbled back and forth in the puddles, and the Power of Thunder contained within was also weakened to the point of imperceptibility.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, and he seemed to feel emotional. After a long time, he sighed, picked up a few fragments, and then picked up the giant sword beside him.

I was about to leave, but was stunned again.

In the Sea of Consciousness, there are changes.

It seems that there are enough Origin Stars, and Apocalypse restores some of its abilities. With the blinking of the starlight, a portal composed of a flash of white halo quietly emerges in my mind.

What is this?

As soon as the thought moves, consciousness is drawn to that portal, involuntarily thrown into it.

The next moment.

A piece of ruins suspended above the stars of Nine Heavens is reflected in the perception.




The lobby.

Ji Yuan cupped his hands and said:

“As long as Heidi is willing, after going out, Ji Family can provide you with ten women of suitable age, figure and personality every year.”

“Technique of cultivation, Originium, spiritual object, everything is available.”


He hesitated slightly, saying:

“Even Ultra Grade is available from us.”

“Anyway, Ji Family will make every effort to bring it up a level with your cultivation base.”

“In this way, the Ruins World is not as terrifying as they say.” Heidi lay on a huge mechanical soft chair, his voice indifferent:

“Beauty, wine, treasure… …, you have everything you want, where is the end of the world, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a land of bliss.”

“For most people, the ruins world is indeed the end of the world, only You can struggle to survive, or rely on others and look up to others.” Ji Yuan bowed his head:

“But for those who are expected to be Ultra Grade, or even more than ten grades, if they are not in danger, they can do whatever they want. What.”

“You, you should be very clear about this.”

The end times, representing chaos, disorder, powerhouse is respected.

Tear off all pretense.

Only weak are prey to the strong!

The last days of the weak.

The powerhouse’s paradise.

“That’s right.” Heidi’s plump head moved slightly:

“The end of Star City is not my end. Without those unsightly prosecutors and police officers, I would Life is more comfortable.”


He paused:

“Have you found the murderer who killed my daughter? ”

The tone of voice is flat and indifferent, but there is a danger in it.

Ji Yuan bowed his head subconsciously.

During this period of time, due to the inability to find the murderer, more than a dozen people have died at the hands of Heidi, including a Ji Family servant.

And Heidi seems to be getting more and more crazy.

He couldn’t guarantee that he could really stay out of it.

For Ji Family, what Hei Di has in his hands is too important, even if the other party really kills him, Ji Yao will not avenge himself.


“The man seems to be surnamed Zhou, who has been wearing a piece of armor all the time, no one knows his true identity, and has now left the East Survivor Base.”


“The reason why Miss came to him was because she was entrusted by a certain family.”

After beckoning, Ji Yuan continued:

“I am looking for A servant of that family has come, but unfortunately, the patriarch of this family, seems to have died somewhere.”

While speaking, two stars clansman had already pressed one person and walked in.


Hei Di’s eyes flashed cold light, looking towards the panicked person:

“That person is in Where?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know.” The man, dressed as a Warren family servant, seemed frightened, his eyes were flustered, and his words were incoherent.

“Hmm…” Hei Di’s eyes shrank, his thoughts like needles, directly piercing the opponent’s mind.

The spirit strength forcibly searched, and when the opponent was foaming at the mouth and dying, he finally found some clues he was looking for.


“Three places.”

Opening his eyes, mung bean-sized eyes burst into anger:






“Kill! “

“pu chi!”

“pu chi…”

“She’s running out of energy, go on!”

“Come on!”

on the corridor.

one after another silhouette onslaught.

Qian Xiaoyun’s thin body stood at the entrance of the passage, left blade right sword, blade light and sword shadows merged into a heavy light curtain, slashing at the attacking opponent, one after another silhouette fell to the ground one after another.

Her swordsmanship is exquisite.

The corpses fell one after another, which is the proof.

Especially the black machete in his hand was terrifying to the extreme. Even the Grade 9 Peak expert Qian Yunfan could not escape the disaster.

The half-human, half-tiger creature was also cut into two pieces.

Killing my big brother,

Qian Xiaoyun seems to have gone completely crazy.

But the old injuries added new ones, making her figure on the verge of collapse, coupled with the rapid consumption of physical strength, if it wasn’t for the obsession with protecting the child, she might have already collapsed.

Even so, it’s on the verge of collapse.

The people who came to besieged also saw her situation, their eyes were wild, and their eyes were all focused on the black machete in Qian Xiaoyun’s hand.


A sword beyond the ordinary!

Blade Qi alone can traverse several feet and kill Grade 7 expert easily.

If it falls in the hands of a Grade 6 or even a Grade 5, with this knife, I am afraid that it will be able to compete with a Grade 9 and a tenth-grade expert without falling behind.

The Huo Family has been able to occupy the Huo Family Fort for more than a hundred years.

Qian Xiaoyun even held this knife in his hand, beheading a group of Grade 9 and Grade 8 experts one after another. If not physically exhausted, almost everyone who came today would be completely terrified.


She also has limits.


“Whoever kills her will own the sword!”


” Boom…”

A loud bang broke the roar in the field.

The crowd was stagnant.

Looking back, I saw a silhouette of a two-meter-high armored silhouette walking in the rain curtain with a giant sword in hand.

Not far from his side, two stalls of mashed meat are motionless.

“get lost!”

Zhou Jia growled.

“Who the hell are you…”


Before he finished speaking, the giant sword had already swept away, and the terrifying force was lashing the void, The energy surged, and everyone’s breathing was stagnant.

The man who opened the mouth to speak raised his sword in an attempt to block, but he even brought the sword and smashed it on the spot.

The terrifying force directly knocked down a wall.

Killing one person, Zhou Jia’s wrists trembled slightly, his body suddenly rushed forward, the giant sword danced wildly, and the anger sweeping thousands of troops in the Thunder Axe method was used.

Dragon-Tiger’s powerful blessing, the heavy sword of more than 400 kilograms rolled up into a howling wind, and nearly half of the huge floor was involved.




There were loud bangs, and collisions sounded one after another , one after another silhouette was blasted out.

Any silhouette that comes into contact with the giant sword in Zhou Jia’s palm, whether it collides head-on or rubs against the side, will die on the spot without exception.

It doesn’t matter whether it is Grade 6 or Grade 7.

There were very few people left in the field, and this time, they almost killed everyone, and the shouting was silent.

Qian Xiaoyun’s body tensed, subconsciously retreating.

“Are you all right?” Zhou Jia said, but his eyes didn’t fall on her, but Luo Xiuying, who was curled up behind her.

“No, it’s fine.” Luo Xiuying trembled slightly and shook her head slowly:

“Thanks to Aunt Qian.”

“…” Zhou Jia moved Looking, moved Miss Qian Xiaoyun gently towards:

β€œmany thanks.”

β€œQian, I owe you a favor.”

He doesn’t care Qian Xiaoyun’s life and death, but he had promised Luo Ping before that he would take Luo Xiuying to Hong Zeyu, and he must not lose his trust.

“You’re welcome.” Qian Xiaoyun opened his mouth, his voice hoarse:

“Actually…, if we didn’t happen to flee here, Xiuying wouldn’t be affected.”

“You’re welcome.” p>

“en.” Zhou Jiaqun “en.” Zhou Jiaqun “en.” He walked over to Luo Xiuying’s side, bent down and picked her up:


In the quiet room, the sound of rain was also isolated.

Qian Xiaoyun put away the action of cross-legged exercise, and his eyes fell on Zhou Jia, who was covered in armor, through his wet long hair.

Finally paused on the heavy sword, the tape sighed with emotion:

“I can’t believe that Brother Zhou’s strength is so strong?”

“Feihu is in Huo Family The reputation outside the fort is not weak, even if a tenth-grade expert encounters him, he may not be able to seek benefits.”


“He died at the hands of Brother Zhou. Inside!”

The two-meter-long heavy armor has a unique shape, and only Feihu has a copy here.

Flying Tiger’s weapon appeared in Zhou Jia’s hands, which was self-evident.

“It was a fluke.” Zhou Jia raised his eyes:

“Miss Qian is not bad.”

His words were not polite. See, dozens of corpses, many of which are Grade 8 and Grade 9 experts.

Tell the truth.

Even now, he may not be sure that he can do better than Qian Xiaoyun.

After all, there are other people to protect.

However, Zhou Jia vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, blessed with the characteristics of the terrestrial star Dragon-Tiger, if it is hard boiled, it should be able to boil everyone to death, so as not to lose physical strength.

Qian Xiaoyun’s strength is far inferior to him.

The ability to do this is all thanks to the black machete that disappeared somewhere.

“Brother Zhou.”

After pondering for a moment, Qian Xiaoyun spoke again:

“The time for Star City to fully integrate into the Ruins World is not far away, I don’t know Brother Zhou, would you mind working with me to get some source crystals back together?”

“Leaving here, it’s not that easy to get source crystals, even in Hong Zeyu, source crystals are hard currency, You can buy everything.”

“Source Crystal?” Zhou Jia looked up, looked thoughtful.

If it is replaced before, he will definitely consider will not consider, and will reject it.

But now…

Consciousness sinks into the mysterious portal of the Sea of Consciousness, and he groans.

(End of this chapter)

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