Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 127


Chapter 127 Two Origin Stars Behind the Door

Qian Xiaoyun really intends to cooperate with Zhou Jia.

The reason is simple.

First, in order to take care of Huo Zhen, she would be timid in certain situations, and had to take the initiative to give up the benefits she had obtained.

So urgent need for companions.

Secondly, she trusted Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia may not be a good person, even a little bloodthirsty and careful. Once he offends him, he will definitely be retaliated, just like Taylor and Terry Warren.

But value emotion, value friendship, keep your word, don’t bully the weak.

Dai Lei’s two daughters were sacrificed to Spiritual God.

I even found Qian Xiaoyun and sent the two daughters and Jiumei away.

This is value emotion, value friendship.

Promised Luo Ping to take care of Luo Xiuying, and did not give up lightly in such a place.

This is true.

Just now, I was weak and weak, and I didn’t have one of ten strengths.


When Huo Zhen was born, the other party took good care of him.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Qian Xiaoyun continued:

“It’s not easy to live in Hongze.”

“It’s similar to Huo Family Fort, ordinary person Earning is source money, source stone is hard currency, and source crystal is also poor.”

“Join Xuantian Alliance, pay taxes, army collection, and residence, cultivation technique, medicine pills, weapons, and even human relationships…”

“These all require Originium!”

As if thinking of something, she sighed before continuing:

“It’s delusional to think about getting the source crystal after the Star City is completely integrated into the Ruins Realm and the Scarlet Sky Army is stationed. Now is the best chance.”

“To be honest, even if it is Grade 9 or 10. If you are expert, there are not many opportunities to get Yuanjing, once you miss it, you may never encounter it again.”

There was silence in the field.

Under the armor, Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed.

He acts on the safe side and never takes a risk if it is not necessary.


Nowadays, the strength is sufficient, and the source crystal is really needed, and the opportunity is right in front of you. If you give it a try, it seems that there is nothing.

In Sea of Consciousness, the portal stands.

With a thought, a piece of ruin that is difficult to describe in words appears in the perception.

In the ruins, there are several stars shining brightly, shining on one side, the familiar feeling allows Zhou Jia to recognize them one after another.


Earth Hero!


And within the scope of the halo, among the ruins, there are two unremarkable existences, quietly ‘suspending’ there.

The source star!

The source star that can be lit!

This kind of clear comprehension naturally comes to mind.

As for how to light up?

It’s easy too.

Source Crystal!

The source stone is not good, the purity is not enough, and the source power of the cultivation is not good, only the source power that is pure to a certain level and not mixed with any spiritual power can be used.

At present, only the source crystal meets the conditions for Zhou Jia.

Different from try one’s luck, the source star in the portal is there, as long as there are enough source crystals to light up, why not try one or two?

β€œHow to cooperate?”

Looking up and looking at each other, Zhou Jia said bluntly:

β€œMiss Qian, to be honest, I don’t believe you. “

It’s her business that Qian Xiaoyun believes in him.

But Zhou Jia doesn’t trust Qian Xiaoyun, she’s just a woman with a child, so she can’t let people down.


Qian Xiaoyun pondered, thought for a while, and said:

“During the time when you and I were working together, Zhen’er handed over to Xiu How about taking care of Ying?”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

This is a way.

Qian Xiaoyun will not abandon the child, Luo Xiuying is also very difficult to survive alone, holding the other party’s ‘handle’ will also have the basis for cooperation.

“There is one more question.”

Zhou Jia spoke again:

“We go out, who will take care of them?”

The two looked at each other, then looked towards the StarClan men and women in the field.

The star clansman is weak, not even comparable to Luo Xiuying. Naturally, I don’t expect them to take care of me, but they can provide a hiding place.

When it comes to being familiar with Star City, it is naturally Star Clansman who is the most familiar.

“Benevolence.” The man saw this with a wry smile on his face:

“We have been living in the North Central Survivor Base, and we don’t know much about the outside world. It’s not safe now.”


“So many outsiders come in, the former safe stronghold is not safe now.”

Qian Xiaoyun was silent.


Recently, the changes in Star City are beyond the local people’s expectations, and most of the past experience is no longer useful.

“I…I know.”

At this moment, Luo Xiuying raised her hand cautiously:

“My father found a few safe here. You can… hide it.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up:





When I first entered Star City, everyone was cautiously.

One is that the situation here is not clear, and the other is that there are more walking corpses and zombies in this city than they imagined.

It wasn’t until the news of Yuanjing came out that it gradually became lively.

But at first, it’s all a little trouble.

The ones that Shen can’t take down are ordinary Rogues, and the benefits are difficult to really fall into their hands. Experts have clear goals.

Over time, the fog that enveloped the city began to lighten.

true expert , also began to show his fangs.

Some people even plan to give it a try at the last minute.


Somewhere in ruins.

Xiao Moran and Abel appeared in two directions.

Among them, more than a dozen people stood shoulder to shoulder and stared at the two of them. Although they had the upper hand in numbers, their eyes were full of fear.

One of them moved towards the two roaring:

“Don’t force us, either the fish dies or the net splits, it’s not good for you!”

” little fellow.” Abel hunched his back and slowly approached with a long cane:

“The fish may die, but the net may not be broken.”

“There is only one life, and it is not necessary. Lose your life for something outside your body, leave it behind, and you can leave.”

He persuaded in a low voice, seemingly well-intentioned, but in fact he was trying to rob.

“Fart!” One person yelled:

“Boss, we fought with them!”

As soon as the roar ended, Abel shook his head slightly, The staff slammed on the ground, and countless hard stone thorns were pierced from the ground.

“pu ε‘²ε‘²!”

The stone thorns that are more than ten feet long, like giant long spears and criss-crossed fangs, cover one side and run through several paths. human body.

Xiao Moran smiled lightly, his body fluttered, his long sword was unsheathed, his sword qi swayed, one after another silhouette who wanted to escape fell one after another.

In the face of the two who are also powerhouses in the tenth grade expert, the resistance of everyone in the field is extremely powerless.

In a few moments.

Things piled up in front of the two of them.

Abel sighed softly:

“I can’t believe that we two will cooperate one day.”

“There is no way.” Xiao Moran shrugged:

“This is Yuanjing. There are so many Yuanjings that I didn’t even dare to think about it in the past, but are you really planning to go to the southern suburbs next?”

“The southern suburbs jewelry wholesale market… …” Abel’s eyes flickered:

“The source crystal there, as long as one or two profit, not to mention you and me, even if it is the next three generations of us, there is no need to worry about life.”

“You’re not going?”

“human beings will die for riches, birds die in pursuit of food.” Xiao Moran sighed;

“Ji Family people will not let go Those who have been there, I am a timid person by nature, so I won’t go, and the harvest during this time is enough.”

“Really?” Abel lowered his head, his voice inexplicable:

“That’s a pity.”


Xiao Moran frowned, as if he noticed something, his body suddenly tightened, his feet lightly tapped, and the whole person turned towards Then quickly retreated.

Even the things in front of me were abandoned.


A sword qi flashed past, and he suddenly turned to avoid it.

A blood-red silhouette appeared in sight.

“The temptress Song Xuan!” Xiao Moran’s eyes twitched, looking towards Abel:

“You actually cooperated with her?”

For Abel betrayed both It is not surprising to him that people’s promises even go to himself, but the partner he chooses is beyond his expectations.

The temptress Song Xuan?

This woman is a lunatic, even killing herself!

“Why not.” Abel turned around slowly, his voice flat:

“You and I had such a big hatred back then, I wished to be bloodthirsty, and this time we can join forces with Song Why can’t the girl cooperate?”

“Brother Xiao has collected a lot of things during this period of time, please hand them over. For the sake of getting to know each other, I can let you go.”


Song Xuan did not speak, but the long sword in her hand trembled lightly. A chilling chill filled the room.

the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

Xiao Moran smiled bitterly in his heart, shaking his long sword violently:

“It’s not that this Xiao is arrogant, just because the two of you want to keep me, I’m afraid it won’t work!”

The sound fell, and the body retreated violently.

The other two figures suddenly pounced.


The ruins.

An old man walks cautiously against the wall with two StarClan girls.

Not far away, several silhouettes dressed in weird black robes stood quietly, and their icy gazes fell on them.

“Several.” The old man said in a muffled voice:

“The old man is not strong enough, but there are corpses behind. Leave.”

“As for Yuanjing…”

“We really don’t have anything on us, the old man just wanted to find a companion for future generations to fight and kill here. , I’m not interested.”

While speaking, the old man raised an object in his hand and was about to throw it away.

The black robes of the people on the opposite side were shaking, and their eyes were intertwined, and finally one of them hummed coldly:


Old fogey is a hard-bone, and It’s not easy to chew, and they don’t have many things on them, so I’m afraid there aren’t many good things.

It’s not worth the risk.


Seeing that the other party was far away, the old man couldn’t help but relieved.

“Master.” The two women looked worried.

“It doesn’t matter.” The old man waved his hand:

“Let’s continue to the edge of the city, be careful, don’t disturb the things behind, be honest during this time, and let’s wait until the white fog clears. Get out of here.”

Although he has a Grade 9 cultivation base, he has passed the age of competition.

In everything, take stability first.

The two girls are already Grade 6, plus some Yuanjing in their hands, as long as they don’t cause trouble after going out, they are expected to be Grade 9 and 10 in the future.

It’s not even possible to think about ten or more.

My own child can be counted on.


β€œSouth Suburb Jewelry Wholesale Market!”

The roof.

Qian Xiaoyun spread the map on the ground and gestured:

“This is where the jewelry stores in Nancheng stock up. The warehouse is also here.”

“Of course.”

“This kind of place must have been targeted by Ji Family and Ye Family. As long as there is no major trouble, we will not Pay attention to it.”

laughed, she moved her fingers and said:

β€œHowever, ten miles west of the wholesale market, there is a distribution point, which is also a big market. , but the main business is stone, wood carving, etc…”

“There is a place where there is a lot of source crystals.”

“Are you sure?” Zhou Jia turned his head.

“Of course!” Qian Xiaoyun heavily nodded:

“I checked a lot of information, and I can be sure that there is a treasure trove here with source crystals, but there are at least three white eyes nearby. Zombie.”

Zombie with white eyes, comparable to a ten-pin expert.

The most important thing is that there will be many red-eyed zombies around every white-eyed zombie, not to mention those uncountable zombies.

Ordinary ten-grade experts are surrounded and will surely die.

The three heads are really not easy to provoke.

“I can’t do it alone.” Looking at Zhou Jia, Qian Xiaoyun said in a serious tone:

“Brother Zhou is full of energy and tried to lure zombie away. I took the opportunity to go in and open the treasure house. , after getting the source crystal, the two of us split equally.”

Zhou Jia looked thoughtful.

It looked like he was at a disadvantage, but there was no better way.

Qian Xiaoyun’s Lightweight Art is good, and there is a sharp weapon that can cut anything, suitable for entering the treasure house to get the source crystal.

Although his strength is strong, in the face of the treasure house, I am afraid that he is not as good as the opponent.

On the contrary, they are vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger. Even if they are really caught in a siege, they will be fine for a while, and they can choose a suitable breakout direction at any time.

After being silent for a while, Zhou Jia said:

“I want 70%!”

“70%?” Anxious:

“Too much? It’s impossible!”

“Miss Qian.” Zhou Jia was a little puzzled:

“You are also rich and noble. You’re from a family background and married to a good husband, why do I feel that you are so obsessed with money… Origin Stone?”

Aren’t rich people supposed to treat money like shit?

To be so pretentious is to lose the identity of a rich man.

In this regard, Qian Xiaoyun snort disdainfully:

“I don’t know how expensive oil and salt are when I’m not at home. I will take care of my child alone in the future. I don’t have enough Originium and Origin Crystal, how can I live? ?”

“I contribute more, and it’s more dangerous.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I want to account for 70%.”

“Sixty percent. “Qian Xiaoyun frowned:

“The news was found by me supplemented untold hardships, and without my treasured sword, even if you attacked it, you wouldn’t be able to get out the source crystal inside, 60% of it can’t be more. “

“70%.” Zhou Jia looked solemn:

“Things other than the source crystal can be divided equally, but I want to account for 70% of the source crystal!”

“You…” Qian Xiaoyun looked resentful, and after a long time, he gritted his teeth and nodded:


Zhou Jia faintly smiled, and his consciousness swept over Sea of Consciousness.

In ruins.

After consuming all the source crystals on the body, a source star has already sensed.

Earth Auxiliary!

Only the name, but not yet able to sense the characteristics.

(End of this chapter)

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