Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Earth Auxiliary

South Suburb Market.

On a tall building closest to the market.

Ji Yao’s hands behind ones back, standing in front of the broken window, glanced over the land of several li, overlooking the large market that covers an area of hundreds of acres.

Desolate, dilapidated…


“Once, this was one of the most prosperous places in Star City.”

One of the twins, White Dragon, said with emotion:

“In our small When we were young, our parents used to take us there for fun, but now it’s a den of walking dead and zombies.”

As far as I can see.

The densely packed corpses in the market are all mutated corpses. They wander aimlessly, and the number is so large that people with intensive phobias scream.

“zombie!” Ji Yao smiled:

“I’m afraid you still don’t know that the most important duty of the Chixiao Army is to kill all the mutant corpses in the southeast of Hongzeyu. .”

“However, this is the first time I have seen such a situation today.”

“I have to say…”

“You people in this world. Although the martial power is not strong, it has extremely good production technology and can feed tens of millions of people with one city.”

“Star City is not the largest city in Star Alliance.” Bai Feng chuckled aside :

“There is a star chain city group, there are more people there, but even so, it can’t stop the greed in some people’s hearts.”

While speaking, the market In a certain corner, several silhouettes appeared silently. They hid in the dark and moved towards the jade stone street.

Several people moved swiftly, and apparently had plans for a long time, and the places they passed did not disturb a walking corpse, and gradually approached their destination.



A muffled sound appeared near them.

“Damn it!”

The leader was annoyed:

“Who did it? Don’t you get it, and don’t want others to get it?”

Although they were angry, they knew that nothing could be done. Their entire group strength was good, but being surrounded by a group of corpses would definitely kill them.

Now slams the arm.


With an order, several people didn’t care to cover their bodies, and moved towards the outside of the market. At the same time, they also attracted the roar of walking corpses around them.

“fuck off!”


The screams of killing instantly caused ripples in the corner of the market.

In a few moments.

After finally breaking out of the group of corpses, a few people hid in the corner and gasped desperately. Before they recovered, they saw a huge silhouette walking slowly from the shadows.

The silhouette is five meters high, with muscles bulging all over the body, and chains on the wrists and necks are faintly visible under the tattered clothes.

Demented facial features, drool dripping, bloodshot eyes, staring at several people.

“Be… Belo Giant!”

The leader of several people turned pale, his body subconsciously retreated, and immediately realized that it was not good:

“Escape. !”

“It’s from the Ji Family!”

“Can you escape?” In the other direction, the two walked slowly, their voices cold, and one of them moved towards the giant Bello Wave:

“Kill them!”


The giant growled, ramming like a tank, and dragged a stick out of his back. The eight-meter-long stick, moved towards several people fiercely smashed it.

A terrifying force, setting off a stormy sea.


There was a loud bang.


The source stones and crystals of the southern suburbs market are said to account for half of the entire star city.

There are so many,

Even the wealthy and big family in Hong Zeyu will be envious.

Rogue couldn’t resist this temptation.

As for the fear of death?

Rogue walks on the outskirts of Hongzeyu, hunting all kinds of aliens for a living, which is a business that is accompanied by life and death.

What to fear!

Therefore, during this time, many people appeared near the Nanjiao Market, and what greeted them was not the corpse group, but the Ji Family’s trap.

Three Bello giants with a height of five meters, each of which can compete with the tenth grade.

The two stewards are both top 10 Peak players.

All guards, servants, none of them are weak below Grade 6.

More Baidi Gemini, Heidi, Xingdi, etc., with a little star clan expert, participated in the siege of Rogue that appeared near the market.

Plus the deep and unmeasurable Ji Yao.

As long as the Rogue team emerges and is discovered by them, they will kill them on the spot without exception.

And their harvest has since been embraced by Ji Family.


β€œThere are too many zombies, not a problem.”

In another place, Ye Tian squatted in the dark, chewing and eating in a low voice. Opening:

“These things don’t have spiritual wisdom. A little movement can lead them away, and a lot of movement is bigger, and it’s nothing.”

“But the key is that there are The people of Ji Family make trouble, they won’t let us succeed.”

The people of Ji Family are not in a hurry to occupy the market, after all, as long as this place is integrated into the virtual world, everything in Star City is theirs.

It’s better to use this as a trap and hunt Rogue.

“Young Master.” Ye Bo said in a low voice:

“Otherwise, let’s forget it?”

“This time I will escort the goods, and I will take care of the matter. It’s messed up, there is no way to go back and do business.” Ye Tian glanced at him and said:

“If you give up the source crystal in front of you, you will be looked down on by those people, and I am afraid that you will not be able to stay in this house in the future. It’s messed up there.”


“Since Ji Yao wants to kill to the last one, then we might as well play bigger!”

His eyes were stern:

“Can you tell where Ji Yao is?”

“I don’t know exactly where.” Ye Bo shook his head:

“But the approximate location is not wrong.”

“Enough!” Ye Tian got up:

“Ji Family has been besieging nearby Rogue all this time, I’ve already caused anger and resentment, do you really think everyone is afraid of him?”






Restaurant rooms.

As time passed, the bedding was already rotten, the house was full of dust, the walls were bloodied, and the windows were broken.

Zhou Jia swept away the dust, sat cross-legged in the corner, and was practicing the three-element Dharma silently. Besides Cultivation, he was also sorting out the harvest of the past few days.

Inheritance of the Tieyuan School, Luo Xiuying has translated everything into Xuwen.

Three-element Dharma, secret medicine.

Iron body, secret medicine.

Awesome Thunder Palm!


python spit beads!


As a Sect that can be ranked in the entire Dalin Dynasty, its inheritance is naturally not weak.

There are not only many cultivation techniques, secret medicines, and even the introduction of breakthrough ordinary steps, all kinds of Martial Skill and Cultivation Art are excellent martial arts.


The Tieyuan faction focuses on the cultivation of fleshy body, the martial skill is more punching, the strength emission skill, and there is no weapon method.

For Zhou Jia, it’s a bit of a pity.

There is only one way, which is quite mysterious.

python spit beads!

This is a martial skill that squeezes internal organs and explodes the potential. It has minimal side effects, but it can increase its own strength by 20%.

Twenty percent?

Comparatively violent, 20% and repercussions are naturally very inconspicuous, but in fact it is already an extremely good secret technique.

I don’t know, after the violence is provoked, can the 20% be added?



The dull sound came from a distance, the earth trembled, and even the building seemed to shake.

Leaning against the window, Qian Xiaoyun suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes flickering with doubts, and then his face showed ecstasy.

“Brother Zhou!”

She looked towards the downstairs and said:

“Look, the corpse below is disturbed.”

“en. ”

Zhou Jia got up and approached, looked down, looked thoughtful:

“The sound came from the Nanjiao Market, the movement It’s not too small, it looks like it’s very lively over there.”


Before he finished speaking, he heard a louder sound.

The two turned their heads to the side, just in time to see a building more than 100 meters high, which was slowly falling from the front, causing smoke and dust in the sky.


The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

“What’s the matter?” Qian Xiaoyun was stunned.

“Shh…” Zhou Jia lowered his voice and pointed down:




A strange and strange cry came from the downstairs where the two were.

Walking corpses roared out from the dark shadows, moved towards the direction of the collapse of the building.

In the beginning, the number of walking corpses was not large, but after a while, it had become a corpse tide, densely packed and grandiose.

Among them, there are red-eyed zombies and white-eyed zombies.


Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes lit up involuntarily, seeing that the group of corpses where the target was also moving away, he had to climb on the window and jump down.

“Wait a minute.” Zhou Jia stretched out his hand and looked towards another place:

“Let them try first.”

“en? “Qian Xiaoyun raised his eyebrows, and before he opened his mouth, he saw several silhouettes jumping down quickly in a tall building not far away.

The silhouette is like a spirit ape, with agile movements and not slow speed.

But in the blink of an eye, the group rushed into a building, followed closely from behind in a series of roars, and fighting roars.


The wall of the building was opened, and a group of walking corpses rushed out, wrapped in one person, the mouth screamed again and again, and it was eaten into a pile of bones in the blink of an eye.

“There are still corpses below?” Qian Xiaoyun brows frowned, the audio tape is happy:

“Fortunately we didn’t go first.”

Even if the Nanjiao Market There was a lot of movement on the side, and there were always some ‘deaf’ walking corpses left.

And the number is equally astonishing!

Zhou Jia remained silent, his eyes chasing the changes below, and when the group of people saw that there was no hope for a breakthrough, they rushed to the distance with some of the corpses.

Qian gently nods


“It’s all right now.”

“shua Xiaoyun has not finished his words yet,

He jumped out of the window like a flying swallow.

She is tall and curvaceous, her feet jogging on the wall, and with every flicker, she moves several feet away.

It’s fast, quiet and explosive.

Zhou Jia followed closely from behind , performed 9th layer climbing steps, and under the blessing of listening to the wind, he turned into a plume of black smoke and dashed down.

Compared to Qian Xiaoyun, his movement method is obviously much stiffer. Fortunately, the strength is strong enough, and the speed is not slow when going straight.

“I’ll stop the corpse group, you go get something.”

Running to the front of the building, Zhou Jia stopped, moved towards Qian Xiaoyun, then took a deep breath and waved his sword Cut towards the wall in front of you.

Shield shock!

There is no shield, but the giant sword in his hand is comparable to a shield.


Amidst the loud noise, the wall in front of him broke free from its restraints, smashed horizontally forward, and flew straight for a few meters before falling heavily.

The group of walking corpses behind were directly crushed to the ground.


The roar was thunderous, and the sound waves swept wildly.

A blank-eyed zombie roared and ran out of the darkness. If there was any real spirit strength, it turned into a terrifying sound wave, and moved towards Zhou Jia’s fiercely.


The ground cracked and the stones collapsed.

The sound waves collided with a layer of condensed energy.

Zhou Jia holds the giant sword in one hand, the tip of the sword is pointing to the ground, the sword body is like a door panel standing in front of him, and the thick source power turns into a strong force around the body.

Like a mountain!


“shua shua!”

Walking corpses rushed out of the dark, roaring.

Their flesh is pale, but they are as taut as cowhide, their fingers twitching wildly, and even a tank can be torn to shreds by them.

Zhou Jia was wrapped in a group of corpses, and before he had time to dodge, his eyes narrowed and his strength exploded.

2nd layer shield against!


“ka-cha cha…”

The walking corpse that rushed in was directly thrown out, and the scratching fingers were also thrown away. Broken on the spot.

Tornado Slash!

Holding the hilt of the sword with both hands, Zhou Jia exerted force on his arm, and the heavy sword of more than 400 pounds swept across, moving under his feet, and the giant sword also turned.


“hu hu…”

The choice of the blade creates a whistling wind.

From a distance, he was like a large human-shaped spinning top, spinning rapidly in the field, and the giant sword passed the corpses one after another.

Unfortunately, I was involved in it, and even killed it directly.

The top does not rotate in place, but moves as it rotates. Where there are the most walking dead, the top rotates in that direction.

Wherever he went, the walls collapsed, the corpses lay everywhere, and there was no enemy.

The strong wind even turned into a tornado.

The Thunder Slash!

Accompanied by shouted in a low voice, the tornado suddenly gathered together, the heavy sword was wrapped with a huge acceleration, and moved towards the ground fiercely with terrifying power.


Several feet in radius, the ground sunk with a bang, dozens of walking corpses that approached were directly blown away by the huge shock force, and even a deadly zombie died. on the spot.


Zhou Jia’s eyes were bright and his spirits were high.

The changes brought to his body by Dragon-Tiger, the terrestrial star, can be called Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

With such an explosion, I didn’t feel tired at all.

The Thunder Slash!

Raging Thunder!

Swept away thousands of troops!


Zhou Jia, holding a giant sword, dashed wildly among the corpses, flying with stumps and pieces of flesh all the way, just like gods block then kill gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.

Violence broke out from time to time, giant sword collided, and a small building was smashed with one sword.

Vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger!

The energy in the body is almost inexhaustible. The moves of the trump card in the past can also be used as ordinary moves and can be performed at will.

When Qian Xiaoyun came out with an iron box, he saw corpses all over the floor, and Zhou Jia who was covered in blood and roaring again and again.

The corpses on the ground are almost piled up into hills!

“gu lu…”

Her throat rolled, her eyes horrified:

“You did all this?”

“Go!” Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up, he roared at him, swept away a red-eyed zombie with a sword, and strode forward:


Dragon-Tiger is indeed Make him energetic, but after all, it is not endless, and the walking corpses caused by the movement here seem to be really endless.

Even he was already a little overwhelmed.

The two ran wildly along the planned path until a quarter of an hour later, they stopped panting in an alley.


“hu hu!”

“Two people.” A cold voice sounded:

” Are you ready to rest? If so, hand over the things you are holding?”

The two of them were stunned and looked up to see that the two ends of the alley were blocked, even the top of the wall. All have bows in their hands.


Looking at the people around, Zhou Jia’s heart moved, and said:

“I have a note, you can get Yuanjing .”

(end of this chapter)

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