Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Both males and females

“It’s posted!”

“It’s really posted this time!”

Even with the ‘human skin mask’, Qian Xiaoyun’s face is extremely rich, and his eyes can almost see the light.

“There are quite a few.” Zhou Jia nodded aside.

In the iron box, there are more than 300 source crystals in neat and tidy yards. The rich source power makes people breathe smoothly.

With so many source codes together, it has a strong visual impact.

However, the attitudes of the two are obviously different.

Zhou Jia does not hide his love for money, whether it is Earth or here, it is the same, money is the more the better.

But for him, although wealth and Yuanjing are good, they are foreign objects after all. It is better to have them, and nothing is at worst.

Usually, not deliberately pursued.

Qian Xiaoyun is different.

She looked towards Yuan Jing’s eyes, full of fanaticism, her eyes flashed, as if she had lost her mind, which made Zhou Jia difficult to understand.


The other party likes this shiny thing?

Who has no special hobbies?

“There are a total of 367 source crystals in the treasury.”

After counting the number, Qian Xiaoyun was reluctant to give up, and immediately took out another package from the side, put the inside The things were divided into points:

“There are 83 Origin Crystals on the people who killed us, a total of 450, and the seventh achievement is 315…”

It can be seen that she has some pain in her flesh, and she gritted her teeth and separated most of the source crystals.

Immediately, a heavy voice:

“Others, evenly divided!”

In addition to Yuanjing, on some unlucky people, they also got Some weapons, soft swords, Supreme Treasure medicine.

“Actually.” Zhou Jia pondered:

“I am only interested in Yuanjing. If Miss Qian wants other things, I can pay you a price. .”

“Oh!” Qian Xiaoyun’s beautiful eyes flickered, carefully scanning the things on the ground, and said:

“Speak in advance, my purchase price is not high.”

“We can talk.” Zhou Jia’s voice remained unchanged:

“How much is Miss Qian willing to pay?”

After a while.

Qian Xiaoyun left with her belongings satisfied. According to her, she wanted to find a place to hide. After all, no one can be trusted in this world.

Zhou Jia smiled without saying a word. After the other party left, he reached out and picked up a source crystal.

Sea of Consciousness, the portal trembles.

The source crystal in the palm immediately melted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the source power inside followed some kind of traction, throwing it towards the ruined stars.

One, two, three…

Ten, one hundred…

One hundred and seventy!

As if full of food and drink, the originally lifeless Origin Star suddenly trembled, and an inexplicable charm emerged from the ruins.


Great inspiration!

A brand new star appears in the Sea of Consciousness.

Earth Auxiliary Star: Yushui (Remnant)

Everything went very smoothly, no accident happened in the middle, but the result was unexpected.


Zhou Jia was stunned.

Compared to the few Origin Stars obtained before, this time consuming so many Origin Crystals has no other effect at all.

There is no source power through the body!

No sudden insights!

There is no change in the body!


If he hadn’t sensed that Sea of Consciousness really had a star lit up, he wouldn’t even think he had a Origin Star.

Trait: Waterproof (residual).

Yushui should be well understood, but…

What does disabled mean?

β€œNo way?”

Zhou Jia face revealed a bitter smile, consciousness moved towards the auxiliary star.

Nearly 200 source crystals are placed in the outside world. If there is enough time, I am afraid that an expert of Grade 9 or even ten can be piled up.

Nowadays, the cultivation base has no progress.

Of course.

For him, what he really likes is not the increase in the cultivation base brought by the source star, but the infinite potential of the source star itself.

Increase the cultivation base, but only incidentally.


Not even giveaways!

The mind touches the stars, and some clear comprehension comes to mind.

Earth Auxiliary Star: Lord of Tianhe, controls the strength of Water Element, walks clouds, spreads rain, avoids water, nourishes life…

Many insights about the characteristics of Earth Auxiliary stars, It came to his mind quietly, but it was nothing miraculous just to tell him what an auxiliary star was.

What are you doing?

Zhou Jia sighed silently.


is it possible that this source star is also damaged?


Given the indescribable endless ruins behind the Sea of Consciousness portal, it seems acceptable that the source star is damaged.

“So, all my more than 100 source crystals have been used in vain?”

Opening his eyes, Zhou Jia frowned. Trembling slightly, a few words appeared in the middle of Sea of Consciousness.

Three treasures high grade Supreme Baogao Lingyu!

At the same time, this ‘spell’ is also under his own control.

and directly to the Perfection level.




Zhou Jia sits cross-legged on a slate, the sun is shining brightly outside for three days , but there was a drizzle of rain above his head.

The rain cloud is only half the size of a square, and the raindrops can only cover him.

Spiritual Rain!

Although the name from the auxiliary star is extremely bluffing, in the final analysis, this is a spell that can gather strength of Water Element.

In Feimu world, only low-level spells.

The only advantage of this technique is that compared to ‘spell’, the rain it brings has spirituality, which can nourish the fleshy body and encourage vegetation.

Not very useful, but expensive.

With Zhou Jia’s current cultivation base and spare no effort, it can only attract a few flat rain clouds. With three inches of rain, the source power will be exhausted.

It is more laborious and laborious than casting the Thunder Axe.

But let’s be honest.

Didn’t find much effect.


A brand new Origin Star name came to mind.

I had enough source crystals on hand, but I couldn’t suppress my curiosity. After investing a little more source crystals, I also knew the name of the second source star.

Judging from experience.

The characteristics of the Sky-shaped Origin Star are stronger than the Earth-shaped Origin Star.

And he had also tried before, in order to light up the Tianxuan star, the number of source crystals required was much more than that of the auxiliary stars.


Tianxuan’s characteristics should be more mysterious.

“Forget it!”

After thinking about the number of source crystals to start with, Zhou Jia shook his head slightly.

To light up the Sky Profound Star, it is estimated that five hundred source crystals are needed, and these source crystals are enough to support a large family in Hong Zeyu.

A person who cultivates to the tenth grade above the ordinary level is fine.

In order to light up a source star that is very likely to be of little use, it’s not worth it, unless the source crystals in his hand are too many to spend.


Footsteps sounded.

Zhou Jia opened his eyes and looked towards the door.

“Brother Zhou.” Qian Xiaoyun looked relaxed, obviously hiding the source crystal, and the harvest made her look high:

“I went just now. When I went to the Nanjiao Market, there was already a mess, and the Ji Family people and StarClan experts were also caught in the corpse.”

“This time passes, while they ignore us, maybe they can still Divide one or two.”

“Forget it.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“Even with your strength, it is still too dangerous to go there, right, What do you think of my proposal?”

“This…” Qian Xiaoyun hesitated and whispered:

“Are you sure it’s useful?”

“Of course.” Zhou Jia can nod:

“Miss Qian should also know about the greed of those Rogues. If you show up on the street with you, you will definitely lead them out.”

“It’s called entrapment.”

Said, Faintly smiled.

entrapment , which is not uncommon.

On the way before, although they didn’t do it deliberately, they also attracted a group of people to take advantage.

Of course.

In the end it was them.

“en.” Qian Xiaoyun thought about it:

“Brother Zhou is sure, there are people in those places?”

“pretty close.” Zhou Jia pointed out Pointing to his ears:

“My hearing is not bad, I can hear movements in those places, not walking corpses.”

“That’s it.” Qian Xiaoyun said:

“Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“…” Zhou Jia was silent for a while:

“I’m not good at Lightweight Art .”

“So…” Qian Xiaoyun raised his eyebrows and smiled:

“The proportion of the share will be discussed later.”

“I was able to find someone, and I did most of my efforts. You just showed up as a bait, and a 10% gain is not low.” Zhou Jia frowned:

“It’s almost the same thing.”


“It can’t be counted like that.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head:

“I’m good at Lightweight Art, I can chase and run, without me, Brother Zhou, I can’t catch anyone, otherwise why would you bother? Looking for cooperation with me?”

“It’s still the same, seven or three points!”

“No way.” Zhou Jia said:

“Without you, I am the same You can do it, it may just be a little less, so, 28 points, can’t be too much!”

“Original stone, Origin Crystal, 28 points, the rest… 64 points.” See Zhou Jia was displeased, and Qian Xiaoyun subconsciously changed his mind.




On the long street, a woman holding a bulging package, fled in embarrassment under the pursuit of a group of walking corpses, turning back from time to time.

The advantage is about to be caught up, so some kind of secret technique is triggered, and the speed increases suddenly.

Depending on the situation, it is at stake.

Fortunately, the walking corpse is ignorant, and the woman relies on various things in the ruins to block the group of corpses behind, and finally escaped to safety.


The woman panted desperately, her delicate body trembling:

“Fortunately, fortunately, I escaped.”

At this moment, the entire group appeared in the vicinity. One of them was wearing soft armor and holding a machete. He smiled and stepped closer: “Girl, you are too happy.”


Saying that, he pointed forward with the machete in his hand:

“Hand over the things, I will spare you!”

“Uh…” The original look of panic The woman looked up, the fear in her eyes disappeared, but she looked towards several people with great interest:

“There are people hiding around here.”

“What do you mean? ?” The woman’s expression made Rogue subconsciously feel bad, and before he recovered, a heavy object fell to the ground behind him.


The ground trembled slightly.

Zhou Jia, wearing heavy armor and holding a giant sword, appeared behind a few people, and the voice under the armor was dull:

“Hand over the source crystals in your hands, spare you from dying! “


Heavy sword!

A man and a woman…

This kind of dress?

“Not good!” One person shouted, his face full of horror:

“It’s a male and a female, run away!”

Before the words were finished, a group of people They had already swarmed away, moved towards all directions and fled, without even the slightest sign of resistance.


Zhou Jia was stunned, at the same time striding to catch up, swinging his sword and sweeping away several people.

The other side.

Qian Xiaoyun is also chasing after others. She has a quick identity and extraordinary strength, but she ransacked everyone in the field in a moment.

“The male and the female?”

The two of them shared what they got, and each complained:

“Who gave the nickname, this is too ugly A little bit.”

As the two of them made shots during this period of time, rumors about them also quietly spread among all influences in Star City.

The male and the female are both evil!

One man and one woman, the man wears a heavy sword and the woman wears a mask. The real identity is ominous and the name is unknown.

It’s all over the place.

Extremely insidious and cunning.

The strength is strong, and it is suspected that there are two top ten experts.


Near South Suburb Market.


Three Bello giants with a height of more than five meters, holding giant sticks, rushing frantically among the corpses, sweeping all the way, crushing a passage .

Behind them, the Xingdi and Baidi twins charged with some star clansman.

The star emperor is tall and handsome, with a rare treasure bead inlaid on his forehead, a faint halo flowing, exuding a terrifying Spiritual Fluctuation.

Ultra Grade!

The existence of Xingdi Wuhen is not due to extraordinary natural talent, but rather luck.

By chance, he merged with an Orb, which is an Ultra Grade Elementium, which greatly increased his spirit strength.

Nowadays, the mind is turning, and hundreds of steel pipes are running fast around him, and one after another, walking corpses are pierced through his head.

Bai Di and the twins stood side by side, and they ordered a long red ribbon, and when the ribbon was gently drawn, no matter the walking corpse or the zombie, fire would be ignited.

In the blink of an eye, it turned to ashes.

Their strength, even if placed in a dry Rogue of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, is also a Peak expert, no less than a tenth-grade Perfection.



Ye Tian jumped several feet with the package on his back, and collided with Ji Ning in mid-air, a huge The collision force caused the two to retreat.

“The surname is Ji, don’t tell good from bad!”

Ye Tian couldn’t help being annoyed at being pursued:

“True Do you think I’m afraid that you won’t succeed?”

“Young Master Ye, why do you have to be brave.” Ji Ning is Ji Yao’s bodyguard, her cultivation base is already rank 10 and has a solid foundation.

This time, holding a machete in each hand, the blade light flickers, and slashes at each other:

“Leave something, or someone will leave it, you choose!”


“Don’t even think about it!”

Ye Tian growled, his hand trembled, and a long sword flashing with a fierce halo shot out, forcing Ji Ning to retreat.

On the cultivation base, he only has Grade 9, but he can never fail.

Relying on this is the long sword.

“Black Iron Profound Soldier!”

Ji Ning’s eyes flickered, with a hint of enthusiasm:

“This kind of good thing falls into your hands, What a waste!”

“Leave me!”

With a roar, he approached again.

However, in the end, it still takes advantage of the opponent’s sword, and does not dare to get too close, even the double sword cautiously avoids the sword edge.


The two fought and rolled, and there was a loud noise in front of them, and then several silhouettes rolled and swept out from behind the wall.


The two moved for a while, and saw a man and a woman leap forward.

“Male and female!”

“Ji Family?”

Both sides were stunned.

The clothes of Ji Family are very recognizable, and the breath of both of them is very strong, which also makes Zhou Jia and Qian Xiaoyun want to retreat.

They were just seeking some benefits on the periphery, but they never thought of participating in the Peak expert fight.


Ji Ning’s eyes flashed, and said:

“This fatty is the Young Master of Ye Family, you help me get him Next, Ji Family will remember this kindness, and Chi Xiaojun will also remember this kindness.”


Zhou Jia and Qian Xiaoyun moved in their hearts. The retreating figure is also fixed in place.

Ji Family!

Scarlet Sky Army!

This is not something that an ordinary person can have a relationship with, even if it is a tenth-grade expert, in the eyes of their power, it is nothing.

An invisible murderous intention moved towards Ye Family Young Master.

“You two, don’t listen to his nonsense.” Ye Tian said in a deep voice:

“This person is just a bodyguard by Ji Yao’s side, he doesn’t represent Ji Family at all?even more how Chixiaojun!”

“This way…”

Seeing Zhou Jia, the two seemed to remain unmoved, the killing intent was still the same, his eyes were stern, he suddenly threw his arms, His package was thrown on the ground:

“You two help me kill him, and I’ll give you these things!”


The sound of the source crystals colliding made their hearts tremble, their eyes moved, the invisible murderous intention changed direction, and moved towards Ji Ning.

“What are you doing?”

Jining’s face turned pale:

“If you offend Ji Family, do you know what the consequences will be?”

“Fart!” Ye Tian sneered:

“You two, don’t be afraid, who knows that you killed him, and no one knows the true identities of the two.”

“That…” Zhou Jia hesitated and looked at the package on the ground:

“It doesn’t seem to be so troublesome?”

“It really doesn’t.” Qian Xiaoyun shrugged, picked up the package on the ground, and the two turned around and ran.

(End of this chapter)

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