Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 13

Chapter 13 system?

The blood moon is in the sky.


In the jungle, the leaves are shaking.

one silhouette striding out on the withered grass and the branches that spread out in disorder.

The silhouette is sturdy and ragged, holding a heavy wooden shield in the left hand and a large, terrifyingly shaped axe in the right hand.

The wooden shield is brown, I don’t know what material it is, the shape is oval, it can easily cover half of the body, and it is several inches thick, which looks heavy and solid.

The axe has a wooden handle and an iron blade, weighing dozens of pounds and looking terrifying.

With two heavy objects in his hands, the man actually didn’t change and looked relaxed, but his right hand was a little red and swollen for some reason.

Every now and then, he waved his arms, the axe flashed, and the branches crash-bang.

To achieve this level, not only the strength is strong enough, but the speed is also fast enough.

Behind him, followed by a relatively petite silhouette, the two of them one after the other, moved towards a certain direction.

It was Zhou Jia and Chen Hui.

“How did the fog dissipate?” Chen Hui was inevitably curious while walking on the road.

“I don’t know either.” Zhou Jia really didn’t know:

“Suddenly the fog dissipated, and the great hall was also disappeared. Unfortunately, I haven’t remembered the mural above. Next, it might be useful in the future.”

“Forget it.” Chen Hui didn’t plan to delve into the matter, her voice was full of emotion:

“I thought I was dead, but I didn’t expect it. It’s really lucky to have survived.”

“That’s right!”

She paused, looking towards Zhou Jia:

“How did you I woke up? We have run out of food and drink, where did you find something to feed me?”

“It tastes weird in your mouth.”

As he spoke, he licked the corner of his mouth, and a bitter, astringent, slightly fishy feeling surged up.

“Well…” Zhou Jia paused at his feet, thought for a moment, and then said:

“I met a wolf head monster on the road.”

“… …”

Chen Hui’s body froze, her eyes were dull, she reached out and touched the corner of her mouth, a dark red scab landed on her fingertips, and her voice trembled:

“Hello. I drank its blood?”

“en.” Zhou Jia nods, “You were hungry at that time, and I didn’t plan to give it to you, Who knows you can eat it with your eyes closed.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll eat too…”


Before he finished speaking, Chen Hui was already leaning over the tree and retching, crying while retching, her whole face almost turned into a melon.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhou Jia saw this and could only persuade helplessly:

“Those things look like people, but they are not people after all, so you can treat them as Just wild beast, let’s talk about where to find food for a while?”


It’s fine if he doesn’t say it, but Chen Hui vomits even harder. .

The wolf-headed monsters are ferocious and true, but they are roughly similar to humans. Eating their flesh and drinking their blood is beyond Chen Hui’s psychological capacity.

In addition, she has some cleanliness.

The stomach cramped for a while, and I was unable to sit down according to the tree, and my pretty face was brown.

“Is it better?”

Zhou Jia shook his head and was about to step forward when he found that Chen Hui’s expression was wrong, and his eyes were fixed on his back.



Turn around, hold a shield, swing an axe.

The huge force turned the axe blade into a cold light, and cut out an arc in the air, with a whistling wind, breaking the shadow behind him.


The black shadow is divided into two from top to bottom, as smooth as a hot knife into butter, the whole process is unobstructed.

Until now, Zhou Jia’s tense body relaxed a little.

At the same time, a halo flashed in my mind, and a series of subtitles appeared.

Name: Zhou Jia.

Mortal Grade third rank: internal strength (233/1000)

Origin Star: none

With a faint breath, it submerged into the body, The number behind Zhuang also increased by one.

From 233 to 234.

This is what appeared in his mind after the dilapidated palace turned into nothingness, and the subtitles will change slightly over time.

As if adjusting to something.

For example, there is no number after the at first nerd, but after he kills a wolf head monster, the number appears.

An ordinary wolf head monster can add five to six points.

In addition, another star came to mind.

Instinct told Zhou Jia that these subtitles were evolved by Xingchen in order to facilitate his understanding of his existence.

This is…

system data?

It’s a pity I can’t add points.

I don’t know what Mortal Grade third rank is?

What is Origin Star?

Concentrated, he looked towards the field again.

A mutated corpse was divided into two halves, pale skin, hideous expression, and the style of the clothes were vaguely familiar.

“Qin… Doctor Qin?”

Zhou Jia’s expression was a little ugly.

This corpse is the Doctor Qin on the bus. Obviously, the other party has already died and has mutated.

Dr. Qin was the only one who was not injured in the car accident at that time. He was also killed. The situation of the others can be imagined.


Pulling up Chen Hui on the ground, Zhou Jia looked at the direction and started to speed up.

Since the experience of the dilapidated palace, not only has his strength improved a lot, but his memory seems to have also increased a lot.

In this kind of place, you can roughly find the location in your memory.

In a few moments.

The bus entangled with trees and withered vines came into view, accompanied by the mutant corpses with the sound of ‘hoho’.

One of them was the Old Lady who gave him the frying pan.

As for the living…


Zhou Jia’s face was ashen, but he did not stop at his feet. He strode forward with an axe, a shield strike knocked one corpse flying, and then an axe decapitated the other corpse.

Without the head, the mutated corpse will die again.

The corpse didn’t feel any pain. After hitting it, it twisted its body and got up, and wanted to launch an attack.

For him now, solving this kind of mutant corpse can be described as with no difficulty.

Even if you encounter an armored wolf-headed monster, you will be able to kill him on the spot with sheer strength in just a few strokes.

“You come!”

This time, Zhou Jia didn’t continue to do it, but looked towards Chen Hui.

Looking at the mutant corpse struggling desperately on the ground, Chen Hui’s face turned pale, and she subconsciously took two steps back.

But when she regained her senses, she looked at Zhou Jia with an indifferent face, gritted her teeth, picked up a stick from the ground, and rushed over.

In a place like this, she’s impossible to rely on other people all the time.

“Kill you!”

“Kill you…”


A forearm thick The wooden stick kept smashing on the head, but in the blink of an eye, the smashed blood was blurred and beyond recognition.

At the same time, a stream of air also poured into Chen Hui’s body.

This made her stunned for a while, then looked down at the corpse, her face turned pale again, covered her mouth and ran aside, holding on to the trunk and retching.

I don’t know how long it took before I recovered.

The other side.

Zhou Jia took a turn in the twisted bus, but he got some gains.

“Water, bread, snacks… It seems that Dr. Qin and the others didn’t expect that the corpse would mutate and everything would be left.”

“Enough for the two of us to eat for a few days. It’s over.”

As for whether it has expired or not, it’s already like this, and you don’t need to mind.

“Did anyone escape?” After so much, Chen Hui’s ability to bear has also increased a lot, and she has recovered by this time.

She pointed to the footprints not far away:

“You say, are those left by mutant corpses? Or are they left by escaped people?”

“Maybe…” Zhou Jia pondered:


“Hey!” Chen Hui sighed, took a sip of the mineral water and hurriedly screwed it on Lid:

“Let’s follow the footprints and take a look?”


Zhou Jia nods.


This time, they were lucky. They walked along the footprints and traces for nearly an hour, and there were subtle voices in front of them.


Still from Earth!

The two of them looked at each other with a look of joy on their faces, and hurriedly accelerated their pace.

As soon as they parted the grass, a white shadow collided head-on.

(End of this chapter)

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