Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Tianxingxing: Heaven and Earth


The entire group is squatting, avoiding the perception of the walking corpses around, moving towards somewhere.


Suddenly, a group of people became suspicious:

“There are footprints here!”

The footprints are very shallow and still After processing, if it is not carefully observed, it will never be found.

“Oh!” Ji Yuanqi stepped forward, and after checking the traces, his face couldn’t help showing joy:

“It seems that people should be here, after searching for so long. , finally we have a clue.”

Immediately waved his hand:


The entire group stepped up and came to the bottom of a tall building after a while , following Spell’s fingerprints, they rushed to the middle floor.

Immediately, screams came from it.

“Who are you?”


“There are still children?”

A surprised voice sounded:

“Take them all!”

After thinking for a while, Ji Yuan said again:

“Leave these two star clansman, and leave some clues, Let the person surnamed Luo be able to find it, and we will not have to spend too much time.”

“Yes!” The sound only caused a few walking corpses to look up.

“Head, that girl’s name is Luo Xiuying, she is a woman from Luo Ping, she does know Surnamed Zhou, but she won’t say where she is.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ji Yuan didn’t care about this:

“When she sees Heidi, whether she wants to say it or not, she will say it.”

Black Emperor’s Hypnosis Technique, for people below Grade 6, there is almost no possibility of resistance, even more how and medicine assistance.

Tortured messages,

have never been a problem.

“Unfortunately!” One person sighed softly:

“The girl looks good, she should be a beauty in a few years, and her cultivation base is not low. She should be able to sell one after she goes out. Good price.”

“It’s a pity to die.”

“Then you are wrong.” Ji Yuan mysterious smile:

“Black Emperor Killing other people will not show mercy, but this kind of woman is in his heart.”



The entire group came to Heidi’s residence with a smile, moved towards the others and greeted them, then went to the depths of the base and knocked on the door of the laboratory.

“Sir, we brought back Luo Ping’s daughter, and there is another child who can’t speak.”




Precision balances, sterilization boxes, washers, centrifuges, test tubes, measuring instruments…

In the clean and sterile room, many instruments are neatly stacked, The materials are matched and mixed in a certain proportion.

A light blue liquid slowly flows from the hose and drips into a porcelain bottle.

Outside the house.

Hei Di made a light move with one hand, and the porcelain bottle flew out and landed in front of him.

“There are not many materials left, the next batch will take a little more time, go back and tell Master Ji Young, let him not worry.”



One person should be, take the porcelain vase and respectfully retreat.

Out the door.

Xingdi Wuhen was playing with a piece of art by himself, when he saw Heidi dragging his fat body, he got up with a smile, tapped his hands, and praised:

β€œ Unexpectedly, the famous black emperor is not only the emperor in the dark, but also hangs the title of academician in the three Medical Colleges in different identities.”

“No wonder!”

” It’s no wonder that the water of bliss can be refined, such a treasure that can control the tenth-grade expert of the ordinary order.”

“hmph!” Heidi hummed softly:

“This thing is useless to people. , on the contrary, it is addictive and consumes energy. In your eyes, isn’t it something that is used to harm people, and I will yell at me in the future.”

“haha…” Xing Dilang Laugh:

“Just kidding!”

“In this world, all eyes are on the Sea of Bitterness, and it is rare to have bliss, even if it is addictive, many people are afraid of it. If you care, what am I?”

“I can’t believe that the Star Emperor is such a person.” In this way, we may have become friends, everyone in the world slandered me, and only you, Wuhen, can truly understand me!”

In the rumors.

Eastern Star Emperor not only looks handsome, but also is bold and generous, has extensive contacts, pays attention to fairness and justice, and is convincing.

Under the admiration of everyone, he is firmly seated as the Lord of the Eastern District.

This acquaintance made Heidi understand that the other party was a ‘villain’!

Seeing the wind, turning the rudder, being exquisite in all directions, and descending the donkey along the slope…

But his ‘small’ truth is not fake, even if he knows that Heidi uses the water of bliss to control people, he will Don’t hide your hot eyes.

Even the temperament and narrow-minded Hei Di can’t feel bad about him.


He could live in the last days for so long, and still live a nourishing life, how could he be an easy generation, and the Star Emperor did not rely on luck alone to have the position he is today.

Xingdi also felt emotional.

Who would have thought?

The renowned Sovereign in the darkness of the star city, the mysterious person who controls many dignitaries, is actually a master of medicine.

Hei Di is not only proficient in hypnosis and mind power, but also has an amazing innate talent in medicine.

It’s the kind of innate talent that can crush genius!

He’s fat!

But he turned out to be very hardworking!

It’s just that Heidi’s diligence is not used in physical exercise, but in hypnosis, medicine, and even combining the two.

“The fog is dissipating.”

The two moved towards the outside of the house, and the Star Emperor said while walking:

“It is estimated that in a few days, Star City will Completely integrated into the Ruins World, what plans does Hei Di have in the future?”

“Plans?” Hei Di’s mung bean-sized eyes flashed:

“As early as when I was a child, I understood a truth. , when you’re not strong enough, it’s best to be obediently and honestly.”

“In this way, you can live longer.”

“haha…” Xingdi Da Laugh:

“I have no plans to get rid of Ji Family and Chixiao Army. After all, whether you and I can cross the limit of mortal rank in the future will depend on them.”

“It’s just that .”

He paused and said:

“Our star clansman also needs a future.”

It’s good to work with Ji Family, if we work with Ji Family With the cooperation of the Chixiao Army, they are more than 10,000 star clansman, and it is very likely that they will become the servants of the army.

When the time comes, life and death are in the hands of others.

Some things are well said in the Fragment World, but they need to be reconsidered after they go out, just like their agreement with Ji Yao.

Xingdi said in a deep voice:

“Hei Di, what you have in your hand is our only bargaining chip. Ji Family is interested in Bliss Water, both you and I are watching. Inside.”

“Even if it is me and the White Emperor twins, it may not be as important as Bliss Water!”

Black Emperor’s eyes flashed, looked thoughtful:

“Do you want to negotiate with Ji Family?”

“No.” Xingdi whispered:

“We want to reach a cooperation with you, Heidi, and we will never give up, no matter what the past. How, after going out, the star clansman will be a family.”

“As long as you take us with you when negotiating with the Ji Family, the star clansman will respect you in the future!”

Heidi Mi Eye.

This is true and tempting.

Just merely this coming, he will bear most of the pressure of Ji Family people, if one is not good, maybe he will die on the spot.

“This thing…”


A small crack interrupted his voice.


Not far from the side, the wall forged with steel suddenly shattered.


“You are so brave!”

The two of them roared, and their terrifying spirit strength erupted instantly.

In this fragmented world, the two of them are almost Peak experts standing in the Peak, and there are people who don’t have long eyes to provoke them.

The Black Emperor’s thoughts surged like a wave, and the lights in the room suddenly dimmed, as if countless Nether Souls roared, moving towards the incoming silhouettes.

With a wave of Xingdi’s hand, more than a hundred needles of metal shot out.

The person who came was wearing heavy armor and holding a giant sword. Facing the incoming attack, he held the giant sword in front of him and slammed the giant sword with his left hand.

“Shield Shake!”


If the energy is substantial, the air ripples and moves towards a 180-degree sweep ahead .

Steel needles, thoughts, and a stagnation at the same time.


Zhou Jia’s body trembled lightly, and a terrifying force that almost surpassed the tenth rank suddenly emerged from him, causing the air to vibrate.

The room of more than 100 square meters seemed to be unable to hold him alone.

Others were breathing sluggishly, retreating subconsciously, panic in their eyes.

With the foundation laid by Dragon-Tiger’s mysterious embryo, coupled with the increase of violence, Zhou Jia spare no effort, the power is amazing.

The old horse goes to the trough!

Raging thunder!

His body was rushing wildly, like a ferocious giant beast, and the heavy sword was wrapped in a gust of wind. Before the sword wind fell, the entire room was covered with cracks.

Will die!

You will die!

The warning sign came in his heart, Heidi’s whole body was shaking, his eyes were cold light, and his terrifying spirit strength turned into a bunch of fiercely and hit him.


He roared up to the sky, bloodshot in his eyes.

The powerful spirit strength caused the air to stir, like a water wave visible to naked eyes, before the incoming giant sword.

The star emperor looked gloomy, and he was also shocked by the power of the people who came.

But he also knew that if Heidi died, Ji Yao and Ji Family would definitely flies into a rage without the formula of Bliss Water.

when the time comes…

He may not end well!


With a low roar, more than a hundred steel needles shot rapidly.


At this moment, a cold glow appeared out of thin air, and the icy killing intent made his body froze, and before he had time to think, he hurriedly controlled the flying needle to resist.

“ding ding dong dong…”

The sound of collision sounded, and countless flying needles were cut in half and fell to the ground.

“How come?”

The Star Emperor was shocked.

The flying needle of his envoy is not an ordinary thing, but the sharpest thing that can be found in Star City, almost there is no stronghold one cannot overcome.

It’s not as tough as something in him, but it’s just as good.


It was cut off with a single blow.


“shua shua!”

Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes were cold light, the Huo Family chopped the empty knife across the land of several feet, It seemed that even the air was cut off by the mysterious soldier in the palm of his hand.

The fierce killing intent also made the Star Emperor shudder.

The four overlords of the Star City are different from each other, and their strengths are almost the same, but when it comes to the response to the battle, the Star Emperor is definitely the worst one.

This is the power of tenth rank in the air, and he doesn’t even have the courage to resist. As soon as his arms are supported, a layer of golden luster covers his body.


With a crisp sound, the short blade returned without success.

“How is that possible?” Qian Xiaoyun was shocked.

The short blade in her hand is not a Mortal Grade, but a treasure of the Huo Family inheritance, a black iron mysterious soldier. There should be no opponents among the ordinary ranks.


Can’t even cut through this thin layer of golden light.

“I don’t believe it anymore!”

clenches the teeth, Qian Xiaoyun pounced again.

The other side.

Zhou Jia holds the sword in one hand and presses his body down.



But when comparing the two, Heidi was clearly at a disadvantage, being approached by Zhou Jia step by step, and the hurricane’s sword qi even created cracks in him.

Blood, flowing from the rift.


The desire to survive made Heidi open his mouth and roar.

I don’t know what medicine he was taking.

But the next moment.

A frenzy and madness poured out of Heidi.


Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

The tenacity of the other party was beyond his expectations.

After taking the medicine, my spirit strength has skyrocketed so much, even if I have already provoked violence, I still feel a little tired.


That’s it!

With a low hum, the source power surged in his body.

python spit beads!

The secret technique of Tieyuan School to stimulate potential, blessing on violence, although the increase is not much, it is the last straw that overwhelms the camel.


Under the sword, Hei Di’s head shattered directly.

The neck was fractured and blood rushed out.

But it wasn’t Zhou Jia who killed him, but the ultimate urging spirit strength. Hei Di couldn’t bear it first, and his head exploded directly.

Zhou Jia was taken aback, came back to his senses, and swung his sword towards the Star Emperor.


The giant sword fell, the Star Emperor wrapped in golden film was silent, half of his body was forcibly smashed into the ground, and blood spurted from the corner of his mouth.

What he has on him is Ultra Grade Essence Treasure, invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable.

However, Juli strikes, he needs to bear the shock himself, under Qian Xiaoyun’s offensive, it has been extremely difficult, and now the gold film is almost unstable.

“Forgive my life!”

“Forgive my life!”

The Star Emperor shouted:

“I know the black emperor’s treasure , don’t you like source crystals, there are source crystals there, there are a lot of source crystals, I can take you there.”

There was silence in the field.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, and before he made a decision, Qian Xiaoyun hurriedly said:

“Come on, where is Yuanjing?”

“It’s right behind.” Star Emperor hurriedly pointed backwards, seeing the wrong atmosphere, struggling to get up from the ground, moved towards the back and trot:

“I’ll take you there.”


a moment later.

Facing a man and a woman with large and small bags on their backs, the star emperor took a shy face, took a step back, and locked himself in a secret room.

At the same time, he closed the door consciously, and said in a muffled voice:

“Don’t worry, you two, within one star hour…two sticks of incense, I will definitely not go out, otherwise I was struck by lightning!”

“This guy…” Qian Xiaoyun was unwilling:

“The white top of this turtle shell is the Ultra Grade source material.”

She has always It was hard to forget, but both of them knew that it was not difficult to defeat the Star Emperor, but it was not easy to kill him.

Even Zhou Jia can’t break the gold film for a while.

Either the fish dies or the net splits attract people from outside, and the two of them will be more troublesome.

“Let’s go!”

Shaking his head, Zhou Jia walked towards the outsider. Although this is Heidi’s laboratory, the movement just now may not have disturbed others. people.

β€œdong dong!”

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Sir, we brought back Luo Ping’s daughter, and there is a child who can’t speak.”

The two were taken aback.

Qian Xiaoyun was still puzzled about this trip before, and didn’t understand why he was leaving soon. Zhou Jia was going to take action against Heidi, but now his heart is chilled.


What a coincidence!





A strange man’s voice sounded in the house:

“Bring people in, don’t let others in.”

“Yes.” hearing this, Ji Yuan frowned, didn’t think who the voice came from, but didn’t think too much about it, nodded should be:

“I’ll bring someone in.”

Take Luo Xiuying and let one person hold the child , pushed the door and walked in.

next moment.

A blade light came into view, and there was a terrifying aura under the hood, making the body of the person who came in stiff and unable to resist.


One’s head flew high, and the child in his arms was also taken away.

“Who are you?”

The roar was thunderous, but it stopped abruptly.

After finishing the opponent, Qian Xiaoyun hugged the child with lingering fears, and Zhou Jia also pulled Luo Xiuying, who was muddleheaded, and moved towards the side and jumped out of the air.

At the same time, the strangeness here has also attracted a lot of noise.

Not long.

The base is a mess.


In the following days, Ji Yao flies into a rage, and it is said that even the star Imperial Capital was severely reprimanded.

At the same time, Ji Family and Ye Family issued a bounty.

Anyone who can provide information on both males and females is greatly grateful.

However, no one knows the true identity of the male and female Shuangsha.

I only know that the male evil is wearing heavy armor, holding a giant sword, and its strength is amazing;

And after this incident, both males and females suddenly disappeared in Star City.

Has never been seen again.

Until the fog that shrouded Star City dissipated, no one could find their clues.




the other side.

Zhou Jia opened his eyes.

After thinking twice, he finally lit up the last source star in the ruins because it was inconvenient to travel with too many source crystals.

Tianxingxing: Qiankun (Remnant)

(End of this chapter)

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