Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 131


Chapter 131 Grade 9

In two months.

Near Wenshui City.

“hua! ”

The water surface is rippling, and one silhouette is like a smart swimming fish, jumping out of the water, flipping a few times in the air, and landing on the river bank.

The more you get out of the water, the more powerful you are to break free.

On the surface of the water, there were only a few waves.

This shows that this person’s underwater skills are extremely extraordinary, and the nicknames such as Hunjianglong and Fanjianghu are not exaggerated.

This time, I even brought out a few yellow croakers.

It’s even better to catch fish with your bare hands.

“Uncle Zhou!”

Seeing this, Luo Xiuying, who was setting up a fire stand on the shore, stopped what she was doing and walked over quickly, seeing the yellow croaker’s eyes lit up:

“It’s the yellow croaker, we have another good luck today.”

Zhou Jia handed the croaker with a smile, his body trembled slightly, the source power in his body exploded, and the water droplets on his body were swept away. All turned into mist.

He was wearing a black suit, like a close-fitting leather jacket, so that the resistance can be reduced when entering the water, and at the same time, his strong figure is undoubtedly revealed. When handing over the fish, he did not forget to remind:

“Be careful, thorns prick your hands.”

“I know.” Luo Xiuying took the yellow croaker and ran back excitedly, her pink dress fluttering in the wind, like a colorful cloud.

Yellow Phosphorus is a specialty of this waterway.

The market price is a few Originium stones.

Unfortunately, it’s too hard to catch, and it’s usually too expensive.

Only Zhou Jia, who can go into the water to fish, can they often take this orally.

“I can’t think of it.” Taking off the human skin mask, Qian Xiaoyun held the child and looked sideways, with curious eyes:

“Brother Zhou underwater Kung fu is so good?”

“To be honest, I didn’t expect it. Before, I could only say that you won’t be drowned in water, which is definitely not good water.” Zhou Jia smiled lightly:


“It’s really unexpected.”

Qian Xiaoyun shook his head, he just thought he was humble, but he didn’t know what Zhou Jia was talking about truth.

He hadn’t even formally learned to swim before. The so-called water ability was also learned in the small pond in his hometown when he was a child.


The water is greatly increased.

Most likely, it is the reason of the Earth auxiliary star.

Although the characteristics of Yushui are incomplete, Zhou Jia can still feel that he is very close and natural to the category of ‘water’.

Into the water, like a person in the air, there is no trouble.

There is no need to breathe through the mouth and nose, the skin naturally breathes and breathes, the eyes can see objects in the water, and the body shape can be changed at will.

Underwater he is like a swimming fish.


More flexible than fish.

“Still unhappy about losing Yuanjing?” Seeing Qian Xiaoyun’s stiff expression, Zhou Jia said:

“I reminded you that there will inevitably be dangers along the way. , you are carrying so many things, it is impossible to do anything, and you always have to throw something away when you are in danger.”

“Isn’t there any left over?”

“Let’s talk about it. , I also threw a lot of things away, just look at it.”

“Hey!” Qian Xiaoyun sighed softly:

“That’s more than 100 source crystals. , enough to buy a copy of Ultra Grade, I’m not as generous as you, I can read it.”

Zhou Jia smiled and said nothing.

If he lost so many source crystals, he probably wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but fortunately his source crystals were not lost, but just kept in a place no one knew about.

Heaven and Earth!

As soon as the thought moved, a space about one chi square appeared in the perception, and there were more than 100 source crystals in neat and tidy yards.

Tianxingxing: Qiankun (Remnant)

Zhou Jia doesn’t know what qualities the intact Tianxingxing will have, but the incomplete version brings him a portable space .

Not much space, only a few things.

However, it can be used at any time, comparable to the rumored storage bag, and there is no entity, even if you search your body, you can’t find it.

Scraping the fish scales, gutting, setting up the fire, and preparing the seasonings, the three of them were busy dividing their labor, and the aroma wafted out of the field in a short time, which was mouth-watering.


At this moment, a burst of hearty laughter came:

“Three, Lao Han came to eat again, don’t mind Right?”

“Han shopkeeper.” Zhou Jia looked towards the person, gently” nodded:


They are now in a business Among the team, the caravan belonged to the Han’s Trading Company. Several people met on the road and had the same goal. After paying some road expenses, they moved forward together.

Old Han is a shopkeeper of Trading Company and an Outer Sect Disciple of Xuantian League.

Cultivation base, Grade 9.

But he is getting older. According to him, his strength is not as good as Grade 7. Fortunately, he has rich experience, and he is the younger brother of Han Family, and he is firmly seated as shopkeeper.

The other party’s Jianghu experience is extremely important to Zhou Jia and the others, and their understanding of the Xuantian Alliance is even more urgently needed.

Han shopkeeper has no other hobby except delicious food and good wine.

One to two, gradually familiar.

“My old Han is also experienced and knowledgeable, and I have met many people with good water skills over the years.” Sitting down in front of the bonfire, the luxurious Han shopkeeper didn’t care about the soil under him, and stroked his beard. Dao:

“But there has never been a water-based person like Brother Zhou. Even those merfolks in the water in life are not as good as you.”

” It’s overrated.” Zhou Jia shook his head:

“I’m just trying to show my power in shallow water, but in deep water, it’s still not good. It’s not as experienced and knowledgeable as a shopkeeper Han.”

“speaking of which.”

He raised his head and moved towards the distance, looking at the mountains and rivers, interweaving waterways, and a vast ocean at the end, gathering water veins in all directions.

Amidst the ocean, there seems to be a high mountain.


is their destination.

“How long will it take to get to the Xuantian League?”

“The shortest time is three days, and the slowest time is five days.” Han shopkeeper replied without hesitation:

“Brother Han don’t have to worry, with your and Qian girl’s cultivation base and age, there is no problem in joining the alliance, and you can even join the Inner Sect. Don’t forget me when you become prosperous.”


This is a joke, at his age, he doesn’t have much self-motivation, and it’s better to enjoy his old age than anything else.

Before, he thought Zhou Jia and Qian Xiaoyun were husband and wife.

It was later discovered that this was not the case.

It is siblings.

“Han shopkeeper is experienced and knowledgeable, and I’m just about to ask for advice.” Zhou Jia sat down and bowed his hands politely:

“Everyone says that there is an Ultra Grade above every rank. There are different opinions about Ultra Grade, but I don’t know what Ultra Grade is?”

“Ultra Grade…” Han shopkeeper pondered for a while and explained:

” The ruins are vast and boundless, and countless worlds fall into this place. The cultivation of each world has different divisions, and the Ultra Grade is also called differently.”

β€œThe Dalin Dynasty, called Innate; Fei Mu The world is called a job change; Bello world is called Spirit Rank, and they are different.”

“But a long time ago, people called Ultra Grade as black iron…”

“After the ordinary rank, there is black iron!”

“Black iron?” Zhou Jia’s mouth twitched slightly:

“There will be no bronze, silver, gold and other ranks behind. Right?”

“No bronze.” Han shopkeeper shook his head first, and then said nodded:

“But there are indeed silver, gold and other grades.”

” …” Zhou Jia was speechless:


This title seems to be a bit too casual, or that people in the past liked this kind of unremarkable appearance. ‘s name.

“You think too much.” Seeing Zhou Jia’s strange expression, Han shopkeeper said with a smile:

“As far as I know, in the entire Xuantian Alliance, silver and other rank Experts are not out of ten, and every one is a great character of aloof and remote.”

“The golden level is even more unrelated to people.”

“Great Hongzeyu , there are many silver experts of the six clans, and for more than 300 years, there has never been a gold-level existence.”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Jia frowned:

” Why is there no relationship with others?”

“This is too far away from me, and I don’t know much about it.” Han shopkeeper shook his head:

“It is said that mortals want to prove gold. , will attract Heavenly Retribution, not only that person will die, but his race will also suffer a catastrophe.”


“There is a Legendary saint of a race. , achieved gold with the ability to defy the sky, but encountered Heavenly Retribution soon after, and clansman died.”

“There are only aliens, with the level of gold, and as long as those existences show up in Hong Zeyu, they will die. It means a terrible disaster.”

Zhou Jia did not say anything.

He remembered the strange bird he encountered on the road.


is it a golden creature?

Whether it is or not, if it appears in Hong Zeyu, I am afraid it will be a disaster that will sweep all beings.

Dark iron?



“Where is God?”

Luo Xiuying on the side said:

“There are gods in Fei Mu world, can’t they become gold?”

“Where is God?”


“God is god.” Han shopkeeper said:

“They can’t be considered as human beings, and gods are gods in Feimu world because they have mastered certain rules , come to the Ruins Realm or not, I’m afraid to say two.”

“Just like Bello World also has gods, but when they fall into the Ruins Realm, the Divine Force on them disappeared, and their strength is only the same as Silver. “

“The fish is ready.” Qian Xiaoyun said at the right time:

“This kind of thing is not our responsibility, just listen to the rumors.”

“What Miss Qian said is.” The shopkeeper Han nodded, but he didn’t eat for nothing. He took off the bottle gourd from his waist:

“Brother Zhou, try this Biluo brewed, It tastes good.”


The food and drink are in full swing, and the wine tastes good.

Han shopkeeper was drunk, his body swayed, and he muttered:

“must worship the Xuantian League, even if you become an Outer Sect Disciple, there are ways to be exempted from military service, Taxes, Inner Sect…Inner Sect is better.”

“You are young, and you still have the hope of Ultra Grade. If you want to advance to Ultra Grade, you must have Ultra Grade source quality. After you become a Disciple, you can Buy, in short, must have an identity.”

“When I was as old as you, I was… only Grade 6, and my life will come to an end, both of you are Grade 9…”

As he babbled, he sighed with emotion, and gradually fell asleep.

Zhou Jia’s eyes flickered, the Sea of Consciousness stars lit up, and a light curtain appeared.

Name: Zhou Jia

cultivation base: Ordinary Grade Grade 9 Inner Strength (232/30000)

Origin Star: Tianyingxing (Trait: Palmer) ), Earth Ferocious Star (Trait: Violence), Earth Moxing Star (Trait: Listening to the Wind), Earth Hero Star (Trait: Dragon-Tiger ), Tian Xuan Star (Trait: Qiankun Can), Earth Auxiliary Star (Trait: Waterproof) Disabled)

cultivation technique: Perfection of Sanyuan Zhengfa (57/3000)

martial skill: 2nd layer Shield Anti-Perfection (1893/2000), Nare’s Secret Breath Technique Proficiency (456 /500), Thunder Axe Perfection (2005/4000), Life Seizing Sword Mastery (859/1000)…

Three body steps, iron body, shield shock, 9th layer climbing steps, python spit Beads…

I have to say.

In the outside world, although it is dangerous, the cultivation base and strength increase fast enough.

Since he left the Huo Family Fort, his cultivation base was only Grade 7, and now he is Grade 9, and he has gained Origin Star, and his strength advanced by leaps and bounds.

Eyes raised.

The destination is looming.






“Hurry up, hurry up!”

On the long street, people coming, people going.

Because it is close to the fish market, the breeze blows, bringing a strong fishy smell.

Vendors urged business, Gu Gong was busy moving goods, and some people in black uniforms shouted loudly to maintain order.

The road that was supposed to be rammed was muddy due to the rain and wind. If you step on it carelessly, your legs are full of muddy water, or even contaminated with unknown turbidity.

Zhou Jia pulled Luo Xiuying and Qian Xiaoyun to hold the child and squeezed into the crowd. After paying the entrance fee, he entered the city called Wenshui City.


is also the closest place to the Xuantian Alliance station.

Where the Xuantian Alliance is located, outsiders are forbidden to enter, so around the island where the Xuantian Alliance is stationed, more than ten scattered cities stand, which is convenient for communication.

“Sister Yun!”

As soon as they entered the city, a loud shout came from afar.

A few people followed the sound and saw a tall man standing on the second floor of a restaurant, waving towards them with joy on his face.

(End of this chapter)

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