Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 132


Chapter 132 Lingyu

Yan Ji.

Xuan Tianmeng inner sect disciple .

Born in a small family in Wenshui City, he showed his innate talent for martial arts since he was a child.

It is only one step away from the tenth grade.

This person has strong features, a high nose and a wide mouth, and a square-faced face. He is less than 30 years old, but has a weather-beaten look.

The old gray cloth robes on his body were washed very cleanly, and it could be seen that he was not rich.

“Sit, sit!”

After leading a few people to the seat, Yan Ji looked at the child in Qian Xiaoyun’s arms, opened her mouth, and her eyes were sad:

“I thought you and Xun Jian would go back and avoid the disaster here, but I never thought that even in the Huo Family Fort, you would still not be able to live safely.”

“Don’t worry, Sister Yun, I will think about it. The way to cure the child.”

Qian Xiaoyun silently nodded.

She knew Yan Ji’s character, she was dull and honest, and could not say words of consolation, but the sincerity in her eyes was something she had never encountered in a long time.

Huo Xunjian’s death was a heavy blow to her.

Until now, the pain in my heart has nowhere to vent, only cry silently in the dead of night, and act strong again at dawn.

Zhou Jia is a nice guy.

But his temperament is too cold, making it difficult for people to get close.

A few words from Yan Ji today are like turning on the grief switch in her heart for a long time, and the tears can’t stop flowing.


Yan Ji was flustered and at a loss:

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, Xun Jian definitely doesn’t want to see you either If he sees it like this, he might think I’m bullying you again.”

He has a dull personality, and is not good at relationships or relationships, and now he doesn’t know where to go. put.

“I’m fine.” Qian Xiaoyun shook his head gently:

“I just remembered the past, I can’t control it, Big Brother Yan don’t have to worry.”

Zhou Jia sits opposite, right as the audience.

He was not interested in the story of the two, only that the Huo Family brought a group of people to Hong Zeyu, wanting to make a fortune.

Huo Xunjian and Qian Xiaoyun are among them.


They met Yan Ji and became friends.

Later, for unknown reasons, the Huo Family offended a certain force and had to escape back to the Huo Family Fort. Huo Xunjian and Qian Xiaoyun later got married.

“Sweet ice cream cake!”

“Dried fish… salted fish for eight cents a tael…”

“Blue porcelain, silk satin, Rouge gouache…”

Various shouts came from the street, and the lively crowd below could be seen through the window.

This is just an unremarkable small street in Wenshui City, and you can still see the to-and-fro crowd on the street, which is peaceful and stable.

“It’s good.”

Luo Xiuying nibbled on a shortbread, tears in her eyes:

“It would be even better if Dad was there .”

Zhou Jia reached out and rubbed her head.

Compared with Huo Family Fort, the atmosphere here is more reassuring, and hair grey-white old men can be seen from time to time on the street.

Be aware.

Even in the inner city of Huo Family, there are very few elderly people.

This gave Zhou Jia a lot of confidence in his future life.

He never forgot his plans.


On this basis, increase your strength.

This world is too dangerous, zombies, ominous beasts, monsters… Even a black iron powerhouse cannot guarantee that there will be no accidents.

Alive, there is hope.

A safe place like Hong Zeyu can undoubtedly provide a basis for survival.

Not like outside…


A loud noise interrupted his thoughts.

On the street, several people in black uniforms surrounded a big man in strong suits, each armed with knives and soldiers, and pounced on him fiercely.

Whether it’s a big man or a person besieging him, his strength is not weak, and he has a cultivation base of six Grade 7.

They moved their hands without any scruples. Pedestrians and shops on the street were immediately destroyed, and in the blink of an eye it was a mess.

Shelves toppled to the ground, food and drink trampled, blade light and sword shadows crisscrossed.

Several pedestrians could not dodge in time and were involved in it. They were immediately slashed by swords and fell to the ground screaming.

“Mijia Xingwei, who is that person who dares to offend them?”

“Who dares to offend them in Wenshui City? That person seems to be Qi Family martial arts hall This time the martial arts hall is over.”

β€œBut the price of the Mi family was too low for the mishaps caused by the acquisition of the martial arts hall.”

“Speak carefully, speak carefully.”

There were all kinds of whispers around, even if it didn’t stimulate the innate talent, Zhou Jia could hear it clearly, and his eyes couldn’t help sinking.

Looks like this isn’t a happy place either.


How can there be a paradise in this world?



A scream rang out.

Although the strong-armored man had great means, he was unable to cope with the siege of several people. After killing two people, he was hanged.

Blood splattered the streets.

“Pack up!”

A man in black uniform beckoned:

“Let’s go!”

Someone trotted immediately He rushed over, picked up the corpse on the ground, picked up the fallen swords and money bags, and left with Mijia Xing Wei.

As for those who have just been affected…

You can only consider yourself unlucky.

β€œThe Mi family is one of the Three Great Families in Wenshui City. There are several black iron powerhouses in the clan, and there are children from generation to generation who worship the Xuantian Alliance Inner Sect.”

See Several people looked different, Yan Ji whispered:

“Here, the Mi family must not offend.”

Zhou Jia slowly nodded.




Although Yan Ji is dressed in plain clothes, she is an inner sect disciple of the Xuantian League, and her strength is not strong. Weak, so the income is actually not low.

It’s just a habit of saving, coupled with the excessive consumption of martial arts, the lack of accumulation of wealth.

So the Yan Family is still a small family.

In order to entertain the distinguished guests, Yan Ji arranged several people in the Inn in the vicinity, and even rented two simple courtyards at a high cost.

The sun is scorching hot.

In a corner of the courtyard, it was raining incessantly.

Zhou Jia, who had put on a casual long coat, stood aside, hands behind ones back, seriously watching the weeds watered by the drizzle, there seemed to be something interesting that made him addicted to it, and he was reluctant for a long time. leave.

“source power?”

Yan Ji appeared beside him, squinting to feel it, and said:

“Listen to Sister Yun, Brother Zhou martial arts is very good, but it can be compared with the top ten experts, but I can’t believe that he is also practicing source power spell?”

“Rainbelt source power, but spiritual rain?”

“No.” Zhou Jia shook his head.

“What spell is that?” Yan Ji sounded curious.

“Three Treasures high grade Supreme Baogao Lingyu Technique!” Zhou Jia looked serious.

“…?” Yan Ji corner of mouth twitching:

“What’s the difference?”

“…” Zhou Jia thought about it seriously:

“The names are different.”

“Okay!” Yan Ji was speechless, looking up at the sky:

“I came here this time to tell Brother Zhou, there is a way to join the Inner Sect, one of my brothers can find someone.”

“Oh!” Zhou Jia’s eyes brightened:

“See you when See you?”

“Let’s go tonight.” Yan Ji said:

“Ask him to meet and discuss, and I’ll let you know when the restaurant is set.”


Zhou Jia nods.

Until Yan Ji left, he stood motionless on the spot, carefully watching the weeds irrigated by the drizzle, and it took a long time to withdraw his eyes.

β€œso that’s how it is…”

Then he turned back to his room.

Yan Ji didn’t know that there were no weeds here, and these weeds actually grew in a very short period of time.

Spiritual Rain?


It’s Sanbao’s high grade Supreme Treasure Spirit Rain Technique!


β€œSince the Dalin Dynasty fell into the ruins, the people have been attacked by ominous beasts, monsters and zombies all the time and cannot live in peace.”

“In order to resist the danger and inherit the bloodline, all the Sects in the rivers and lakes gathered together and formed the Xuantian Alliance under the call of the Dingfa Sword Nangong Hero.”

“Xuantian Alliance Inner Sect Eight channels, thirty-six branches of the outer sect, only by worshiping the Inner Sect, can you stay in the residence to obtain the Peak inheritance.”

“If not, you need to achieve the realm of black iron, or worship the inner section. A sect disciple is a slave and a servant under the door, in order to exchange these benefits.”

“If you worship the outer sect…”

“You need to leave the vicinity of the station and go to other places. .”

“Wait a minute.” Zhou Jia brows frowned, raising his hand to interrupt Yan Ji’s words:

“The thirty-six branches of the outer sect are not in the Xuantian Alliance station? “

“Yes.” Yan Ji nodded:

“Each branch is far away from the station and has its own city.”

“Of course, the branch In fact, the inheritance is not weak, every branch is the inheritance of silver expert.”

β€œWhy?” Zhou Jia was a little puzzled:

β€œThere are many people. The crowd, spread out…”

He stopped before he finished speaking, as if he was thinking of something.

“You guessed it?” Yan Ji chuckled:

“There used to be a world where all the experts were concentrated in one place, at first the people’s livelihood was safe, until they met one Golden ominous beast.”


“The inheritance of this world is gone.”

Zhou Jia.

This is equivalent to diversification.

Although focusing at one point can resist some crises to a greater extent, once the limit is exceeded, such stud-like bets will destroy everything.

The Ruins.

Even if it is the inheritance of a world, it means that destruction is destruction.

β€œWith Brother Zhou’s cultivation base and strength, he is self-impossible to obey others. The only way is to worship under the Inner Sect black iron powerhouse.”

Yan Ji continued:

β€œEvery black iron powerhouse has a certain number of apprentices every year, and now there are several places for Ke Jingzhi Ke senior.”

β€œThe number of apprentices? “Zhou Jia asked:

“Is there a limit to the Hei Tie powerhouse accepting apprentices?”

“Of course!” Yan Ji nodded:

“If There is no limit, the Peak powerhouse among those black irons has taken away all the disciplines, and who else will choose someone else.”

Zhou Jia understood.

“For this reason, the Inner Sect black iron expert is extremely strict in accepting apprentices. If you want to be a recruiter, you need either extraordinary natural talent or a deep background.”

“Or else…”

“It’s just enough money!”


everyone likes it.

Even if it is a black iron powerhouse, as long as it is given enough, it will also let go.

While speaking, one person pushes the door and enters.

“Brother Yan, it’s been a long wait!”

The visitor is tall and thin, with sharp mouths and monkey cheeks, and the wide robe is very inappropriate for him, and he greets Yan Ji with his hands. :

“I’m a little late for something, sorry, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Yan Ji got up and gestured to Zhou Jia:

“White Yuan, a friend of mine, this is Zhou Jia, as I said, he has a cultivation base of Grade 9 at a young age.”

“The strength is even more amazing!”


“I know, I know.” Bai Yuan was somewhat casually nodded. He didn’t seem to believe much in Zhou Jia’s strength. He pulled a stool and sat down:

“My uncle belongs to Ke senior. steward, the year before last, he also asked someone to worship the senior, and the price at that time was ten source crystals.”

“Now, the price remains the same.”

He went straight to the point:

“Based on my relationship with Brother Yan, my share is not worth it, but my uncle needs some explanation, eleven source crystals.”

“Ten One?”

Yan Ji complexion slightly changed:

“Is the price so high?”

He never thought it would be so expensive before.

“You think.” Bai Yuan rolled the eyes:

“This is the quota for inner sect disciple, if Brother Zhou has a Grade 9 cultivation base, even if it costs more money , it’s useless.”

Zhou Jia didn’t say anything, just looked at Yan Ji.

His impression of Bai Yuan was not good, giving him a frivolous feeling, and it was difficult to gain his trust, so he could only see Yan Ji’s attitude.


Yan Ji hesitated:

“How about we go back and discuss?”

“Then let’s discuss it.” Bai Yuan’s face sank:

“But when the time comes, whether there is still a letter, maybe it’s not.”

Yan Ji’s body froze. .

He is not good at words and has few friends. Bai Yuan is the only way he can find, but the price is indeed a bit high.

At least, to him.

A single source crystal is comparable to a thousand source stones, and only in principle. In fact, a thousand source stones cannot be exchanged for one source crystal at all.

Minimum, plus 20%.

“That’s it!”

Seeing Yan Jiugly complexion, Zhou Jia slightly hesitated, making a decision:

“Eleven source crystals, Brother Bai, wait.”

(End of this chapter)

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