Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 133


Chapter 133 First Entry

Weighing the source crystal in his hand, Bai Yuan grinned.

He didn’t expect that Yan Ji’s seemingly unremarkable friend Zhou Jia would actually be able to come up with the money.

Think about it.

He took out a source crystal and put it in his arms, and strode into a restaurant.

He, Bai Yuan, is also not a swindle generation. Since he has made a big statement, he naturally has a way, but the benefits can not be less.

“Second brother!”

Opening the door, he smiled and came to a person:

“What you said a few days ago was that I was looking for him. I have a buyer, ten source crystals are here, and my uncle must get things done.”

“Don’t worry.” On the wine table, a fat gorge oneself grabbed the money. Bag:

“It’s not like I haven’t done this kind of thing.”



fatty Handed over a money bag:

“Eight source crystals, are you okay?”

“Will it work, I said it doesn’t matter.” A middle-aged man in a Confucian shirt answered indifferently Passing the purse:

“Old Ke promises to make it, and it’s a real success. Don’t make any promises. If it doesn’t work out, how would you explain it in the end?”

“Yes, yes. “fatty nodded again and again:

“I said it, I’m not sure, that person also agreed to give it a shot, whether it’s successful or not, you are indispensable.”

“en. ”

The middle-aged Confucian shirt is nodded.


Xuantian League.

The station.

The complexion is dark and he is in his 60s. Because of Cultivation, Ke Jingzhi is like a mature man, and he can’t tell his age at all.

At the end of the day’s Cultivation, he wiped the sweat off his body with a towel in his hand, glanced at the purse in front of him, and said:

“Anyone else please?”

“Yes.” The middle-aged Confucian shirt bowed his head and said respectfully:

“A youngster from outside, who is not a great cultivator, has reached Grade 9. It is said that his strength is comparable to that of a tenth-grade expert.”

“Huh…” Ke Jingzhi said lightly:

“With this ability, wouldn’t it be better to wait for the assessment next year.”

“That person Not from the Dalin Dynasty.” The middle-aged Rushan lowered his head and said in a low voice:

“But the cultivation technique he learned came from the Dalin Dynasty and was inherited from a sect called the Tieyuan School. I’ve been out of Innate.”

Assessment, you must first verify your identity.

People who are not from the Dalin Dynasty are not allowed to worship the Xuantian Alliance. This is the rule.

Of course.

Rule is dead, man is alive.

If you have the power of black iron, or have a certain black iron powerhouse as an endorsement, or if you fancy receiving it as a Disciple, you can also join the alliance.

“Tie Yuan faction…” Ke Jingzhi put down the towel with a thoughtful expression on his face.

After a long time,

slowly nodded.

“It seems that there is such a Sect, there should be a registration in the league.”

Then he shook his head:

“Forget it, I have promised to accept Lao Qi. My grandson, this person should be retired, trifling five Origin Crystals, and also want to buy entry qualifications?”

Said, face revealed disdain.

It’s fine in normal times, anyway, he doesn’t care about taking in as a disciple, but now he has already bought a favor, and the price is too low.


The middle-aged Confucian shirt complexion slightly changed. Seeing Ke Jingzhi’s sideways look, he immediately lowered his head:





The sun sets.

The sun sets over the city.

Zhou Jia took a bunch of dried squid and walked slowly towards the residence.

Compared to the days when I was always tense outside, my life recently was leisurely, comfortable and relaxed.

In addition to Cultivation, drinking, eating meat, shopping, enjoying the scenery…

This is life!

In the past.

That’s called survival!

Both are incomparable.

Without fighting and fighting, and without intrigue, Zhou Jia was rarely at ease, and instead, he repaired the Thunder Axe to the Great Perfection Realm.

this can be considered.

Nowadays, with his axe alone, he can also compete with the ordinary tenth-rank.


Pushing open the courtyard door, Luo Xiuying, who was cleaning the courtyard, looked up and looked up with a happy face:

“Uncle Zhou is back. .”

Said, hurriedly greeted him and took the jerky.

“en.” Zhou Jia nods:

“Today’s homework you did…”


Before he finished speaking, his complexion suddenly changed, his body was wrong, and a fierce killing intent seemed to cover the side house as if it were substantial:

“Who’s inside?”


In the house, there was the sound of something falling to the ground.

“Uncle Zhou.” Luo Xiuying’s face changed, and she said in a hurry:

“They are not bad people.”

Zhou Jia ignored her explanation, eyes strapped Chill looked towards the house:

“Get out!”

“Master, we have no malicious intentions.” The two walked out of the house tremblingly, one forty and twenty There are injuries all over the body.

The middle age person’s complexion is brown and the youngster’s hands are wrapped in bandages. As the distance approaches, a strong herbal medicinal smell hits his nostrils.

I can see it.

The two were a little embarrassed.

But even so, their bearing is different from ordinary people, and the youngster is even more handsome and handsome.

β€œIn Xia Qifei, my father Qi Family martial arts hall Hall Master.” The middle age person surrendered his hands with sincerity in his eyes:

β€œThe Mi family robbed my family martial arts hall, this Qi My family was brutally murdered by Xing Wei, and I was the only one who managed to get away with my child.”

“Not long ago.”

“We were hunted down by Xing Wei of the Mi family, In a panic, I fled to this courtyard, and fortunately, Miss Luo rescued me and survived.”

“This Qi is so grateful!”

He had a sincere expression and a tone of voice. sincere.

Youngster Qi Yun is even more grateful, looking towards Luo Xiuying, which also makes Luo Xiuying’s pretty face red, Fang heart in chaos, and subconsciously bows her head.

“get lost!”

Zhou Jia’s tone was cold:

“Get lost!”

“Zhou Jia” Uncle.” Luo Xiuying was stunned for a moment, then said in a hurry:

“I have inquired, the Mi family bully intolerably, Qi… Uncle Qi and the others were forced to be helpless, they just borrowed here for a while.”


She empathized with what happened to her non-father and son.

When Master He was killed and the inner city of Huo Family Fortress suffered, she and her father were also forced to be helpless, unable to survive in Huo Family Fortress and embarked on a long escape route.

“Shut up.” Zhou Jia turned his head sideways, his tone stern:

“Who told you to bring in the mess?”

“I promise Senior Brother Luo brought you to Hong Zeyu, he has done his best, and letting you stay here is also a matter of companionship.”

“Don’t tell good from bad!”

Luo Xiuying lovable body trembled, subconsciously took a step back, and my heart was even colder.

She had relied on Zhou Jia a lot along the way, and the other party was also very caring for her. She thought they were very close.

I never thought…

I am a person after all.

“Miss Luo, don’t be embarrassed.” Qi Fei sighed lightly when he saw this:

“We disturbed, the two of you don’t need to hurt your relationship because of us. Since Zhou Daxia doesn’t allow it, then We’ll leave right now.”

Said, nodding to Luo Xiuying and Zhou Jia, and dragged his son towards the layman.

Out of the courtyard.

After walking a few streets, Qi Fei’s face sank.


Qi Yun even whispered:

“What shall we do next?”

He voice, with a hint of fear.

In the past, he was the grandson of the martial arts hall Hall Master. He had an extraordinary cultivation base at a young age, and he could be regarded as the second generation in the city.

Now that he has lost power, no one of his former friends dared to have a relationship with him.

Life and death are on the line.

I was terrified.

“Don’t worry.” After all, Qi Fei was a lot older, so he barely changed his mind, and said:

“The two have something to do with Yan Ji just now, Yan Ji is the Xuantian League. Inner sect disciple, although he has no background, he has a good innate talent and is highly valued by the master. It is said that he intends to cultivate him into a black iron expert.”

“Wait for us to bring trouble to others and let the Mi family know about Yan. The people Ji brought rescued us, they bit the dog, we took the opportunity to escape.”

“But…” Qi Yun frowned:

“Those two are just Yan Ji’s guests, He will provoke the Mi family for them.”

He didn’t care that he would cause trouble for Luo Xiuying and the other two, and was more concerned about whether he could escape.

“humph.” Qi Fei coldly snorted:

“Others may not be able to, but Yan Ji is. An inner sect disciple with a deep background has a conflict.”

“If it wasn’t for his Master’s protection, I’m afraid he would have died a long time ago!”

“It’s you.”

He glanced at his son and said:

“Didn’t you say that someone can shelter us for a few days, are you sure?”


Qi Yunzhong nodded:

“There is a woman who is very obsessed with me. Even if our Qi Family is in trouble, she gets the family account and still secretly sends me a message.”

“Go to her, it should be fine in a short time.”

“That’s good.” Qi Fei relaxed.

He knows exactly what kind of person his son is.

This, like him.

“That woman has a good figure and a hot personality, but she looks a little bit worse.” Qi Yun licked the corner of his mouth, his heart was hot. He hadn’t touched a woman in this period of time, which made him a little thirsty.

“Wait for the past, if you can keep it warm, you can treat her as cheap.”

“What a pity!”

Having said this, he sighed again:

“The woman in the yard just now is not bad. Give me two more days, and she will obediently take off her clothes and invite me to bed.”

“Okay.” Qi Fei shook his head:

“When we leave Wenshui City, with the ability of our father and son, women can have as many as they want. You should restrain yourself first.”

“Father and son.” That’s right.”

The two talked in a low voice, looking for the shadow of the alley and moving forward, just after turning a corner, they were blocked by a dark shadow.

“Zhou… Zhou Daxia?”

Qi Yun was stunned and stunned.

Why is the other party here?

“Not good!”

Qi Fei’s face changed, he pulled his son, and he was about to flee.


coldly snorted sounded from behind.

Immediately, the air vibrated rapidly, and a terrifying force came from behind, and Qi Fei’s body was shocked, and he had to stop and turn around to resist.


There was a loud bang.

Zhou Jia’s fist hit his arm.



Qi Fei only has Grade 8, and he was already injured, and his arms were directly damaged by one blow It broke, and his body flew out and fell heavily.

After landing without saying a word, he was punched to death.


Qi Yun roared sadly, both shocked and angry.

Before he could react, Zhou Jia stepped forward, slapped him, and pressed his head directly into his chest.

With a flick of the arm, the corpse was thrown beside his father.

Two strokes killed two people, Zhou Jia’s expression remained unchanged, looking towards the corner of the alley:

“Have you heard?”

Luo Xiuying In the shadows, with a pale face, he opened his mouth and lowered his head.

“Pack up the body, just this once.”

Zhou Jia glanced at her coldly:

“When I have an identity here, I will give If you explain it, then you and I will have nothing to do with it, and I hope you will take care of yourself in the future.”

He didn’t want to pay attention to this matter, and he didn’t even want to explain anything to Luo Xiuying.

But in the end, I owe Luo Ping a favor.

After separating.

I just hope Luo Xiuying isn’t so stupid.

This time I have him to solve it, and it is naturally impossible to follow him in the future. If he is still so naive, I am afraid that he will not live long in Hong Zeyu.

This time.

Take it as a long lesson.

As for whether he can really teach a lesson, it has nothing to do with Zhou Jia, what he can do has already been done, and whether it will succeed or not is his own business.

(End of this chapter)

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