Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 134


Chapter 134 outer sect


The sound of fried crispy fish, accompanied by a Fragrance wafts.

The cries of diners, the chorus of servants, and the busy voices of cooks are intertwined, and a lively picture of life comes into view.

Zhou Jia carried an oversized wooden box, stepped through the kitchen on the first floor, and went straight to the second floor.

The chef will not stop him when he sees it.

Obviously familiar faces.


Qian Xiaoyun is whispering something to Aunt Yan, mostly Aunt Yan is talking, Qian Xiaoyun listens carefully and asks nodded from time to time.

Seeing Zhou Jia coming up, the two stood up to say hello.

“You take these things seriously.” The business downstairs was getting busy, Aunt Yan explained a few words to Qian Xiaoyun, and hurried downstairs.

“Auntie is very enthusiastic.” Zhou Jia said:

“People are also good.”

“en.” Qian Xiaoyun nodded, swept his eyebrows Front hair, said with a bitter smile:

“If it wasn’t for my aunt telling me, I wouldn’t have known that I had done so many wrong things about raising a child, and I would have been wronged with me. .”

Said, reaching out and stroking Huo Zhen, who was sleeping beside him.

She was a mother for the first time and didn’t know anything. Soon after giving birth to her child, she embarked on the road of escape.

During this time, Aunt Yan helped her share a lot.

Excuse, pee, eat, drink…

For babies, everything needs to be meticulous and careless.

“Brother Yan is a good guy, and Aunt Yan is also very enthusiastic.” Zhou Jia stood at the window on the second floor, looking at the street where people coming, people going:

“Miss Qian answered What are your plans?”

“What are your plans?” Qian Xiaoyun’s eyes were blank:

“When I left the Huo Family Fort, I just wanted to find a place to live in Hong Zeyu, Raising Zhen Er is already satisfying.”


Thinking of what Aunt Yan had said in the past few days, she was a little silent.

paused, Fang said:

“Big Brother Yan is an inner sect disciple of the Xuantian League, and he has high hopes from the Master. He may not be able to obtain the black iron in the future. period.

“Unfortunately, he is not good at managing directors, and he is devoted to Cultivation, and so far he has no foundation. “

“With his identity and strength, he has only opened such a small restaurant for so many years, and he has almost no savings, which is really a waste. “

“Good. “Zhou Jiaster nods.

Yan Ji’s status in the inner sect disciple of Xuantian League is not low, at least stronger than many young people in the city, but she is too honest.

Even doing business, they are cowering.

On such a big street, only their family does not need to make offerings to the Mi family. It is strange that there has been no development for so many years.

โ€œI have money. “

Qian Xiaoyun said, she is really rich, and more than 100 source crystals are not a small fortune even if they are placed in Wenshui City.

“Big Brother Yan is powerful, join forces.” If you don’t ask for information, at least you can lay a foundation here, so that Zhen’er can start a family and start a business in the future. “

“And the status of Big Brother Yan inner sect disciple can also help us avoid taxes and labor. “

“Looks like you’ve got plans.” “Zhou Jia said:

“That’s not bad. “

He could see that Aunt Yan actually wanted Qian Xiaoyun to marry into the Yan Family.

As Yan Ji, it was actually Qian Xiaoyun who climbed high.

One is an inner sect disciple of the Xuantian League, the future is promising, and the other is a woman with a child, and the Yan Family does not dislike it is considered generous.


Qian Xiaoyun obviously doesn’t intend to do this.

He wants to cooperate with each other, not unilaterally.

“Actually. “After thinking about it, Zhou Jia said:

“With your age and cultivation base, you can also join the Xuantian League. “

“Hmm…” Qian Xiaoyun looked sideways, said with a bitter smile:

“It seems that Brother Zhou doesn’t know why Ultra Grade is required for advanced black iron.” source material. “

“Why? “Zhou Jia was taken aback.

He really doesn’t know about this.

“Ultra Grade essence contains black iron and other grade essences. People breakthrough realm. “Qian Xiaoyun explained:

“At the same time, it can repair personal trauma, make the fleshy body flawless, and lay the foundation for breakthrough. “

“You must know that people who practice martial arts like me will inevitably get injured, especially when fighting outside. I use ominous beast essence to repair injuries. It seems to be fine on the surface, but in fact, it has long been injured. Only Ultra Grade essentia can be repaired, but if not repaired, there is no hope of black iron. “


She sighed and said:

“Since I picked up that short blade, there is no hope. โ€

The black iron mysterious soldier in her hand is from the Huo Family, only the Huo Family bloodline can envoy, she forced it, and the internal injury on her body is irreparable.


Since then, the strength will not increase, and even the lifespan has dropped sharply.

This situation will be known at a glance, and it is impossible to get started.

The room fell silent.

“Have you got what you want? “Looking at the wooden box in Zhou Jia’s hand, Qian Xiaoyun shifted the topic slightly bluntly.

“Yes. “

Zhou Jia nodded, and opened the wooden box.

There were only two things in the wooden box, but when he put it down, the floor made a supporting sound. Obviously, the weight is definitely not light.

One axe, one shield.

The axe is a double-edged axe, more than four feet long and three feet long. It has a fine texture.

The shield is thick and solid.

The metal texture with a slightly rough feeling, the shield surface is as thick as a finger.

โ€œUse flying It was made with the heavy sword of the tiger, and some other things were added. “

Zhou Jia said.

The total weight of the shield and axe is more than 500 jin. Some blessings.

โ€œNot bad. “

Qian Xiaoyun slowly nodded.

She knows how terrifying Zhou Jia’s strength is, and holding such a heavy weapon, the whole person is an invincible ominous beast.


When placed on the battlefield, it is a killing machine.


โ€œDonโ€™t fight! “

“Stop fighting!” โ€

At this time, there was a commotion in the street outside.

The two looked out and couldnโ€™t help but be stunned.

I saw the chaos on the street, One person is chasing the other person frantically, and the chasing person is Yan Ji.

Yan Ji, who has always been calm and taciturn, now has red eyes and a face full of anger, waving fists the size of sandbags to beat the other

The man was tall and thin, his head was bleeding and he couldn’t see his facial features, his clothes were even more disheveled, and bruises could be seen everywhere. It’s my business, I swear to God, I paid all the money I had to pay, and I don’t know why it didn’t work. โ€


Before the person who was beaten could say anything, he was punched again and fell to the ground.

Blood from the mouth and nose instantly More than that.

He panicked for a while, his limbs crawled on the ground desperately, and at the same time shouted up to the sky:

“Murder! “

“Yan Ji killed!” “

“I will kill you today.” “Yan Ji’s eyes were filled with anger, loudly roared with a punch, and her anger surged, she really didn’t intend to keep her hands.

“Brother Yan! “

With an arm in the middle, Zhou Jia appeared and stopped him a little:

“What’s going on?” “

“Zhou…Brother Zhou.” “Seeing the person coming, Yan Ji’s body froze, his face was ashamed, and he turned his head and dared not look at Zhou Jia.

Seeing Bai Yuan who was cowering on the ground, his anger resurfaced:

“I’ll kill you! “

“Brother Zhou save me.” Bai Yuan’s eyes were terrified, he hid behind Zhou Jia with his hands and feet, and said in a hurry: “I’m Bai Yuan, it’s none of my business if your affairs don’t come true. โ€ฆI only took one, really only one. “

“Bai Yuan? “

Zhou Jia frowned, but guessed what happened. It seemed that something went wrong in the Inner Sect. He immediately reached out to stop Yan Ji’s movements again, and shook his head:

“Money is something outside the body, if you don’t have it, it will be gone. Quan should have learned a lesson, and Brother Yan won’t scream and kill for it. “

Bai Yuan was also a Disciple of the Xuantian Alliance. He was beaten to death in the street in front of everyone’s eyes. Even Yan Ji couldn’t explain it.

“That’s eleven source crystals.” ! Yan Ji stomped her feet angrily:

“My ten-year monthly payment was just because I trusted Surnamed Bai. You handed it over without saying a word. “

“There are refunds, there are refunds. “Bai Yuan said in a hurry:

“Three back there. “

“Three back? “Yan Ji’s body trembled:

” Just like this, you deducted eight source crystals? “

Zhou Jia sighed.

He understands what’s going on. The greater the influence and the more complicated the program, the more likely there will be layers of deductions.

In those days, this was the case inside his company.


This matter may have nothing to do with the Qiankun knife Ke Jingzhi, even if it is investigated, it will be shied away at every level. , it is difficult for outsiders to sort out.

No one knows who is clean in this process and who is not.

โ€œIt canโ€™t be done like this. “

Yan Ji gritted his teeth and glared at Bai Yuan:

“I won’t kill him today, but I will also break his legs. Eight Originium Stones are enough to buy him two.” legs up. “

“Don’t! “

“Don’t! โ€

Bai Yuan looked terrified, he knew that Yan Ji really dared to do it.

It was also because of a few foreigners that Yan Ji had a dispute with a few inner sect disciples, At that time, it really caused people to die.

โ€œMy one is also withdrawn, and also withdrawn. “

“The Inner Sect can’t be found, I… I know how to worship the outer sect. Brother Yan, please spare my life. This matter really has nothing to do with me.” “

“I’m just an errand.” “

“outer sect? “Yan Ji sneered:

“Going to the outer sect, do I still need to find you? “

As for whether it has anything to do with him, is it still reasonable to collect money and not do things?

“Forget it.” “

Seeing that Yan Ji was really planning to make a move, Zhou Jia had to reach out his hand again to stop him:

“I came down to Hong Zeyu just to seek a place to live. In fact, the outer sect It’s also good, there are fewer people and fewer things, and there are not so many disputes. “

“Yes, yes.” “Bai Yuan repeatedly nodded:

“Everyone is trying to be an inner sect disciple, but being an inner sect disciple is actually not that good, and it’s not bullying. “

“Outer Sect Disciples are all local tyrants, many…”


With Yan Ji’s foot on her stomach, she shrank and screamed.

“Brother Zhou. “

Yan Ji took a deep breath, her eyes were red:

“I didn’t think about this, Inner Sect…”

“Brother Yan . Zhou Jia raised his hand, said resolutely:

“I’m telling the truth, Outer Sect Disciple is fine, as long as you can face corvรฉe, taxes, and have a place to live, you’ll be satisfied. “

With his background, Inner Sect and outer sect are really not much different.

“You…” Yan Ji stared at Zhou Jia seriously for a moment, then Slowly nodded:

“It’s okay. โ€




half a month later.

Xiaolang Island.


The island is located at the intersection of water veins and has abundant source power.

The area is seventeen miles from north to south and nine miles from east to west. The Huang branch is located.

Get off the boat and come to a courtyard near the water.

The courtyard is not big, with a fence outside, and multi-colored fruits and vegetables are planted inside. There are also various flower decorations in the corner.

It can be seen that the owner of the courtyard is quite interesting and pragmatic.

Wearing a azure robe and dressed as a Taoist, Lewis reached out his hand A quote:

“This is the residence of Mr. Bi Yan, Shan Muhua, and Dan senior. Brother Junior will go to greet him first, and then go back with me to register. “

“Senior Brother, hold on.” “Zhou Jia handed over and walked to the front of the courtyard:

“Shan senior, Disciple Zhou Jia, come to visit. “

“Zhou Jia? โ€

In the courtyard, a woman pushed open the door.

The woman was twenty-eight years old, with beautiful eyebrows, wearing a long goose-yellow dress, with Spiritual God moving her eyes, and looking at Zhou Jia up and down , said with a smile:

“Are you my dad’s new discipline? “

“Good. “Zhou Jia nods:

“Is the senior available? “

“You should be called master.” The corners of the woman’s mouth twitched up, and she reached out and pointed lightly:

“My name is Shan Zijin, it’s your Senior Sister, I’ll call it Senior Sister first. “

“Single Senior Sister. “Zhou Jia’s expression remained the same, and he cupped his hands and said:

“Is there a master? “

“Be obedient. “Shan Zijin was satisfied with the nodded, and then shook his head:

“My father has two old problems, it is inconvenient to see people, you can’t see them today, wait two days, come again. “

“…” Zhou Jia looked towards Liu Yi.

Lewis seemed to have expected this, nodded:

“So, Junior Brother Follow me to register first, find a place to live, and I will be on the island for a long time in the future, so I will meet you at that time. “


“There is no senior’s handwriting, tokens, other things don’t matter, but you can’t get the cultivation technique cheats.” “

“Yes. ” Zhou Jia has no opinion:

“It’s a job.”

Before he came, he knew something about his new master.

Mr. Bi Yan, Shan Muhua, a Hei Tie expert, was injured in a fight with others in the early years. Since then, he has suffered from the root cause of his illness.

It shouldn’t be a good choice to join this and the others.

But Shan Muhua has a brother-in-law who is one of the most powerful people in Jinhuang lineage. In terms of strength and status, he is no less than Inner Sect black iron.

The one who takes good care of Shan Muhua, loves Wu and Wu, and it is not bad to be under his door.

Just that.

Shan Muhua rarely accepts apprentices, and Bai Yuan really did a lot this time.

“After you officially apprentice, you can receive three martial arts secrets, and if you have merits and Origin Stones, you can also come and trade.”

Liu Yi said as he walked:

“Apart from this, you have a courtyard, which can be divided into one mu of fertile fields and three points of paddy fields. There are two places under your name that are exempt from tax and military service.”

“Of course.”

“Every year, you pay a hundred Originium to the branch.”

That’s right.

The Outer Sect Disciple of the Xuantian Alliance does not have a monthly salary. Instead, it has to pay for the branches. Fortunately, the fertile fields and paddy fields do not need to pay rent.

And the two tax-free quotas can also be exchanged for a lot of money.

But if you want to buy medicines, equipment, and cultivation techniques, you need to find your own way.

Zhou Jia followed, looked thoughtful.

No wonder there are not many people on the island, it seems to be true, so after the branch Disciple learns martial arts, they will go to the nearby city to work hard.

The people who stay on the island are mostly idlers.

Not like inner sect disciple.

You don’t need to worry about anything, just focus on Cultivation, show your Cultivation innate talent, and you will be provided by sect as soon as the supplies are exhausted.


Finally got a place to stand!

(End of this chapter)

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