Northern Yin Great Saint Chapter 135


Chapter 135 Settlement

No matter what else, the living environment on Xiaolang Island is definitely good.

Because most of the disciples Disciple are not on the island, there are many empty houses and courtyards to choose from, and the scenery is mostly good.

This place selected by Zhou Jia is one of them.

The courtyard is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and there is a stone pavilion inside. Standing in the pavilion and looking out, all eyes are full of lush and green scenery and elegant landscapes.

The yard has three main rooms and four partial rooms, seven or eight unknown trees, and many flowers and plants adorn them.

No ominous beast, no ghost wind, no disputes…

Quiet and elegant.

It was peaceful.

It has been three years since he came to the Ruins Realm, and he is no longer tense at all times. Until this time, Zhou Jia is far away from danger, relaxes a little, and lives a normal life.


The door was not opened, the shaft was not lubricated, and the sound was harsh and harsh.

Entered the house.

Rows of simple shelves come into view. There are no treasures or books on the shelves, and some are unremarkable flower pots.

Take out a wooden box from his body and crush the ice crystals inside. Zhou Jia took the frozen seeds one after another and buried them in the soil.

The ice crystals melt, and the seeds go deep into the soil.

Spiritual Rain!

As soon as I thought about it, it rained.

The rain screen covered several flowerpots and watered them slowly. With the passage of time, plants of herbs broke out of the soil and grew tender sprouts.

In a short while, grass stems, vines climb outwards, and even yellowish flowers bloom.

It’s astonishingly fast.

In this regard,

Zhou Jia has become accustomed to it.

Seven days later.

Zhou Jia inspected the herbs in the house, his eyes changing back and forth.

The Spirit Rain Technique from the Earth Auxiliary Star is indeed extraordinary. It has the ability to stimulate the growth of plants and trees, and the effect is simply unimaginable.

Seven days, water from time to time.

Nowadays, these herbal medicines may be comparable to those grown outside for 30 to 50 years.

Be aware.

The older the herbal years, the greater the medicine efficacy.

The same is true of the secret medicine formula left by Luo Ping.

There are many secret medicines, three years of herbal medicine can be used as medicine, ten years is the best, as for a hundred years of spiritual medicine, it is also comparable to a treasure medicine when taken alone.

Spiritual medicine is used to assist Cultivation, which is a waste.

Lanyingcao, 50 years old.

Phoenix purple, thirty years.

Red blood flower, 30 years old.


Holding the book in hand, Zhou Jia looked thoughtful according to the records above.

The effect of the spiritual rain technique is amazing, but it seems to have a limit.

At this limit, different herbs have nothing common with each other.

The lower the quality, the higher the year of growth.

Up to fifty years.

And vice versa.

The relatively rare and sturdy herbs are watered by the same amount of spiritual rain, and the years of growth are not so many. Thirty years is the limit.

“It should be the difference in spirituality required.”

Closing the book, Zhou Jia murmured in a low voice:

“Fifty years of wild warbler grass, The inner medicine efficacy is similar to that of the 30-year-old red blood flowers, and the inner source power of Lingyu Technique is no longer enough to maintain their rapid growth.”

He is not worried about this.


Thirty or fifty years of herbal medicines are more than enough to refine secret medicines.


Along with his cultivation progress, Di Fuxing and Tianxing are slowly being repaired, and the years of birth will definitely be longer and longer in the future.

This, the pocket space that has grown a little bit bigger, is the proof.

Cautiously gathering the herbs, he turned his head and walked out of the room.

Leave some of them as seeds, and the others are slowly refined into the secret medicine needed for Cultivation with the secret method of Tie Yuan School.

Three days later.

Five quail egg-sized black pills were placed in front of them.

Zhou Jia sat cross-legged on the futon, reached out and picked up one, sniffed gently, and a faint herbal aroma drifted into the nose.

In the body, the source power moves accordingly.

“gu lu…”

Opening his mouth and swallowing it into his belly, in the blink of an eye, a heat flow emerges from his chest and abdomen, sweeping through his body instantly and entering the source power.

It’s like cooking oil on fire, and like pushing a boat with the current.

The speed of the three-element Dharma, which originally ran in an orderly manner, suddenly increased, and every week it was running in the body, it could feel a little stronger.

A week goes by in a blink of an eye.

Zhou Jia’s eyes were tightly closed, white smoke was bubbling from his body, his flesh was slightly red, and a turbulent source power fluctuation also came from his body.

I don’t know how long it took.

He opened his eyes and his thoughts went straight to Sea of Consciousness.


Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up and his face was full of ecstasy.

Grade 9’s eighty experience is completely different from low-grade. Even if he works hard day and night, it will take seven or eight days to accumulate.

How long has it been?

In less than two hours!

‘Eighty times at a time, the medicine efficacy has not been exhausted, and it should be able to last for a few days. Even if the medicine efficacy is weakened, it is far stronger than my own cultivation. ‘

‘If it counts like this…’

Zhou Jia took a deep breath and couldn’t help clenching his fists:

“One year!”

“It only takes one year to be promoted to rank 10!”

According to Yan Ji’s words, the sooner one achieves rank 10, the better chance of breaking through to the black iron realm.

Before the age of 30, you will become a tenth grade, and there is nearly a 70% chance to obtain the black iron. At the age of forty, it is less than 30%. After the age of forty…

The Xuantian Alliance even Ultra Grade Elements will not be given to ten grades after the age of forty.

Of course.

You find a way to get it yourself, no matter what the league does.

One year later,

Zhou Jia is not yet thirty.

“Even if one achieves the tenth grade, the secret medicine is still useful. When the tenth grade Perfection is reached, the probability of a successful breakthrough is far greater than that of others.”

In short,

The future is bright!




After coming to Xiaolang Island for so long, I finally met Shan Muhua.

This Mr. Pen Inkstone, thin in build, clear in appearance, sallow complexion and dull eyes, is indeed as rumored, and his injuries are extremely serious.

May be really dying.

β€œWhen Shan was injured, he went to the Inner Sect to seek expert diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the care of Bai Lao, it has been hard until now.”

Shan Muhua sat on the soft chair, Gently stroked his beard, his eyes looked softly towards Zhou Jia below, nodded, and handed him a handwritten letter and token: “I know that you are under the sect of Shan, just for a name, but we Even if you have the name of master and disciple, I will not treat you badly.”

“If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me.”

“I’m not here…”


He pointed to Shan Zijin, who was beside him:

“You can also ask Senior Sister. She has followed me since childhood. Although her strength is not as good as yours, she should know everything.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia answered yes, and respectfully took the handwritten letter and token.

“Your source power is strong, your strength is fierce, and your weapon is still an axe and shield. I’m afraid it’s not suitable for my cultivation hand.” Shan Muhua lightly buckled the armrest and said:

“When you choose a martial skill, choose Zilei Blade Technique.”

“This Blade Technique contains Power of Thunder, which is the unique inheritance of Jinhuang lineage, which matches your breath. And Senior Brother Lei is good at this.”

“If you don’t understand, you can ask him.”

Lei Batian, the name is very tacky, but it is the outer sect Jinhuang lineage The famous great character is also Shan Muhua’s brother-in-law.

“Yes!” Zhou Jia replied yes again.

“I received a total of thirteen Disciples, and only four are still alive.” Taking the tea from her daughter, Shan Muhua took a sip and said:

” Except for your Second Senior Brother Yuan Xisheng, who has made Hei Tie, there is no hope for you to go further. You are very good, I hope you won’t let me down.”

“As long as the cultivation base reaches the tenth grade, I will report to the alliance. Apply for Ultra Grade Origin Quality.”

“cough cough!”

After just saying these few words, he breathed heavily and coughed again and again, so he had to suppress his interest and moved towards Zhou Jia waved his hand:

“I’ll be here today, nothing else, just leave.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia bowed his head:

β€œDisciple farewell.”


β€œZilei Blade Technique?”

For Zhou Jia’s choice, Liu Yi was not surprised:

“It’s fortunate that you took the handwriting of the single senior, which has an explanation on it, otherwise this secret technique is impossible to pass to the newcomer Disciple.”

“We Jinhuang lineage, there are three Six methods of power, this Zilei Blade Technique is one of them, and only these methods can only be taught by application.”

Speaking, handed a book:

“Return it after transcribing, remember, don’t spread it out, or you will betray the Xuantian Alliance.”

“Yes.” Zhou Jia took the book:

“many thanks! “

Stroking the cheat book, he couldn’t help being a little dazed.

Zilei Blade Technique is of very high grade, even if it is a black iron expert, it has a lot to rely on. I didn’t expect it to start with no difficulty.


Xuantianmeng is not stingy with the rumors of martial skills.

In order to resist natural disasters, ominous beasts, zombies and other aliens, the Dalin Dynasty once widely distributed Martial Arts Secret Book, as long as you have innate talent, you can practice it.

The higher the cultivation base, the better the recipe.

This can also be seen in the Huo Family Fort. No matter which faction it is, they don’t hide the Martial Arts Secret Book unless it is a secret.

Of course, the drawbacks of a good cultivation technique are obvious.

It’s hard to practice and hard to master.

Cultivation is a common martial skill, with battle strength in a month, and mastery in a year, while Zilei Blade Technique may not be introduced in three or five years.

I’ve been learning for half my life, but I haven’t been able to master much.

This is not uncommon.

How to choose is up to you.

“There are two other cultivation arts, what would Junior Brother choose?”

“Senior Brother, can you advise?” Putting away the cheats, Zhou Jia asked.

“Hmm…” Lewis hesitated slightly, turned around and took out a cheat sheet:

“Qi Observation Technique, you can see whether others are strong or not, realm profound, and you can tell at a glance. The cultivation base of others is a necessary cultivation technique for senior and junior brothers.”

Zhou Jia raised his eyebrows.

He was once seen the depth of the cultivation base at a glance, and was shocked at that time. Such cultivation techniques are not helpful, but they are useful.

“I want it!”

“Can you owe the other one first?”

“Of course.” Lewis nodded:


“Not only can I owe, but I can also sell. Would you like me to introduce a buyer for you?”

“That’s not necessary.” Zhou Jia waved his hand.

He is not short of cultivation techniques now, but who knows if he will be short of Originium in the future.





If you take care of it carefully, the yield per mu can reach 800 catties.

This wheat does not contribute to the cultivation base, but it can repair the internal injury of the human body. It is essential for those who want to obtain the black iron.

“Old slave, see the Lord!”

Old Chu is over seventy years old and has been planting chalcedony wheat on the island for half his life. He knows how to take care of it.

Fish in paddy fields, the fish is fresh and tender, and can replenish the essence. For people below Grade 6, the fish in Xiaolang Island are treasures, and the paddy fields are not far away.

“en. ”

Zhou Jia checked the wheat ears and nodded slowly:

“I’ll leave it to you, your family’s tax-free quota , and keep it.”

He could spend time tending the fields, and chalcedony and wheat are essential, and swimming fish can also be exchanged for money. Since Lao Chu has worked for most of his life, he might as well continue to work.

As for watering with spiritual rain…

It’s too conspicuous to do this, and it’s even worse if it attracts the attention of others.

“Thank you, Lord!” Lao Chu was overjoyed and kowtowed again and again.

“I heard…” After thinking about it, Zhou Jia said:

“Each Outer Sect Disciple has five places that are exempt from tax and military service. Why are there only two on this Xiaolang Island?”

“This…” Lao Chu hesitated for a moment, looked around, saw no outsiders, and said in a low voice:

“In the early years, there were indeed five places, but they were all withdrawn later. I heard… little old man just heard that they were sold to other people.”

“That’s it. “Zhou Jia understands it, but it’s not too surprising.



The boat swayed back and forth on the water.

Luo Xiuying was wearing a pink dress, her pretty face was white, her eyes were full of tears, she moved towards Zhou Jia, curtseyed, and the tape choked up:

“Uncle Zhou, I… I’m leaving. I’m done.”

“en.” Zhou Jia hands behind ones back, expressionless and slowly nodded:

“Go over there, don’t make trouble, get acquainted with Chu Family first. The surrounding environment, based on your Grade 6 cultivation base, will definitely lead to a good life without causing trouble.”

“I know you want to open a martial arts hall and teach the Martial Skills of the Tieyuan School, but there are many forces in the city. , pay more attention to yourself, don’t provoke right and wrong.”

“Yes.” Luo Xiuying bowed her head, tears fell:

“I will pay attention.”

She grew up under the care of others. After the martial arts hall was ruined, she was also taken care of by her father. Even after Luo Ping’s death, there was also Zhou Jia.

Now that I have left, I am really alone.

Everything needs to be done by myself.

For a while, I can’t help but feel a little confused, and even more panic about the uncertain future.

But she also knew that she couldn’t ask Zhou Jia to do more.

Only because of the father’s dying entrustment, the other party has always brought her with him, and now he has given her a tax-free quota.

The grace is complete.

“Uncle Zhou!”

Luo Xiuying knelt on both knees and kowtowed until her forehead was bruised:

“I’m leaving.”

The boat slides on the water, gradually disappearing into the clouds.

Luo Xiuying stared blankly at the pier in the distance until a faint voice wafted in the wind.

“You can come and see me if you have time.”

“Uncle Zhou…”

Her delicate body trembled slightly, and tears flowed down her face for a while.

(End of this chapter)

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